Cyber Monday deals

UK: Concert for George 4LP vinyl box – £45 £100

UK: Jeff Lynne’s ELO / Alone in the Universe vinyl LP – £6.44

UK: Iron Maiden / Book of Souls Live Chapter 3LP vinyl – £12.91 £25

UK: Bob Marley / Exodus 40 4LP vinyl – £45 £100

UK: Yes / Topographic Drama Live Across America 3LP set – £24

UK: The Beat / The 7″ Singles Collection 13 x 7″box – £22

UK: Led Zeppelin / The Song Remains The Same 9-disc super deluxe – £90 £180

Wow. Okay it was very expensive to start off with, but even so this HALF PRICE deal on Amazon in the UK for the nine-disc super deluxe is a fantastic deal.

UK: Gorillaz / Humanz 14LP coloured vinyl box set – £87 £194

Just when you thought this set couldn’t get any cheaper…

UK: Belinda Carlisle / The Vinyl Collection 1987-1993 4LP box – £25 £50


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Stephen Rickard

Received my T.rex, The Smiths and The Beat box sets today, all thrown into one big box with very little packaging, so of course bashed corners and split shrink wrapping. I won’t be sending them back as they were bargain prices, but did anybody else receive theirs like this ?

Tony O

Stephen Rickard- yes i returned 4 box sets this morning for the very same reasons, Amazon have a process where they try and fob people off with tatty items that have already been returned in the hope that people just accept it, if you keep sending them back they eventually manage to fine mint products in the correct packaging, the problem with the smiths box set is i dont think they have any more though.

Lee Realgone

They definitely try and fob people off with things that have already returned as damaged if they can.

Back when I ordered The Who’s ‘Quadrophenia’ when the super deluxe box was cheap, I received one completely without shrink-wrap, with a missing poster and a massive split going halfway down the spine of the slipcase.

hendry doran

Amazon do this even with brand new releases. Oversize box that you could fit a dead body in and the vinyl LP covered-not wrapped-with brown paper.
Although they are usually bargains I dread getting an Amazon parcel from outwith the UK

Paul Spurgeon

The Aretha Franklin pre order 6lp vinyl box set is down to £58 on Amazon UK


A very kind SDEer commented on another post that WeAreVinyl had (and still have – until December 7!) some Black Friday/Cyber Monday deals going.


(don’t let the name fool you: YES they sell CDs and YES they ship to Australia!)

I’d like to say thank you to that person (sadly, I can’t remember their name) because I got some AMAZING deals:
*SLY & THE FAMILY STONE – HIGHER! £15.00 (down from £39!)
*EARTH, WIND & FIRE – THE COLUMBIA MASTERS £22.00 (down from £83!)
*PAUL YOUNG – TOMB OF MEMORIES: THE CBS YEARS (1982-1994) £8.99 (down from £21!)

Postage to Australia was £35, but considering the size of my order (32 discs + their packaging) that’s quite a good deal too.

In total, it worked out to a smidge under $200 AUD.

Peter Stanton

Amazon.com is doing Beatles Mono CD for 229 dollars, about £180. Shame about the tax or I would go for it.

Also Stones Mono 138 dollars plus other goodies.


Led Zeppelin – The Song Remains The Same currently £90:15 at Amazon UK. Allegedly 50% off.

Richard Clarke

Thanks mate. Bagged for my daughter!

J Cullen

Rolling Stones – Stripped – 4 BluRay & 1 CD is only £20.23 on Amazon UK

Gary Hunter

I’m another one that is disappointed to have missed the deal on The Smiths Vinyl Box Set.

Paul use your influences and ask Amazon to do the deal again :)


Just got the newest promoflyer from German Media Markt. From tomorrow on they will again have their 3 for 2 sale (music, games and movies). So better keep an eye on Amazon.de tomorrow, as they usually match this promotion (note: I am not responsible, if they don’t :) ).

Chris Squires

Oh crap….it’s Christmas 2017 all over again. Don’t look Ethel….nothing to see here, they’re just delivering cat food…. Would I lie to you?

