Deal alert / Queen: Night at the Odeon super deluxe edition


Lowest ever price for Queen‘s Night at the Odeon – Hammersmith 1975 super deluxe edition on Amazon Germany today.

This massive box set includes CD, Blu-ray, DVD, vinyl book and loads of other bits of ‘facsimile’ memorabilia. It’s just £59 (€76) which is around £30 cheaper than the UK price.


In the box:

  • • 1 CD of A Night at the Odeon – Hammersmith 1975
  • • 1 SD blu-ray of A Night at the Odeon – Hammersmith 1975 (includes 5.1)
  • • 1 DVD of A Night at the Odeon – Hammersmith 1975
  • • 12″ single of Bohemian Rhapsody with unreleased soundcheck of Now I’m Here
  • • 60 page hardback book containing previously unseen photographs
  • • Reproduction of ticket from the concert
  • • Concert programme
  • • Conference badge
  • • Reproduction of the tour itinerary
  • • Six button badges
  • • Reproduction of the 1975 tour poster
  • • Reproduction of the sticker stage pass
  • • Reproduction of 2 balloons dropped into the crowd at the end of the 24th December 1975 Hammersmith show

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Had to wait more than a year after the GBP 12,99 – debacle, but today my copy of this arrived at my office, costing me a mere GBP 30 from Digital Waves. Sorry folks, it was the only one they had, so currently no chance for other buyers but you see that sometimes it works out if you’re persistent ;-)


did i read correctly about that there is to be an ultimate and comlete s.a.t.b. singles collection called “for ever after” or summink similar. if anyone knows anything please please share? x


As much as I love Queen, I think this super-deluxe boxset is still too pricey and I will wait for some nicer price or discount to be added later on.
I think the price is too high as there’s no real selling point in such deluxes, as you don’t necessarily want to own all the merchandise and nonsense stuff, as the essential stuff here audio/video-presentation of mighty Queen liveshow is with so little offered against the pristine money. I have heard the live-show from streaming-services and Im not fully satisfied with the sound and mix.
I think they got it all better on the Live At The Rainbow ’74-boxset which I really like.
So, Im gonna wait and see, if the price ain’t gonna come further down, Im gonna get the cd+bluray edition or the vinyl-edition only..


@Andrew M – have them delivered to an Amazon locker instead. It’s what it was designed for!


It’s cheaper on Amazon Canada (when shipped to the US).

Andrew Mogford

You’re killing me with this and the Tug of War deal earlier. I’m desperate for both but not allowed them and there’s no way these could arrive in the post surreptitiously – they’re so big!


I’m sure a number of us here on SDE time their deliveries for the days when their partner isn’t around! :)


So true :) :) :)