Deal alert / Bruce Springsteen: The River deluxe 4CD+2blu-ray


The Bruce Springsteen deluxe set of The RiverThe Ties That Bind: The River Collection – was only announced yesterday, but unlike the USA and Canada we are still waiting for UK and most European pre-order links. However, I have spotted a potential bargain with the 4CD+2blu-ray edition available for a great price on Amazon Italy.

The Italian site have come in with what looks like a competitive price of £63 (or €86). Of course we don’t know what the UK price will be, but if you need a yardstick with which to judge this Italian deal, the US price of $130 equates to £84. The thinking is that the UK site might come in around the £75-£85 mark.


If you don’t want the blu-ray version, then the 4CD+3DVD set is £58.

Read more about The Ties That Bind: The River Collection here.

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Tino Stabile

If there is ever an artist that deserves his nickname its Bruce Springsteen. The Boss rules any stage he has played on since he began playing at the outset of his career. There is no one that even comes close to his three hour plus concerts. I have seen him twice and both times did not disappoint. He gives himself completely to his fans in concert.
What impresses me the most is how he changes set list night in and night out. By simply looking at a part of the audience and seeing a particular song being flashed up in a big card or poster he would turn to his fellow E Streeters and say ‘we are doing that song… 1-2-3…’
What to say…. I am a huge Boss fan… have his Album Collection, have his Darkness box and now have preordered the Ties that Bind River Sessions box set. I am counting the days.

Peace, love and great music to all aficionados that love holding and listening to music boxsets


I am approaching this box set with some caution – I felt that The Promise portion of the Darkness SDE was ruined by Bruce’s decision to go back and rerecord and over dub much of the bonus material.


Just ordered on Amazon.it – and thanks for the tip on global priority postage to Australia. Can someone who has ordered via Amazon Italy previously confirm the booklet etc will be in English?


Thanks Paul. Ordered. Not sure whether this will be honoured but after buying The Genesis Vinyl box 1976-1982 on amazon.de for €31 including postage. May come to nothing but worth a shot….

CJ Feeney

If you’re quick the “Darkness..” Blu Ray box is only £50 on Amazon UK tonight.

Tommy Beck Kobberoe

Just bought from amazon.de. Pricetag €89.29 + local VAT and shipping. Ends up in my case in €99.21 for shipping to Denmark.

Wonder why Amazon.co.uk have to be that expensive.


They tend to drop the price. Dropped $10 in Canada already from the original price.

John Ireland

Spin in Newcastle have the blu ray for £74.99 and the dvd version for £69.99.

I’ve ordered from Amazon Italy but will be keeping an eye on HMV who did a great deal on the Dylan 6 cd set.

Ian Ryder

Just seen it on Amazon uk for £115!!??

Tom Gardner

£97.01 for the DVD version on Amazon UK. £115.61 for the BD version.

You do have to admire their sense of humour.


When ordering from Amazon Italy always check the price of upgraded postage, as it usually is only 1 Euro or less more for Priority. In this case the shipping to Australia is EU14, same for standard or priority shipping.

Todd Woerner

I’m in the USA and just preordered mine from amazon.it. The price dropped to 70.40 euro when I placed it in the cart. It was another 10 euro for shipping so the total came to 80.40 euro or $91.25 us!
Thanks Paul!!


Do you know if the DVDs will play on standard NTSC in US? I don’t have blu-ray, and have had issues with PAL DVDs on some movies I have purchased from Europe.


Thank you Paul. And thank you for the alert. Ordered :)

Hans Lindskog

Hello, the price for the Springsteen river Box set in Sweden is Almost equal to amazon.it, IT can be purchased for SEK 849 ( 92 euro) from cdon and ginza. Hello from hans


That works out the same as from Am. It. Hans.


Do you not get stung for import tax? I did with a cd for £35 from the states, had to pay £18 duty.


also try BullMoose.com.

CJ Feeney

In the UK spincds is the place at the moment until Amazon UK start stocking it.


Thanks Paul. Ordered.

Michel Kempes

Again a big thanks..

Mike Pendlebury

Thanks Paul! I’ve just preordered it along with the Lloyd Cole box set that I’ve had my eye on – great way to save on postage even if I have to wait a little longer!


Well spotted Paul, ordered thanks. I`ve a feeling HMV may do a good deal on this, nothing there yet.

Paul Lewis

Thanks Paul, great spot! Just ordered it.