Deal alert / Fleetwood Mac: Rumours / 6-disc super deluxe box

Fleetwood Mac‘s Rumours super deluxe edition box set was released a couple of years ago and has always been decent value at around the £50 mark. However, if you haven’t pulled the trigger on this 4CD+DVD+LP box then perhaps a 40% reduction in that price on Amazon Germany may just entice you to do so.

Don’t see this deal lasting too long… so act now to pick up the box of this timeless album for just €39 or a shade under £30.

Super Deluxe Edition Track listing

Disc 1 (CD)

  • 1. Second Hand News
  • 2. Dreams
  • 3. Never Going Back Again
  • 4. Don’t Stop
  • 5. Go Your Own Way
  • 6. Songbird
  • 7. The Chain
  • 8. You Make Loving Fun
  • 9. I Don’t Want To Know
  • 10. Oh Daddy
  • 11. Gold Dust Woman
  • 12. Silver Springs (B-side)

Disc 2 (CD)

  • 1. Intro (Live)
  • 2. Monday Morning (Live)
  • 3. Dreams (Live)
  • 4. Don’t Stop (Live)
  • 5. The Chain (Live)
  • 6. Oh Daddy (Live)
  • 7. Rhiannon (Live)
  • 8. Never Going Back Again (Live)
  • 9. Gold Dust Woman (Live)
  • 10. World Turning (Live)
  • 11. Go Your Own Way (Live)
  • 12. Songbird (Live)

Disc 3 (CD)

  • 1. Second Hand News (Acoustic, Lindsey Vocal)
  • 2. Dreams (Take 2) (Vocal & Keyboard)
  • 3. Never Going Back (Acoustic, LB/SN Duet)
  • 4. Go Your Own Way (Early version/LB)
  • 5. Songbird (1st recording)
  • 6. Songbird (Piano Only, No vocal)
  • 7. I Don’t Want To Know (Vocal, Drums, Bass)
  • 8. Keep Me There (No Vocal, Instrumental)
  • 9. The Chain (Stevie Demo, Acoustic)
  • 10. Keep Me There (Christine Vocal)
  • 11. Gold Dust Woman (Early Version)
  • 12. Oh Daddy (Christine Vocal)
  • 13. Silver Springs (Alt)
  • 14. Planets Of The Universe (Acoustic w/Piano)
  • 15. Doesn’t Anything Last (Acoustic, LB/SN Duet)
  • 16. Never Going Back (No Vocal, Instrumental w/Drums)

Disc 4 (CD)

  • 1. Second Hand News
  • 2. Dreams
  • 3. Brushes (Never Going Back Again)
  • 4. Don’t Stop
  • 5. Go Your Own Way
  • 6. Songbird
  • 7. Silver Springs
  • 8. You Make Loving Fun
  • 9. Gold Dust Woman #1
  • 10. Oh Daddy
  • 11. Think About It
  • 12. Never Going Back Again
  • 13. Planets Of The Universe
  • 14. Butter Cookie (Keep Me There)
  • 15. Gold Dust Woman
  • 16. Doesn’t Anything Last
  • 17. Mic The Screecher
  • 18. For Duster (The Blues)

Disc 5 (DVD) The Rosebud Film Disc 6 (Vinyl)

  • 1. Second Hand News (Vinyl LP)
  • 2. Dreams (Vinyl LP)
  • 3. Never Going Back Again (Vinyl LP)
  • 4. Don’t Stop (Vinyl LP)
  • 5. Go Your Own Way (Vinyl LP)
  • 6. Songbird (Vinyl LP)
  • 7. The Chain (Vinyl LP)
  • 8. You Make Loving Fun (Vinyl LP)
  • 9. I Don’t Want To Know (Vinyl LP)
  • 10. Oh Daddy (Vinyl LP)
  • 11. Gold Dust Woman (Vinyl LP)

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Amazon UK still selling this around the £24 mark!

Peter van Noort

I just bought this today for € 39,99 on Amazon.de , so this deal is still available…

stay puft

i bought this a couple of years ago, mainly for the extra tracks and dvd.
unfortunately the remastered album on cd & lp is inferior sounding to the original releases.

Michael Caspar

Same price I paid on http://www.jpc.de. And it is still on stock…


I love “Rumours” and this wonderful deluxe-edition.

Regards from Germany… ;)

Wolfgang Mintrop

Hi All, Yes I have used Speedyhen myself, getting sent stuff to Australia. Great dealings, great prices and pretty quick turnaround from the UK to here. :)


For Australian buyers, there’s a seller with a few copies of this set,free shipping, for $AUS65 on eBay at the moment, just pulled the trigger on that one myself while searching for Andy P’s recommendation…


Agreed. Thank you Paul, although my bank manager would like a word with you…

Mark S

Bought, 2 deals in 2 nights. Good stuff.


Yes thank you, Andy P, for the update on the deal!

Andy P

My pleasure, but thanks to Paul for the initial heads up, together with all the other recent ‘Deals’.


Very much agreed, much thanks to Paul for starting the info on the deals & allowing us all to chip in with extra news on deals too. Cheers everyone, well done!


Brilliant. Thanks Andy.


Thanks for the heads-up Andy P!

Nick Prokopis

Great deal for a great boxing of a grand release : thanks for the tip !!!

Andy P

For anyone interested, a quick search on eBay shows a price of £21.63 with free UK postage from a reputable seller. I have occasionally used Speedyhen with no problems. Note that Fleetwood Mac is not included in the item title, search for ‘Rumours 35th super’.


Many thanks to you Andy P for the tip!!!

Alan Fenwick

It’s a nice set, I nabbed this just after Christmas for a similar price, and really like it.

If I had 1 small gripe it would be that the vinyl included in the set is just the 140gm version and not the 180gm which is available separately, but that’s only a minor detail considering the excellent price and the amount of physical content in the box.

The record does still sound very good though, but still not a patch on my Dutch White vinyl version (which is so thin you can nearly see through it when you hold it up to the light).

The beauty of this box is that it’s not too tight either, you can get everything in and out with ease (not like some of the sets we’ve seen recently).


Terrific price, thanks again!

John Ireland

Snapped this one up.

Dan Slattery

Trigger duly pulled!