DEAL: Depeche Mode / Live in Berlin

The new images of the Depeche Mode Live in Berlin box set (presented below) also coincide with a GREAT DEAL on Amazon France which is the lowest so far and about HALF as cheap as the current UK price.

This five disc box set which includes a hi-res 5.1 blu-ray audio of Delta Machine (and two CDs and two DVDs of live performance) is available for less than €23 which is less than £18 at today’s exchange rates! It’s currently £38 on Amazon UK!

Live in Berlin is out on 17 November 2014.


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anyone else got a refund from Amazon Fr because i send back my order ??? so they say that i send it back.. i never got it and still was waiting for it… now i got the refund and order it again… makes no sense att all.. very very strange,,

Morten Aastad

You beautiful people you! If you order to Norway and the price is more than 200 NOK (19£) you have to pay customs and taxes. Thanks to you I just managed to order this fine Depeche Mode set and avoid the 200 NOK limit :D


This was just raised to 350 norwegian kroner.

Morten Aastad

Yes, it was. Unfortunatly it happened more or less at the same time as the Norwegian krone nosedived, specially towards the UK pound sterling and in the new 350 kr limit you now have to include shipping cost, which when ordering from the US more or less makes it worse than it was before with the 200 kr limit, due to high shipping costs from the US.

Anyhow, thank you again for this, I received the Live in Berlin set from amazon.fr (I have since also ordered vinyl records by Etienne Daho to a very nice price), and it was fantastic and really cheap!

Saved me a bundle guys! Cheers!


the blu ray live show is not relesead?


Just saw this listed for $36 on Amazon Canada and $29 on Amazon US.

DJ Control

Yeah I’m after the Delta 5.1 too.


I’ve bought it purely for the Delta Machines 5.1.
Worth the money just for that.
Last time I bought something from Amazon FR, it was shipped from Dunfermline.


Just watched Enjoy The Silence taken from this set and unfortunately it seems that this is a lame, dated and dully directed stadium gig release. The only impression was that it was a stadium gig filmed and shown mostly from long distance – and we’ve already seen that on previous DM concertvideos. Nothing new and no intimacy at all. Would have been nice to see DM take a similar approach as Coldplay seems to be taking on their upcoming Ghost Stories -live release: intimate and closely filmed. Only reason to buy this would have been seeing the videoprojections in hi-res. No buy for me.


I’m in the same boat. I ordered from Amazon US, but I’m worried the blu-ray won’t work in Australia. The price is insanely low though.


I wasn’t going to buy this but at that price i couldn’t resist it. Amazon UK are an absolute disgrace at the price they charge compared to other countries rip off Britain indeed.

Ken Murphy

Just ordered, but I wonder will the video end up being another “Peter Gabriel Live In Athens” situation with a blu ray version of the dvd being released shortly after. Who doesn’t release video on blu ray nowadays?

Steven Roberts

Thanks for the tip – cancelled my order at Amazon US and ordered from Amazon FR. Works out at the same price, give or take a few pennies – but I was worried the package from the US might attract import duty into the UK, so I thought it was worth the effort to switch.


Ordered this item even cheaper on Amazon USA. But I don’t know what is the region of DVD for release in the USA. Maybe DVD from USA doesn’t work on DVD in Europe if the region code is 1. There is no description for region code on AMAZON USA.


The Amazon UK price did drop too for a while. I ordered mine at £25.54. Anyone who pre-ordered before that time should get it’s lowest price.
With the delivery cost to the UK, the French price will be around the same.

DJ Control

Nice if you live in Europe. The shipping to my part of the world makes it around the same price as the uk. Amazon uk shipping prices for overseas customers are very reasonable. Amazon eu starts at €11.50 for the first item. But the price at Amazon.com is the best so far.


The only problem about amazon.com is that it’s normally US stock. Personally I prefer UK/EU stock. Also Amazon in europe take the VAT off if you live outside the EU which counts for alot if you live in NZ where shipping can be a bummer. The VAT off almost covers the shipping.

adrian bok

delivery cost is a killer though

Hans Jörg

Great price for this set that even includes the cd of the latest album on blu ray and looks great. Unfortunately their best song is missing. no everything counts. What a pity. So i’ll pass as I’m not a too big depeche mode fan.