Deal Alert / Nils Lofgren: Face The Music 10-disc signed box


Released this week, this 10-disc 169 track Nils Lofgren Face The Music anthology was put together by the man himself and each box is signed and numbered.

Our understanding is that these are very limited so move now to not only secure yourself a box but take advantage of this deal which sees the price dip below £100 – which has only happened once in the past (very briefly). This is over £30 cheap that it has recently been available.

Face The Music is out now.


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Amazon Canada posted it 12/8 and arrived down under today 14/8 via standard postage. Glad I didn’t pay extra for the quicker delivery as it might have arrived before my order was confirmed. A beautiful box, number 1382. Now to get into the music therein.

Bert Hopkins

I always confused him with Nile Rodgers.


Just ordered mine from Amazon Canada for $$130AUS posted. Amazon UK would have been over $250AUS plus postage. Have got a couple of things from Canada over the years.


Ordered mine nearly 6 months ago and got it for £90 thanks to the Amazon pre-order price guarantee – a recommended route forward as you can always cancel the day before release if the price has stayed consistently high. The box itself is nicely packaged and the quality of the mastering seems high on first listen to a selection of tracks. As Lenmie says the numbered edition is actually a signed postcard in the box (I have no. 292) so an unnumbered reissue is always possible if it sells out, but a very nice set and well worth getting now if you like any of his music.


Ordered today around from Amazon UK @ 11:00 for £94.00

Just checked Amazon there now @ 21:00 and it is £159.99

Thank you SDE for the heads up.


As a Canadian, I had in on order for a couple of months on Amazon.ca, and paid $110 CAD (about 60 GBP). Just received it, and it’s beautiful. Limited edition, although the number is not printed on the box itself, but rather it’s on a personally signed card inside.

Tom Gardner

I bought my copy from Amazon Canada as well. Even allowing for the £20 custom charge I received, that route was still far cheaper than buying locally from Amazon UK. Delivery was within 3 days of release.

I’m thinking of going the same route for the upcoming McCartney sets.

$80 Canadian plus charges is still far cheaper than Amazon UK at £78 per set.