Black Friday Deals 2020

The Divine Comedy / Venus, Cupid, Folly & Time 24CD box set

The Divine Comedy / Venus, Cupid, Folly & Time 24CD box set

UK: The Divine Comedy / Venus, Cupid, Folly & Time 24CD box £102 £136

Elton John / Elton: Jewel Box: Deep Cuts 4LP vinyl

UK: Elton John / Jewel Box: Deep Cuts 4LP vinyl £52 £60

Recently issued vinyl package. Wonderful packaging (watch the SDEtv unboxing video)

GERMANY: New Order/ Movement super deluxe €88 €102

UK: Paul McCartney / Wild Life 2LP vinyl £25 £38

Great bonus LP with home recordings and non-album tracks.

ITALY: The Police / Every Move You Make 6LP vinyl €80 €100

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The divine comedy box set is back on amazon! gone up to a £108 but still good value!


For those in the UK, Sainsbury’s currently have an instore promotion on CDs (£11 each or 2 for £15). Reasonable selection of titles – mainly chart obviously – but include new releases and multiple CD sets. Yesterday, I got new Spandau Greatest Hits (3CD) and new Les Miserables concert (2CD). 5 discs for £15 – not bad – covered off a couples of Xmas presents…

Richard Gibson

The long deleted and now £100+ Ronnie Lane Just For A Moment (Music 1973-1997) 6CD Box set is currently on most European amazons. amazon.fr was cheapest, but most have it, so maybe check the difference of your local one in case the postage saving makes it more logical. There were 13 copies and now I have bought one there are 12 and they’ve all moved down to 12 copies, so probably the same Amazon Euro stock? Approx 70 euros upwards. Delivered to UK with ex rate guarantee is just under £69. No idea if this is a repressing or just some more stock they’ve found. Ebay chancers have got it up at £100, £150 and even £230 at the moment!

Keri Preston

Thank you for letting me know.
I bought a copy from Amazon France.


Hurrah – I got the WH Smith deal on the Ultimate Imagine and the Amazon.de deal on the Magical Mystery Tour – both arrived this week. In total they came to less that I’ve seen either one going for.


If amazon don’t get the divine comedy box set back in soon i’m going to order from townsend before they sell out!

Jonathan Riley

my shakin set shipped from amazon. It weights less then I though
Only 6 lbs


Thanks also to Paul – for such a great website and all the pounds you have saved me (and made me spend!) over the years. Nice to contribute and not just read for a change – thank you


Mine arrived today. What a bargain. Thanks for the spot John.


Got notification today that my bargain priced Imagine boxset is ready for collection at my local WHS. Thanks for the head’s up John!

Keri Preston

My copy was delivered today in perfect condition.
Thank you for the link.

David Cornyn

Yep, picked mine up at the local WH Smith after work and it’s the correct version – total result! John is a legend (Lennon too)!


Phew – SOOO glad it wasn’t just an incorrect listing. All your thanks much appreciated. Mine’s arrived too – Christmas has come early!


Thanks for this. Turned up today and a result


Mine arrived today (very well packaged) – looks like a lovely set and an incredible price. Thanks John.

Paul A

Just had my WH Smith package arrived. It is indeed the 4 CD, 2 Blu Ray edition. £26.99… I still can’t get over that ! Thanks again John.


Just collected my Lennon box set from WH Smith. It was already massively discounted, but I got a further £10 off because I spent £50 in total. Even better, it’s in perfect condition – which is more than can be said for a lot of the stuff I get from Amazon.


My Imagine set arrived today. As noted above I was concerned it may be an incorrect listing or they wouldn’t honour the price. Looking forward to immersing myself in this!


Amazon Canada has Frank Zappa’s “Hot Rats Sessions” super-deluxe 6-CD set at 25 per cent off for Cyber Monday… down to $99.99 Canadian.

Prince Fan

I’m sure most people who visit SDE have it already, but this is ridiculous. Prince’s Parade CD, £3.04 brand new direct from Amazon. Includes Autorip too.



only have it on 2nd hand vinyl. will check if i have the download too otherwise may get this. thanks.


Oh great. The Divine Comedy offer did not last long. Gone by the time I got to read of the offer.

Dave Steer

It’s back down to £102 again, although not in stock until 11th Dec.

