Deal alert / Wish You Were Here Immersion Edition box set


Fantastic price on Amazon Italy today for Pink Floyd‘s 2011 Wish You Were Here Immersion Edition box set.

The five-disc set includes the remastered album, live audio from Wembley, and unreleased versions of Have A Cigar and Wish You Were Here. Also included is the album in 5.1 surround sound (on blu-ray and DVD) plus the Concert Screen Films, 1975. This box is available now for just £46 (or €59).




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Mark Guscin

Might be a bit late but today, 13 February 2020, on amazon.es (Spain) this Immersion box set is at € 42.75, which in pounds must be under 40. Don’t know how long the offer will last though.


I received my box at the end of February. The Amazon.it delivered it within 3-4 days to Hungary. Nice surprise. Thanks to Paul for this excellent site where we get informations about our lovely albums.

Andrew Mogford

Amazon just confirmed I’m not getting it as no stock allegedly. Even though there were plenty in stock when I ordered.

Amazon are getting worse and worse.

Andrew Mogford

Did anyone ever get this? I ordered it as soon as the email arrived and it’s never been out of stock. It’s been sitting at shipping soon for a week and has missed three delivery dates. I’m not expecting to ever see it :(


Did anyone experience the clicking errors on the Blu ray with these Pink Floyd boxes bought from the Italian Amazon site? Can we be sure that these are now free of faults?

Mike the Fish

Ouch. I recently paid £63 for this. BTW a word of warning, the faulty blu-rays are still out there (a few clicks towards and at the end of the 5.1 mix) in sealed boxes but the replacement discs are no longer available. Not an issue for U.S. produced discs apparently.

Gary Shaw

Wow, that didn’t last long. Did they have just the two copies?


Thanks! $76USD shipped. This is the one I wanted most. Glad I actually looked after hearing the price increased again. Didn’t think it’d go back up and back down in one day.

Andrew Mogford

YES! Got one! Believe it or not, I’d never heard this album until my partner surprised me with a vinyl copy at Christmas and I love it. Really wanted the 5.1 mix so chuffed with this! Thanks Paul!


that’s messed up for you guys not in the US. We have a law that states a retailer MUST honor their advertised price, no matter if they mucked up or not. I’ve gotten some great deals this way though I’ve yet to break even for all of the price gouging I’ve incurred :-)

Amazon has some odd auto-pricing software that often has glitches. I contacted a seller once when I saw a used Fleetwood Mac two-track CD single priced at $10,000 USD. She thanked me for pointing that out and explained how this all works for sellers.

Kevin Farrow

Deal is back on amazon.it at 59 Euros – “Available from: 13 March – order now to reserve”



@ Andrew R. Whether you think the immersion editions are worth it depends on you fondness for the extra gubbins that they include, so the (infamous) marbles and scarf and coasters, the 2 x booklets and the postcards. But more importantly your ability or wish to play the hi-res media and the video element. If you don’t have a hi-fi that makes the hi-res / quad mixes worthwhile, and / or you are not bothered about the video content then perhaps the experience version with the remastered CD and the new live versions on the 2nd disc will more than suffice. Or you can go after the best audio quality and mix available which is on the SACD release, but then no extra goodies are included. You pay your money, you take your pick. There is a very good review of all the PF box sets on Youtube by a chap called Darren Lock. Check his videos to see the contents, and that might give you some idea if they are worth the money. At full price personally I have to say maybe not, but at these reduced prices that come up it’s worth a punt.


Here is another source from german online shop JPC: https://www.jpc.de/s/pink+immersion
There you can get THE WALL and THE DARK SIDE… boxes for 59.99€. Shipping to UK is 5.99. It is in total around 52£. German ADAC members can save 6€!

Mike the Fish

Thanks for this. It’s a shame I didn’t get Wish You Were Here when they had it!

Wolfgang Pudleiner

Why is price going up within hours the same day ?
Can´t understand.

Mike the Fish

I was quite excited about this, but then I remembered about amazon’s terrible reputation for how it treats its employees. Cancelled order.


Amazon just cancelled my slade box set order as they priced it incorrectly!

andrew R

Back up to 92 euro .Party over!


just received the cancellation notice for my GBP 4.99 boxset orders from amazon… would have been too good to be true!


Back in stock – just ordered – £50 including postage :)


Folks, the deal is back on for WYWH…..go grab it now!
I missed out last night but just checked back and ordered a copy for 62.62 euro delivered to the UK.


@andrew R
“The real question is are these sets worth having at all?”

