£5 off Deal in the UK today only

Amazon in the UK are running a special promotion today that offers £5 off any purchase that totals £25 or more. So effectively, up to 20 percent off if you are careful with your shopping basket!

You need to use the code BIGTHANKS and follow the terms and conditions, the main ones being that the items have to total £25 and the item must be sold by Amazon and not a third party seller. The code can only be used once and below are some SDE suggestions as to how to get the best out of your spend (all prices AFTER the discount):

Manic Street Preachers / This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours 3CD – £24.66

Various Artists / Gary Crowley’s Lost 80s 4CD set – £22.99

The Moody Blues / Live at the BBC 1967-1970  3LP vinyl – £26.81

Fleetwood Mac / Rumours super deluxe 4CD+DVD+LP – £22.97

A Certain Ratio / ACR:BOX 4CD  – £21

Lou Reed / The Sire Years 10CD  – £21.66

David Bowie / Glastonbury 2000 2CD+DVD  – £24.99

The Rolling Stones / Beggars Banquet 50th anniversary  – £24.99

The Doors / Waiting For The Sun 50th anniversary deluxe edition

The Doors / Waiting For The Sun 50th anniversary  – £31.36

U2 / No Line On The Horizon 2LP clear vinyl – £26.74

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Colin was clever and pre ordered 2 Pop Vinyls (see what I did there). Be like Colin LOL


Sounds a bit desperate to me – times are tight out there.
Here’s a fun game – pick some long out of print album (not the obvious things like limited box sets) and see how many copies Amzn have ‘in stock – more on their way’ – the results are often astonishing. Are these items actually in stock or held by third party warehouses? If they’re ‘in stock’ at an Amzn warehouse then it’s the most overstocked company in the whole wide world . . .


I used it on an item I had already preordered. I talked to chat and told them the item was sold out so I could I get the coupon applied to the preorder and the rep did it
it was the heaven 1 amazon limited box set with the signature included

Steven Roberts

Cool idea! I’ll have to remember that trick :0)


The problem with pre-ordering is that often times you pay full price. 6 months after the release a typical box is usually cheaper. I anticipate the same with the Heaven 17 box. I did pre-order the signed box but then after I ordered Paul’s signed interview booklet, I realized I would have it signed twice so I canceled the signed Amazon pre-order and will now wait till it gets cheaper. That way I can probably pick it up for maybe $20 cheaper. If not, at least I can’t blame myself for being frivolous.


For USA residents: I scored Paul Weller’s ridiculously cheap Other Aspects (very expensive in the USA) and the Gary Crowley’s Lost 80’s box. Because it’s being shipped to NYC, I don’t pay VAT. This brought the Lost 80’s box to £23, just below the £25 threshold to get the discount. So I had to get sth else. Other Aspects was £10 without vat so I paid £33 minus £5=£28 for 7 discs. Oh and total for shipping was £4 so the total cost was £32. Cheaper than domestic USA shipping. Don’t know how they do it but I love it.

Geoff D

The code is only for use on items sold by Amazon UK and not 3rd party/Marketplace sellers so make sure you’re looking at items sold by Amazon.


Just bought House Of Love (30th Anniversary Edition) for £25.19 (Shipping to Belgium included)

Robert Laversuch

Got Lou Reed Sire box to go with RCA set. Not as elaborate but some excellent albums and you can never have enough Lou. Thanks for heads up

Chris Squires

David Sylvian Gone to Earth 2LP picked up for £20.45 delivered. Very nice thank you.

Robin Hills

Love Super Deluxe Edition but used the code to buy three CDs launched this year that have been completely overlooked……Renaissance, Prologue (Remastered and Expanded), Renaissance, Ashes Are Burning (Remastered and Expanded) and Mostly Autumn, White Rainbows. Thanks, Paul.


Rumours Deluxe, B00AGKH45I only returns “The promotional code you entered cannot be applied to your purchase.”


Lots of big discounts around on fairly recent decent cds suede blue hour 4.99 Eleanor freidberg 4.99 belly dove 4.99 specials 7.00 dream wife 4.99 and the Bobbie gentry box set down to 69.31

hendry doran

Amazon had emailed me this morning with details of the offer. Sadly all the vinyl that I’ve been tracking has increased quite substantially in price. Guess some you win….

Tony O

went to order the u2, they put the price up a fiver!

Neil Kelly

Lol maybe he should have read the post properly of worked it out…

Tony O

sorry did not realise

Steve j

Ordered the Peter Hammill forth coming 8 cd live box set great value at £55 now £50
Nice one


Bowie Glastonbury cd/dvd back up to £29.99. Been waiting for this one to come down as it’s expensive for a 2 Cd, 1 dvd set. Anyone know why this I so highly priced?


Try Amazon in Germany. There was a deal on it recently. (I picked it up for a very reasonable price.)


Big Thanks to you Paul for this. Saved £5 on the Wedding Album (sorry HMV, promise I’ll buy something from you next week).


Thanks Paul! Had Kate Bush’s “The Other Sides” and Massive Attack’s deluxe of “Mezzanine” (assuming it does surface on 19/04/19 after 2 lengthy push-backs) for under £24.00. I know Kate had dropped by nearly £2 a couple of times recently, but overall it tipped the balance.

Unlike for some, the items in my basket had not gone up before this promotion (bar Kate, and initially that was £19.99, as it is today). Very happy music fan!

David M

Seems to be not available for shipping outside the UK.


Nitzer Ebb’s already reasonably priced Body of Work for 30 quid. Thanks for heads up!

Sezai Basar

They have increased the price before announcing the £ 5.00 promotion.So the price of (for exemple Moody Blues live at the BBC) decreases only £ 2.27. Of course, it’s better than nothing.

Electric Sydney

Pre ordered the Ronnie Lane box!

The Golden Age Of Cat Videos

Same here!

Al Duchaney

I got 7 Sweet albums today!

Johnny Kalifornia

Thanks for the tip! Just bought PSB’s Very and Behaviour vinyls, which are £16 each atm before the discount, so just £13.50 each with discount :)

Andy P

A number of items on my watch list have either stayed the same or are lower, so your observation isn’t entirely accurate.

Jim Cargill

This offer applies to books too…..just save £5 on two books from my list.


Has anybody noticed that everything has gone up in price today on amazon uk? I had 12 items waiting in my basket from the other day, and the total amount has gone up by over £40 today, each item costing more than they have in the past 2 or 3 months (i looked on camelcamel to check recent price changes).
Coincidence? I think not…

Lee Realgone

No, that’s just bad luck on your part. I keep a well stocked Amazon basket (a handy way of spotting price drops) and at least half of my items have decreased in price today. Some have gone up by a few pence, but not in a way that would damage the discount. My basket has behaved today in exactly the same way as every other breakfast, lunch and teatime.

I’m still undecided about which items to buy today, though.

John Archbell

Yes, I have noticed.

I’ve only just finished work so missed the early bird. I’m not bothering. It’s hardly a deal now.