Deal alert: Neil Young / A Letter Home / 11-disc vinyl/CD/DVD box


Neil Young‘s A Letter Home got ‘mixed’ reviews when it was released in May last year which made it very hard to justify spending over £100 on this 11-disc box set. Now you only have to spend a fraction of that thanks to this great deal on Amazon UK.

For less than £36  you get the following:

  • • 1 standard 12” LP vinyl
  • • 1 “direct feed from the booth” audiophile 12” LP vinyl
  • • Seven 6” clear vinyl discs
  • • 1 standard CD
  • • 1 standard DVD
  • • a 32-page, 12” x 12” book
  • • Download card to redeem the digital album of the “direct feed from the booth” audiophile version



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I’ve nearly ordered this when it’s been cheap so many times. I already gave the CD and just can’t convince myself that I need this. I would like to hear the direct feed, though.


Thanks Paul, nice shoot! ;-)


I love Neil Young.
But this is the same, mediocre and awfully sounding record, spread across multiple formats and 11 discs. It (purposely) sounds worse than a badly recorded bootleg, but of course it comes in “audiophile” versions.
Even $15 would be too much for me… no wonder there’s no way they can move it, and prices are continuing to drop.

Sezai Basar

I’ve purchased it today and paid £ 47.66 plus shipping . Prices are fluctuating almost daily ; so with a close follow-up one can find attractive prices.The actual cheapest ebay selling price is not less than $ 119 …


Well, I can honestly say, that I really like this Neil Young offering, even if it is against the grain. Actually playing it as I type. When I got it, it got heavy rotation for a couple of weeks, in the car. I love that Neil tries different things and to me, it just sounds like a vintage 78 or a recording from the early 1900’s. I find parts of this cd, very emotional, as well, especially the opening track. I guess most folks will read this, going really, what??!!!!!!! – but that is what is the beauty of music, everyone has different takes, etc. ANYWAYS, each to the own…………………….

Dr Avalanche

And I think Mr Young has a great sense of humour too. Wasnt he the one that came up with the PONO hifi audio player, because he thought MP3 and all that sucked big time in terms of audio quality?
And shortly after it he released this album. Pretty funny joke, n’est pas? :)

Dr Avalanche

Seems I’m the only one over here who really likes the album :). I’m not a very enthoustiastic Neil Young fan, but I like some of his old stuff and the CSN&Y debut album.
I love the whole concept in combination with the songs. Add some Jack White and the ‘always looking to expand the boundaries of releasing recorded music on vinyl’ Third Man Records and this album is one of my favorites of 2014.
For those of you who dont like this kind of concept-thingies, the direct-feed version is a good listen. Just Neil Young and his guitar sounding like he is playing at your house.
Maybe I’ll buy the box now, its a good price; then again…I already have the single vinyl version…. decisions, decisions….

Paul Wren

It’s £62 now on Amazon UK.

CJ Feeney

Not buying this. I got the Official Release album box for less than £100 form amazon.de , but had to return it as Tonights the Night was scratched (one off) and it’s cover was falling apart (common problem looking at reviews). I cannot justify spending money on so called deluxe editions that are anything but deluxe.

NY seems to think it ok to market slabs of vinyl at £50 per peice (Storytone and ORS 5-8 original retail prices) but skimp on quality control. I’ve had enough of that.


I would not allow this piece of crap masquerading as an album into my house, even if they offered me money to take it. Unless, of course, I had the right to leave it in my trashcan at the curb. Furthermore, if there was any justice, a class action lawsuit would be launched against Neil Young for selling this in any of it’s format’s to fans in the first place, so that we could all recoup the money we were all tricked into wasting.


Us Canadians don’t hold back, do we…lol
And since Neil Young is Canadian, I have even more right to be pissed off that he sold this to his fans under the pretense he was releasing this as a “new album”

Presley Spigot

How could anyone possibly have been tricked into buying this? All the reviews told you what to expect. Spotify is right there, streaming, itunes, a myriad ways of hearing it before you buy it. If you bought on the blind, that’s your own silly fault.


