Deal alert / Roxy Music: Complete Studio Albums 10CD box set


The excellent 10CD Complete Studios Albums Roxy Music box set is going cheap again, this time on Amazon UK.

The set (issued in 2012) collects all eight studio albums as well as two exclusive CDs of singles, B-sides and alternative mixes is just £36 at the time of writing which is incredible value given the quality of the mastering and packaging.

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£97.74 – 2017. (2 years 8 months later) So it has increased by £30 each year! Explain that Amazon.


It’s still there now if anyone like me was a bit slow to act on Paul’s alert. Just snatched it up for £37.80 including P&P. Thanks, Paul!

Peter Dickie

Just got it for £36. Very pleased. Let’s hope I don’t get any “we cannot fulfill your order” emails.

Trev Hughes

Hi Paul many thanks for that. Just snapped it up & look forward to the CD’s.


Just got it for $53 including shipping to USA. Thanks, Paul!


Same here, thanks Paul. I’ve only heard three of their albums, so I am looking forward to this.


I just bought it for $53.00. Now do I need The Thrill Of It All anymore?


I’ve had it on price alert for about a month and it’s been fluctuating between just over £36 and £50 almost daily. Caved in last week and got it for £36 and a few pence. Lovely packaging if nothing else.


It’s £36.31 at 22:14 / 29/04/15


Thanks for the tip off!

martian martian

Dont know why everybody is getting so worked up about this,the mastering(if there is any!) is atrocious,FLAT transfer being the operative term.I stuck the HDCDs in place of those,and I dont feel QUITE so ripped off! Do the people who actually make these actually LISTEN to them?

Iain M

If there is anyone still checking this thread, this set is back on the UK site for £38.39 though it is “temporarily out of stock” …


Mine has just arrived opening it now:-)!


I suggest to check Amazon Italy during the day. It offers the same Amazon UK deal!


Bugger – I keep missing it. If these had been genuine replicas of original packaging I’d pay full price without hesitating. Knowing how I work, I’ll probably crack by next pay!

Still, I got the Springsteen thanks to SDE Updates, so that will keep me going.

My Jelly

Bought from Amazon UK for £38 in 2014. The sound quality of this box set is outstanding superb remastering just go 4 it!

Julian Hancock

I have just looked for the umpteenth time over the last week or so. Still no luck. Frankly, I am getting somewhat fed up about this and feel like I/we are being played. Do you know what, I probably won’t bother now. Find someone else who already has the set and just rip them. Cost – nothing.

Julian Hancock

Possibly not, but my point is that I feel that I am being manipulated. Let’s face it, the industry has form in that respect, which has contributed in part to the increasingly rapid demise of the physical product.


Yes, you’re being played by Amazon, but you’re taking it out on the artist/label. That makes no sense.

You’ve already decided what you’re willing to pay for this box, and that the original price point is too high. (So have I.) The solution is to go without, not rip from a friend. Those choices have nothing to do with Amazon’s shenanigans.


Thanks Paul. Ordered earlier this evening at 36.85GDP. Just received confirmation of dispatch with delivery expected Thursday this week,


My Roxy box landed in New York City yesterday. Purchased from Amazon Germany, it arrived in nothing but a flimsy paper bag mailer and thus had a corner of the box dented in. I’m surprised it wasn’t further damaged due to the virtually nonexistent packaging materials. With overseas shipping, the box cost me a total of $74.64 USD (EUR 52.42€ + EUR 14.00€ shipping = EUR 66.42€ or £48.87 GBP or $74.64 USD).


You may want to double check your order confirmation email before declaring victory…I clicked straight through, added the right product at the right price, and got an order conf for a Simon and Garfunkel box. Promptly canceled.


That’s insane, click thro literally as the email.arrives and the price is back to £55…


Missed it again, seems to be in stock for about 30 minutes each time!


As a related aside, the recent and similar re-issue of the Roxy Music re-mastered vinyl box set seems to have been a disaster, at least based on my experience. With the set delivered to me, all the outer sleeves had been manufactured slightly to small/tight, and so each vinyl record and inner sleeve had needed to be quite literally forced into the respective outer sleeve when first assembled. My set arrived with each inner sleeve either badly creased and/or ripped at the seam. And taking each record/inner sleeve out and back into the outer sleeve was impossible without using excessive force. I arranged to return the set and get a refund; a massive disappointment.

