Deal alert / Genesis: 1976 to 1982 / five-LP vinyl box set


Get the Genesis five-LP 1976-1982 VINYL box set for little over half the UK price when you shop at Amazon France.

At the time of writing (8.30am 23/5) you can snap up this box for around £47 (€66) although you’ll have to move quickly because as ever, it’s not clear how many they’ll have in stock at this price.

In the box

  • A Trick Of The Tail
  • Wind & Wuthering
  • And Then There Were Three
  • Duke
  • Abacab

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I just picked this up seconds ago (although it says it will take 2-4 weeks to ship), and the price at check out it was even cheaper than in the cart.

The description on the item page says 66,56 Euro, and in my cart it showed 66,56 Euro as well. But when I got to the checkout the price changed to 55,47 Euro. The shipping was a 8,50 Euro to the US, totaling EUR 63,97. This works out to be around $70.24 in US currency.

When I went back to the item description on the site, it still says EUR 66,56. Weird, but I am not complaining. I have always avoided buying from Amazon France because I assumed that either the shipping costs to the US or the currency exchange rate would ruin any sale. Not at all in this case. This is an amazingly good deal.

Thanks so much, SDE.


I really would appreciate the Live CD Box to be issued on Vinyl.


I have all the SACD boxes from Genesis already, and some of the old vinyl. that being said: being a huge Genesis fan and at this price, I did pick it up !

Thanks again for the good posts here on Superdelux Edition (expensive sometimes … :-) )

Marc Hocker

Hi Gord.
I sent an email to Virgin Records a couple of years ago and asked about a reissue of the 1976 – 1982 cd boxset. They replied that the boxset along with the other 2 cd boxsets were limited runs and would not be reissued.


I was wondering if there is any chance that the CD Box Set of 1976 to 1982 is going to be re-issued at some point. I unfortunately missed out on it when it was originaly released and it now sells for an insanely high price whenever someone is selling one.


Yeah!! This time (second for me) I got the deal. My first vinyl box ever. :-)
I have two albums of this box in poor quality. I don’t own the other albums. So really a great deal for me. Now I understand why every buyer is so greatful to Paul. Many thanks Paul! You’re the most loveable guy in this world. Vinyl will live forever and ever…

DJ Control

Thanks. I thought I’d missed a good deal for this.

Peter Anderson

Damn just ordered this from Amazon UK. It’s £61 with free delivery. As far as I can tell cheapest delivery from France to UK is an additional 8 EU which brings total to £55 so still worth grabbing although may lose the postage if you need to return as I had to with first copy which had a nasty pop running right through Afterglow. Reproduction of the sleeves is fantastic by the way with nice raised embossed artwork on Duke and Abacab and textured card on Trick of the Tail and Wind and Wuthering. Now can we start the petition for the vinyl 1970-75 box to be re-released?

Peter Anderson

Just noticed that the best UK price has gone back up to £74 so glad I grabbed it when I did. 1970-75 box still at crazy prices.


Peter, If Amazon send you a faulty item they are liable for return P&P costs wherever in Amazon Europe you buy from. You may have to pay the return postage but you scan the receipt and email it once the faulty item is returned.
I have just had to have George Harrison`s `The Dark Horse Years` returned and replaced to Amazon Italy and I was refunded in full immediately.

Peter Anderson

Thanks Richie. Good to know. Peter