12 Great French Vinyl Deals

Head over to Amazon France right now to take advantage of some classic vinyl albums at €9.99 each, which is less than £9 a pop! These include releases from David Bowie, Iggy Pop, The Cure, Rage Against The Machine, NirvanaLeonard Cohen and more! SDE’s pick of the selection can be perused, below…

David Bowie / Heathen (vinyl LP) – €9.99

Legacy collection on 2LP also in the deal

Iggy Pop / Lust For Life €9.99

The Idiot also in the deal.

The Cure / Acoustic Hits (2LP vinyl) – £14.99

Rage Against The Machine (vinyl LP) – £9.99

Bjork / Debut (vinyl LP) – £9.99

Eels / Beautiful Freak vinyl LP – €9.99

Guns N’ Roses / Appetite for Destruction vinyl LP – €9.99

Use Your Illusion I and Use Your Illusion II on 2LP vinyl also available in the deal

Nirvana / Nevermind vinyl LP – €9.99

MTV Unplugged in New York also in the deal

Leonard Cohen / You Want It Darker vinyl LP – €9.99

Songs of Leonard Cohen also in the deal

Alexander O’Neal / Hearsay vinyl LP – €10

The Stone Roses vinyl LP – €9.99

Deep Purple / Made in Japan 2LP vinyl – €14.99

Not found what you want? Check out the all the artists (A-Z) who have an album in the deal

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Enry Ennui

Update. The 3rd (out of 4) CDs from Amazon France has arrived at last – taken over 3 months ! And this single CD has arrived in a giant box, with reams of paper packing, that could normally accommodate around a dozen books ! #amazonforest

Adrian Slatcher

Great stuff. First time I’ve ordered from Amazon France. Arrived quicker than it usually does in UK! Got in a silent way, my generation and first lynyrd skynyrd for 10 euro each and are you experienced double for 15. So very pleased

Lee Townsend

Can someone please explain how I join Amazon France as the language barrier is preventing me getting any of the great deals being discussed.
Cheers Lee

Ian Robertson

Google Chrome browser is your friend. Automatic translation. Your existing login details should work on Amazon sites worldwide from what I can recall. Cheers Ian

Lee Townsend

Thanks Ian I’ll give it a try

Lee Townsend

Thanks Paul and Ian I muddled my way through and have a copy of Heathen on it’s way to me from across the puddle for £12.81 that’s fantastic value. Cheers Lee

Philip S

Ordered Talk Talk/Spirit of Eden, Iggy/Lust for Life, Soundgarden/Superunknown – 45 euros all in, delivery by 3 April. All good. Until this lunchtime when Amazon sent me a message to say that Talk Talk and Iggy were “pas encore disponible” and they would contact me when a sending date becomes available. Will wait and see what happens…


Thanks Paul. Great deal! This time I bought a vinyl from my favorite jazz artist. Chet Baker – My funny valentine. :-)


As Mick Haldane previoulsy mentioned before, these cheap prices on vinyl are quite common in France. There are often €10 LPs on sale (also €15 or €20) and the Stone Roses first album can be found easily at €10 at Fnac stores or Amazon France or other stores. You can find these €10 LP deals about 2 or 3 times per year in France. Of course, the list changes but the Stone Roses 1st, the Clash 1st LP, MGMT’s 1st LP, Jeff Buckley’s 1st LP are in the list almost every time. There’s also London Calling but it’s €15. You also have Muse first 3 LPs at €19. Basically you have three sale prices : €10, €15 and €19.

