DEAL OF THE DAY: Bowie Box (10CD)


With this year’s obsession with David Bowie‘s The Next Day you’d think he hadn’t produced any decent work since 1983’s Let’s Dance.

The reality is that between 1993 and 2003 Bowie produced seven studio albums (counting Buddha of Surburbia) of which three are at least as good as (if not better) than The Next Day.

Back in 2007 when everyone was wondering if Bowie had hung up his recording-boots for good, Sony put together this 10CD box set which gathered together 2CD deluxe sets of Outside (1995), Earthling (1997), Hours (1999), Heathen (2002) and Reality (2003). It’s important to realise that none of these two-CD sets were ever available separately, so they are all unique to this box, which didn’t really have a name, but has become known as the ‘Bowie Box’.

The Bowie Box went out of print, but Sony reissued it earlier this year. All the CDs are packaged in mini-vinyl replica sleeves, and we mean PROPER Japan-style replicas with inner sleeves and protective covers for CDs. They only lack the ‘OBI’ strips that you get with releases issued in Japan.

The bonus discs for each album offer a MASSIVE amount of remixes and extra tracks from CD singles, twelve-inch vinyl and whatever deluxe editions might have been issued at the time. So for example the rather good Seven (issued on three CD singles at the time!), from the middling Hours is included in demo form, two Beck remixes and a Marius De Vries Mix. You get five remixes of the excellent The Hearts Filthy Lesson from Outside as well as rare bonus tracks Get Real and Nothing To Be Desired.

In short, you get more or less every track commercially released around the time of each album. 123 in total.

This box is currently available to purchase on Amazon UK at the amazing price of £26! An iTunes-busting 21p a track! You cannot go wrong with this set, especially if you’ve only dipped your toe into ’90s Bowie. It’s highly recommended.

Track listing

1. Leon Takes Us Outside
2. Outside
3. The Heart’s Filthy Lesson
4. A Small Plot Of Land
5. Segue – Baby Grace (A Horrid Cassette)
6. Hallo Spaceboy
7. The Motel
8. I Have Not Been To Oxford Town
9. No Control
10. Segue – Algeria Touchshriek
11. The Voyeur of Utter Destruction (As Beauty)
12. Segue – Romana A. Stone / I am with Name
13. Wishful Beginnings
14. We Prick You
15. Segue – Nathan Adler
16. I’m Deranged
17. Thru’ These Architect’s Eyes
18. Segue – Nathan Adler (Version #2)
19. Strangers When We Meet

CD2 – Bonus Disc:
1. The Heart’s Filthy Lesson – Trent Reznor Alternative Mix
2. The Heart’s Filthy Lesson – Rubber Mix
3. The Heart’s Filthy Lesson – Simple Test Mix
4. The Heart’s Filthy Lesson – Filthy Mix
5. The Heart’s Filthy Lesson – Good Karma Mix by Tim Simenon
6. A Small Plot of Land – Basquiat OST Version
7. Hallo Spaceboy – 12″ Mix
8. Hallo Spaceboy – Double Click Mix
9. Hallo Spaceboy – Instrumental
10. Hallo Spaceboy – Lost In Space Mix
11. I Am With Name
12. I’m Deranged – Jungle Mix
13. Get Real
14. Nothing To Be Desired

1. Little Wonder
2. Looking for Satellites
3. Battle For Britain
4. Seven Years in Tibet
5. Dead Man Walking
6. Telling Lies
7. The Last Thing You Should Do
8. I’m Afraid Of Americans
9. Law (Earthling’s On Fire

CD2 – Bonus Disc:
1. Little Wonder – Censored Video Edit
2. Little Wonder – Junior Vasquez Club Mix
3. Little Wonder – Danny Saber Dance Mix
4. Seven Years In Tibet – Mandarin Version
5. Dead Man Walking – Moby 1 Mix
6. Dead Man Walking – Moby Mix 2 US Promo 12″
7. Telling Lies – Feelgood Mix
8. Telling Lies – Paradox Mix
9. I’m Afraid Of Americans – Show Girls OST Version
10. I’m Afraid Of Americans – Nine Inch Nails V1 Mix
11. I’m Afraid Of Americans – Nine Inch Nails V1 Clean Edit
12. V-2 Schneider – Tao Jones Index
13. Pallas Athena – Tao Jones Index

1. Thursday’s Child
2. Something In The Air
3. Survive
4. If I’m Dreaming My Life
5. Seven
6. What’s Really Happening
7. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell
8. New Angels Of Promise
9. Brilliant Adventure
10. The Dreamers

