Deal alert / Paul McCartney: Tug of War 4-disc deluxe edition


Excellent price for Paul McCartneys four-disc Tug of War deluxe book edition from Amazon Germany at the moment.

The 3CD+DVD deluxe book is just £38 (€49) at the moment which is a massive saving over the standard price. The book is fantastic so this comes recommended!


Tug Of War Deluxe Edition

Disc 1 – Remixed Album
1 Tug Of War (Remixed 2015)
2 Take It Away (Remixed 2015)
3 Somebody Who Cares (Remixed 2015)
4 What’s That You’re Doing? (Remixed 2015)
5 Here Today (Remixed 2015)
6 Ballroom Dancing (Remixed 2015)
7 The Pound Is Sinking (Remixed 2015)
8 Wanderlust (Remixed 2015)
9 Get It (Remixed 2015)
10 Be What You See (Link) (Remixed 2015)
11 Dress Me Up As A Robber (Remixed 2015)
12 Ebony And Ivory (Remixed 2015)

Disc 2 – Bonus Audio
1 Stop, You Don’t Know Where She Came From (Demo / Remastered 2015)
2 Wanderlust (Demo / Remastered 2015)
3 Ballroom Dancing (Demo / Remastered 2015)
4 Take It Away (Demo / Remastered 2015)
5 The Pound Is Sinking (Demo / Remastered 2015)
6 Something That Didn’t Happen (Demo / Remastered 2015)
7 Ebony And Ivory (Demo / Remastered 2015)
8 Dress Me Up As a Robber / Robber Riff (Demo / Remastered 2015)
9 Ebony And Ivory (Solo Version / Remastered 2015)
10 Rainclouds (Remastered 2015)
11 I’ll Give You A Ring (Remastered 2015)

Disc 3- Remastered Album (deluxe and super deluxe only)
1 Tug Of War (Remastered 2015)
2 Take It Away (Remastered 2015)
3 Somebody Who Cares (Remastered 2015)
4 What’s That You’re Doing? (Remastered 2015)
5 Here Today (Remastered 2015)
6 Ballroom Dancing (Remastered 2015)
7 The Pound Is Sinking (Remastered 2015)
8 Wanderlust (Remastered 2015)
9 Get It (Remastered 2015)
10 Be What You See (Link) (Remastered 2015)
11 Dress Me Up As A Robber (Remastered 2015)
12 Ebony And Ivory (Remixed 2015)

Disc 4 – DVD (deluxe and super deluxe only)
1 Tug of War (Music video version 1)
2 Tug of War (Music video version 2)
3 Take It Away (Music video)
4 Ebony & Ivory (Music video)
5 Fly TIA – Behind the scenes of Take it away (18 minutes documentary)


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Mr Tim

many thanks indeed, on my list since release. Pulled the trigger on this for £ 43 and change. Good spot !


A big thank you, ordered as soon as I got your email. It arrived this afternoon, that’s cracking service. All the way from Scotland. Not Germany !! Hope it’s not in Scottish, but what a bargain.

Bob Preston

Thanks Paul.
Ordered and on the way. Keep up the great work,
From Bob and his slim wallet…..


Thanks a lot, Paul!

Matt Charles


Picked up Venus, Mars for crazy, crazy low ebay price,, was really impressed with the physical package,…


Was waiting for a better price for this and here we are: ordered!

Thanks Paul!

Kevin Henry

Ordered within minutes of your email alert arriving. Came to £43 inc postage. I really want it for the remix of the album. Even though it is cheaper than when it first came out it is still a lot of money for 3 CDs and a DVD. However, it is a great album (my favourite of his solo work) and brings back many memories of when I first bought it on vinyl in 1982 as a 20 year old.

David S

The remix version you’re after is on the 2 cd version which is under £13 on HMV and Amazon. Based on what you say you didn’t have to spend £43, the remastered version is on the super deluxe.


Amazing four days after leaving the above message I walked into a Melbourne record store and found a copy (just one available only) so had to grab it immediately.
Thanks Jorge for the Amazon tip, I see there are a few available around the globe, I just couldn’t be bothered trying to get an order to me this late to Xmas.
But seriously there does to seem to a scarcity on Tug of War deluxe. Here in Melbourne Pipes of Peace was readily available everywhere but Tug of War is still a rarity, I don’t understand why ?


