Deal alert / Bob Dylan 1965-1966 / Best of Cutting Edge 3LP+2CD

Stunning price for the 3LP ‘best of’ edition of the forthcoming Bob Dylan Cutting Edge Bootleg Series Vol 12 on Amazon Spain at the moment.

This is certainly the most digestible edition and what’s great is that this deluxe set includes the 36 tracks across three 180g vinyl records and two CDs. It comes packaged in a slipcase with separate booklet with exclusive photography and liner notes.

Anyway, the pertinent point is that it is just £48 on the Spanish site (€65) compared to £86 on Amazon UK! Not sure how long this will last, so I wouldn’t hang around.

Tip: Amazon Spain will take your ‘normal’ Amazon login and use Google Chrome to automatically translate!


Track listing

Disc 1

1.Love Minus Zero / No Limit (Take 2, Acoustic) 3:09
2.I’ll Keep It with Mine (Take 1, Piano Demo) 4:10
3.Bob Dylan’s 115th Dream (Take 1 & 2, Solo Acoust… 6:14
4.She Belongs to Me (Take 1, Solo Acoustic) 2:56
5.Subterranean Homesick Blues (Take 1, Alternate T… 2:37
6.Outlaw Blues (Take 2, Alternate Take) 3:28
7.On the Road Again (Take 4, Alternate Take) 2:30
8.Farewell, Angelina (Take 1, Solo Acoustic) 5:26
9.If You Gotta Go, Go Now (Take 2, Alternate Take) 2:48
10.You Don’t Have to Do That (Take 1, Solo Acoustic) 0:49
11.California (Take 1, Solo Acoustic) 3:04
12.Mr. Tambourine Man (Take 3 with Band, Incomplete) 3:22
13.It Takes a Lot to Laugh, It Takes a Train to Cry… 3:28
14.Like a Rolling Stone (Take 5, Rehearsal (Short V…1:43
15.Like a Rolling Stone (Take 11, Alternate Take) 5:55
16.Sitting On a Barbed Wire Fence (Take 2) 3:58
17.Medicine Sunday (Take 1) 1:00
18.Desolation Row (Take 2, Piano Demo) 1:59
19.Desolation Row (Take 1, Alternate Take) 11:16

Disc 2
1.Tombstone Blues (Take 1, Alternate Take) 7:29
2.Positively 4th Street (Take 5, Alternate Take) 4:22
3.Can You Please Crawl Out Your Window (Take 1, Al… 4:03
4.Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues (Take 3, Rehearsal) 5:37
5.Highway 61 Revisited (Take 3, Alternate Take) 3:28
6.Queen Jane Approximately (Take 5, Alternate Take) 6:01
7.Visions of Johanna (Take 5, Rehearsal) 7:39
8.She’s Your Lover Now (Take 6, Rehearsal) 4:56
9.Lunatic Princess (Take 1) 1:18
10.Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat (Take 8, Alternate Take) 3:26
11.One of Us Must Know (Sooner or Later) (Take 19, … 5:09
12.Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Ag… 4:01
13.Absolutely Sweet Marie (Take 1, Alternate Take) 5:04
14.Just Like a Woman (Take 4, Alternate Take) 5:18
15.Pledging My Time (Take 1, Alternate Take) 3:21
16.I Want You (Take 4, Alternate Take) 2:51
17.Highway 61 Revisited (Take 7, False Start)


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Stephen Nolan

Thanks Paul,
I’m a long time reader of the site but have never posted a comment. I own all the previous bootleg editions on vinyl and have bought the last two from the Bob Dylan website. However by doing that and living in Ireland i was stung by import charges of over €80. So by buying from another EU country hopefully that won’t happen again. I guess if your looking for a reason for staying in the EU this is it!!

andrew R

Paul is this the same book as is used in the 6cd set? I was going for that but this is more digestible as you say

andrew R

Pity you cant mix and match . Sometimes there is too much music not enough book.Thanks anyway

Mike Sutton

On a side note, Amazon UK have the forthcoming Neil Young 4LP set at £34.99…..

Charles Hodgson

Love the music (mostly),, but it has to be said: Bob Dylan – King of the 60’s counter-culture – is now the biggest rip-off artist in the music biz. He must have utter contempt for his fans. Neil Young isn’t far behind with his vinyl and ticket prices.

Exert your power of choice and just say no till they get the message.


With postage it will work out at about £51.00 to the UK as far as I can tell, dependent on the exchange rate used.

It’s still £52.99 on base.com, which is where I made my order having missed out the initial premium price on amazon uk.


Only $73.97 incl shipping within USA, at http://www.bullmoose.com


I did as well Mike.

Lucky for us now as that jump in price is crazy.

Still wondering if I will borrow money for the 18CD Box!!!

Mike Sutton

That’s a pretty steep jump on Amazon UK! I got my order in last month for £44.99. How do they manage bumping it back up to £86 ?!