The Golden Age Of Music, The 1960's

I hope it’s all the usual shyte, I’ve spent up. Four figures spent on S.E.s and other releases since July and the first number ain’t a ‘1’.

Just got around to playing The Moodies ‘In Search Of The Lost Chord’ S.E., what a beautiful album this is, takes me back to all those years ago. Lots of wine, beautiful people and jazz ciggies. 1968 was as we all know a great year for music, Jimi’s ELL, Stones ‘Beggars’, The WA, Kinks ‘VGPS’, Small Faces ‘ONGF’, all great albums. I reckon The Moodies edge it for the best of the lot. However when my Stones ‘Beggars Banquet’ Japanese 50 Anniversary SACD arrives and I start listening to that……….


I can confirm that the German Media Markt 3 for 2 is now online (including Pre-Orders). Hopefully for all SDE-readers Amazon will follow.

Jonathan Riley

it’s live on amazon.de as well, but doesn’t work on preorders
im looking at the bob Dylan complete album collection, lou reed RCA cd collection and the new kate bush when released for around $228

Stuart S

Thanks to all – just ordered Biffy’s Unplugged & Bowie’s Stage for just over £20!

Belinda Carlisle’s Heaven On Earth (30th Anniv) down to £27.99…



Little Richard – Mono Box: The Complete Specialty And Vee-Jay Albums [5LP VINYL]

£42.40 at amazon UK http://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B01G3QL9OK


The one time I don’t check out SDE before going to bed is the time there is a Smiths offer and I miss it!! Damn!!!


Jeff Lynne’s ELO vinyl LP, Alone In The Universe on Amazon UK is just £6.44 this morning on amazon UK :-)


Curious about the Stereo MC’s Collected Box. Does anyone know if the DVD is in PAL or NTSC format?


Thanks Billb for the Sting Vinyl box 2 tip … just bought for $27 USD delivered. What a deal!!!

Thanks Paul for all you do … best website for music collectors.

CJ Feeney

I resisted everything until this came up.


Its not Monday anymore but…

The Smiths – Queen Is Dead 2017 Deluxe Vinyl Box Set.

£17.15 on Amazon UK


Iron maiden . Book of souls live chapter vinyl £12.91 and biffy clyro unplugged vinyl £7.50

Paul Mac

Thanks for the Iron Maiden alert, been watching this for ages but never thought it would drop this low!

Stuart S

Thanks Gavin – Biffy ordered (along with Bowie’s Stage)


More vinyl deals on amazon uk.
Smiths Queen is Dead deluxe for £17! Kylie Golden Super deluxe for £23. Sting – Studio collection Vol 2 £21. ELO – Alone in The Universe £6.50. Bowie – Stage 2017 – £13. Bob Dylan – Bootleg 1-3 £24. There’s more there too if you look up the music deals.

Chris Squires

The Beat 13 x 7″ singles box is just a ridiculous £22 on Am UK.


David Regan

I went to Dodax website back in 2016..and got the T.Rex box set 26 singles for £19.95..including postage..but £41 is still a great price considering it normally goes for Over £100 pound on Amazon UK.

Alan Fenwick

Here’s another good one:

The Smiths
The Queen Is Dead (2017 Master) [Deluxe Edition] [VINYL] Box set



The Sting Complete Studio albums Vol2 currently £21.03 on Amazon UK previously over £90

Mark G

OK, I flumped for the T. Rex singles box, too good to miss out on…

Tony O

sting box II on amazon.co.uk

Robert Laversuch

T-Rex back up to 71 quid so glad I got in before – thank you for heads up!

Steve Young

Bob Dylan Bootleg Series vol 1 to 3 vinyl boxset just arrived on Amazon Cyber Monday deals for £23.99.
The Cutting Edge vinyl boxset was half price for about 5 minutes yesterday so might be an idea to buy vol 1-3 sharpish if you want it rather have it sitting in your basket.
So nice to have great bargains on Amazon UK for a change instead of having to order from France, Germany etc.