Nathan Thomas

Was back on there again tonight when I looked at 9:30pm & sold out again by 10pm , so I guess keep checking as things keep coming in and out of stock


Couldn’t resist the While Album Super Deluxe for under €50. A very nice package indeed, very pleased with the purchase. The main reason I bought this was the Hi-Res Stereo Mix on BluRay and on my system it is a clear improvement over the CD version.
This is advertised as a ‘Limited Edition’. My box is #143.532, so I can’t help but wonder: How ‘limited’ is this? One million copies, two million, maybe? I’m all for ‘limited editions’, but at a certain point, it gets silly.

The Abbey Road Super Deluxe was not that much of a deal at €48, but still worth having. I haven’t opened it yet, but at least I saw no six-digit number on that one.


US Black Friday got:

Aimee Mann–Bachelor No. 2 (w/Magnolia tracks)
Magnetic Fields–Quickies
Jarvis Cocker–Jarvis (w/bonus 7″)
Bird & the Bee–self-titled debut (non-RSD ltd reissue)
Sharon Jones–Just Dropped In To See What Condition My Rendition Was In

Not a huge day but those were some crucial titles…Aimee in particular!


Nice one Brett. Aimee Mann’s Batchelor no. 2 is an enduring and amazing album. I picked up the original cd on a trip to New York, and it turned out to be one of my best ever purchases. It wasn’t released in the UK for some time after its US release, which made it feel more special.


My divine comedy box shipped out from amazon.co.uk today to the USA for that crazy 90 quid price when they were oos

Derek Langsford

As Amazon didn’t get the set the first time around, I took the plunge to get one from the second print via the TCD artist’s store at Townsend, again not thinking it would appear on Amazon. Not only does it appear on Amazon, but they quickly discount it. At least I have a signed letter from Mr. Hannon.

Ian Ellis

Same here Derek. My box is still in the hallway in the delivery packaging. I’ve been busy being ill with Covid and I am only just ready to open it up and enjoy. But… it could have gone the other way and got pricier. And for the content £125 is fine value for money. I think the box and signed letter from Neil via Townsend at that price is already a win situation. Best of luck though to those who pick it up at this even cheaper price/

Ian Ellis

Thank you Paul. I’m now 8 days clear of all symptoms. It was rough and I urge everyone to be safe until the vaccine arrives. I appreciate your good wishes.

Ian Ellis

Divine Comedy: Oops, the narrow window has shut. Back up to £149. What a bargain we got eh?!

Derek Langsford

Mine was $162 or £121 but shipping was $35.50 or £26.60 though it came within 4 days via DHL to California. My Tangerine Dream box coming from JPC via DHL got stuck in airports for 2 weeks and took 3.5 week overall.


Fleetwood Mac (1969-1974) is in a “Cyber Monday Deal” at £24.82:


You know I picked that box up and I didn’t know why but it is superb and a great listen and not my normal by any stretch but another reason why this site is so essential as sometimes the deal price makes you think ‘do you know why not’

Cheers guys


New Order – Movement box set down to 88.67 Euro ~ 80 GBP today at amazon.de


Divine Comedy-box “Venus, Cupid, Folly And Time” now down to about 103 GBP on Amazon.uk.
Just ordered one to Germany for less than 100 GBP because of the VAT-advantage.

Including p&p it came to 105 GBP (or about 115 EUR).


New faithless CD (which is amazing btw) is £6.99 on amazon. Same price for Kylie but I guess everyone who wants it has it one or more formats by now.


I keep crossing my fingers for the Wild Life Deluxe box set to be offered at a killer price…

Ben Williams

Me too!

Jonathan Riley

I have to say the shakin steven set on amazon for $70 before taxes. Actually $84 after taxes seems like a price mistake when you look at the price on his official site and on amazon.co.uk. On his site it’s almost 50% more and on amazon.co.uk it appears that it is a little under 50% off after shipping


Jonathan, I don’t think it’s a mistake. I ordered mine from JPC.de for €60 + shipping (a while ago when it wasn’t on Amazon.com yet) for a total of €69 ($82.50)

Larry Davis

I was told by a friend that on Cherry Red’s site is a Black Friday sale till tomorrow but saw nothing I would jump at…so just browsing, went to Pause & Play, saw the link to the Shakin’ Stevens set as it’s just out…was toying with either getting that or the Divine Comedy box first…so I go to Amazon US on Shakey & killer price…$79.99US!! On sale 20 bucks off, and it’s signed!! On his own site it’s $109 plus will charge shipping top dollar…I figure at that price, take the plunge, Also I bought the triple Singled Out cuz it both has a new song (not sure if on the box or not) but was also cheap at $16.99…so I took the Shakey plunge…I did like the duet with Bonnie Tyler on the new triple, his style reminds me of Robbie Williams…


Placebo have the A Place for us to dream vinyl box set at 25£ on their homepage.


