Deal alert / Bob Dylan Complete Albums Colletion volume one


Bob Dylan’s fine Complete Albums Collection box occasionally drops below £100 making the 47CD set an incredible deal…

This is £99 at the time of writing which is a little more than £2 per disc. It also comes with an excellent hardcover book with archive photos and album notes and credits.


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Anyone else order one these? The first one i got was damaged so I returned it. The second one as damaged not as bad so they issued me a partial credit. When i opened it i found one of the CD was missing….Now they say it has been removed from the site…


Not sure, if I would call this £99.99 real discount or special-price at all.
Its good price, but its been lower on some other vendors also.
I bought mine from Jpc.de when it was released and paid only roughly£78 for it.
Amazon.co.uk price is good though and nice to see that this boxset haven’t had it price get rocket high as some other releases have gone.

Also, I would strongly recommend for you to check also other EU-area Amazon’s prices when ordering or preordering any boxsets and vinyl-releases especially.
It seems that normally for example some prices are in same total sum but on different currency, meaning that when you compare same amount (for example £85 and 85€) you end up paying alot more money in sterlings. It’s not necessarily much on lower priced items, but once you buy lot of albums in like year time or perhaps order few high priced boxsets (vinyl for example) then you will pay lot more. Amazon.co.uk offered free postage to Finland (where I currently reside) for many years, but now as they have removed that offer, so when I have ordered anything from Amazon, I have been checking out the prices on other Amazon’s aswell.

Also, its best to turn the Amazon currency converter off and use the currency of that particular countrys (that youre ordering from) own currency.


Entirely due to your original deal alert, Paul, so thanks!


Since I bought the set back in Jan the price has been fluctuating quite a bit. This is by far the lowest for some time. I’m new to Dylan and have been blogging my way through the listening experience here, as well as including a UK price-check over the last couple of months: http://bobsbigbox.blogspot.co.uk/


And already it’s back up to £114.99. Phew!


Got it today for £89, couldn’t resist!

Mark Hanson

Gone now.

Leonard Lotti

Got it!!! That was just hard to resist!


I swopped a Beatles `Blue` original first pressing but totally un-playable for a still sealed box of Bob`s Complete Albums box.


When I checked out, it rang up at £68.32 + £3.49 shipping to Canada. Not a huge Dylan fan but I couldn’t pass this up, thanks for the tip!


I got a good deal on this awhile ago but this is an amazing deal.
To put it in perspective, you can get this or one Oasis box set.