Deal Alert / Paul McCartney: RAM 5-disc super deluxe box


Good though the new Venus and Mars and Speed of Sound Wings sets look, if you haven’t bought the RAM deluxe box, you should probably make that a priority!

Despite the let’s-create-a-library extravagance of Wings Over America, the RAM box is better. For a start RAM is one of Paul’s very best post-Beatles records, and the deluxe set is simply very cute, has great content across the five (not three!) discs and is full of cool ‘facsimile’ memorabilia, photos and the all important ‘book of sheep’… The quality of the packaging is really first rate. If you want to take a look at some photos click here.

It has never been particularly cheap, but you can pick this up for just over £60 at the time of writing on Amazon UK. That’s about £20 LESS than most of us paid when we bought this back in 2012.

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I like Back to the Egg very much. It’s a pitty the singles didn’t make it in the charts. I love Old Siam, Sir and Getting Closer is superb.

Hadleigh Ford

Thanks to SDE for highlighting this box set! Received mine today and it is truly the jewel in the crown of the Mccartney collection.
Just thought I’d highlight something. My copy of the box set has 6 discs! I have 2 copies of Thrillington! This must be a packing mistake I’m thinking? Can anyone shed any light on this?


London Town of my favourites. Red Rose Speedway also majorly overlooked. Back to the Egg hard to love though…


Right after I posted my comment, I realized that that was for sale via a re-seller with Fulfillment from Amazon. Amazon.co.uk sells the box for the same price, and of course shipping to Australia is not a problem, except currently it’s on backorder.

peter Chrisp

Piotr & BP Mills i have the solution, if there is any doubt, i think you have to join first, but you should be right, i received Eric Johnson’s live “Europe” from the site and the prices are reasonable go to Spincd’s and let me know how you go, as i am from Australia too, i have been shopping from Amazon UK for over 10 years and they really look after me, check out the Spin site and you will have no trouble what so ever, good luck.


Its not a bad album and when I was younger I kinda thought this was overlooked. Band on The Run is still my favorite and Venus and Mars is close- another of his overlooked albums and the last before the ages decline with London Town and Back To The Egg- I wonder if those will ever get the super duper treatment. Wings Over America is a great one too !

BP Mills

And Amazon UK will not ship this to the US either.


Sorry, we can’t deliver this item to Australia :(.

Liam Bastick

Look at the Moviemars seller – I have bought from them before with no issue and I live in Oz


It is a matter of taste, but I think Venus and Mars is musically superior to Ram, even in composition and production. Besides the simple fact that Jimmy McCulloch and Joe Inglés played on this album gives a additional plus quality.

adam shaw

In whos opinion is Ram , Pauls very best post Beatles record ?
I agree the Ram box set is very good , Wings Over America in MY opinion was a great box set . And I think there are a number of albums that are up for his ” best post Beatles work” including Venus And mars .

adam shaw

Wish I never started this .