FRENCH deal offers €10 discount

Amazon France have a special promotion today that offers €10 off a spend of €50 or more, which means a great opportunity for SDE readers to snag a bargain on popular box sets featuring artists like The Beatles, Pink FloydJean Michel Jarre, The BandDepeche Mode, Eurythmics and more…

This deal runs for today and tomorrow and is activated at checkout by using the code FRENCHDAYS10. Usual restrictions apply, the main one being that the product can’t be a sold by a third party seller. In theory, they won’t allow pre-orders on physical music, so that rules out quite a lot, HOWEVER some readers are reporting success with The Beatles‘ White Album editions (it worked for me), and other things work too, like Steven Wilson’s Home Invasion vinyl box, so I am listing them below regardless and you can try your luck!

Obviously you can combine any lower priced items to get you over the €50 limit. All prices displayed below are what you will pay AFTER the discount. Obviously physical music is of most interest, but the deal is site-wide so you can also buy other items (e.g. films on blu-ray).

The Beatles / The White Album 6CD+blu-ray super deluxe – €110 or £98

The Beatles / The White Album 4LP vinyl box – €69 or £62

Steven Wilson / Home Invasion: Live at the RAH 5LP vinyl box – €53or £47

Jimi Hendrix / Electric Ladyland 6LP+blu-ray box – €89 or £80

Significant saving over £120 UK price!

Jan Akkerman / Complete  26CD box – €52 or £46

Pink Floyd / PULSE 4LP box  – €74 or £66

Jean Michel Jarre / Planet Jarre

Jean Michel Jarre / Planet Jarre super deluxe€50 or £45

The Band / Music From Big Pink €78 or £69

Depeche Mode / Speak and Spell 12-inch box – €45 or £40

Eurythmics / Three vinyl reissues €47 or £42

SDE recommends Savage, Touch and Be Yourself Tonight. Includes hi-res downloads. Links here for Savage, Touch and Be Yourself Tonight.

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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whilst i appreciate your efforts Paul i always have two issues 1. google translate never works 2. the codes never seems to work for me, wanted the beatles superdeluxe edition, but thanks anyway


I just ordered the Depeche Mode box but i think it’s a rip-off so when it arrives I’m going to throw it in the trash.

Adrian O'Dowd

Great deal, but will the book that comes with the super deluxe set be in English or French? If the latter, i’d Not be happy.

Bruce Nicholson

I was very excited to be able to buy a box set [23 CDs] of Michael Polnareff for £55 in this deal. Its just shy of £100 on Amazon UK, so even at £65 the French site is a good deal – if you want 23 CDs of Polnareff that is.


Grabbed the White Album SDE 7 disc set, for that great price. Thx Paul. As always. Very happy that you look out for us, with the expensive months coming up and all.

Paul E.

Hi Paul – not sure what’s happening (or not happening) with my post attempts lately but, if I go back the last few months, I think three of four never appeared on SDE. I left a reply for Chris Squires earlier today that, again, is not showing. Just thought I’d bring it to your attention.

Paul E.

No worries and no apology needed…thanks Paul!

Dibyaroop Ghosh

I think i posted a reply to this post…Can you see if its stuck somewhere….as my other posts…since last 3 didn’t appear….unless my posts didnt make it thru QC


Brilliant offer. Thanks. In case anyone interested Painkiller by Judas Priest on vinyl for 8 euros! Ordered it with Black Sabbath- Supersonic years box to get the offer. Nice one!


Scrap that. £84 total for JM Jarre Trilogy set.


Thanks for that. Jarre’s Oxygene Trilogy came in at 95 euros.


Looks like the Oxygene Trilogy cd box set w coffee table book is solidly sold out….I can’t find it on am.fr.


Oh it is listed under “vinyl”. That is actually the vinyl + cd’s+Coffee book.


Just tried comparing the current offers on amazon.fr (discount) & amazon.de (Sony box sets reduced / 3 for 15 / 3 for 25 / other deals) and decided that amazon.de works better for me at the moment with various items / prices that I am after.

Tried assembling a 8-10 CD disc /set order as usual and figured on postage costs of about 7-9E (usually works out that way), but it looks like they have changed the postage options and now only have express option available (for me, at least), rather than the regular shipping (like on amazon.fr) and that way the postage is 2x more expensive.

Has anybody else experienced this on amazon.de and will I have to contact their customer service about this issue ?


I also experienced this on Amazon.de. I was contacting their customer service and they told me that for certain CDs, there is now available only the express shipping option for 9.99 Euro (delivery to Switzerland). They were telling me to check the marketplace seller offers for finding the best price and with lower shipping fees.


As a follow up to my own inquiry, just a quick note to those experiencing issues with postage costs as of today……
I have just received a very prompt message from amazon.de customer service:

“There have been some system issues during the day and I would ask you to remain patient until tomorrow, when the problem should be resolved.”

That clearly puts my mind at ease, because I honestly thought for a moment that was just me (or rather, just a change with the shipping system to a more expensive option for my country).

Anyway, they say the issue should be fixed by tomorrow, so hold off your orders until then, if you can…..

Chris Squires

In the realm of…”That’s nice” About 6 weeks ago the Joe Strummer 001 2CD Deluxe with book was incorrectly listed at 8.99 Euro on am.fr. The correct price is somewhere around £33 / 34 Euro.

Rather like the Canadian Eno – Music for Installations SHM which was also at a stupid price I wasn’t expecting them to honour it. BUT it seems it has now shipped. All in, with postage it was 11 Euro or a tenner! Merci!

