Deal alert / Isley Brothers box set

The Isley Brothers Complete RCA Victor And T-Neck Album Masters box set is due out at the end of August and there is a fantastic saving to be made if you pre-order now via Amazon Italy.

The 23-disc box set will feature newly remastered versions of The Isley Brothers’ 21 albums and features 84 rare and previously unreleased bonus tracks. It’s £80 in the UK but about £53 (or €76) from the Italian site – this is less than $70 US.


In the box…

The Isley Brothers: The RCA Victor and T-Neck Album Masters (1959-1983)

* denotes the inclusion of bonus tracks)

  • • Shout! (RCA Victor, 1959)*
  • • It’s Our Thing (T-Neck, 1969)*
  • • The Brothers: Isley (T-Neck, 1969)*
  • • The Isley Brothers Live At Yankee Stadium (T-Neck, 1969)
  • • Get Into Something (T-Neck, 1970)*
  • • In The Beginning…The Isley Brothers & Jimi Hendrix (T-Neck, recorded 1964-1965; remixed/released 1971)*
  • • Givin’ It Back (T-Neck, 1971)*
  • • Brother, Brother, Brother (T-Neck, 1972)*
  • • The Isleys Live (T-Neck, 1973)
  • • 3+3 (T-Neck, 1973)*
  • • Live It Up (T-Neck, 1974)*
  • • The Heat Is On (T-Neck, 1975)*
  • • Harvest For The World (T-Neck, 1976)*
  • • Go For Your Guns (T-Neck, 1977)*
  • • Showdown (T-Neck, 1978)*
  • • Winner Takes All (T-Neck, 1979—2 CDs)*
  • • Go All The Way (T-Neck, 1980)*
  • • Wild In Woodstock: The Isley Brothers Live At Bearsville Studios 1980 (previously unreleased)*
  • • Grand Slam (T-Neck, 1981)*
  • • Inside You (T-Neck, 1981)*
  • • The Real Deal (T-Neck, 1982)*
  • • Between The Sheets (T-Neck, 1983)*



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Willie Cirigliano

While most early rock and roll acts that came up with the Isleys during the late ’50s saw their popularity wane after a few years, especially once the Beatles came along, the Isleys managed to stick around for the long haul. Those records aren’t included on the new box set, since they were made for other labels, but they did help prepare the Isleys for their next act.


amazon canada is $95.94 for this title and has been for some time

might work out cheaper for some of you


Maybe nobody’s still reading this, but just in case . . .do we know anything about the remasters here? Just because the albums are “remastered” doesn’t mean the remasters are an improvement. In fact, during this era of the Loudness War, there’s always a good chance that they’re a downgrade. Any info? Thanks.

James Morris

Hey Paul, your buddies at Edsel are about to reissue McAlmont & Butler debut album!

Gary C

He had a go at Macca the other day as well, so you are in good company

John Able

The £36 deal that some of us snagged was as a result of one of Paul’s deal alerts. Personally, I love it. If you don’t take advantage of the deal at the time, you may end up paying more. It’s a bit of a game really, great fun. Save a small fortune in some cases and build an amazing music collection. Bit harsh to diss us for that !

James Morris

Yes, we should never forget that we must thank Paul for everything we have in our lives.

God bless Paul.

Michel Kempes

I agree with Rob… It’s preordered now for almost four months.. And yes 36 pounds

Rob Maurer

Wow…glad I locked in 36 GBP delivered to the U.S. back in May via Amazon UK!


Thanks for that Rob. It’s always nice to read the great deals other people got that are no longer available.


Maybe karma will see you making us jealous and crush your box in the post. LOL


Because it is a most singular outrage what Rob just did. How dare he offend Darren’s sensibilities like that of mentioning he got a deal better than one of Paul’s deal alerts! How dare Rob step out of line like that to risk the merciless invocation of karma upon his poor helpless Isley Brothers box that he snagged like a boss for the apparently shall-not-be-posted price of 36 GBP. How dare Rob trifle with those karmic gods who are undoubtedly in pristine oversight of such matters, particularly upon having their attention most duly drawn to this most unholy and egregious social offence!


Because it is a most singular outrage what I just did. How dare I offend Joseph’s sensibilities like that of making a joke! How dare I step out of line like that by making the most unholy and egregious social offence!

Get a life, Joseph. The LOL means ‘Laughs Out Loud’, which means it is a joke.