3-for-2 physical music deal

Third box set FREE in USA deal

Great 3-for-2 deal in the US right now with Amazon.com offering the third item free on a massive selection of products including physical music sets from The Beatles, Bob Dylan, The Rolling Stones, Rush, Led Zeppelin, John Lennon, Johnny Cash, Paul McCartney, Soundgarden and more…

This isn’t just a music deal, so you can mix and match, but here is the full list of everything and this is just the physical music list. However, SDE offers 25 highlights below, in terms of popular CD and vinyl box sets. Note that all selections must be direct from Amazon and not via third parties. Also, you can do multiples of three, so for example, if your cart has six items in it you’ll get the cheapest two items free! See the SDE list below:

The Rolling Stones / Goats Head Soup 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe

4LP vinyl version of Goats Head Soup, and Let It Bleed super deluxe also in the deal

Paul McCartney / Flowers in the Dirt super deluxe

Pink Floyd / Pulse 4LP vinyl box set

Bobbie Gentry: The Girl From Chicasaw County 8CD deluxe set

Bob Dylan / The Live Recordings 36CD box

Rolling Thunder Revue 14CD box set also in the deal

Jimi Hendrix / Songs For Groovy Children: Fillmore East Concerts 8LP vinyl

Rush / Permanent Waves super deluxe

The Beatles / The Singles Collection seven-inch box set

The Beatles / The Singles Collection 23 x 7″ vinyl box

The Beatles / The White Album 6CD+blu-ray super deluxe

4LP vinyl version also in the deal

Led Zeppelin / The Song Remains the Same 4LP vinyl box

Johnny Cash / The Mercury Albums 7LP vinyl box

Kate Bush / Remastered Part II 11CD box

Remastered Part I CD box, Remastered in Vinyl I (4LP) also in the deal.

John Lennon / Imagine: The Ultimate Collection 4CD+2blu-ray

Steve Miller Band / Welcome to the Vault 3CD+DVD deluxe set

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition

The Beatles / Abbey Road 3LP super deluxe

R.E.M. Automatic For The People 25th anniversary reissue - 4-disc super deluxe edition

R.E.M. / Automatic For The People 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe

Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers / Best of Everything 4LP set

Chris Cornell 4CD box set

Paul McCartney / Pure McCartney 4LP set

The Allman Brothers Band / Trouble No More 5CD set

The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group 3LP vinyl

Motley Crüe / Dr Feelgood box set

The Alan Parsons Project / Tales of Mystery & Imagination


Soundgarden / Live From The Artists Den 4LP+2 CD+Blu-ray super deluxe

Bruce Springsteen / Album Collection, Vol. 2 1987-1996 / 10LP vinyl box

Bruce Springsteen / The Vinyl Collection Vol 2 1987-1996 10LP vinyl box

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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[…] in America we’ve had the 3-for-2 deal, which, if you shop carefully, offers some great […]


I just found something that some might be of interest… I had an offer for $10 on a $100 gift card reload… and I also saw a banner for 2 x $15 off for first time app usage… so I nabbed both offers and got $25 off plus the 3rd item free of course… I’m based in the UK and it worked a charm!


Amazon Germany just started 3-for-2-deal, too.

Steve Bliss

Anyone know a better way to navigate this massive, 154-page long listing? I started sorting by price, then going page by page, but that’s super slow.
I can filter by artist, but then switching artists requires 3 reclicks & slow reloads – unselect artist 1, reselect “more” on the filter, select new artist.
I’ve got a couple items I’m interested in, and I’d like to see what else is in that same price range, but can’t figure out how to either jump to that price range, or filter by price.

-SG- says:
> So basically 33% off the full price. It’s OK, but really it is more hype. Back in August the
> Beatles singles boxed set was $110 so in reality that was a much better sale on it’s own.
> Now it is $198.
Amazon prices fluctuate all the time. I wouldn’t be surprised if prices are generally pumped up now, getting things prepped to show those amazing discounts on Black Friday/Cyber Monday.
OTOH, a lot of these listings look like they’ve been created just for this sale. Only 1 product image, no track listing, etc.
OTOOH, there are many $3.95 CDs. And some other CDs that should be $3.95, but are over $10.
:shrug: buy, don’t buy. Follow your own Bliss.

Jeremy Barnes

Thanks for the heads up Paul. Ordered the Bobbie Gentry, Kate Bush (vinyl 1) and Steve Miller Boxes. Now I just have to pray my wife doesn’t see the credit card bill!


So basically 33% off the full price. It’s OK, but really it is more hype. Back in August the Beatles singles boxed set was $110 so in reality that was a much better sale on it’s own. Now it is $198.