Fairly random but just found the Imagine Ultimate 6cd/Blu-ray on WHSmith for 31.99 or 26.99 with the code FRIYAY2020 free shipping uk. Ordered- apparently in stock – will wait and see what arrives https://www.whsmith.co.uk/products/imagine/0602567671268.html

Marc Sutton

Great spot John!!! Ordered.

David Cornyn

Yep, excellent shout! Bagged one too.

Craig Deeley

Cheers for the tip John, great price!



Absolute steal ! Thanks John :)

paul r

Hi John Great find, feels like a really good price and have also ordered. Thank you


Thanks for that. Bargain.

Elizabeth Hirst

Thanks for the tip on this – I’ve ordered it too – let’s see if we just got lucky

Glen Scott

FWIW, I ordered this yesterday and today I have received a shipping confirmation so it looks like a great result! Thank you, John.


That’s a great price! Ordered, thanks. I was sceptical when I saw this the other day but great to see it’s actually shipping, and not an error. Don’t forget Quidco for an extra £1.26 cashback.

Paul A

Another thank you John!

Ordered last night and it’s been dispatched this evening.

Still can’t believe the price.

Paul Mac

Late seeing it, but this is still available although the Friyay code no longer works. Still a steal even at £32 though, I think, thanks very much!

Paul Anderson

Many thanks. That’s an amazing deal!

Paul Anderson

Shame. I left it too late. Now out of stock.

Peter Muscutt

Did anyone pick up any RSD Black Friday items? I bagged the two Jarvis Cocker vinyl reissues with a bonus 7” and 12” single in each one. Also wanted the Soulwax ‘Nite Versions’ reissue but that’s now put back to December, got a preorder in though.

Mike M

Great gets Pete mate, I bagged Bill Evans Live at Ronnie Scott’s & Herbie Hancock Trio, passed up the live Lou Reed Transformer, I reckon it’s one I’ll regret down the line.

Paul Taylor

Jarvis x 2
Lou Reed x 2
Alanis Morissette
The Weeknd
Harrison & Gilmour 7” singles

Quite hairy for the bank balance!


Yeah – Similar

Picked up
Jarvis – both copies
Fountains of Wayne
George Harrison
Nancy Sinatra – Couldn’t resist that to be honest


I bagged the Herbie Hancock and the Sonny Rollins in Holland set. I wanted the Bill Evans also, but couldn’t find it anywhere! Two outta three ain’t bad, I suppose.

Paul Mac

Delivery arrived this morning:

Ace Of Spades 12″
Magic & Loss

Didn’t think there was much across all the RSDs this year that I’d want, but I ended up with a few things all the same.

Paul Gray

White Album received today! Only ordered it Thursday! Why oh why didn’t I take the plunge with MMT for £30?? Stupid not to at that price!

Sascha H.

I also get the White Album and Abbey Road today, ordered both on thursday too. Fast shipping as always with Amazon, never had troubles with it. MMT I will get on monday I guess, ordered it yesterday. And as I had seen the deals with the three articles are over.

Clive Wilson

My White Album superdeluxe also arrived in 3 days from Germany. Unbelievable, and half the price of the UK with no unexpected surprises. I have to leave it unopened as it is my Christmas present – hopefully the book is not in German…


It isn’t in German. I know because I opened mine straight away!

Jonathan Riley

im annoyed I missed the brick ben folds amazon exclusive set from what records, for 29.99 quid before shipping
would have been one of the best deals of black friday imo

hervé paul

Thanks Jonathan for the BEN FOLDS BRICK tip , it’s always on the what records site for 36.99 £ , I take one ! for 13 CDS , I think it’s a very good price
You make my day !


