Deal alert / The Jam: The Gift anniversary super deluxe box


The 30th Anniversary super deluxe edition box set of The Jam‘s The Gift is now available for an almost record low price from Amazon UK at the time of writing.

This 3CD+DVD deluxe set comes with a 72-page hardcover book plus other items and can be ordered for just £51.

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Morten Aastad

Well, that didn’t last long…

Charles Hodgson

Love The Jam, but for some reason I’ve always hated ‘Town Called Malice’ and ‘Just Who Is The Five O’Clock Hero’. Any GOOD tracks on this album? (I’ve got all the others…).


The demo version of “The Bitterest Pill” is fantastic.


Thanks for the heads up , bulked at the full price but this has tempted me in

Stan Butler

Bah! Back up to £60. Love The Jam but this was one of the most ridiculously over priced sets I have ever seen. Not for me.


Thanks Paul, keep `em coming. I like The Jam have all the albums and the first box set and I reckon that`s all I need. Now if they were 27 Quids….maybe?

Ralph MacGillivray

Another Cheer for the E Mail updates. Great stuff. I haven’t bought as yet but I’m sure I will at some point

Mike Pendlebury

I’m loving this Email deal alert! Just purchased – Thank you so much!


Thanks,,, but some of the Amazon reviews scare me a bit…

DJ Control

Don’t be scared. It’s a v nice set.


42 pounds shipped to the Great State of Michigan. Great call Paul, Thank you


I bought mine when it came out and cost me far more than 42 pounds shipped to my Great State of Michigan!