Deal alert / Tears For Fears: Songs From The Big Chair deluxe box set

Deal alert: Songs From The Big Chair box set

Fantastic price-drop on Amazon Germany which gets you the superb Tears For Fears Songs From The Big Chair six disc super deluxe set for less than £25!!

At the time of writing this box is just over €33 which with the current rate of exchange should be around £24-ish. This equates to $37 on the German site compared to $78 on the US Amazon. An amazing price for this celebrated box set. This deal WILL go quickly!

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Charlie D.

this is a great deal
I nabbed it last time from amazon.fr and it cost me $48.50 and a $1.46 foreign transaction fee.
“the hurting” however if you didn’t get one, is very very hard to find now. I got one from australia for about $77 USD and they had to charge me another $15 for shipping later. These could have been obtained from ebay.ca and after Canadian exchange it was like $53 shipped a few months ago.


… and at 11:40 it’s up to EUR 56. Why the yo-yo?
P.S. Mine arrived from France and it’s even better than expected !


back to 42.37 EUR


Thank you. Ordered.

Steve Thorpe

Same position as Chris Lancaster! Waited for it to go under £30 and this is just the bargain of the year as far as I’m concerned…thanks for the alert Paul :-)

Chris Lancaster

Great stuff, thanks Paul. Picked up for just over €33, which converted to £28.50 when including postage to the UK. I’d been waiting to find it for under £30 before buying, so rather chuffed with this.


Bought this at £28 though had to get it posted to France to get free postage. Could not find a free postage to UK.
I accidentally ordered it as I was confused in translation – my wife was a little more understanding than usual.
P.S. A few questions to the knowledgeable:
1. Is there a free postage option to the UK on these offers?
2. I assume that the booklets are in English?


Thank you – and keep up the good work, it’s much appreciated !


Thanks Paul for the alert. It is CAD$133 on Amazon.ca. Got it for CAD$54.
Huge huge savings. Why is there such a great disparity in prices across the various Amazon sites?
Appreciate very greatly your endeavours.

John Ireland

Finally snagged this for a decent price, cheers


Distinct lack of tat though! Where’s my Tears For Fears nail polish remover & lint roller?


Mine arrived today from Amazon France, despite only ordering it on Thursday afternoon. It’s a seriously nice package you’ve helped to put together there Mr Sinclair, Bravo sir!


Actually just ordered The Hurting Super Deluxe set from The Music Shop (Australia) as they seem to be the only place in the universe showing this in stock. Currently 79.99 AUD; obviously distance, exchange rates, and dwindling supply will factor into your decision. I’m also writing off the DVD, which likely won’t even play in Region 1. I’ll update status and let you know if this is an error.

Julian H

DVD is region free, so should play on every machine.


A price tracker would no doubt be a useful addition to the site, but TBH there are loads of them out there already…

Thanks for the info about The Hurting box set, I’d better be quick! This year is proving to be costly already, as I want to catch up on XTC SDE editions amongst many others.


Bought it last week on the FNAC.com website for 27 €! :-)
(and I guess that’s the reason why Amazon.fr decided to lower the price too).

On the other hand, I can’t seem to find The Hurting Deluxe boxset anywhere for a decent price. Does anybody know if it’s still available or out of stock already?


Le Baron.

Count me in (for the deal alert newsletter) !! :)


I’m hoping to pick up the hurting box set a bit cheaper but my immediate priority is simple minds sparkle in the rain deluxe


any chance of subscribing to an optional email alerts for these deals please?

Rob Puricelli

I’d love that, but my wife wouldn’t! LOL ;-)


Good idea, even if my bank balance doesn’t like the idea.


Count me in!

Stan Butler

Great idea Paul regarding the deal alerts. Don’t you issue them through Twitter at the moment? I’m sure I’ve seen some tweets.


This is why I love this site. Bought this immediately. Best price so far. I was waiting for a deal like this and took a chance that it would go out of print and sky rocket in price. I check in three times a day for opportunities like this and much more. Thank you!

Stan Butler

60 euro now (£43).


Who cares? It’s shit! Lol


And so is your Mum!


is it back to 60 euro?
Hi Paul any news on Seeds?


I had hoped it was worth waiting, so thanks for the info!

Paul H

This set was already well priced to be fair but it seems to me that unless the big box sets are limited runs (e.g. Inside the Pleasuredome), there is a lot to be said for sitting and waiting a few months….having spent forty years obsessively buying on release day, not sure I can be patient enough but it would make financial sense…


Thanks! This box has been on my to-get list for a while. This was the kick in the pants I needed to order it.


$41.72 USD/£27.21 GBP/€37.46 EUR including shipping to the USA. That’s a savings of $35.89 off the Amazon US price of $77.61 USD. Fantastic!