France Deal offers €10 discounts

Amazon France have a good (ongoing) deal which offers you €10 off a €50 spend. Unlike previous deals this isn’t a one time only affair, you can do it three times!

Use the codes CADEAU1, CADEAU2 and CADEAU3 for each purchase transaction. As long as the items are despatched direct from Amazon (and not a third party seller) and the basket of goods comes to more than €50, you will get the €10 discount.

It’s not just limited to music but obviously for SDE readers that’s likely to be of most interest, so as usual checkout some highlighted deals below, or simply browse the CD and vinyl section and see what’s on offer (prices are in Euros and are what you will pay AFTER the discount is applied).

alphaville / Forever Young super deluxe€49

R.E.M. at the BBC 8CD+DVD box – €48

Kate Bush / Remastered Part 1 7CD box – €45

Whitesnake / Slide It In 7-disc super deluxe – €48

David Bowie / Glastonbury 2000 3LP vinyl box – €47

Steven Wilson / Home Invasion: Live at the RAH 5LP vinyl box – €53

The Beatles / The White Album 4LP vinyl box – €64


Jimi Hendrix / Electric Ladyland 6LP+blu-ray box – €78

Jean Michel Jarre / Planet Jarre

Jean Michel Jarre / Planet Jarre super deluxe€50

The Band / Music From Big Pink  super deluxe – €74

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If this interests you, the site offers the 5 CDs deluxe version of Zappa in New York at 79.99 € before discount, and the clamshell box of Nucleus – Torrid Zone at 42.77 € before reduction also (in the latter case it must be completed with the last Alan Parsons or a pair of socks, it still serves). In any case they are my choices and prices are attractive!

andrew R

A cautionary tale, i used the voucher for KING CRIMSON vinyl box
the box arrived damaged as were the vinyls. So i sent it back .The cost of postage was
over £25 amazon france allowance 7 euro . Iam now out of pocket after buying it.
Furthermore you don’t seem to be able to directly contact amazon fr via a chat system
plus there is no translation system any longer. Is the system changing in anticipation of brexit?
or is it making it more difficult to return items? Either way given amazons appalling packaging plus vinyl quality issues .Buyer beware with heavier vinyl boxsets.

Dave H

If you still looking for something to use one of your three discounts, you could pre-order the Ronnie Lane 6-CD box set being released next month. According to the SDE widget, Amazon France has the lowest pre-order price.


For people who can’t use the coupons, there is perhaps a tracability problem.

It says, you have to go first to see this page : https://www.amazon.fr/gp/browse.html/?node=16405528031 , to read the conditions of the promotion, and then make your shopping.

Advise : put all the things you want to buy in a list, go to the page mentionned above and then put the articles from your list to the basket, and then use the coupon…


Jean-Michel thanks for the link. When I go to it, the message that appears (after translation) is “Sorry, you’re not eligible for this promotion, but check out our Flash sales and promotions below!”. (so no luck for UK and US customers ?). I am not interested in a Garmin 3 Smartwatch so no purchase from Amazon.fr for the moment….


Same here, even though I’m French and live in France, it says I’m not eligible to this discount. So there must be some conditions that you have to meet in order to have access to this offer.


I see these wonderful success stories from today, April 7.
In the mid Atlantic in the US – similar to the UK deal a few weeks back – entering the Code to items from Amazon.fr only Returns: “A problem has occurred. The promotional code you entered can not be applied to your purchase.”
I thought it might be a problem with Internet Explorer. I tried Mozilla Firefox and then Google Chrome; all Returned the same text string pasted above.


Useful info for SDE readers on the duration of the deal – from the small print in the Conditions de l’offer ‘

L’Offre est valable du 4 au 25 avril 2019 inclus et dans la limite de 10 000 codes promotionnels disponibles.


Now, it works for a basket of 50 euros with multiple items. Not just one!
Ordered my 3 baskets!


Has anyone from the UK managed to get these codes working ? The items on the links that Paul helpfully suggested above, keep coming up as not allowed for this voucher …


Great deals. Use or three times for pre-orders including the big « Heaven And Earth » King Crimson boxset, Stevie Nicks 3 CD compilation, Alan Parsons new album «CD + DVD » version and Archive « 25 » album (4 CD Version) !!


For those who the French discount code doesn’t work for, Amazon Italy has a sale on the Kate Bush Remastered 1 box. Only $43! Cheaper even then the French deal.