Yes i think it is a good price too. Also thanks to Jonathan Riley for reminding me that this was in my wantlist for what seems like ages. I found one “Used-Very Good” from a third party seller on Amazon.uk for about 40 Euro incl. p&p which was (for me) about 10 Euro less than the one that Herve found on What.

Unclear if it’s the “Amazon”-excusive or the regular release but if the box is really in “Very Good”-shape i can live without the signed ĺyric sheet.

Andy Haines

Just bought Ben Folds So What on 2x 180g vinyl from Sister Ray for £4.99 + £4.99 p&p! Bargain!!

Paul Taylor

I blootered so much money on Black Friday RSD stuff today that ‘deals’ are going to be off the menu for a wee while!
Certainly a better selection than previous Black Fridays


Totally agree Paul nice selection and had coughed up £140 but really nice stuff

Rui Inácio

New Order’s Movement Boxset at 52,40€ at Amazon Spain. Finally ordered!


Got one thanks!


Thanks Rui, never thought I would see it below £60, ordered it now.

Stephen Hance

Mine just arrived. Third party seller in Japan. And has sent me the 2 CD set not SDE. Not impressed, especially since I already owned that!


U2 ATYCLB vinyl box is now 143.99 on amazon.co.uk

Mark G

Yeah, the White Album deal is over – the Abbey Road one is still on though..

Rich E

What Records are advertising the Amazon exclusive 5 Star 9cd box set for £19.99. Not my thing but seemingly a bargain for anyone who was looking for a copy.


Thanks Rich, great spot. I wasn’t gonna bother but at that price it’s worth a trip down memory lane.


Any opinions on what records? They seem to be always cheap but haven’t heard anyone using them or recommending them.

Colin MacKenzie

They are a bit hit and miss to be honest. Several orders of mine have not been fulfilled as the item was advertised for sale but discovered not to be in stock. One order I placed recently for a single LP in mid October I have not received yet and as it’s disappeared from the website assume I won’t get it. Had to chase them up a couple of days ago for a refund which is still awaited.

Steven Roberts

DAMN. Never occurred to me to check out What Records re Black Friday.

I would have had that Gillan box set :(

P.S. The 5 Star is sold out as well, should anyone be interested.


Motown nr 1s 11cd box 52€ plus shipping from amazon.de. Just grabbed one

Stevie T

On the general point re packaging, in particular Amazon UK, my experience tends to be better with click and collect at a local shop, compared with home delivery. Is that just coincidence?!


Only issues I have had with amazon UK were with the Bowie picture discs (always dog-eared). Just received a number of vinyl items from amazon DE today and they are immaculately and individually packaged.

David Ware

For those that don’t know black Friday in France, starts 4th December, due to covid…

Sascha H.

So I ordered the Magical Mystery Tour from the Beatles too. It is for a friend. He will be surprised for sure.


I know it’s not music, but amazon are doing the Criterion Godzilla Box (8 x BD) for £105, matching Zavvi… Call it a Godzilla SDE
It’s normally around £150, doesn’t usually get reduced by that much…

John EB

Beatles / Abbey Rd super deluxe on Amazon USA for $67 & change + $4 shipping this morning!

Been watching this regularly & I think this is lowest it’s been. The other day it was about $79 + shipping in a 3 for 2 offer, but nothing else I really wanted.


Ordered The Beatles Singles Box via your link, Paul. Many thanks for keeping up this excellent service!


Abbey Road on Amazon UK at the moment for just over £51. Just bagged myself one and well chuffed!! Another Xmas present to myself.


Yeah the White Album price was too good to ignore. I’ve been waiting for a deal like that to come along. Great price even with shipping to the States! Thanks for the alert!


Hmv are taking the mick a bit ..most of the prices have been jacked up and are more than before even with the 20% off.. look how many normal albums are £44.99 !


Yes it’s mostly scammy, but if you want the U2 11lp boxset cheaper, it’s a very good deal.

Gary Hunter

They keep doing that, don’t know how they are getting away with it!

Customers see right through it.


If HMV is genuinely misleading about pre-sale/offer pricing, they fall foul of UK consumer protection legislation and you can report them to Trading Standards.

