German 3-for-2 deal returns!

Updated on 17 Feb with some new selections!

Amazon Germany is price-matching local competitor Saturn/Media Markt with another outstanding 3-for-2 offer. You can buy three music box sets and get the third (the cheapest) for nothing, regardless of the price-tag. This deal runs until Monday 18 February.

Thousands of items are eligible (not just music), although remember you do have to buy from Amazon Germany direct and not any third party sellers. Also the discount will be automatically applied at the last stage of checkout.  This link shows everything eligible (you can search), but below is a list of SDE CD and vinyl favourites that are all in the deal!

The Beatles / The White Album 6CD+blu-ray super deluxe

David Bowie / A New Careeer In A New Town 1977-1982 / 13LP or 11CD box

David Bowie / A New Career in a New Town 13LP box

Who Can I Be Now? vinyl box, Loving The Alien vinyl box and Glastonbuy 2000 vinyl box also in the deal!

Metallica / Kill ‘Em All  super deluxe

Ride The Lightning & And Justice For All super deluxe editions also in the deal.

Kate Bush / Remastered in vinyl I  4LP set

Remastered in Vinyl II, Remastered in Vinyl III, d Remastered in Vinyl IV also in the deal!

Paul McCartney & Wings / Red Rose Speedway super deluxe

Paul McCartney & Wings / Wild Life super deluxe

RAM super deluxe, Wings Over America super deluxe also in the deal!

The Kinks Are The Village Green Preservation Society 50th anniversary super deluxe

The Kinks / Are The Village Preservation Society super deluxe

Creedence Clearwater Revival / The Studio Albums 7LP vinyl

Half-speed mastered vinyl

Jimi Hendrix / Electric Ladyland 50th anniversary super deluxe edition

Jimi Hendrix Experience / Electric Ladyland 6LP+blu-ray box

Blu-ray features the new 5.1 surround sound mix.

Howard Jones / Human’s Lib super deluxe box

Dream into Action super deluxe also in the deal!

Roxette / Look Sharp! 30th anniversary box set

Roxette / Look Sharp!  30th anniversary CD+LP+DVD box

‘Boxette’ DVD set also available in the deal

Kate Bush / Remastered Part I  7CD box

Remastered Part 2 11CD box set also in the deal.

King Crimson / Sailors’ Tales 1970-1972 27-disc box set

Bob Dylan / More Blood, More Tracks 6CD super deluxe

The Cutting Edge 1965-66, Complete Album Collection Vol 1, and Trouble No More deluxe sets also in the deal.

Nazareth / Loud & Proud 41-disc box

John Lennon / Imagine 4CD + 2 x blu-ray super deluxe

Depeche Mode / Construction Time Again 12-inch singles box

Some Great Reward, A Broken Frame and Speak and Spell 12-inch boxes also in the deal. So is the 3 x DVD Video Singles Collection.

Jean Michel Jarre / Planet Jarre

Jean Michel Jarre / Planet Jarre 2CD + 2MC box

Oxygene Trilogy box also in the deal

Roxy Music 3CD+DVD super deluxe

Yes / The Studio Albums 1969-1987 12CD box

Marillion / Clutching at Straws 4CD+blu-ray

Donald Fagen / Cheap Xmas: Donald Fagen Complete 7LP box

Pet Shop Boys / Please: Further Listening  2CD remaster

Actually, Introspective, Behaviour, Very, Bilingual and Nightlife 2CD sets also in the deal.

Sweet / Are You Ready? The RCA Era / vinyl box set

Sweet / Are You Ready? The RCA Era 7LP vinyl box

The Rollling Stones / Studio Collection 1971-2016 20LP set

All albums half-speed mastered!

Yes / The Steven Wilson Remixes 6LP set

Guns N’ Roses / Appetite for Destruction ‘locked n’ Loaded mega set

‘Standard’ super deluxe also in the deal

George Harrison / The Complete Collection / 16LP vinyl box set

George Harrison / The Vinyl Collection 18LP box

The Who / Quadrophenia: Live in London

This 2CD+DVD+2 x blu-ray set is the only place to get the Quadrophenia album IN FULL as a 5.1 mix!

Queen / Bohemian Rhapsody 2LP vinyl

Whitenake / Unzipped 5CD+DVD box set

Neil Diamond / 50th anniversary collectors’ edition 6CD set

The Moody Blues / In Search of the Lost Chord 3CD+ 2DVD box set

Rush  / Hemispheres 40th anniversary  2CD+blu-ray+3LP box set

Simple Minds / Once Upon A Time six-disc super deluxe edition box

Simple Minds / Once Upon A Time  5CD+DVD super deluxe

U2 / The Joshua Tree / super deluxe edition

U2 / The Joshua Tree 7LP vinyl box set

Vangelis / Nocture: The Piano Album vinyl LP

CD edition also in the deal

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Dibyaroop Ghosh

This time i refrained from this deal….reason? Shipping……the particular problem with Amazon Germany is shipping….in case i choose standard delivery, they would charge me around 14 Euros (shipping and packaging, which is still ok) and send via Deutsche post…..but lately they have started sending shipments thru DHL even for standard delivery and DHL apart from the 14 Euros charges hefty fees under 3-4 different heads starting from customs duty, tax on duty, surcharge on tax, disbursement fee and more taxes……thats adds to almost 50% of my original order value….sad but true…..i would prefer regular post that Amazon UK does….in case it sneaks out i’m lucky….else regular post can attract customs duty too but i have been lucky so far….hence Amazon germany is not on my watchlist anymore….any thoughts are welcome….cheers