Target often has buy two, get one free on music and movies. Over the past few weeks I have purchased 24 entries in Sony/BMG’s Essential Collection and Universal’s Gold collection.

Derek Langsford

Meh. Don’t buy vinyl, and already have the CD sets that would be needed to make this a big money saver. Always have better luck with the German 3 for 2. Hope others are having better luck.


Target has the same deal. Although their selections are not as vast as Amazon’s, the offer extends even to a lot of titles that haven’t been released yet (e.g., Aretha & Jewel box sets, Hendrix’s Live At Maui, Pink Floyd’s remastered Delicate Sound of Thunder, etc.). Another great thing is that they are matching Amazon’s prices in many of these titles.


I am in the USA and I never saw record deals on Amazon. I was always tempted to ask those who find deals in UK, Germany or Italy; “How do you find those deals? Even in Black Friday or other Holidays, those deals do not appear over here. Is it possible the Amazon USA does not offer music deals?


Amazon is basically copying Target’s ongoing 3-for-2 sale:


IMHO Target has a much wider selection of items, also Amazon keeps changing the subset of items they are including in the sale.

Mel P.

This is at least the third time Amazon has had a 3-for-2 sale this year, and I recall them offering it at least a couple of times last year. They sometimes have this sale whenever Target has their own 3-for-2 sale, as is the case now.


Amazon.com customer service today doesn’t know what’s going on because I just figured it out myself……sorry for my previous posts….but hey I did call them now for a 3rd time and that 3rd person knew about it


It’s not true about having to separate the items in order to get the third most expensive and sixth expensive for free. They have an algorithm that automatically subtracts the third, sixth, ninth, etc. most expensive items. I’ve already had success doing that myself.

Richard koloda

i just organized it so that it went out in 3 separate orders.


I just got off the phone with Amazon.Com and they no nothing about this deal…..I tried ordering 3 items…..and it was full price for all….whats wrong here!?

Mel P.

Only certain items are a part of the deal, and Amazon adds and removes items to/from the sale often. Anything that is part of the deal includes a small, light green rectangular “Savings” box, with the words “Get 3 for the price of 2” immediately to the right of that box, on the product page.

Pete H.

I see that Amazon jacked up the price of the Beatles Singles vinyl box set. It was as low as about $108 in mid- to late-September, then settled in at about $121 for the last month or so, then was increased to its current $198 or so about a week ago.


Thank You for the heads up Paul (from the U.S.A.).

Chris Squires

It’s worth checking, mainly due to postage costs, whether USA run a similar system to Germany. If you picked 6, 9 or 12 items on the old German 3 for 2 it wouldn’t just pick the cheapest 2, 3 or 4 items to be free. If you picked 12 items, for example, it would pick the 1st, 4th, 7th and 10th cheapest items to be free. It was a brilliant system as you only paid one set of postage not 4 separate charges. As long as you got your groupings right it maximized your savings for you.

So 3 x £100 items, 3 x £80, 3 x £60 and 3 x £40 would have saved £280 and not £180 (the 4 cheapest items)
Maybe someone who is buying something can report, particularly as postage costs have gone up a lot since the last German 3for2.

adam shaw

Thanks for this Paul !

Mike Williams

Depending on pricing, you may want to separate your purchases into groups of 3 or 6 by price. For example: if you pick 3 items in the $100 range and 3 items in the $15-20 range and buy them all together your 2 “free”items would be the 2 lowest priced items. But if you bought the 3 higher priced items separately, one of them would be free. Then you can buy the 3 lower priced items and get one of them free and be better off than doing all in one transaction.

Stuart Fraser

If you have six items, don’t put them all in one order. Yes you will get the fifth and sixth most expensive free, but, if you put the three most expensive items in one order, and the three cheapest in another, you will get the third most expensive, and the sixth, free.


Excellent tip. Many thanks Stuart!


It would have killed you to specify that it’s a US deal in the email?


Or be thankful for the heads up at all !

John Archbell




Paul….your patience is God-like.

Stan Butler

I’m no Sherlock Holmes , but even I worked out that “Third box set free in USA deal” and the Stars & Stripes image, indicated that it was an Amazon.com deal.
Paul, you put all this together and that’s the thanks you get!
Jeez! Some people. As you surely know though, there’s a helluva lot of us that really appreciate the work that goes into the brilliant SDE.


Funny how they are always anonymous even they try and have a pop! Shame they can’t read eh?!


The great big US flag was a great big clue for you as well

Pat Nalty

As Paul said the subject in the email was “SDE Deal Alert! / 3-for-2 on music box sets in the USA”

Why do need to post as Anonymous.

Tom McRae

No wonder you’re Anonymous!