DEAL / The Alan Parsons Project: Complete Albums Collection


The Alan Parsons Project 11CD box set The Complete Albums Collection is available now for a stunning price that is less than HALF what it normally costs.

If you are quick you can pick this up for a ridiculous £28.99. It has never been below £50 on Amazon UK before now and for comparison this is €73 in Germany and over $100 in America.

The box, which was released in March this year, contains all 10 studio albums in vinyl replica card wallets plus the unreleased The Sicilian Defence.

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I agree with everything Dean said. This box set is just one big missed opportunity. Look at the complete albums sets from E.L.O., Byrds or Nilsson to see how a great complete albums set should look like!


Sorry to drift off-topic so blatantly, but maybe one of the Parsons conoisseurs amongst you may help me on this… I’ve been looking for the extended version of “Mammagamma” (6 minutes roughly) for years to no avail… Can’t find it on any deluxe cd edition of “Eye In The Sky”, can’t even understand if it’s actually been published on vinyl back in the day. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance… ;)


I’ve never heard of an extended version of this song. It surely isn’t an official version, as The Alan Parsons Project didn’t make any extended versions of their songs. ‘Mammagamma’ wasn’t even released as a single, by the way.


Thanks, Roelant, If you’re right as I think you are, I’ll sleep more peacefully now… :) I got obsessed with this elongated version I found on Youtube that really sounds as if it’s an original APP piece. It could well be a new-ish edit, though… Cheers


The complete albums box sets are exactly as their titles suggest. they are strictly for COMPLETISTS. Of course they rarely have the re mastered versions with all the bonus tracks, as the record company knows only the completists will buy them. As for Sicilian Defense, that is an unusual curve ball being offered on this set in particular. However, after listening to it I can honestly report only a completist or someone on hallucinogenic drugs would want to, or be capable of sitting through it. Maybe they can bundle it with Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music, and try to market them together as a set of albums by famous artists which none of their fans want to hear.

peter chrisp

At the moment there is one seller via Amazon UK that is selling the product for that one off price, at the moment the box set is unavailable,
but no doubt he will get more in, it’s a great value for money same as Joe
Satriani, in regards to Alan Parsons, although there are no extras, and at times the extras can be “rubbish” and occasionally a jewel in a crown, as is the usual standard procedure in most cases no liner notes, out of curiosity
with Alan Parson’s remastering or remixing as he was renowned, i wonder if the box set got the same treatment? Hmmm


Sorry to post again so soon, I don’t see an EDIT button……

I want to remind people that you can get give albums (Pyramid through Gaudi) in the “Original Album Classics” series. Same cheap card covers, and no booklet, but combine that with the Deluxe Tales and I, Robot – and you have something better, imo.

Julian H

And you even get the lyrics for Turn of a friendly Card and Stereotomy…


Truthfully, the bonus material on the standalone releases is very hit or miss. Some of it is excruciating. On the other hand there is previously unreleased track on Vulture Culture which, for me, is better than anything else on the recording.

But you also get great booklets with lots of interesting information as well.

As a Parsons fan I bought the reissues as they come out, so paid a little more than they do today. Even so, I don’t regret it given this box set.

I really don’t enjoy raining on the parade with regards this release. they tried to add value by giving us the unreleased album (such as it is). Sadly they took too much away for the privilege.

alan hansen

i got a great price on it, but this still feels like adding insult to injury for the privilege of owning the (forewarned) awful “sicilian defense.”

Ian Hill

Check out a similar reduction for the Joe Satriani Complete Albums box. Now £24.99!

CJ Feeney

Personally I think it’s good value at this price as the single CD albums are £5-£7 each and from what I’ve heard the bonus material is not much cop. Two disc sets are more, and I agree that most fans will want the deluxe “Tales..”

Yes, I like jewel cases, but I’ve forked out thirty quid a time for a few sets (Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell) of this standard – thats packaging not music – and the Joni set didn’t have any booklet at all.


Yet again . . are they overstocked on this? Dealer price is approximately nearly double this.
If stuff is (as apparently it is at Amazon) on consignment then why don’t they just ship the 11teen billion overstock copies they’ll have back to Sony? Doesn’t make economic sense does it.


What`s your problem tonka? I f Amazon overstock so what? Are you a shareholder, manger at Amazon? Who gives a toss about economic sense when we can get a bargain every now and then? Let`s hope for many more overstocks!!!


Must say, as a Parson’s fan – I agree with him wholeheartedly. This set was grossly over-priced to start with, and frankly I think it’s STILL over-priced.

What kills it is a) The individual discs can be had cheaply these days; b) The cardboard sleeves with the ridiculous borders around them; c) The bonus tracks have been removed; d) All the liner notes are missing, the booklet apparently contains only credits; e) What’s up with the box cover art?!?; f) The Sicilian Defense is poor.

Yes, if you’re in a position that you don’t have all these on CD then the box may represent good value, of course. Otherwise though, even if they cost a little more, you’re better off getting the individual releases that retain the original cover art without silly borders, have extensive liner notes, and have bonus tracks.

Not to mention that there is only one Tales of Mystery and Imagination in this set – completists will still have to buy the Deluxe edition to haver everything.

When announced I knew I would be sorely tempted by this, despite owning the individual discs. As it turns out it was an easy choice to skip it. Even at the current price it’s not remotely tempting. Sorry.


Thanks Paul,
Cheers from Malaysia

Simon Long

Unfortunately, the versions of the albums in this set are lacking the bonus tracks that were included on the remastered releases. The only real reason to buy the set is to get hold of The Sicilian Defence; having listened to it all the way through once, I can honestly say it still isn’t worth it even at this price!


Maybe it`s not worth it to you Simon, but if you only have a compilation CD of Mr Parson`s work it`s a bloody bargain!

Simon Long

Yes, fair enough – if you don’t already have the remastered albums it’s a very good price. It’s still baffling that they removed the bonus tracks though.

Leo Lotti

Thanks!!! I ordered it as soon as I saw the alert… Oh my, I’ve never seen a price drop like that! Hurry up, folks!