I`ve ordered it, in fact it arrives today am I looking forward to it? not really. Why well I have the LP which I`ve managed to get 15 English Quids for so I know that it sounds crap but repeated listening, hard at first, I agree, does pay rewards because there are some great songs on that LP. So why have I bought the box set well I am a sucker for box sets from people I like so I had to get this for that price.

Colm47 I managed to get Storytone on LP for 44 Quids from Amazon UK, yes still very expensive but it is a great sounding 2 pieces of vinyl.
I`m changing jobs soon, a lot less dosh but a job that`s better for my sanity so my purchases will be less frequent and more discriminate, so Paul please stop tempting me, cheers!


Hi Richie

I’m a sucker for box sets as well!
I know, as a Neil fan, that’s it’s certainly not one of his best.
But, as I collect his LPs this is a price that I couldn’t refuse!
Will check out Amazon for Storytone, thanks.

Good luck with the new job.
I have to stop reading the blog as well and seeing these deals!

Fat Old Bloke

Does anyone know if the “direct feed from booth” LP makes this album listenable?

It did not happen

Presley Spigot

“It did not happen” – what does that mean? You first comment said “Terrible sounding album that had good songs. If the direct-feed-from-booth version does away with the static, then we do we not have our solution?

Charles Hodgson

At what price point does a “terrible” album become a worth-while purchase? Just under £44 for some of us apparently. Love Neil. Not interested in this at any price. Life is short and I’ll never get to hear / buy all the great music out there as it is, without lowering my sights to mediocre stuff by great artists. Now, ‘Archives’ volume 2 (which I assume will cover the entire ‘ditch’ era) should be one of THE great box sets. He might screw us by making it ‘Pono’ only though, Neil being Neil.


That’s true Charles but for me it was this price.
I know it’s not a great album but I collect box sets so there you go.

Been a fan of Neil since I was a teenager in the 70s and have bought some awful stuff by him down the years. And now another one!!!

Presley Spigot

Does anyone know if the “direct feed from booth” LP makes this album listenable?


Hi Presley. My copy has now arrived and I’ve played the “direct feed from booth”. The quality is cleaner on this version of the album. It’s still “lo fi” in that the microphone in the booth was mono and kind of AM radio sounding in that there’s not a lot of bass or top end. The big advantage is that the clicks and pops from the vinyl the booth discs were cut to are not present. Watching the DVD (which has video of each song as recorded) there must have been some editing to create some of the songs, especially the longer ones as I don’t think they would have fitted on a single disc. The editing is seemless sonically, but visually in one song the video jumps and Neil is suddenly wearing a hat. In My Hometown he plays the song with a capo initially and then later on without, but you don’t see him remove it. Another bonus I’ve just discovered is that there is a download code in the “direct feed from booth” so you can have this as lossless mp3 also. I would say this version is much easier on the ear, but it’s a shame Neil didn’t also record a version simultaneously with a proper posh mic to tape, rather than just the crude mic in the booth as then we would truly have a hi-fi version of the songs. It wouldn’t have been hard. It could have been in the booth just picking up a parallel signal. Anyway, I hope clears that up.

Presley Spigot

Thanks for the info. I went ahead & ordered too & it arrived today. I got it for even cheaper – 36 once VAT was removed.


YES, it does!
I, too, was interested to know, as I think that the songs
of the original record are very good performed.
So I bought this set and it arrived yesterday.


As a fan of Neil’s for over 35 years, I thought this LP was terrible and did not buy it. But I have given in at that price! Cheers Paul.

Now, if the price for Storytone on vinyl is reduced, I might buy it.
£75 for one vinyl record is a ridiculous price.

Fat Old Bloke

Terrible sounding album that had good songs. Would not even pay $20 for this. I was hoping for the alternative mix recorded to tape. Neil didn’t put it out as he said he would.