Deal alert: Lowest ever price for Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours box set

Fleetwood Mac‘s Rumours super deluxe edition box set has been oustanding value for quite a while, but the current Amazon UK price is the lowest EVER and quite remarkable given the amount of content on offer.

The 4CD+DVD+LP super deluxe is just £21.99 at the time of writing, which is often what you end up paying just for one LP, never mind for a six-disc box set featuring of one of the greatest rock/pop albums ever made!


Track Listing

Disc 1 (CD) / Rumours

  • 1. Second Hand News
  • 2. Dreams
  • 3. Never Going Back Again
  • 4. Don’t Stop
  • 5. Go Your Own Way
  • 6. Songbird
  • 7. The Chain
  • 8. You Make Loving Fun
  • 9. I Don’t Want To Know
  • 10. Oh Daddy
  • 11. Gold Dust Woman
  • 12. Silver Springs (B-side)

Disc 2 (CD) / LIVE 1977 Rumours World Tour

  • 1. Intro (Live)
  • 2. Monday Morning (Live)
  • 3. Dreams (Live)
  • 4. Don’t Stop (Live)
  • 5. The Chain (Live)
  • 6. Oh Daddy (Live)
  • 7. Rhiannon (Live)
  • 8. Never Going Back Again (Live)
  • 9. Gold Dust Woman (Live)
  • 10. World Turning (Live)
  • 11. Go Your Own Way (Live)
  • 12. Songbird (Live)

Disc 3 (CD) / More From The Recordings Sessions

  • 1. Second Hand News (Acoustic, Lindsey Vocal)
  • 2. Dreams (Take 2) (Vocal & Keyboard)
  • 3. Never Going Back (Acoustic, LB/SN Duet)
  • 4. Go Your Own Way (Early version/LB)
  • 5. Songbird (1st recording)
  • 6. Songbird (Piano Only, No vocal)
  • 7. I Don’t Want To Know (Vocal, Drums, Bass)
  • 8. Keep Me There (No Vocal, Instrumental)
  • 9. The Chain (Stevie Demo, Acoustic)
  • 10. Keep Me There (Christine Vocal)
  • 11. Gold Dust Woman (Early Version)
  • 12. Oh Daddy (Christine Vocal)
  • 13. Silver Springs (Alt)
  • 14. Planets Of The Universe (Acoustic w/Piano)
  • 15. Doesn’t Anything Last (Acoustic, LB/SN Duet)
  • 16. Never Going Back (No Vocal, Instrumental w/Drums)

Disc 4 (CD) Recording Sessions, Roughs and Outtakes

  • 1. Second Hand News
  • 2. Dreams
  • 3. Brushes (Never Going Back Again)
  • 4. Don’t Stop
  • 5. Go Your Own Way
  • 6. Songbird
  • 7. Silver Springs
  • 8. You Make Loving Fun
  • 9. Gold Dust Woman #1
  • 10. Oh Daddy
  • 11. Think About It
  • 12. Never Going Back Again

Early Demos

  • 13. Planets Of The Universe
  • 14. Butter Cookie (Keep Me There)
  • 15. Gold Dust Woman
  • 16. Doesn’t Anything Last

Jam Sessions

  • 17. Mic The Screecher
  • 18. For Duster (The Blues)

Disc 5 (DVD) / The Rosebud Film

1977 documentary film created to promote the European leg of the “Rumours” tour. Includes behind-the-scenes interviews, rehearsal footage and live performances of World Turning, Rhiannon, Say You Love Me, Go Your Own Way, You Make Loving Fun and I’m So Afraid.

Disc 6 (Vinyl)

  • 1. Second Hand News (Vinyl LP)
  • 2. Dreams (Vinyl LP)
  • 3. Never Going Back Again (Vinyl LP)
  • 4. Don’t Stop (Vinyl LP)
  • 5. Go Your Own Way (Vinyl LP)
  • 6. Songbird (Vinyl LP)
  • 7. The Chain (Vinyl LP)
  • 8. You Make Loving Fun (Vinyl LP)
  • 9. I Don’t Want To Know (Vinyl LP)
  • 10. Oh Daddy (Vinyl LP)
  • 11. Gold Dust Woman (Vinyl LP)


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elliott buckingham

£20.99 today 12/05/16


Just a heads up folks, the vinyl is NOT 180 gram 45. If you want the high res one, you’ll need to buy that separately.

