Deal Alert / The Beach Boys: Smile Sessions 9-disc deluxe box set


The Beach Boys Grammy-winning Smile Sessions box is enormous, luxurious and indulgent. This massive nine-disc set (5CDs, 2LPs and 2x 7″ singles) also comes with a 60-page book and poster and has cost on average around £100 since it was issued at the end of 2011. Now though, you can take advantage of a great price on Amazon Italy and grab a bargain by picking this up it for less than half price.

At the time of writing this wonderful set is a little over €57 which equates to just over £40.

What’s in the box:

  • 5 CDs / 2LPs / 2 7″ singles
  • Three-dimensional shadow box lid featuring the original artwork of Frank Holmes.
  • 60 page case bound book features liner notes by: Brian Wilson, Mike Love, Al Jardine, Bruce Johnston, Frank Holmes, Peter Reum, Tom Nolan, Domenic Priore
  • Timeline
  • Sessionography
  • Lyrics
  • Frank Holmes drawings
  • Producer’s Notes
  • More than 60 previously unreleased photos
  • 6 panel folder holding 5 CDs and singles. Features photos of original session tape boxes.
  • 7″ vinyl singles “Heroes and Villains” in sleeve art, “Vega-Tables” in sleeve art
  • Gatefold 2 LPs
  • Features full tracklisting of proposed unfinished album + Stereo mixes and session highlights (not available on CDs)
  • 12″ x 12″ booklet created for original release features:
  • Photos by Guy Webster
  • Drawings by Frank Holmes
  • 24″ x 36″ poster of Frank Holmes cover art

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Padraig Collins

Thank you. Ordered it.


From Italy to the USA: €46,98 + €23,11 shipping (OUCH!) = €70,09 ($78.17/£52.45). That’s a savings of $51.82 off the current Amazon US price of $129.99.


Thank you Paul for the update. Ordered one box!
I already have the 2 CDs edition but the deal is too good to miss again!


My copy of this arrived on Friday and it is indeed a thing of beauty. Unfortunately, there’s a problem – side 2 of the LP is unplayable due to skipping/jumping from the end of Child is the Father of the Man. I’ve tried cleaning it but am forced to conclude there’s actually something up with the grooves. Now, how do I go about returning something to Amazon Italy?


You have to pay return postage fees to foreign Amazon sites unlike the free returns in your own country.


Thank you Paul! ;-)


Great deal.
I have this but its worth getting a second time
as a potential future present. They’ll think I spent a fortune
and its worth it.


Arrived too late…
Question: what about SDE Deal Alert newsletter? Joined, but never received nothing…


I have the two CD edition and been debating about ordering this edition for a few years… Might have to consider soon and especially if this edition is no longer being produced which may or may not be the case now. Will there be a reduction regarding big super deluxe packing in 2015 compared to previous years or are there just as many planned to be released this year? Just curious and probably should have posted question under another thread and topic.

Nigel Hall

I wouldn’t have thought there’s any shortage of albums which are approaching their 20th, 30th, 40th or whatever anniversaries that could benefit from the super deluxe treatment – especially given the preponderance of remixes in the 80s and 90s, so as long as the record companies see a market in it (ie as long as we all keep buying them!) I can only see the pace of releases increasing rather than decreasing, given the huge decline in ‘physical’ product sales for most new music these days…


Dagnabbit and Cosi Fan Tutti Frutti! Had one available and in the minute it took to sort out my ID and translate the page, it was andato. Keep ’em coming, I’m bound to nab one of these deals before they dry up.

Note to self: must find way to set up audible alert on these akin to the defcon 1 siren that goes off when the Mrs. calls.

Stan Butler

Hugh, I’ve just been on the site and it’s listed at 53.80 euro.


Interesting, I follow the link and I’m presented with a page that says the best they can do for a hard copy is 99 Euros:

Nuovi: 10 venditori da EUR 99,59

Unrelated and probably not the right place to post it, but the .it site does have the Quadrophenia Director’s Cut and Live In London Deluxe sets at 66 and 68 Euros respectively, which is in the neighborhood of a 40% savings, YMMV.


I got mine from Base for about £55 and it’s a fabulous set…I agree with Charles that it’s BIG…I could have done without the 3D cover, to be honest…as it just makes the box twice as thick as it really needs to be!


damn missed it


Thank you Paul for the new possibility of the SDE mail-alerts!!



Rob Tyson

Thanks Paul.
Been meaning to get the 2 CD set for a while, now glad I didn’t!

DJ Control

Thanks again SDE!

Charles Hodgson

Paid £117 back in 2011. No complaints at that price. Highly recommended to anyone who loved the 2003(?) ‘SMiLE’ shows. It IS very big though, what with the 2LP inclusion, and I think it’s been the problem of storing sets like this that’s put me on a more ‘minimalist’ frame of mind recently. A fair bit larger than the old ‘Sea Of Tunes’ boot box for sure!

Still: Great set / fantastic price!



Malcolm Jackson

Just bought it, literally minutes ago, from Speedy Hen for £46! Still a bargain though.