3-for-2 Physical Music Deal in the US

Promotion has now ended!

Amazon in the USA are today price-matching local competitor Target with an outstanding 3-for-2 offer. You can buy three music box sets and get the third for nothing, regardless of the price-tag, so you could walk away with a FREE The Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band super deluxe edition, for example.

This link, gives you the list of all CDs and vinyl that are in the offer but as usual SDE has a suggested list of favourite CD and vinyl box sets from recent years listed below, for your perusal. It’s not just music, though. For example this link gives you all the films/TV on DVDs and Blu-ray. This is a limited offer and we don’t know how long it will last.

Just remember, the cheapest of your three items is FREE no matter how expensive it may be. The offer will be automatically applied to your total customer order value at checkout if you are eligible. Check out the SDE list below…

Pink Floyd / The Later Years 1987-2016 box set

The Beatles / Stereo Box 16CD+DVD

The Beatles / Sgt Pepper super deluxe

The Rolling Stones / Let It Bleed 50th anniversary box set

The Rolling Stones / Let It Bleed 50th anniversary box

Bruce Springsteen  / Album Collection Vol 2 10LP box

Metallica  / …And Justice For All 6LP+11CD+4DVD super deluxe

The Police  / Every Move You Make: The Studio Recordings 6LP box


U2 / The Joshua Tree / 30th anniversary 7LP super deluxe edition vinyl box set

U2 / The Joshua Tree 7LP super deluxe

Tom Petty  / Live Anthology 7LP box set

Paul McCartney  / Flowers in the Dirt 3CD+DVD super deluxe

Pipes of Peace super deluxe and Pure McCartney 4LP vinyl also in the deal

The Beach Boys  / Made in California 6CD deluxe set

Bob Dylan / More Blood, More Tracks 6CD deluxe set

The Original Mono Recordings (9CD), and The Rolling Thunder Revue 14CD box also in the deal.

Eagles / Legacy  14CD+DVD+blu-ray deluxe set

The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group 3LP vinyl deluxe

The Who/ Maximum As&Bs: The Complete Singles 5CD box

Stone Temple Pilots / Core 5CD+DVD+LP super deluxe

Depeche Mode / Speak & Spell: The 12″ Singles  vinyl box

A Broken Frame: The 12″ Singles also in the deal

Kate Bush / Remastered in Vinyl IV box set

Cream / Fresh Cream 3CD+blu-ray audio box set

Soundgarden / Live From The Artists Den 4LP+2CD+blu-ray box set

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Mike Pendlebury

Barnes & Noble are doing a 10% discount off all vinyl online and in stores this weekend if you are in the US. The deal ends Monday night. If you are a member or know somebody who is you can save a further 10% plus they have sent coupons out this weekend which stack on top of those savings. I ordered the “Soul Mining” vinyl set from The The which is usually $70 and got it for $42!


Like some others have mentioned, I’d spotted this deal on Target.com first, and while I browsed Amazon after Paul’s post, I ended up ordering from Target because they did have the Mel & Kim set as part of the 3 for 2. I was really after that R.E.M. BBC box set, and also picked the Natalie Merchant 10-CD retrospective, though I probably would have swapped Mel & Kim for Bowie had I spotted that instead.

Wish I hadn’t already sprung for R.E.M.’s Monster box, and a few others prior to this sale because this really was a pretty good deal. Thought about getting the Macca ‘Flowers in the Dirt’ box, but couldn’t find two other sets of comparable value of interest to me that I didn’t already own.


Deal was active the week of Feb 9th and ended yesterday.

Kapotte stofzuiger

if you are from Europe and you want to buy something from America you wil pay Import fees and WAT wich wil made your purchase so expensive that all the benefits from buying chiper BOX SETS from Amazon will be exact zero. I was try to buy David Bowie set but transport expenses and import fees were exact the half of the price of the set. So if you buy in Europe you dont need to be sad because its the same price like you buy from mighty America. And after all do we really need all of them ? I have all of discs from Bowie allready from past years and some of them are famous SACDs. huh..


