Deal Alert / Bob Dylan: Complete Album Collection 47CD box


Lowest price ever on Amazon UK for the highly-rated Bob Dylan Complete Album Collection, Vol. One box set, with it now dipping under £100.

The 47CD (!) set features ‘the entire official discography’, so all 35 studio albums are present and correct, including 1973′s Dylan, as well as six live albums, and a special two-CD compilation, Side Tracks, that brings together previously released non-album singles, tracks from compilations, and songs from films.

It’s a beautiful presentation, with a superb ‘soft feel’ lift-off lid box set and a stylish 272-page hardback book as part of the offering. A few gatefolds are amongst the card-sleeved albums including Blonde On Blonde, Before The Flood, and Side Tracks.

More photos can be found here. At the time of writing this set is a bargain at £95.

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[…] 100 of your English pounds. Or to put it another way roughly the same price as the Bob Dylan 47CD set which comes in a sturdy (and beautiful) outer box and comes with a 272 page hardback book! Or […]


This is a great deal. I picked it up when it came out and loved it. The book is very informative with essays about each album. Granted you’re unlikely to listen to a good chunk of it on a regular basis but the box does contain some of the best ever.
As far as the deal look at it this way:
You can pick this box up and have over 45 albums or you can save another 25 and pick up the newest Oasis remastered album.


Back up to £125 now


Scratch that seems to be listed as £125.32 as the main purchasing option from another seller but fulfilled by Amazon, yet also still available directly from Amazon for £94.99


Hi William, it’ll depend as well on how old the Amazon stock is. My copy bought elsewhere online in March/April is fine as regards the issues with some of the discs.

Barry Whiting

@William It was fixed but whether you get a corrected set or not I guess is a lottery. Sony did e-mail out replacement discs if you had a defective one.

william zantzinger

First issues of this release apparently had problems eg Hard Rain’s chapters. Anyone know if this was sorted?


Argh, I thought I’d missed the chance to get it under £100 and paid £124 in March…..


Re: Dylan. Uncut magazine have done a nice retrospective of his 80’s years in their last 2 issues. Certainly there’s enough to recommend elements of each of the 80s releases if not each album in its entirety but, in terms of tracing his career from 60s to 10s, highs and lows, the boxset is a great way of doing that *IF* you don’t already have most of the essential back catalogue.


It’s no wonder the kids never get fed with deals like this constantly popping up , price drops to a very nice £83 for outside the UK but I totally agree with the other comments that’s it’s difficult to see it all getting played in a hurry and seeing how I have his best stuff on SACD this might just have to stay on my wish list for a little bit longer

Barry Whiting

@bob I agree; it would be useful to have a way for readers of this site to post deals as they arise. Can’t expect Paul to manage all notifications that may come his way or otherwise and as good as CamelCamelCamel is, there tends to be at least a significant lag between a price drop and it registering an alert.

That said, as someone who has dropped £12 on the Pet Sounds boxset this week (it came back again for a short period but I was watching thanks to the earlier heads-up) and £50 on the Paul Simon set (still available folks), I could probably do without the encouragement :)


One the one hand I really want this, but on the other hand I’m pretty sure I’ll never listen to this, certainly not to all of it.

Decisions, decisions,…


I know what you mean Bert. I don’t actually have it but it just seems such a really nice compact package at an excellent price. However, like you I know I will probably not play it, just admire the packaging looking nice on my shelf lol.


Just arrived. Great quality and smaller than expected: amazing to fit 50 years work in such a space.


Hi Paul
I sent you an e-mail about this yesterday, is this how the Deal Alert works, that we contact you if we find a deal?
I find these alerts incredibly useful. My best deal so far was the John Martin box set for £38.