I already have both the Fleetwood Mac ‘Rumours’ box set as well as the Herbie Hancock box.
The Fleetwood Mac Box is like all of the Super Deluxe box sets, I do like the huge booklet and some of the extras, but I wouldn’t need the vinyl personally. Also I do listen to the normal album cd most of the time.
The Herbie Hancock box is a good value for money box set even at higher prices, I think I bought it around 75 Euro (58 GBP) end of 2014, it contains 34 cds in nice cardboard replica covers in a solid box and a thick booklet.
So you’re getting all of his good albums together with some of his lesser interesting ones at a bargain price, some of the albums in that box were hard to find or only availabe in Japan.
Regular price is 47.– now on amazon.co.uk and still a great deal I think (as someone who likes most of Herbie Hancock’s music).

andrew R

i was discussing the floyd sets not fleetwood mac .So the question still stands are any of the immersion sets really worth having even at a reduced price?


The party is over, all 4.99 offers back to regular prices…

andrew R

Still available as i write this you need to scroll down to other sellers
then 2nd down is amazon italia at 62 euros plus shipping works out at £50
more or less.The real question is are these sets worth having at all?
Iwould appreciate an answer from someone who has purchased one.
Most reviews seem a bit sniffy about the content.


Hi Royce, Chris & 2wicky….. Fleetwood Mac Rumours Super Deluxe is true @ 4.99 (4.16 after VAT). Mine just shipped to Australia. Also picked up Sly & The Family Stone Higher box for 4.99 and wait for it – When Slade Rocked The World for 4.99 although these are yet to ship. Will wait & see if they honour the Slade.
Don’t know what Amazon are doing but I like it!!!
ps. The Complete Paul Simon Album collection was 4.99 as well. Thought I got a bargain on this at 25. lol


Helps to post and share while the misprices are still on rather than boast about them when they’re gone.


Hi Chris, thanks for that info, just ordered – I’ll be curious to see if amazon honours these orders or cancels… worth a try at these prices!


Thanks to SDE I’ve now got all 3 Immersion box sets for a total of £125 … WYWH and DSOTM from Amazon.it (about £45 each – WYWH has been cheaper in £’s before today’s deal but that is because the exchange rate has shifted!) and The Wall from the amazing £33 deal – it finally turned up last week from 3 months on back order. I’ll be thinking of this site as I play with my expensive marbles … ;)


What happened with the 5.1 surround mix of The Wall on SACD?



for you who live in Sweden it has been avaliable for 599;. (60 euros) including shipment since a couple of months. All three big PF boxes, but now I think The Wall is sold out. it is at http://www.ginza.se

Best regards,



Not related to the Pink Floyd box set but Fleetwood Mac’s “Rumours (35th Annniversary Super Deluxe Edition) is just down to £4.99 at Amazon UK. Is this true?


Johnny Mathis Complete Global Collection, Fleetwood Mac Rumours Super Deluxe and Herbie Hancock Box Set all £4.99 on Amazon ik


Gone. Poo.

James Lee

I have got this already. Your heads up on the Wall box set at about £35 well before Christmas if I remember correctly was great. I got in but stock was out. I thought that was that but it has just been delivered! So if anyone is in the same position don’t give up it seems orders are honoured as Paul said.

Adam shaw

I’m still waiting for mine , fingers crossed.


Still waiting for mine too!

Andrew Mogford

Mine got cancelled a week ago :(


Have you heard from any sources/connections if there will ever be more PF Immersion editions? I thought I one time read about Nick Mason musing over an Animals or MLoR box set.


The next Floyd project will be a collection of material recorded before the release of The Piper at the Gates of Dawn. It will be released later this year. It will include the material released on last year’s RSD 7″ and more. They need to release the material before it falls victim to the UK’s 50 year copyright rule.


That will be a good one. Thanks for the heads up Rob! I’ll be keeping an eye out for that for sure. Interesting copyright rule, but certainly glad it exists.

R. Michael Cox

Missed it! It is back at 92 Euro. Next time……………….


Glad you get the message Paul -)


Missed it, back to 92 Euro


Seems to be gone : “We are sorry. The article Wish You Were Here (Immersion Edition – CD 5) is no longer available from the selected vendor. The article was moved to the saved items section of the truck. To find the availabilities from another seller, click here to return to the article detail page.”


You have cost me a fortune over the past few weeks!


Absolutely great pi ked up The Wall in the last SDE deal alert so cheers

Le Baron

Thanks! Great price!!


Such a good deal, I got one!