DEAL: 25 vinyl LPs priced at €10

Amazon France have really knocked it out of the park this festive season with some great deals. Not only is their amazing 4 CDs for €18 still available, today they have some brilliant prices on vinyl records, with many priced as low as €10. This link takes you to the entire list of all bargain vinyl (some above €10), and below SDE has listed 25 great vinyl LPs at priced at just €10, which is just under £9. Check it out….

Paul Simon vinyl LP

Still Crazy After All These Years also in the deal

Nirvana / Unplugged in New York vinyl LP

Nevermind  also in the deal

Portishead / Dummy vinyl LP

The Police / Outlandos D’Amour vinyl LP

The Cure / Pornography vinyl LP

Faith also in the deal.

The Who / Who’s Next vinyl LP

Who Are You and The Who By Numbers also in the deal.

Jimi Hendrix / Smash Hits vinyl LP

Sonic Youth / Goo vinyl LP

The Dave Brubeck Quartet / Time Out vinyl LP

Reservoir Dogs soundtrack vinyl LP

Gary Moore / Still Got The Blues vinyl LP

Cream / Disraeli Gears vinyl LP

Mogwai / Les Revenants soundtrack vinyl LP

Eels / Beautiful Freak vinyl LP

Dire Straits / Love Over Gold vinyl LP

Tom Waits / Swordfishtrombones vinyl LP

Bob Dylan / Bringing It All Back Home vinyl LP

Them / The ‘Angry’ Young Them vinyl LP

Nina Simone / The Hits vinyl LP

Steely Dan / Aja vinyl LP

ELO / A New World Record vinyl LP

Eldorado also in the deal.

Nick Drake / A Treasury vinyl LP

The Jam / This Is The Modern World vinyl LP

Jeff Buckley / Grace vinyl LP

Supertramp / Crime of the Century vinyl LP


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I bought the Jimi Hendrix “Smash Hits” awhile back and I can confirm that it does include the poster.

elliott buckingham

if you want a great sounding love over gold avoid the universal back to black reissues try grabbing a pallas pressing on warners

Andrew M

I paid for one day delivery as it said would arrive tomorrow. I know – overly optimistic but it did say that. Now saying 3rd January same as cheapest option but I can’t speak French well enough to change the delivery option. Oh well – will teach me to be greedy and was still cheap!

Luis Armando

The Sgt.Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band Super Deluxe Ed. EUR 79.20 Amazon.de


I live in Paris and they often have LPs priced €10 at Fnac in stores or Amazon in France. Jeff Buckley’s first LP, Sonic Youth’s Goo and others have been at €10 for quite some time. The selection changes from time to time but you often find Dire Straits or Gainsbourg albums at €10 for example. If you go to Fnac stores in France you’ll find out the vinyl section is bigger than the CDs section in most Fnac stores.


Loads of interesting stuff here.

• The Byrds – Sweetheart of the Rodeo
• The Who By Numbers and Who Are You (worth a tenner?)
• Serge Gainsbourg – Histoire de Melody Nelson – and also something called Cannabis (Bof)


Dear Lord, “something” called Cannabis…! Prime Gainsbourg and Jean Claude-Vannier. Anything by Gainsbourg with either JC-V or Michel Colombier deserves a place in everyone’s record collection!


@RJS, you’ve convinved me to buy this as a Serge/Jane fan.

Question: if you have UK Amazon Prime, does that work for Amazon France as well?


Thanks, Paul. In theory, could you apply for a free trial for Amazon Prime France and cancel it, even if you have UK Prime membership already?


Hi Stephen, just to enlighten you even more: bof is the abbreviation for “Bande Original Du Film”, in (American) English: “Original Motion Picture Soundtrack” ;-)


Thanks, Klaus. Appreciate the info and recommendations.

Simon taylor

Doesn’t that version of Hendrix smash hits come with a poster of the front cover? Pretty sure it does. This is one Christmas where I didn’t get any vinyl, only cd’s. I suspect once the kids have been put to bed this evening ill be ordering a few. Smash Hits is a definite. Thank you muchly for the link.


I recently bought something via discogs in France recently. I found the French postal system pretty shockingly slow.


May be, may be not. But it’s got almost nothing to do with the french Amazon deals because almost all packages i received so far concerning these were sent via Amazon Logistics and normally taken from whatever warehouse in my neighborhood (Germany) has got it in stock. I give you that Amazon Logistics sure has its flaws too, but delivering slowly normally is not one of them.

Andrew M

Dammit dammit dammit. Picked up three vinyls in the HMV sale yesterday on top of two McCartneys and The Wall for myself for Christmas. And the Verve boxset for £35.

But Love Over Gold was the one Dire Straits reissue that I still wanted. And I love those two Paul Simon albums. Oh and The Eels is excellent as well. So I ordered all four.

My missus is gonna give me divorce papers for new year. I blame you totally Paul. And long may it continue! :D

Happy New Year.


Just grabbed these 6 for EUR 49,96 + postage!!!
Steely Dan Aja
Björk beginning
Amy Winehouse Frank
Nirvana MTV Unplugged
Dire Straits Love Over Gold
Nirvana Nevermind

The Golden Age Of What The F+@£

Damn, Damn and more Damn, stop this insanity!

Happy New Year Paul ; ))


Plus, the 3 for 40€ / 5 for 55€ is still going until the 31st, with a great selection (like Chuck Berry’s Great Twenty Eight, a lot of Gainsbourg’s albums, Bob Marley’s “Babylon by Bus” or Elvis Costello “My flame turns blue” on blue vinyls)