Even though this Amazon deal was a good promo, they matched the Target.com promo. Target has the exact same prices as Amazon (but no third party sellers) but the Target deal had a lot more box sets. Both deals included Abbey Road but Target also included Bowie’s Conversation Piece, REM’s Monster, Mel & Kim’s singles collection, White Snake’s Slip of The Tongue and Chemical Brothers’s Surrender which I all got. None of those were on Amazon. This site is a bit geared towards Amazon, which I get because I buy 99% of my online purchases on Amazon but sometimes a deal like this slips thru.
I managed to get in a threesome from Amazon last night. The Cult, The Babys and a Coltrane box. The deal was not well marketed by Amazon, I’m on it every day and someone here even mentioned it a few days ago, I looked it up but couldn’t find it. At that point I had already put in the Target order so I must not have looked hard enough.
Anyway, read the comment section here because many people post deals that sometimes are not advertised as a Deal Alert by Paul but are still worthwhile.

Mike M

Had a look last night and picked three boxsets which I wanted, but by the time import charges and delivery were added at checkout (please note import charges were calculated prior to the discount of third boxset so more expensive) it just wasn’t worth it IMO. Abbey Road Deluxe, Rolling Thunder Revue box and Hendrix box came in at £190 inc delivery. A saving of just £40 against current Amazon UK prices and I’m pretty sure if I shopped around for them individually I would get them cheaper. Also every purchase I’ve made from Amazon US has arrived damaged so it was an easy pass for me. Those who missed out I wouldn’t worry, the deal wasn’t as good as it looked.

Mike M

Ah yes, forgot about that pal. A great deal for US readers.


Victim of the time gap once again…

“Promotion has ended
We’re sorry, but you can browse products from this promotion below.”


Bah this has now ended!

Mike T

Website says “promotion has ended”


Deal looks to be over.


I was about to place the order and the promotion ended. I can’t believe.

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

Also ending today, I think 3×2 on fnac.es though some items only available from external sellers and not included thus.

John Champion

The 3-for-2 list changes constantly – barely any vinyl/CDs at the moment – and none from your list except the Pink Floyd Later Years (so far).


The link leads to books and random items but no cds? Anyone else?


Thanks for the tip Paul. So many to look thru. I got Moody Blues, Crimson and Kate Bush and could easily have done a second threesome.

Hans lindskog

Hello, does anyone know IF The blurays in the Pink floyd box are play able in Sweden on a Ps4 machine? Best regards, hans lindskog sweden


Just a shame everything i’ve ever ordered from Amazon America has arrived poorly pavked / Damaged and returned!
Has there Packaging improved in the last few months or is it still a case of steering clear?


Amazon packaging has been terrible for some years; i took the same deal with Amazon Germanay two years ago and had to send back 5 damaged super deluxe box sets !


I am a Amazon.us customer and poor packaging is definitely an issue. The damage that items incur as a result of this unfortunately does not justify the savings. Until this improves, I have been ordering delicate items elsewhere and paying more just to avoid disappointment.

Mark A

Every single order I have made from Amazon.com shipping overseas has had no protective packing at all, unless you count a couple of pieces of crinkled paper sheets as protection, not even secured with shrinkwrap to a cardboard base. Almost always a box set will be sliding and banging around inside an oversized box. It’s puzzling.

Some items miraculously make it unscathed, but I have had a number of items damaged with crushed corners or other dents and dings. I complain, they knock the price I paid down, sometimes by 50%, and life goes on. Unless there is really huge damage I keep the item at a significant discount, although I would greatly prefer paying the full price for a pristine item. They just don’t care it seems.


Why do they need to care? They’ve got your money and your custom.
The environmental implications for all those returned damaged goods must be enormous – not just the fact that the damaged items are not much use to anyone, but the fuel used in shipping and returning too . . .

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

This deal has been on for almost a week at least and with film blurays it has been changing the items which benefit from it constantly.