CD2 – Bonus Disc:
1. Thursday’s Child – Rock Mix
2. Thursday’s Child – Omikron: The Nomad Soul slower version
3. Something In The Air – American Psycho Remix
4. Survive – Marius De Vries UK CD Single
5. Seven – Demo
6. Seven – Marius De Vries Mix
7. Seven – Beck Mix #1
8. Seven – Beck Mix #2
9. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell – Edit
10. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell – Stigmata Film Version
11. The Pretty Things Are Going To Hell – Stigmata Film only Version
12. New Angels Of Promise – Omikron: The Nomad Soul version
13. The Dreamers – Omikron: The Nomad Soul longer version
14. 1917
15. We Shall Go To Town
16. We All Go Through
17. No One Calls

1. Sunday
2. Cactus
3. Slip Away
4. Slow Burn
5. Afraid
6. I’ve Been Waiting For You
7. I Would Be Your Slave
8. I Took A Trip On A Gemini Spaceship
9. 5:15 The Angels Have Gone
10. Everyone Says Hi
11. A Better Future
12. Heathen (The Rays)

CD2 – Bonus Disc:
1. Sunday – Moby Mix
2. A Better Future – Remix by Air)
3. Conversation Piece [Written 1969 – Recorded 1970 – Re-recorded 2002]
4. Panic In Detroit – Outtake from a 1979 Recording)
5. Wood Jackson
6. When The Boys Come Marching Home
7. Baby Loves That Way
8. You’ve Got A Habit Of Leaving
9. Safe
10. Shadow Man

1. New Killer Star
2. Pablo Picasso
3. Never Get Old
4. The Loneliest Guy
5. Looking For Water
6. She’ll Drive The Big Car
7. Days
8. Fall Dog Bombs The Moon
9. Try Some, Buy Some
10. Reality
11. Bring Me The Disco King

CD2 – Bonus Disc:
1. Waterloo Sunset
2. Fly
3. Queen Of All The Tarts – Overture
4. Rebel Rebel
5. Love Missile F1 Eleven
6. Rebel Never Gets Old – Radio Mix
7. Rebel Never Gets Old – 7th Heaven Edit
8. Rebel Never Gets Old – 7th Heaven Mix

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Great offer, thanks Paul!
As I currently only have the ‘Heathen’ & ‘Reality’ albums from this period, this is an excellent opportunity to fill a gap in my Bowie collection that I couldn’t let pass.
In my opinion, the fantastic ‘Heathen’ bonus track ‘Conversation Piece’ is almost worth the purchase price alone.

Steve Thorpe

OMG – this is just insanely good value for such a beautifully packaged set with 10 discs! Have also ordered this as my own Christmas present…delighted with the tip off from SDE – thanks Paul. Really looking forward to discovering Bowie properly during this period. Loving The Next Day right now as I’m writing too.


Hi tim.
Yes i downloaded all the itunes eps but you can’t beat having them on cd, hopefully one day.
N.l.m.d. Would make a pretty full bonus disc so many remixes, then you have when the wind blows, absolute beginners, the labyrinth mixes, versions of cat people and the baal ep wherever that would fit maybe as a bonus disc for lets dance along with a dvd of the play.wishful thinking maybe.

Tim Harrison

Hey Leo,
Alot of the remixes are available on iTunes…and while I’m not a fan of MP3’s, at the moment they are the only outlet I’ve found with a (at least fairly) comprehensive collection of remixes, b-sides etc which have yet to have a cd release.


Yes i have the original 6 cd boxset issued much earlier in a silver sturdy card box numbered up to 2000 copies, mine is 1973. Agree about the extras on the later 2 albums especially reality, the bonus tracks could have been better.
I love his 80s albums too and would like to see deluxe versions of those, there were plenty of remixes many still unavailable on cd. Tin machine also has some nice potential extras including many unreleased promo videos.


Just bought it on amazon ….. Xmas budget has completely gone out the window


agree, that’s a great release. as someone who also likes the pet shop boys, I enjoyed the inclusion of their four ‘hallo spaceboy’ remixes most. all of them were only released on vinyl before.


I think it was the one where most people stopped lol
But as Paul said, the 2 previous albums,Heathen and Reality, are just as good as the new album, Bowie and producer Tony Visconti together always make great records.
Bowie’s problem was that he had such a long run of amazing albums in the 70’s, a whole decade of great music and constant changes of image. He lost his way in the mid 80’s for a few years, but started getting back on track again in the early 90’s


Never let me down was the one where I stopped as well!


Thanks for the tip-off – just ordered as a Christmas present to myself… I only have Bowie LPs up to Never Let Me Down so this will be a perfect way to explore his later stuff. Looks like 2014 is gonna be even more of a Bowie year for me than this one has been.


Although in slightly different packaging, Outside, Earthling and Hours were released in these 2 disc forms in 2004, they were in card book style sleeves, the same content was on them though. On top of this, I do believe that all five were released in Japan as 2 disc sets, at the same time this box was first released.

Despite that, this is a great way to collect almost all of Bowie’s output from 1995 to 2003. It is just a shame that a few remixes were not included on Reality and Heathen, and that there are some mistakes on the three earlier discs. (Wrong tracks listed).