Demon December Deals


Head over to the official Demon Music Store for some great December deals on their recent reissues and box sets.

Highlights include the 33CD Bananarama In A Bunch box for £69.99 (£40 cheaper than Amazon), the Belinda Carlisle CD Singles box at the same price, a Lisa Stansfield 18CD bundle for £45 and their 9CD The Chairman of the Board box for a giveaway £13!

These deals are available until 18 December, subject to stock lasting. Territorial restrictions apply (due to licensing) so not everything will necessarily be available in YOUR region.




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@pinkfloyd, you’re welcome ;)


@KiKi/pinkfloyd, the glitch on Bananarama Singles Box-Nathan Jones CD (track14 @ 1:15) has been corrected. And they re-did the CD. A friend told me about it. I wrote them 2e.DMG.Info2@bbc.com! They sent me the replacement CD in slim CD case in about 7 days (UK>NL)! They wrong/affected batch & the corrected/newly pressed ones look exactly the same (no difference in matrix number etc)!



Replacement request sent to DMG, thanks for the heads up!


I agree totally with you Malcolm.
My Demon SAW box was similarly packaged with loads of paper inside to stop the internal box moving. By the way have you received the poster yet?
In recent weeks Amazon Logistics have supposedly delivered a package of mine to a house which have no knowledge of ever having it and then on Friday left my Fleetwood Mac Tusk box on my doorstep.


Although postage is steep, Demon package superbly going on the SAW boxset I got from them last week, box with foam inside surrounding boxset in a bigger box, plus they use TNT next day delivery.
Much better than the shambles who are Amazon Logistics who lost the two super deluxe sets I bought as Black Friday Lighthening Deals and I am still trying to sort out. One they claim can’t be replaced so I will be refunded.

Mike Pendlebury

Must admit I’d have gone for the Steve Miller set if it had been around the £30 mark. I still look forward to checking out their future offers though.



ordered Nanas box on June 16 from amazon UK.
cost after VAT & shipping to Malaysia amounted to £83.36.
doubt shipping charges from Demon will be as reasonable.
moreover Nanas box not available from Demon to ROW.
delighted with my Nanas box, worth every penny!


Bet people who paid £100 for the Nanas set are thrilled about this!!


I have to say that I was disappointed by this year’s offerings. Both the Pretenders and the Steve Miller Band bundles are priced above the bite your arm off prices that were offered last year for the Beat and the Everything but the Girl sets. In fact they are not far apart from what you can buy on Amazon or Marketplace.

Mike Pendlebury

Just bought both The Sounds sets. Got charged £4.72 postage which is on the steep side. However I’m still paying under £20 for a lot of albums and it’s a cheaper price than I’ve seen anywhere else. I’ve been holding out hoping that Demon would do a deal on them so still happy!


Demon suck. NOTHING is ever available in the US

Jon J

Their steep postage charges take the edge off the discounts though. Nearly £7 on the Lisa Stansfield set, for example, pushes it to nearly £52 – not such a bargain then…


Some of them (such as Lisa Stansfield or Jimmy Nail) are only available in the UK… :-/