For American Alan Parsons fans this deal works out particularly well with the new album box set. Without VAT it is €54, minus the €10 promotion is €44 plus shipping. That is much cheaper than on Amazon.com.

Also the new Heaven 17 box is only $80 on Amazon Canada. That’s maybe Deal Alert worthy for Americans and Canadians. I jumped.

Yves Vandezande

It works. Just grabbed the complete Dylan box for 90 €…although I already have all the albums individually.


REM At The BBC is finally coming this way. Under 50 euro for 8cds and 1 dvd.
Many thanks for the tip, Paul!

Roel Glas

I do miss these French deals since being geo-blocked from Oz. Amazon Fr always have had good deals, especially for vinyl.
On a brighter note, for all the Aussies out there, Amazon AU have Pink Floyd’s Pulse vinyl box for AUD 82 (about GBP44) which is an absolute bargain and the Kinks Village Green vinyl set for AUD 136. The Kinks is sourced via Amazon US.

Richie Coupe

Thanks, Kate Bush ordered.


Hi Paul,

Any idea until when will the deal last?

Thanks for the heads up

Pascal G.

Bottom of the page, amongst the conditions of the offer “L’Offre est valable du 4 au 25 avril 2019 inclus et dans la limite de 10 000 codes promotionnels disponibles.”: the promotion starts on April 4th and ends April 25th and within the limite of 10 000 codes available.


Vouchers don’t appear to be working now despite it still being the 5th in France. Oh well …


I ordered today on April 6 and it works. The deal is definitely still on.


Are the codes working at all?
I tried them plenty of times, with few albums that are over 50€ overall or even some of the single-items (like that mentioned R.E.M-boxset and Beatles – White Album-vinyl among others) no success at all.
Only getting this error-message when I try any code here:
A problem has occurred
The promotional code you entered can not be applied to your purchase.


Make sure you select an item that is being sold by Amazon.fr and not a third party seller. Sometimes it looks like it is an Amazon item but when you check the fine print it is not.


Apparently, it lasts several weeks: the conditions specify to validate the basket before April 25, to benefit the promotions.


Codes doesnt work, with my order directly via Amazon (not a reseller) via amazon.fr….


I didn’t work! And I had stuff for €70 in my basket.


Amazon France had joined her UK sister by not shipping some items to some countries: even though on the product page they clearly state “This product ships to (xxxx)” it’s only during the actual checkout that you will find out. Really stupid and no matter how many times you complain they will apologize but do nothing about it. They actually suggest you buy from the marketplace (sans reductions or combined shipping, obvs). Amazon are quickly becoming a crap seller. Ive taken to trying my luck elsewhere even if i have to pay a couple more bucks. Bye b***es

Peter-Michael Sieker

Thanks for the info, Paul. Unfortunately, Amazon.fr does not accept the codes CADEAU1, CADEAU2 or CADEAU3 for the Kate Bush Box Part I for unknown reasons with my order. Tough! Or just inability on my side? Who knows :-)

Emile Crama

Code is not working for me for the R.E.M. box…


Well, so far every vinyl I’ve tried to purchase it says ‘the code cannot be used on this purchase’. In French obviously, and they’re all way over 50Euros.. ;)

Robert Wiersema

Weirdly, I can’t get any of the codes to work, all products from Amazon direct, shipping to Canada.


Is this a one-day-only offer? Can’t find the terms.

Stuart Munro

Hmm, not working for me with two items, both dispatched by Amazon, totaling 61E in my cart. Sad!


For selected accounts only. Not for me
Désolé, vous n’êtes pas éligible à cette promotion, mais découvrez nos Ventes Flash et promotions ci-dessous !


Will my UK Prime account work on the French site or do I need to register in France?


It seems it does not work for me. I tried with the Kate Bush Boxset and Amazon told me that the voucher could not be applied.


The prices do no match : €54,99 for Kate Bush / Remastered Part 1 7CD box, €57,99 for Whitesnake / Slide It In 7-disc super deluxe, €59,96 for Jean Michel Jarre / Planet Jarre super deluxe…


My bad! :-)

Paul Mac

Every time… :)


If he read it he wouldn’t be writing you now would he? Sorta rude of you.

Paul Taylor

Paul, you confused them by only saying it once rather than laboriously repeating it after each album :-D


Good reading is difficult sometimes, isn’t it?