Tony Smith

Got it! Thanks for the tip off.

John. Murray

Got it this time! Excellent!


9.15 a.m. (CET)
Just picked my copy at £36.85 (59€ including postage and shipping to Italy). YAY!!!


Update: my order which was placed today at 12.30pm (see above) was only going to be in stock 11th April, but I’ve just had an email saying it has already been dispatched for delivery on 7th, just after Easter Monday. Hopefully others, who managed to get one, can report the same.


2wicky, thanks for the tip off about the Acid Jazz box set at £10. I just received both of my copies, incredible value.
Deluxe box, 4 CD’s 1 DVD 7” single Hardback book and 2nd book as well.
Even at £20 it is well worth it. I cant wait to play it.


Wow… just bagged one £34.74 @ 12.30pm today… not available for another week it says but I can wait.


Me too! Happy (Easter)bunny!


This box set goes up and down by £20 several times a day!


I got the vinyl box set for £120 from Amazon Italy including postage, which I think is great value given the quality of the package


Just ordered at £34.74 too.

In stock April 11th.

Rob Tyson

Roxy box set back down to £34. Just this minute ordered it


Not available at the moment, but the Simon & Garfunkel box is featured on the same page at just £30…


FYI, my Simon & Garfunkel box from Amazon UK arrived in New York City badly damaged.


Picked on you comment about Amazon.uk shipping to the USA and I have had some disasters. Often the box is not even secured let alone include any protection for the package. The Kinks box set was destroyed and they wanted me to go the post office and ship it back during the Christmas season. No going to happen

And then sometimes something stupid happens – I ordered The Jam “The Gift” from amazon.uk and it arrived in a box big enough to contain a microwave (seriously) via UPS international in just 5 days….6 weeks ahead of when I was expecting it.


Yeah, its a first complaint for me with any Amazon. The shipping box contained ZERO protective material so the Simon & Garfunkel box ended up getting crushed with a nasty tear along the top of the box. Quite irritating.


i think Amazon pickers are discarding the protective boxes somehow, maybe not appreciating the importance of them. with these Vinyl LP boxes, sometimes you get it in the protective box inside a box russian doll style. sometimes you don’t. it seems pot lock. difficult to know how you solve this. i have also had those Roxy Music cd boxes in a protective one. and without. it’s in their interests to protect product to avoid returns and thus not incur costs as i am sure the damaged ones they re-sell are as a result of this basic negligence. you would think this would be passed down the chain. don’t like to beat up on those doing the real work so i will blame someone above not doing their job because personally i prefer to do that.


just found another nice deal in box sets on amazon.co.uk:

Acid Jazz: The 25th Anniversary Box Set
4 cds, 1 dvd, 1 7″-single + book for only 10.65 GBP on amazon.co.uk

Fantastic value! I followed the suggestion by Francis to browse through your wish list and that’s where I found the offer :-)


Thanks for that. I just bought two of those box sets, one of them for a gift for a friend. Fantastic price.


yeah, that’s what i do. one for a ‘friend’


Luckily I ordered the Roxy Music box set from Amazon whilst it was still priced £34.74 on Tuesday at 3.50pm and even received an email confirming that it is estimated to arrive by April 10th, so I am really chuffed at getting this item for a bargain. I actually discovered it was being offered at this low price just via looking and not through reading about the deal on this website. So by simply browsing Amazon and checking my wish list I have with them I got the low price offer. YIPPEE!


@ 21:23 gotcha @ £34

Nice one

Rob F

I bought it from Amazon Germany last week and paid a little over £41 inc shipping costs. Received it in under 48 hours too! Check them out, the deal may still be on.


It comes and goes very quickly this box set, twice today it has gone down to £34 only to go back up again. If you really want it I would check the site several times a day.


Yes! Keep checking, order confirmed after many tries.

Iain M

It’s sold out : only available from marketplace now


Read Amazon reviews for 10 mins – by which time the deal ended! Bhah!


Yep, same problem here, too.

John M

Same problem for me – can’t add to basket…

Mark Hutchinson

Keeps disappearing and wont let me add to basket…

Owen Davies

Back down to £36.85 at present …


Not for me!