Nathan Thomas

Yeah they’re not though – legally if they sold it in only one shop in the Outer Hebrides for the higher price for a certain amount of time then they can claim legally that it retailed at the higher price (even though it was only in one shop in the middle of nowhere) . All stores I know of pull this one not just HMV & not just record shops, as it’s perfectly legal & common practice.

hendry doran

Saw that last night. Shocking the prices they are asking for standard albums


I got the Depeche Mode Speak and Spell box set a couple of weeks ago with 30% off. £34.99 down to £24.49 with free tracked 48 hour delivery. It’s working out more expensive at the moment. Not a good Black Friday deal.

Nathan Thomas

Not always – got the Police vinyl box set in HMV a few month ago for £35 which is still waaaaay cheaper than any of the deals I’ve seen on it anywhere else.


Re HMV sale – Bowie – New Career 13LP vinyl box only £119.99 with code VINYL20. Can’t recall ever seeing this cheaper…

Colin MacKenzie

Think that is indeed the cheapest price yet and also applies to Who Can I Be now. The problem with the HMV Sales are that nearly always the original price is considerably inflated or is way out of line with that on Amazon, for example. Its a long search too – wish you could filter out sold out items. Having said that suspect the recent Abba colour vinyl set at £104 is lowest yet as well and Springsteen’s 4 LP “Live at Hammersmith” is only £19.99.

Richard S

Yes I noticed the same with their pricing. I also find the fact that you can’t filter out the sold out items really frustrating. I even emailed their support about it, I’m sure it’s simple enough to add. Lost count of the amount of times I’ve spotted something, only to then realise it is sold out.

Arr Gee

Got this from HMV. Box with a bump on corner, but I can live with that. Stranger was the first LP of David Live (2005 mix) has an Elvis RCA label on side 1! Side 2 is Ok. Have asked for replacement.


Received my Bowie vinyl box and it is missing the ‘Scary Monsters’ album.

Has this happened to anyone else? It was cellophane wrapped, so it hadn’t been tampered with. I’ve emailed HMV, but just checked their website and the box is now out of stock – what are the chances of them sending me the missing album on its own?


Arr Gee

“What are the chances of them sending me the missing album on its own?” – Zero :-(

HMV will exchange whole box if you bring it to store (25 mile round trip for me) assuming it is in stock (highly unlikely).

Alternatively you can return for 60p collection fee and get a refund. Of course you lose the Black Friday sale price.

It is £17.99 for Scary Monsters on Amazon, so you would only save £2.01.

I have asked for a credit to buy my defective LP (will be happy with £22 so I can buy it from Amazon). Will wait and see.


Hmv have a 20% off sale on now on a lot of vinyl including new releases.


Damn you Paul Sinclair! Just kidding you are legend. I. Do. Not. Need. A box of 7” Beatles. But I bought the bloody things anyway. I’ve picked up the SDEs of the white album and abbey road at these great prices thanks to Paul so I’ll go easy on myself for the singles. Anyway I love 7”.

David Fisher

With the greatest of respect Peter, You. Do. Need. A box of 7” Beatles. Every right thinking person should buy it. It’s the Fabs, it’s vinyl, it’s a box set! What’s not to like? I absolve you of any misplaced guilt. Bless you my son :-)


Thanks, Paul!

Went for the MMT box, but I recommend ordering from Amazon US if you’re in the States. You would do just as well doing it that way since it’s listed at $63 US which is roughly what you’d be paying with expedited shipping from DE. Plus, if I can minimize damage of any sort of deluxe box due to shipping, I’m going to.


Spotted the Wild Life deal yesterday and jumped on it. Received this afternoon with no outer box and just the address label stuck on the shrink wrap!! What is going on at Amazon UK….first SOTT, then got 4LP Intersteller last week shipped in a plastic bag (corner dents and creasing of original and replacement shipped in same way) and now worst of all this. Think someone said to order as a gift but forgot to try that this time. Also noticed that they’ve taken down their vinyl packaging page which is now just blank…..

Paul Wren

I’ve had one similar experience but the LP arrived in perfect condition. If it’s damaged, simply send it back and they will send you another one.

