Deals: David Bowie Birthday Bonanza

David Bowie, photographed by Jimmy King

With what would have been David Bowie‘s 70th Birthday approaching (Jan 8th) there’s never been a better time to explore his career-defining 1970s RCA output, since many of these classic albums have been just been discounted to ludicrously cheap prices on CD. DEALS include the 2015 remaster of Hunky Dory for less than £3, 1969’s David Bowie/Space Oddity for the same price (also the 2015 remaster) and close to all of his 1970s long-players all less than £4.

Although it’s unlikely that the discerning SDE reader won’t have any of the albums below, you could, if you wanted, pick up all 15 for around £50 and for those in the UK, they come with Amazon’s ‘autorip’ for immediate digital versions. If you’re new to Bowie, SDE recommends you start with Hunky Dory – it is probably the ‘must have’, particularly since it’s the latest remaster from the Five Years box.


David Bowie/Space Oddity (2015 remaster) – £2.99



The Man Who Sold The World (2015 remaster) – £2.99


David Bowie / Hunky Dory

Hunky Dory (2015 remaster)£2.99


[socialpug_tweet tweet=”Pick up the 2015 remaster of @DavidBowie’s ‘Hunky Dory’ for just £2.99!!”]

David Bowie / Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars / 40th Anniversary Edition

Ziggy Stardust (2012 remaster) – £3.59



Aladdin Sane – £3.99



PinUps (2015 remaster) £2.99


Diamond Dogs – £2.99



Young Americans – £3.99


Station To Station – £3.99






Heroes – £3.99






Scary Monsters (And Super Creeps)£3.99



Let’s Dance£2.99



Tonight – £3.99



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Philip Birtwistle

“Paul Sinclair says:
January 4, 2017 at 18:25
Man Who Sold The World now added. Thanks!”

……and ordered! Many thanks for your fine work in emptying my bank account. My wife my cite you in divorce proceedings!!!!!


Just put in a very nice order for a 14-album assortment from David Bowie, Prince and Kate Bush. Thanks so much for the great tips, Paul and Tim! Cheers.

Justin Isbell

I’m only missing Space Oddity and Tonight so might purchase at these prices. Does anyone know if they’re in jewel cases though (I don’t like cardboard covers). Thanks.

Phil Wilson

For anyone that doesn’t check the Amazon Movers and Shakers Charts a dozen times a day like I do, here is the link: https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/movers-and-shakers/music/ref=zg_bsms_nav_0#1

It is a good indicator of great deals and two main things influence it: An artist dying, and being mentioned on superdeluxeedition.com, just check those cheap Bowie CDs at the top. It’s well worth bookmarking if you don’t already.

Peter Stanton

Just ordered 14. I’ve got most on vinyl, but only had 4 RCA CDs and the Sound & Vision big box. Thanks again for the tip off.

Paul W

Great news just orderd 12 cds 100 dollars deliverd to australia I hope blackstar drops in price or deluxe edition comes out


The Man Who Sold The World (2015 Remastered Version) has now been reduced to £2.99 matching HMV, but out of stock. You can still order at this price though.

@Paul worth adding to list at top of page.

Station to Station has been shipped to me by Amazon but is coming from Amazon Germany ! others are coming from UK.

I may have missed out on PinUps. Ordered when it said 6 remaining, but my order is still pending with expected delivery date of Monday. Amazon are no longer taking orders for this title and it is only available from 3rd party Marketplace sellers at much higher prices.

Mikko Suhonen

Tempting. I don’t have a single David Bowie album so far but I’ve got a feeling that I should get to kmow him beyond Life on Mars and Ashes to ashes. So if Hunky Dory is the preferred starting point, what other three (of this offer) would you recommend for a someone new to his music?

Mikko Suhonen

Thanks Paul for the recommendations (also for the Sam Brown box that is making my driving to work more pleasureable). Hunky, Ziggy, Low and Americans now ordered. We’ll see what I make of them, will there be more.

tim brooks

The Man Who Sold the World is reduced – just out of stock so third part seller is main listing. It shows on right at £2.99 so can add that as well :) I love Pin Up’s ..probably helps that it was my first introduction to many of the songs as it was one of my first Bowie purchases when I was young!

Mark Reed

The only thing I don’t already have multiple times (original vinyl, Rykodisc in most cases, and 1999 remaster) is… “The Gouster”. I doubt that will see standalone release, and I’m not paying near £100 for it! Come on, make a honest record of it and give it its own release.