Tug of War Deluxe Edition dropped to US $48.99 (Amazon.com) (about £33.5) at the time of writing this.


Does anyone know what is happening with the release of the Deluxe Tug Of War. It doesn’t appear in any record stores here in Melbourne, Australia. I did place an order through Amazon.IT a few months back but they are saying it is still unavailable and will keep me updated.
I have Pipes Of Peace which I purchased locally here in Australia, and there are still plenty of Deluxe editions available, but Tug Of war is non-existent! Was there a hold up in the production of this?


‘Standard’ 2-CD edition is just €11.99 at amazon.de. Paid €16 (just over £12) including delivery to UK as compared with £16.99 at amazon.co.uk.

I have an amazon.com account and amazon.de picked up all of my account details from the US site.

Robert Fitzpatrick

any reason to get the super deluxe pipes of peace? I can’t see any decent reason to go for the super deluxe over the deluxe

Marc Hocker

Paul didn’t lift his post from somewhere. Someone lifted it from here and put it on the Steve Hoffman Forum.



As I said before, the Canadian price has always stayed around CDN $ 63-64, so I really don’t see where’s the “deal alert” here.
And customers from Europe, keep in mind that import taxes can be up to even half of that price tag.


Unless you were first and they have lifted your post !


Paul…your posting seems to have been lifted in its entirety from another forum including typos. Surely you should credit that original poster ?


I’m in the UK and ordered the 2 McCartney books last year from amazon.ca for a very similar price. They were shipped by UPS (very quick delivery I might add) but I received a customs invoice a few days later for just over £27. So unless you’re very lucky you will still be looking at around £50 per set including postage for these.


Even then, with the two sets at £32 each, the shipping equivalent to £8 each, and a £3o customs charge it still works out at around £110 against the £145 it would cost here in the UK.


A few weeks back Paul posted this box from Amazon Italy and referred to it as the signed limited edition run. I pre-ordered it and still haven’t been able to confirm that it was indeed different than this one. Can anyone confirm? Thanks.


Great deal. Bought the 2 deluxes for 161 CAD, and saved 80€ (France).
Thanks for this alert. I don’t think there’ll be better.


Snapped up this great deal to keep my McCartney super deluxe box collection complete. Cost me $152 Australian delivered from Amazon Canada. Local store has it on their site at $460 in total so the saving is considerable.
Will be a bad month for the credit card with my $700 Grateful Dead huge box about to ship. With our dollar falling rapidly the price goes up between ordering and shipping.


I preordered it from Amazon.ca about three weeks ago at CDN$ 63.73, and it’s always more or less stayed at the same price, so nothing new there.

But really, if you (like me) are living in Europe, don’t get your expectations too high about this “bargain” since you’re likely to pay up to £15-€20 for import duties…

So yes, I did place my order, but no, I wouldn’t call it a bargain.

William Thornton

Ordered.Just saved me $40! Thanks


Will the DVD region code be an issue for UK buyers?


No wonder companies call the UK “Treasure Island” from being able to charge inflated prices.


This is way better than I would have gotten them for in Norway, even when adding VAT, postage and the usual stuff. (With luck, it will only be postage, but not counting on that!)

luis armando

Sold. Fantastic. Thank you once again Paul.

James Pigg

Ordered! £40 including shipping. I really wanted the original mix but not for £73 so this was too good a deal to pass on. Classic Mecca with George Martin at the controls – it’s a no brainer.
Cheers for the heads up.


I’m not ordering from Amazon Canada ever again. Import duties are always over exaggerated. When lucky I ended up paying the same as bought home :(


Yes, it’s a low price, but if you’re in the UK, once shipping is applied and then import duties I’d be surprised if it was any cheaper than getting the 2 for £90.


That would still be considerably cheaper than the UK price for both sets though, with both deluxe sets currently costing £145.98 in total.

Edward Bates

Totally agree. I ordered Ram from Amazon Canada and with import duties etc. I saved less than a pound and had to wait nearly three weeks for it.

Mike the Fish

I think you can pay import duties at checkout on amazon CA, which should save the processing fee over here.


Wow, great shout on both those titles! Cheers Paul.