Stephen Rickard

Yes, thank you. Very happy to get this one.

Matt Moore

Although Paul didn’t mention it, yesterday the Dylan Cutting Edge vinyl box was $40 US on amazon uk. I put in my cart and kept shopping, looked up…and it was gone! What a steal that was. Hope some of you snagged it.


it is kind of a shame that such great music by Otis Redding is so cheap (I already have this box). And wasn’t that Gorillaz box once about 300£? It is now really cheap – but the album is still not good and it is still a pain to hear an album on 14 LPs!! PS: the Gorillaz box looks different. Just black – no white and pink lightning

Chris Squires

The picture that amazon use for the Gorillaz box is an early pack shot and all of the boxes do have the white/pink flashing. It was, for a short time yesterday, also part of the 3 for 2 promotion so It was just £60.10p for the Gorillaz box and the Led Zeppelin box. Which is just stupid, even if the box is flawed in the case of the Gorillaz box and initially expensive for the Led Zep. box. At £60 each it was too much to resist.


Ah, ok. Thanks for the reply!

graeme ewan

stereo mcs back to 25 euro on amazon.de

eric slangen

Snapped the Gorillaz box.

Tony O

Steve Rickard – Toes already dipped in those particular pools!


I thought I’d done well grabbing T.Rex from Amazon.de for £52. But this new offer is unbelievable! Grab it now before the price rockets back up again as did last w/end.

Alan Fenwick

Another 2 for very good prices:

Humanz – Gorillaz (Super Deluxe) [VINYL] – £87.67 – Amazon UK
Harry Potter: Original Motion Picture Soundtracks I-V [VINYL] – £80.00 – Amazon UK

Keith Slatter

Thanks to you Alan…I’ve just spent another £86.67 on the Gorillaz (Super Deluxe) [VINYL]! Great deal, and good spot! Cheers

Tony O

I think some of these deals today are the best so far, thanks Paul


I was able to get the “Song Remains The Same” Super Deluxe from Amazon Australia, for $128.00 with free shipping. All I need now is a good price on “How The West Was Won”, to complete the set?


Finally pulled the the trigger on sgt peppers. Many thanks


Just tried to order the ‘White Album’ – jumped up to 160+ euros. The link to EUR 99.97 not working! Bah! Humbug!!


Weird -was in the process of ordering the White Album – wtf?

Paul Taylor

Missed Satanic Majesties although not too distraught as got the clear vinyl RSD one in April
Did get the Concert For George, never ever expected it to drop so far. Best bargain for me this week.
Brakes need to go on now in advance of all these preorders over the next two weekends!!


Concert for Ge0rge vinyl £44.92 on Amazon UK Save: £55.07 (55%)

Dave Thompson

White Album Box Set deal seems to have finished unfortunately.


Beatles and Zep ordered! I’d been waiting for those to drop! Thank you Paul!


Thanks Zazoutoo for raising this query as I have always wondered about this. The threat of high p&p charges has previously put me off but….no more! Thanks also to Paul for answering the query, what a top service you provide to us music lovers! Unfortunately I couldn’t wait for the price reduction in the 7 disc White Album set – being a big Beatles fan I had to have that one straight away! Hope you enjoy the good dead Zazoutoo!

Tyronne Mayadunne

The Complete Boney M vinyl set (9 LP’s) is just £52.65


eric Slangen

Led Zep super the luxe / Rolling Stones Satanic and The UK SUBS.


Prey To God the ‘Five Star’ box reappears on the Amazon lightning deals. My Partner’s had a face like a smacked-are since missing that over the weekend.


The Super Deluxe version of REM’s Automatic for the People is a lightning deal on Amazon USA for $53 for the next four hours. Just a heads up.


Concert for George vinyl at less than half price 44.92 at the moment

Paul Taylor

Cheers for that Bill!


Thanks a lot. Waited for this deal (it‘s 101 Euros in Germany…).