Examples :
Noel Gallagher High Flying Birds – Chasing yesterday – Gatefold 180g : €10
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Blood sugar sex magic : €15
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Californication : €15
Melanie De Biasio – No deal : €10
Rag’n’Bone Man – Human : €15
Franz Ferdinand – Franz Ferdinand : €15
Radiohead – Ok Computer : €20
Mogwai – Rave tapes : €10
Muse – Showbiz : €19
Muse – Black holes and revelations : €15
Sade – Best of : €15
The XX – XX : €19
The Smiths – The queen is dead : €15
Joy Division – Unknown pleasures or Closer : €15
David Bowie – Changesonebowie 180 gr : €15
David Bowie – Station to station 180 gr : €15
Foals – Holy fire : €15

And there’s more : Pixies, Gorillaz, Doors, Coldplay, Led Zeppelin, the Who,

About Fnac stores, you can apply for a membership card (similar to the purehmv membership card). Currently for every record (priced more than €10) you get €3 added on your Fnac card and if you buy 3 records (at the same time) you get €10 added on your Fnac card. It’s an interesting deal.

Gary C

I was in Paris last week, FNAC were running a sale on some titles, most of which are in the Amazon promo.
The homogenization of the worlds record collection continues apace

Mick Haldane

These prices are becoming normal for vinyl records in French record shops these days. That’s particularly true in FNAC, which is a bit like HMV, but also in supermarkets, independent record shops and elsewhere. And there’s a lot more out there than just these records on Amazon.fr (e.g. try http://www.fnac.com). If you want to stock up on cheap new vinyl, pop across the English Puddle (sorry, I mean Channel) if you get a chance. For example, you can easily pick up the Stone Roses debut album on vinyl in France for 10 euros, which I recently saw in HMV on the English side for £22.99! That’s about 25 euros. All vinyl in the UK seems horribly expensive these days. Is it because most of it is pressed up on the continent and shipped to the UK, with its very weak pound these days? Maybe in future, vinyl cruises will replace booze cruises as a way to have a great day out and save some money….


Wouldn’t a comparison with Germany be a good place to start to help prove your currency theory correct? They have the same currency as France, are a larger economy, and have higher standards of living, and also press a lot of the vinyl – therefore their prices for vinyl should be cheaper. Also, what are prices like throughout the rest of the EU?
I think the reality is that stores from country to country charge whatever they can get away with. There is no “single market” for consumers, only for the companies.


Links to full list not working for me?
All my Amazon France cd orders from previous deal arrived


Cheers, not sure why, but still won’t work for me. Just blank page! I’ll work round it :)

Dr Silence

Thanks for the tip off: New York Dolls’ second album and Give ’em enough rope by The Clash both €9.99 too, as is the Beastie Boys debut.

My last vinyl before saving pennies for RSD…


So you did. Sorry. I completely missed that :-o

Paul H

Thanks Paul, been waiting for Heathen to drop for a while and added Never Mind the B******* while I was at it (not sure where my copy went).


I’ve often held back on these international deals, afraid of the unknown, hidden costs and language barrier. I’m sure that sounds daft to you more experienced cross-border shoppers. With deals this good though I had to snap a few records up. Fingers crossed it’s a smooth experience.

Geoff D

The La’s is a great price at €9:99 as it’s rarely below £15 in the UK.

Tom A

Awesome, thanks!
Just ordered Deep Purple, can’t wait for it arrive so I can turn it up to 11!!

Ian Whiteford

Thanks Paul. Just ordered Heathen


The triple vinyl Bruce Springsteen The Promise is a god buy at 14.99


Mogwai’s excellent Les Revenants is well worth a listen and is in the deal.

Red Guitar Music

Had nothing but good experiences with Amazon.fr so far. Ordered 4 items in that deal and they all arrived, one by one admittedly, but their automated email communication updates worked well. So luck of the draw I suppose.

Mark R
Enry Ennui

Amazon France… from their 4 CDs Offer in December, of the 4 I selected from their list, 2 CDs arrived, but they cancelled my order for the 3rd saying they couldn’t obtain it, and they’re still – at the end of March – dilly-dallying over whether they can get the 4th CD… zut alors!

Bassel hassouna

Better luck than me. I ordered8, received one and got the 7 others cancelled….

The Golden Age Of Record

I ordered 8, I received 4 pronto, 2 about 2 weeks later and the last 2 took over 2 months but they arrived. I reckon if they have the CDs in stock Amazon France will honour the deals.