Deal alert / Kate Bush: Remastered in Vinyl IV / 4LP rarities box set

Superb deal right now in the UK for the Kate Bush Remastered in Vinyl IV box set which contains four vinyl records packed with rarities such as remixes, B-sides, covers and even a totally unreleased rare demo.

The four records in this set are 12″ Mixes, The Other Side 1 (B-sides), The Other Side 2 (more B-sides) and In Others’ Words (covers, some of which were B-sides!). It is just £64 in the UK right now, having previously been as high as £90, as recently as 1 January.

Track listing:


  1. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God)
  2. The Big Sky (Meteorological Mix)
  3. Cloudbusting (The Orgonon Mix)
  4. Hounds Of Love (Alternative Mix)
  5. Experiment IV (Extended Mix)


  1. Walk Straight Down The Middle
  2. You Want Alchemy
  3. Be Kind To My Mistakes
  4. Lyra
  5. Under The Ivy
  6. Experiment IV (unreleased video version)
  7. Ne T’Enfuis Pas
  8. Un Baiser D’Enfant
  9. Burning Bridge
  10. Running Up That Hill (A Deal With God) 2012 Remix


  1. Home For Christmas
  2. One Last Look Around The House Before We Go
  3. I’m Still Waiting
  4. Warm And Soothing
  5. Show A Little Devotion
  6. Passing Through Air
  7. Humming (previously unreleased demo)
  8. Ran Tan Waltz
  9. December Will Be Magic Again
  10. Wuthering Heights (Remix / New Vocal from ‘The Whole Story’)


  1. Rocket Man
  2. Sexual Healing
  3. Mná na hÉireann
  4. My Lagan Love
  5. The Man I Love
  6. Brazil (Sam Lowry’s First Dream)
  7. The Handsome Cabin Boy
  8. Lord Of The Reedy River
  9. Candle In The Wind

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Jason Tudor

Another good deal is the whole set in hi res from the German website, HighRes Audio (HRA); they mostly focus on classical releases and only in Hi Res quality (nothing less) and it’s just £34.40 at the moment – just over £1/track. Ideal if you’ve got all the regular album stuff on CD and/or Vinyl as I have……tuck in!

Tim Glasswell

Vinyl Box 2 down to £58.44 and box 1 at £67.42 on uk amazon right now. I wasn’t going to buy these but couldn’t resist box 4 on Paul’s tip off last week. I’ve now ordered 1 & 2 and will wait for 3 to drop for the complete set.


Vinyl II down at £61.09. Only 3 albums in it but cheaper than it’s been for a while.

Richard Farr

Not sure if you are aware Paul but Sainsburys have a 2 for £25 deal on vinyl at the moment and are stocking the stand alone 2018 remastered versions of both ‘The Dreaming’ and ‘Hounds of Love’ which are included. £12.50 per album for these really is a bargain. On checking my local store today [Westwood Cross, Margate] they appear to have expanded the range of titles in the deal which now also include 3 Pink Floyd vinyls – Dark Side of the Moon, A Foot in The Door and best of all…The Wall [normal price £25 so effectively if you purchase this album plus a.n.other it is buy one get one free]. Surprise surprise all were out of stock so you may find it tricky to take advantage of that…..but Kate Bush supplies were available.
Slightly amusingly the vinyl reissues of ‘Best of Cream’ [1969] and ‘Meaty Beaty Big and Bouncy’ [The Who, 1971] are also included….however, each are priced at £12….so you may want to just put the 2 through the till separately and get them £1 cheaper than the ‘deal’………..someone in the promotions dept obviously failed Maths O Level….sorry GCSE for younger readers…
Good vinyl costs less…….[sorry I couldn’t resist]


Paul – do you know if these remasters are going to hit streaming services (Spotify) at any point?

Scott G

There all available to stream on Qobuz in hi-res 24bit 44.1kHz (and 16bit and MP3)….


Any word on the missing songs such as Ken or the music for the fruit juice commercials?
How about vocals done for others?


David M

What word are you expecting? They aren’t on the albums, end of story.

Woodsey Niles

If this message is taken down I will understand that it is against posting policies.

Not to encourage the circulation of “un-official” releases but there is an ultra high quality 4 cd collection called “Kate Bush – This Woman’s Complete Work” which includes all the tracks from the 2 bonus discs from the “This Woman’s Work” box set including “Ken”, along with a Hammersmith Odeon live show from The Tour of Life, plus misc. live cuts, alternate versions and one off tracks. A Google search should find it pretty easily. As far as I know this is about the only way to get stuff like “Ken” at this point without investing in “This Woman’s Work” box. Most of it can be found elsewhere but this is a really nice compilation.

Tony O

Before the Dawn went down to £29 at one point, i wonder if these sets will follow suit, thanks for the info

Stan Butler

I got it for £24.99 on Amazon last January.

Paul Gray

Any chance this will be released on cd? I can dream!


Its on cd already, the cd-boxset #2.

Paul Gray

Sorry, yes I was aware of that. I am hoping it will be released separately.

Stan Butler

That’s not going to happen. It would make the second CD box totally redundant. Most fans wil have Ariel, Director’s Cut, 50WFS and Before The Dawn on CD. The “rarities” are the only reason to buy the box. Even then I’ll wait until the price drops more.

Bob McCartney

I’m sure this has been addressed at some point on a thread. Aren’t quite a few of these songs on This Woman’s Work ?

Chris Squires

Got I and II for £58 each from Germany, but this is close enough. Thanks for the heads up….

I know it’s daft but I kinda don’t want to buy III on principle. Changing Aerial for starters, Never liked 90% of The Director’s Cut in the first place and can’t imagine that a remaster after 7 years will save it, in these ears. I might buy 50 words as a standalone as that is the best thing she has done since 1985 IMHO (just edging Aerial), and even 5% better will make that gem shine the more bright.

eric slangen

Thanks, most interested in this one. Ordered.

Neville Godwin

Thanks. Ordered

Jon Barlow

Thanks Paul…..Got 1,2 and 4 now….just need box number 3 to drop a little more!