Deal Alert / Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young: CSNY 1974 four disc set


First significant price drop for the 3CD+DVD Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young set that was released just over a week ago.

CSNY 1974 is now under £40 on Amazon UK, which equates to about 20% being lopped off the price. If you’d prefer the blu-ray+DVD version that’s about the same price.

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Alan Baldock

Just snapped up the 40 tracks on mp3 from Amazon for £4.99. Bargain.

Mic Smith

Just to add to my earlier comment, having got through the rest of this set yesterday including the DVD I thought that Disc 3 was the highlight in the end. It’s playing time at an hour being more palatable than the longer first 2 discs and generally the performances are better. Actually the improvement is noticeable midway through Disc 2 which I only heard in full first time yesterday too.
The DVD footage is very interesting as you get a better indication of how the 4 stars interacted with each other – the Wembley footage is the better in quality. They must have more of this though so can we expect longer editions of this sometime further down the line?

Mic Smith

It dropped significantly during pre-order phase to just under £50, but another £10 on top of that is a good thing for those still unsure about buying.
Having heard Discs 1&2 I have to admit to feeling disappointed with this set. It may well be composed of the best versions that they had to select from but much of the performances are very rough in the vocal department – particularly Stills. NY comes out on top with his songs and while that’s the reason I bought this set I was hoping for more from the CSN stuff – this in spite of having low expectations to begin with. Maybe Disc 3 will be better…..

Fat Old Bloke

It’s $54 on Amazon.com
I preordered it when it was first announced for $35 on CD. That’s the time to put your orders in.


There has been a lot of reductions within a week of release on Amazon. You used to get the best price on release date but I have found if you don’t mind waiting a week or so then the price drops. All Your Music is probably the best for prices as long as the item won’t get stopped for import duty


Thanks Paul!!


Bluray boxset is £32 through ALL YOUR MUSIC on Amazon…


Trouble is Tim if customs pounce you will be charged Duty @ 20% and the post office will have charge of about £10 for not delivering it and making you go to the local depot to pick it up, I know it`s crazy.
I`ve ordered from Amazon US and got the set for just less than £26, if customs let it go a bargain BUT I may end up paying an extra £15, making a total of £41, but that`s a price I am willing to pay even though it`s now cheaper at the tax dodgers.