Deal alert / Neil Young: Bluenote Cafe / Performance Series 11

Neil Young will issue another in his live Performance Series this November.

Bluenote Café is a slice of Young’s 1988 tour when he was promoting his This Note’s For You album and the new set list here includes seven tracks from that record, as well as a number of previously unreleased songs and an extended workout of 1975’s Tonight The Night.

Bluenote Café will be issued as a two-CD set and a four-LP vinyl release. However now is a great time to get in early and snap up a bargain, since Neil Young vinyl is notoriously expensive, but the four-LP set can be pre-ordered from Amazon Germany for just €45 which is around £34. It’s even cheaper if you are ordering from the US. The VAT-deducted price for those ordering from the US equates to $43 plus shipping. The US site has this 4LP set listed at $90 at present.

Bluenote Café will be released on 13 November 2015.

Other options:


4LP Set

2CD Set


Disc 1
“Welcome to the Big Room”
“Don’t Take Your Love Away From Me”
“This Note’s For You”
“Ten Men Workin’”
“Life in the City”
“Hello Lonely Woman”
“Soul of a Woman”
“Married Man”
“Bad News Comes to Town”
“Ain’t It the Truth”
“One Thing”

Disc 2
“I’m Goin’”
“Ordinary People”
“Crime in the City”
“Crime of the Heart”
“Welcome Rap”
“Fool For Your Love”
“Encore Rap”
“On the Way Home”
“Sunny Inside”
“Tonight’s the Night”

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I’ve ordered the Vinyl version of this from Amazon.de, and I am frustrated that I’ve not received a digital mp3 version via Autorip. I’ve spoken to Amazon.de customer services about this, & they say that as I’m outside Germany/Austria, I don’t qualify….anybody know if this is right ? Or a way to get around it…I’m right pi$$ed off with them !

Mic Smith

I pre-ordered the 2CD set (from Spin) on Sunday morning.

I loved the Blue Notes period in 1988. It was a solid return to form after the Geffen years (which I laregly enjoyed to be fair, excePt perhaps for Everybody’s Rocking).

I too am disappointed that there’s no room for Coup de Ville, which as others have mentioned is my personal favourite track on the original This Note’s For You album.

After the last two NY studio efforts ,which were not to my liking, its good to be getting more archive live releases. But please hurry up and issue Archive Vol. 2!

Paul Wren

Still £35 on Amazon UK and £32 on Amazon Germany. I guess Neil has got fed up with not being able to shift enough overly expensive vinyl units in recent years.


Now on Amazon UK at £34.99


Looking forward to this. Neil has now got a set of shelves all of his own in our house with the yearly stream of releases, new / old /old new. I am looking forward to the next Archives, but hope they have a re-think about including previously released performance series recordings like last time and including some, but not all of the tracks from the albums of the years covered The latter was the most annoying for me.

Alan Blevin

Sorry that 2011 release should read A Treasure not A Harvest.Brain snap!

Alan Blevin

This release (and A Harvest ,the NYAPS release in 2011) will be in the period covered by Volume 3.Volume 2 ends at reactor but will include the Human Highway movie that was released after this date.
There was a lot of criticism at the time of release of Volume 1 about people having to pay twice for Fillmore East and Massey Hall but I thought I had got my money’s worth playing those two in the couple of years before Volume 1 came out.
Another way to look at it is that on current release pace we are looking at 8 years at least until Volume 3 is released -and that is being optimistic!

Rob Baillargeon

Does anyone know if this will be included in the Archives 2 box if (and when) it becomes available. With Volume 1 I bought a CD only to have it turn up in the box.

CJ Feeney

It’s annoying. The first four of the series appeared in Archives vol. 1, but I didn’t think vol.2 would stretch as far as the late 80’s. Maybe to the end of the 70’s.

Alan Blevin

Every time there is a stirring like this from the Archives I start to get my hopes up Volume 2 is not dead and that we are on track for release in the next 6-12 months.In an interview to coincide with the release of A Letter Home Neil said Volume 2 would be out in 2015 and although that is another missed date I hope this means the concept has not been ditched.
It is ironic that as other artists of his era-Dylan,Stones,Tull and Springsteen to name a few-have accelerated their release schedule of Archive type stuff Neil who has been working on a archive program longest and more detailed than anyone else has seemed to have frozen at the prospect of releasing it past the Volume 1 era except for a few tasty crumbs.

Paul Wren

Hi Paul. Yes, the vinyl is scandalous altho’ well heeled old tossers like me carry on paying out. I wonder if he would sell more copies if the prices were reduced……………….

Martin Stockdale

Too good not to order, thanks for the heads up. It’s a pricey business following Neil Young.

CJ Feeney

Absolute bargain for the German vinyl. Neil Young seems to have stopped doing the CD + DVD packs he did for the earlier releases in the Performance Series. I see this is no. 11. So by my reckoning nos. 5-10 are missing (Massey Hall being no.4, Dreaming Man being no. 12).

Could this be pre-cursor to Archives vol. 2? I’m unlikely to buy it but would welcome a CD release of the Official Release series 5-8.

Paul Wren

Thanks, Paul – vinyl just ordered via Amazon Germany at the price you quoted, superb tip off.
Sezai Basar: the live “Down By The River” and “Superdome New Orleans” releases are, I believe, not authorised Neil Young releases, but what, from memory, are FM radio shows receiving vinyl releases. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t any good, as often the sound quality on these can be very good indeed.


The live ones look like they could well be radio broadcasts being issued under the US’s individualistic and increasingly unfathomable copyright laws. They don’t look like official NY releases. (although I’m ready to be proved wrong)

Sezai Basar

Great news, thank you Paul.It’s € 43 including the shipping if you order it to be shipped to a non-EC country.


This was when Shakey came back in to form. The “This Notes For You” LP even rated 10/10 in the NME!

I wasn`t expecting anything from this period but this looks fantastic and thanks Paul for the heads up on the 4 LP set, it`s a great price and ordered.


This era i really enjoyed especially the original version of Ordinary People . Have several Bootlegs from the Bluenotes tour including a soundboard and Neil and the Band are on fire.

Phil Wilson

This looks awesome, and has come out of the blue (sorry), will be great to hear the original live version of Ordinary People but if only they had put on the 18 minutes sixty to zero, instead of the track it became – Crime In The City which is near 7, which I think was basically an edited version. I read it had a 20 minute Tonights the Night, but iTunes shows it as just under 10


Shame there’s no version of ‘Coupe de Ville’ which is my favourite track from This Note’s For You… I wonder how this period rates in the NY cannon by his more devoted followers?