I can’t remember who mentioned it first but thank you very much. Little Victories.


Speaking about the canadian eno @ Amazon Canada, mine was cancelled….lucky you :=

Chris Squires

Oh no, my ENO was cancelled too, it’s only the strummer Deluxe that is coming. This kind of thing only happens once a year. I wouldn’t be lucky enough for twice…

Wayne Olsen

Mine too

Paul E.

@ Chris…that was me and I’m glad you got in it as well. When I ordered it, I noticed their pricing all over the place- I believe they had it priced in the system as the regular two cd release. Paul Sinclair and his trusty SDE widget are owed the real “thanks” here. He’s much too humble to accept things though :)

Chris Squires

Well a belated Thanks Paul E., I usually search for the original post to thank the person in person (so to speak) but it was so long ago and I could not for the life of me remember which thread it was on so I gave up.

I am not sure the League of Gentlemen 12 LP set for £96 counts as a similar pricing “error” but when that kind of thing happens it certainly feels good.

Dean Taylor

Thanks Paul .. Beatles vinyl box and deluxe in the bag .. about £171 I do believe .. roll on Lennon next week..

John Ireland

Snagged the Jan Akkerman Set. £51 including postage, massive saving on UK price. Thanks

Ken Croteau

Good move, and something tells me that won’t be available for long; probably a single pint run.

eric slangen

Code works only once .


The queen is dead the smiths vinyl deluxe edition is for 35 euro on amazon.de


As part of the “French Days”, Fnac (http://fnac.com) is also offering 20% on many records, mostly albums but various special editions, and a few boxsets too. I’m not sure about International postage fees though. https://musique.fnac.com/s394916/French-Days-20

Joep Mens

Amazon France doesn’t work for me. Too may packages get lost.


Anyone knows if Amazon FR sends international orders (to Latin America) via iparcel, same as Amazon UK?

Magic Alex

Yes. Absolutely


Worked for the pre-order of Electric Ladyland, even though it’s listed for EUR 49,99: https://www.amazon.fr/Electric-Ladyland-Anniversary-3CD-LIVRE-BLU-RAY/dp/B07GGPT67F


Probably because you had the postage in addition, in France the 49.99 did not pass, I had to buy another little trick and more to do the 50 :) , like you I pounce on Electric Ladyland ahah


Thanks Paul, ordered Pulse for £73 delivered, a saving of £16 against the best price it has been.

Adam Hay

Worked for me on the 4LP White Album set, £64.22 including delivery! Cheers!


just got the white album deluxe for 98Eur shipped to the US


Me too. Hoping the book is in English, as someone else questioned.


Worked for me for The Beatles Super Deluxe but not for the vinyl box. Superstitiously keeping my UK preorder for now as it was obviously not MEANT to work – but very happy.

Cheers Paul!

Andrew M

Bugger! I must have missed that! Would have put them in one order had I known!

Ah well – I’m still a happy camper! :D


That’s odd re. pre-orders indeed. I doesn’t work on some (REM at the BBC), but work on others (White album)…


Being mulling over the 7CD or 4LP White Album for a few days. Felt the Vinyl edition was a bit expensive versus the 7CD.

£62.00 for the LP means I may get both If I can also get the 7CD for about £90-£100 at some point.

Thanks Paul.

eric slangen

Almost everything went up in price.


The prices here are AFTER the €10 discount

Dean F

Works with Steven Wilson’s Home Invasion vinyl which is cheaper on the French site anyway so saving about £20 over the UK price.


PINK FLOYD´S Pulse on 4LP is more or less around the mark of 85 euros now on Amazon France. With the 10 euros discount and adding postage, it gets around that amount.



Box set Def Leppard Hysteria, Amazon fr had it reduced to 69.99 euros, with this special offer 59.99 euros.

Postage added grand total £57.00, when you consider Amazon uk £88.00

Just checked on camel camel camel , last time it was low price was December 2017 and that was £55.00 Amazon UK

Rich G

It works for the Beatles White Album SDE Box I found too.

Stefan Janssens

I have the depeche mode sets and they are unbelievably high quality and finishing (except for the flexi disc of course which doesn’t even spin on my turntable because the hole is too tight). Almost worth the full price! Apparently the profit goes to the water charity if you need an additional reason to buy them. I got them for £37 from zoom.co.uk – it’s listed as £41 but you can get 10% off on the first order.

Wes Headley

Worked in the 4LP While Album 50yr Anniversary Edition pre order for me.


i’m trying my luck with amazon customer service, arguing that it works for the beatles, why not bowie?


Nico, please keep me informed as I’d like very much this code to work on the Loving the Alien Bowie set.

Tom Marshall

It just worked for me on the 4 LP White Album pre-order. €72.32 inc delivery. Unless they cancel….


Code not working for the And Justice For All boxset

Kevin from Edinburgh

Great news. Have just ordered the White Album SDE for £100.50, including delivery, to the UK.
Beats my Amazon UK order by almost £20. I did email the UK branch to tell them that they were being out-priced by their French colleagues, but all they were able to do- they phoned me within 4 minutes of me sending the email! – is knock off the postage cost (reducing it to £116), which is good of them but still not sufficiently competitive.

Kevin from Edinburgh

I don’t know. It just did. I actually hadn’t read your original post too closely, otherwise I wouldn’t have bothered trying, but they’ve emailed me confirmation so fingers crossed!

[I see that you’ve now had success yourself!]


the code doesn’t work on the Bowie vinyl box set unfortunately.