If you’ve listed them in chronological order which you appear to have done, Young Americans should be after Diamond Dogs, not before ;-)

Julian H

“Although it’s unlikely that the discerning SDE reader won’t have any of the albums below…”

Give me time Paul :)


Thanks for the heads up Paul. I didn’t bother with any of the 1999 remasters as I have mp3 rips of these, but I did get the more recent remastered ones of his 1969-73 albums, with the exception of TMWSTW which is a tad more expensive!

Philip Birtwistle

Came straight here looking for The Man Who Sold The World!!! Ah well, it may pop up yet I suppose……


The Man Who Sold the World is only £2.99 on HMV and it’s the 2015 remaster.


Never Let Me Down is £3.99 direct from Amazon with Autorip.


Alright! I just plugged a big hole in my music collection. 15 Bowie albums bought! Looks like Lodger, Tonight, and Never Let Me Down are part of this sale? Or maybe those are always cheap (seems unlikely). Too bad his first album and The Man Who Sold The World were left out from the deal.


Pin Ups is worth £2.99 purely for Bowie’s brilliant take on See Emily Play. But there’s much else to enjoy.


Incredibly good value. I remember buying all of these on cassette over 30 years ago. Most were £3.29 but a few – Young Americans, Station to Station and Scary Monsters – were almost double in price. I used to listen to Pin-ups a lot. I didn’t know any of the original version of the songs then and don’t think it’s a bad album at all.

Randy Metro

Somewhere I found a CD rip of all the original versions. Might have been a Mojo or Uncut freebie? It was nice for perspective. Aladdin Sane does the oldies on acid; how else to describe it? If you loved Watch That Man, Panic In Detroit, Cracked Actor, & Let’s Spend the Night Together, it sounded like more of the same to me. Less lyrics, more mania.


My heart skipped a beat when i read the email, for some reason i thought it read “rca cds” at knockdown prices!!!

Neil Wilkes

These will be the dreadful 1999 EMI remasters then?
Already got those for what they are worth…..

tim brooks

PS Paul – Similar HMV Amazon matching deals on Prince Parade, Around The World and Diamonds and Pearls £2.99 and SOTT £3.99, Kate Bush KIck Inside and Neil Young Greatest Hits both also £2.99



Yes, I saw Sign ‘O’ the Times going for £3.99 in HMV. Cost be an eye-watering £9.29 for the cassette when it was released! The prices in HMV are very reasonable nowadays.

Chris Squires

11 CDs ordered for £39 delivered and yes I skipped Pin-ups.

Ben Williams

Pin Ups rules!


Why skip Pin-ups?
There are some great covers on it and his vocal performance is great.


Must agree very underrated part of the Bowie story.Also the last gasp of the spiders from mars and the quintessential Ronson guitar on Bowie recordings until Black tie white noise!

Randy Metro

Check out: I don’t know where I found the excellent rip, but it was an instrumental of White Light White Heat that Bowie gave to Ronson to use on his Play Don’t Worry album. It was recorded during the Pinups/Pin Ups/Pin-Ups sessions. Should have been a bonus track when Ryko was in charge.


Bit confused by this post as apparently Young Americans, STS, etc. from the latest boxset will be reissued on standalone, remastered format on 10 Feb so isn’t it better to hold off another 4 weeks and then buy them??


That is the reason why they are selling off ‘old’ versions??

Dave H

When the Five Years box set was released, some of the CD’s were released individually with the 2015 remastering (see above).
Will any of the CD’s from Who Can I Be Now? [1974 – 1976] be individually released with the 2016 remastering?

Rob Deighton

February i heard on the Steve Hoffman forums….

Rob Deighton

Worth pointing out these are the same price instore at HMV as part of the their New Year sale.


£2.99 is still to much for Pinups ;)

Randy Metro

————> and there’s one (me) in every crowd: my first Bowie album and in my top 5 Bowie albums. Maybe my numero uno Bowie.

El Barto

You’re not alone. I really love PinUps. So energetic and fun.


Not relevant to the article but I have to say how much I love that picture of the man.

By the way – if any bowie vinyl deals come up I’d love to know. Trying to recreate my Bowie vinyl collection.

Gary C

Really enjoyed Lazarus, what a voice Michael C Hall has, and the girl playing the ghost was fantastic too. Also loved the band especially when Where Are We Now started, I could have sworn it was the studio version…


I’m off to see Lazurus on the 19th Jan. A bit apprehensive actually – really hope I am not disappointed.