Deal alert / Bruce Springsteen: The Albums Collection vinyl box


Grab the splendid Bruce Springsteen Complete Albums Collection VINYL box set for less than £100 thanks to today’s deal alert.

If you shop at Amazon Germany the weakness of the Euro means that the €130 price tag equates to around £98 for the newly remastered box set of record from The Boss.

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Victor Martinez

The CD versions sound great – will definitely buy the vinyl version!!! All reissues should sound this good!

John S.

I got the Springsteen vinyl-set (+ cd also) from Amazon.de when it was released and paid the price of 109€.
Not sure, why within EU nowadays it seems that both Amazon.fr and Amazon.de might have considerably better prices than Amazon.co.uk? Atleast some of the vinyl-boxsets seems to have little finer prices..
Some retailers here have much higher prices than any Amazon’s though.

I live in Finland, so basically it does not matter where I order as there’s always so postages to be added to the full price, Amazon.co.uk used to offer free posting here, but they have taken it away. Pity.


I ordered this and it was just full of Bruce Springsteen music, which I can’t stand but was prepared to try out.

An even bigger issue was that the music was on those stupid black plastic discs which are too big for any normal disc players and only play on machines you have to search antique or second hand shops for.

Save your money. Amazon should list these discs as the bigger ones.


I believe you are referring to what is known as VINYL LPs..not stupid plastic discs. And yes, they don’t play in CD players…and no, they are sold where people who care about sound quality shop.


Vinyl is the stuff they use for kitchen floors so I think you may be a little confused when saying it is vinyl because it is definitely plastic like black tupperware or something similar.

I care about sound quality and shop in a variety of places – Tesco, House of Fraser, Boots, WH Smith, HMV, Next etc. but have never seen a spin table in any of these shops. I have only ever seen them in antique shops or on the TV on Bargain Hunt and similar.

Could somebody who does know what the best modern CD player is that also plays these discs please post a link to one on a shopping website. Thanks Eric but I think you were confused about what I meant.

Alan Fenwick

I didn’t have a problem with mine shipped from Germany before Christmas to the UK, arrived in perfect condition.

Sometimes these things are just the luck of the draw.

eric slangen

I think Amazon.DE is one of the BEST in the world with packing.
Never had any problems with them.

Paul D

just be prepared to be disappointed when this arrives, I was 3 times – Amazon Germany pack like Amazon UK used to – this will go in a large box with their rubbish brown toilet paper stuffed on the top – wrecked by the time it got to Oz, replacement likewise, 2nd replacement no different – gave up at that point…