Deal alert / John Lennon vinyl box set

AMAZING price right now for the John Lennon Lennon 9LP vinyl box over at Amazon UK.

At the time of writing (12pm 6/4/16) you can pick up this set for £79.99 or less than £9 for each vinyl record in the box.


Albums in the box:

  • • John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band (1970)
  • • Imagine (1971)
  • • Some Time In New York City (1972)
  • • Mind Games (1973)
  • • Walls and Bridges (1974)
  • • Rock ‘n’ Roll (1975)
  • • Double Fantasy (1980)
  • • Milk and Honey (1984)

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Phil L

Has anyone received their replacement ‘Rock ‘N’ Roll’ LP ?

I registered for a replacement on the 8th April and have since requested an update on 5 occasions, via claim@lennonvinylbox.com, but haven’t had so much as an acknowledgement that they received my email.

Very poor customer service.

Alan Wilson

Mine arrived yesterday, I’ve just checked and I also have the defect vinyl with two versions of Sweet Little Sixteens.

I simply filled out the claim form which is still active for a replacement copy:


Hopefully it won’t take long to arrive (I have heard some horror stories about it taking months, but it should have died down a bit now)

My box set also came from Amazon stock through a third party (just for reference)


Back up now. Currently £133.99


Be warned: I purchased this Lennon box set on sale last October and went to the Universal page where they are offering customers free replacement of the Rock And Roll LP, filled out the form and waited…and waited…

I’m still waiting.

It’s been over 6 months now and they still have not sent a replacement. To make matters worse, I have emailed them from the link they provided on the page and they don’t answer! A total ripoff….


Frank order ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ from them and send the faulty version back and ask for a refund.


I ordered one a couple of days ago and took delivery today. Unfortunately the Rock n Roll album is the duff one with Sweet Little Sixteen repeated on side one. Will contact Amazon to report the fault but expect that I shall probably have to send it back.


Rather than send the whole boxset back, why not just buy a copy of Rock and Roll and then send the faulty one back … Unless the separate vinyl copies are known to be faulty. Just saves the hassle of taking a big box to the post office and maybe getting a bashed replacement. I did this with the Beatles vinyl boxset.


Howie that`s really bad man and it`s exactly what I did with The Beatles vinyl stereo box until I had a complete flat and skip free set. The bottom line is Amazon send them back to the suppliers then at the end it`s the pressing plant that gets bollo…er told off.

Hmmm… I`m going to see if the box is still £80 if faulty see above.


Paul – do you know if they have sorted the problem with the Rock and Roll LP missing / duplicated track on this pressing of the box yet or will it be a contact Universal job? Thanks


Amazing box set. Too bad I already have the cd version so I won’t buy again but this is a fantastic deal.


My sentiments too, and rather frustratingly I only bought it a couple of months ago!! Had I know this was going to drop in price, I’d have held off. Oh well, whatever, never mind!!

Simon F

Fans might also be interested to know that Amazon UK are also doing a very fine deal on the Beatles US albums CD box – just £60 now! I spent just over a ton on that back in early 2014 following it’s first price drop and thought was a good deal. Ah well, win some, loose some….


Great grabbed the Beatles US Box cheers for the heads up as wanted this for awhile.