Deal alert / Fleetwood Mac Rumours super deluxe box

Fleetwood Mac‘s Rumours super deluxe edition box is apparently getting cheaper and cheaper and is an absolute bargain on Amazon UK at the moment.

I paid a not unreasonable £50 for this set a couple of years ago, but the 4CD+DVD+LP super deluxe is just £27 at the time of writing, which is crazy for this excellent celebration of one of the greatest rock/pop albums ever made!


Track Listing

Disc 1 (CD) / Rumours

  • 1. Second Hand News
  • 2. Dreams
  • 3. Never Going Back Again
  • 4. Don’t Stop
  • 5. Go Your Own Way
  • 6. Songbird
  • 7. The Chain
  • 8. You Make Loving Fun
  • 9. I Don’t Want To Know
  • 10. Oh Daddy
  • 11. Gold Dust Woman
  • 12. Silver Springs (B-side)

Disc 2 (CD) / LIVE 1977 Rumours World Tour

  • 1. Intro (Live)
  • 2. Monday Morning (Live)
  • 3. Dreams (Live)
  • 4. Don’t Stop (Live)
  • 5. The Chain (Live)
  • 6. Oh Daddy (Live)
  • 7. Rhiannon (Live)
  • 8. Never Going Back Again (Live)
  • 9. Gold Dust Woman (Live)
  • 10. World Turning (Live)
  • 11. Go Your Own Way (Live)
  • 12. Songbird (Live)

Disc 3 (CD) / More From The Recordings Sessions

  • 1. Second Hand News (Acoustic, Lindsey Vocal)
  • 2. Dreams (Take 2) (Vocal & Keyboard)
  • 3. Never Going Back (Acoustic, LB/SN Duet)
  • 4. Go Your Own Way (Early version/LB)
  • 5. Songbird (1st recording)
  • 6. Songbird (Piano Only, No vocal)
  • 7. I Don’t Want To Know (Vocal, Drums, Bass)
  • 8. Keep Me There (No Vocal, Instrumental)
  • 9. The Chain (Stevie Demo, Acoustic)
  • 10. Keep Me There (Christine Vocal)
  • 11. Gold Dust Woman (Early Version)
  • 12. Oh Daddy (Christine Vocal)
  • 13. Silver Springs (Alt)
  • 14. Planets Of The Universe (Acoustic w/Piano)
  • 15. Doesn’t Anything Last (Acoustic, LB/SN Duet)
  • 16. Never Going Back (No Vocal, Instrumental w/Drums)

Disc 4 (CD) Recording Sessions, Roughs and Outtakes

  • 1. Second Hand News
  • 2. Dreams
  • 3. Brushes (Never Going Back Again)
  • 4. Don’t Stop
  • 5. Go Your Own Way
  • 6. Songbird
  • 7. Silver Springs
  • 8. You Make Loving Fun
  • 9. Gold Dust Woman #1
  • 10. Oh Daddy
  • 11. Think About It
  • 12. Never Going Back Again

Early Demos

  • 13. Planets Of The Universe
  • 14. Butter Cookie (Keep Me There)
  • 15. Gold Dust Woman
  • 16. Doesn’t Anything Last

Jam Sessions

  • 17. Mic The Screecher
  • 18. For Duster (The Blues)

Disc 5 (DVD) / The Rosebud Film

1977 documentary film created to promote the European leg of the “Rumours” tour. Includes behind-the-scenes interviews, rehearsal footage and live performances of World Turning, Rhiannon, Say You Love Me, Go Your Own Way, You Make Loving Fun and I’m So Afraid.

Disc 6 (Vinyl)

  • 1. Second Hand News (Vinyl LP)
  • 2. Dreams (Vinyl LP)
  • 3. Never Going Back Again (Vinyl LP)
  • 4. Don’t Stop (Vinyl LP)
  • 5. Go Your Own Way (Vinyl LP)
  • 6. Songbird (Vinyl LP)
  • 7. The Chain (Vinyl LP)
  • 8. You Make Loving Fun (Vinyl LP)
  • 9. I Don’t Want To Know (Vinyl LP)
  • 10. Oh Daddy (Vinyl LP)
  • 11. Gold Dust Woman (Vinyl LP)


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Paul N


Paul Chapman

still only £28.53 for anyone who thinks they may have missed the deal.

What a bargain !!


What they need to do is remaster Mirage and put out a deluxe version of Tango In The Night or Behind The Mask.


Every home should have one!


Mainly for me for all the awesome Arthur Baker house mixes, bet they wont be on any reissue though :(


would it be fair to say TITN is one of the most requested albums for deluxe treatment? it really did resonate broadly, across all age groups. certainly one of my favourite ever albums.

Lawrence Geller

Price went up on Amazon, but I just ordered it from Base.


Me too snapped it up instantly.Was far too young when it was released first time around but it is an all time classic and I do have an original Cd copy.i was in my early teens when my parents bought Tango and that is my favourite Mac Cd,and which has been mentioned many times over the years is well over due a reissue.

Martin Lee

A classic no-brainer. I don’t own it, never have but have always liked the songs on the album.

Great way to kick off the weekend.

Cheers SDE.

Paul Ward

Thanks Paul…another bargain!!!

adam shaw

Thanks Paul , been waiting ages for it to drop .Got it ,
Do you know if the Tango in The Night box set is coming soon ?


Maybe not Tango, but “Tusk”


Nice deal, used your AmazonUK link and it was $40.50 USD including shipping.


Does anyone know if the DVD is region-coded?


Good question. I couldn’t come up with the answer online. Anyone?

Stuart S

DVD bears the Region 0 (zero) symbol.


Purchased through your link – thanks for the head’s up on this one!
Awesome deal.


Result! :)


Base.com really is good £28.23 to the USA.


$42.22 USD/£27.19 GBP/€38.61 EUR including shipping to the USA. Thanks!


It`s even cheaper at Base.com £26.69 inc. shipping!