Neil Kelly

Hate to infuriate for all but i found this out from having in my basket for months. Ordered immediately on my account total of 4 then on Mrs account another 5 because she’s on a one month free Prime account (cancelled my Prime) after 2 years last October. Reason being i suspected pricing error and Prime deliver next day gauranteed. Today i have nine (yes all 9) turn up for the incredible price of £44.91 (£4.99 each). I knew something had to be wrong that’s a stupid price!

Eric L

Managed to get one copy at 4.99 but placed another one to gift my friend in Germany -sadly that was cancelled . I’d say this is one of those crazy deals like we had for ABBA 2014 vinyl box set on Amazon-Italy. Back to 20 something now nevertheless it is # 2 in music today

Alan Fenwick

I managed to get in really early before they started cancelling the orders, I got lucky on this one, £4.99 an absolute steal.


From the same order they still promise to ship my Al Green The Essential Album Collection 5 cd for 4,99!


Amazon UK cancelled order : price was displayed incorrectly……


4.99 right now at Amazon uk!


super duper deal alert!
today, March 1st
it’s only just £4.99
it can’t get any lower can it?

Steve Thorpe

Had been wondering about this from the moment it was released in 2013 – but having the previous 2 CD remaster I couldn’t justify it. £22 was a total no-brainer and when it arrived it’s a thing of beauty…to listen to & to look at! The perfect version of the perfect album.


I was pleasantly surprised to find the Rumours box sitting at my front door when I returned home from work on Friday, just ten days after placing my order on the 9th! Very fast international shipping and an excellent set for the price! Unfortunately Amazon packaged the set in a huge box that included no padding or protection at all, but by some miracle it wasn’t damaged.


I bought this a week or so ago from Amazon UK – run it through the check out and it’ll get a bit cheaper. I ended up paying £18 for it which was cheaper than the £23 they had it listed for, a steal . It should be arriving any day.


The 3CD 2015 Tusk set is only £7.99 on Amazon at the moment – cheaper than the single CD!


The 3 CD edition is only £7.99 at the time of writing. In true SDE style, grab the deal here:



in a daily basis i mean


Its become an obligation for me to check SDE so i won’t miss bargains like this, thanks Paul

peter chrisp

Once again a big thanks Paul it took me a few minutes to decide yes no yes no yes yes hmm,
I’d better why not.

Fat Old Bloke

If it had the 5.1 mix on DVD i’d grab it


Thanks for the heads up. First one I managed to catch in time before prices went back up. Bought it, although I already own the CD set, but I did want it on vinyl for the (hopefully) superior sound. Waiting for a re-issue of Eagles Hell Freezes over on vinyl……..


I paid $70 for it when it came out. Either of the above mentioned deals are amazing. If you have not bought this SDE don’t miss out. Thank you Paul for spotting the opportunities.

Robert W

Good grief…and my £11 vinyl copy of The Next Day just delivered this afternoon, barely out of its wrapper. Luckily I wasn’t giving up SDE deals for lent…


Thanks, would probably have never have bought this but for £21 why the hell not, hopefully can get the Tusk one soonish for a similar price!


Wow! Straight into the basket!


$31. 00 shipped to the USA. Thanks Paul!


31.99€ at Amazon Germany, which is a little cheaper for us here in Germany.


Only £20.99 at spincds.com (https://www.spincds.com/rumours-6-disc-box-set) is anyone wants to support an independent in Newcastle – I have no affiliation to them, but they have a good number of box sets reduced at present (e.g. Joni Mitchell £21.99, CSN 4CD £9.99, John Coltrane 7CD £19.99, Mike Oldfield 8CD £16.99 etc. etc.).


I’ve been having some trouble with Spin. Orders endlessly delayed or even cancelled – without any notification, no reply to my complaints … not very nice.


I stopped using Spin for the same reason. I pre ordered the previous Sun Kil Moon album from them and it’s still on order, with no response to my emails. When I say previous album, I mean the one before the one before the last one!


That’s an awesome deal on a great boxset. I own and enjoy it over and over again.


Bought – many thanks for the alert!

Paul Nolan

Wow Great price. I bought this a few months ago for 26.
No doubt there will be another 40th anniversary edition next year