Jeremy K

Would love to order but I’m nearly at the point of not using Amazon UK at all to be honest. I think from my last 8 or so orders only one vinyl came without any damage. I’ve had them damaged in perfect packaging (so careless at Amazon) I’ve had second hand vinyl being sold as new, i’ve had damaged vinyl in damaged packaging through ‘couldn’t care less’ Amazon logistics and had vinyl rattling around unprotected in boxes big enough to fit a microwave in. The books i got the other day were in an opened box so amazing they hadn’t been stolen or fallen out. It’s ok sending another but if they only have 1 copy it’s not much use. Really are very poor for me nowadays sadly, especially when they used to be so good.

Rob S

Couldn’t agree more Jeremy. Very similar experience here and we’ve actually started using Waterstones for books as Amazon envelopes don’t protect the corners of the book….had 2 copies of a Jamie cookbook sent through and both came with damage….and these are supposed to be xmas gifts….

Guillermo Pena

Not a good deal if you live in the US when you are adding P/H
Will have to wait


I thought so too.

Recently i looked at the items on Amazon.com that were included in their 3-for-2-deal and thought at first glance that there were some really good deals to be made there but then watched the deal go up in flame when postage, handling and custom charges were added for sending it to Europe.

I never thought how mean this is to all not US-based customers but that finally the Americans had some deal that really made sense for them to buy from…


If it’s any consolation, it does cut both ways at the moment (more or less). For years, I relied on Amazon.uk to get so many of the awesome albums that were import-only here in the US to avoid paying the higher prices, and now most of them won’t even ship here no matter what.


Well, after years of reading, I’ve just made my first ever purchase via SDE recommendation, and it’s also my first ever Super Deluxe box. That White Album price is too good to ignore.

Thanks, Paul, I’m just sorry it wasn’t from you!


Not a black friday deal but Amazon UK has 40 copies of the divine comedy in stock atm


Thank you Jonathan. Out of curiosity, how can you tell they have 40? It only says “in stock” on the ordering page.

Jonathan Riley

at checkout, I typed in 999, and they said this seller only has 40
I got the cheap price honored on mine when they were out of stock 90.29 quid shipped from the UK to the USA


Hi Kauwgompie,

first put the item inside your cart. Then click on the “Cart”-icon to see what you have inside. There you can click on the space where it says how many you want to order of an item (in this case, say, 1).
Mark the number and delete it then fill in a higher number (i made it 100).
Afterwards refresh your cart and if they don’t have as many as you’re trying to order in stock a message appears telling you that they don’t have as many as you wanted and automatically change the amount to the number they still have in stock. For the Divine Comedy-box that is currently 37.

Derek Langsford

Surprised to see it in stock at Amazon UK as the first pressing sold out fast and they quickly set up another run. I got mine as part of the second pressing run from the artist’s website at Townsend Music. Came out to be about $25 more than from Amazon now but it came quickly via DHL with a humerous signed letter which is impossible to store in the set without folding.

Beautifully presented set and so much music. The bonus CDs are packed. Would love to see other artist’s catalogues treated like this.

Note: Amazon is now charging local tax rates on shipping to different territories. So while Amazon UK will take off UK VAT, they add back in the the VAT/sales tax of the recipient’s location, though the recipient’s tax seems to be on the item plus p&p which is not how US Sales taxes are calculated. So in addition to increased shipping costs we now pay extra taxes. I guess the good old days are over and we are all going to be paying more for our physical music. We in the USA were lucky to have it so good for so long – no VAT and low shipping from Amazon UK made it cheaper to import a UK version than buy the American version and also cheaper than for a Brit to purchase from Amazon UK which was silly.

Paul Gray

How many cd copies of the White Album do I have? 1987 issue, 2009 Mono and Stereo issues and the three disc version of this Anniversary edition. Did I need the Super Deluxe Version? Probably not. Is £52 a bargain? Of course it is! Order placed! Thanks Paul.


I’ve also got those plus the 1998 30th anniversary issue! You definitely need the 6disc version too though, worth it for the book alone.

Paul Gray

Thanks. Yes the book looks great. Its the only one of the Deluxe Editions I really wanted. Sgt Pepper and Abbey Road look nice but I’ll stick with the 2cd versions. The Magical Mystery Tour box is very tempting as I don’t have the film and I’ve never seen it. Plus the EP…… Stop…. I’ve spent too much today!

Jarmo Keranen

Consider yourself lucky if you haven’t seen the film!

Len Read

Magical Mystery Tour box set less than 30 euros on Amazon DE. Nearly £60 in the UK