Jussi Pukkila

I relented and ordered the Bush CD box sets, despite of dropouts and inconsistencies in packaging. They are what they are. I hope I get the glossy versions… Third item was a Bowie 13-LP box, for a friend. We split the reduction, so I get the boxes for about 95€. For it I get one (1) track I don’t already have + the 3 ‘new’ alternate edits. Yey. Well, they will look good in CD shelf, all nice and neat. All should arrive in a few days. Oh the fish boxes, I almost forgot! Maybe I can store fish in them..?


If the big Elvis 1968 box is too much for you, Wal Mart has an in-store deal for $14.99 where you get the best of disc with 3 bonus tracks plus a DVD that has a lot of the TV show. A great deal in the USA.


Noooooo ! I received the alert but I was busy all week-end so I waited until monday to buy a few box sets (mainly Kate Bush). As I read “This deal runs until Monday 18 February”, I thought this would end today at midnight ?

It ended earlier than expected or did I make a mistake when I read it and from the beginning it was supposed to end monday in the morning ?


To me it was quite clear that it would most certainly end today morning at 8:00 British time because that was the time that Media Markt stated when offering this in their newsletter last Thursday.

I included that information in my comment i wrote on Friday morning to be published beneath last weeks “This weeks deals…” post, but while writing it Paul’s 3-for-2-post was published and so i figured that my info wasn’t necessary any more and did not send my post.

Keep in mind if Media Markt and Saturn have offers like this which end on a Monday that they will almost always end in the morning because that’s usual practice for offers from their weekend-newsletter.

Sorry for any invonvenience.

andrew R

Has finished as of this morning.

Chris Squires

Awww, well that was fun, they always are. Felt like the Gold Rush.

15 things all already turned up within 48 hours. Annoyingly delivered on a Sunday whilst the missus was in…couldn’t say it was all cat litter and bin bags.

Back to watching individual fluctuations…

The Golden Age Of SDE Updates

The Kinks Village Green Super Deluxe Box Set £84.44 including shipping and import tax over at Amazon USA.

Neil Kelly

I asked above but will ask again as no answer…

How come i couldn’t buy 2 copies of one of the HoJo box sets to make my three items?
Nothing else i want so would’ve just kept an extra one and maybe sold it in the future.

Paul Taylor

I’d suggest you contact Amazon directly. There’s a chance it may be similar to the HMV specials that are limited to one per customer. However since I don’t work for them that’s obviously not a definitive answer.


Sometimes they have restrictions on the number of items one can purchase during these deals, possibly to discourage scalpers and give everyone a chance – imagine someone buying 70 of those HoJo boxes at a time in order to resell them and exhausting the whole stock. In some deals you are limited to 1 copy per customer. For some higher cost items there is a limit even in normal circumstances (like 3 copies per customer).


Because most items in this offer are limited to one per customer.

Tom m hans

Didn’t work for me either, maybe ask amazon or have offer fine print Google translated.

Stuart Ansell

Thanks Paul, I just saved over £200 on the 3 Metallica boxes I haven’t got (the first 3 albums). I got the … ‘And justice for all’ box last year and it’s such a wonderfully well put together set that I was gutted I missed the earlier sets when they came out! So that’s me well happy.

If my missus asks, they were £20 each – I can rely on you all to back me up, can’t I?

Regan Judson

All 6 Cardigans vinyl releases delivered to the U.S. for $107 is a great deal considering several of these are listed at $30 or more on Amazon U.S.! Thanks guys!

Marcel F G Rijs

Thank you very much Paul. Those Howard Jones boxsets suddenly didn’t seem so expensive anymore. And to top it off, that Beatles White Album box set. What a bargain.


Anyone got the link for the ‘sort by artist’ view? Ta.

Jimmy Jones

Order two Howard Jones box sets on Friday at standard post rate, received both on Saturday to the UK.

I’m glad I got these at roughly £65 each because at over £100, I believe it’s over priced. The box is so big for the contents inside, you think it’s going to be really heavy but it’s as light as a feather.

They could have saved some more money by excluding the novelty items like reproduction album print, pin badges and reproduction tour programme and concentrated on the music.
A deluxe 5 disc box set 3CD + 2DVD without vinyl and novelty items could be priced at £50-60.

I guess the record company believes it doesn’t matter what price bracket they sell these at, it will sell the same amount of copies.

David M

3 CDs and 2 DVDs? More like 30 pounds.

Dean F

Rush Hemispheres (2CD)
Wings – Red Rose Speedway (2CD)
Nick Cave – Lovely Creatures (3CD +DVD)

The Nick Cave box set is silly money on Amazon UK but only €18.99. Got the whole lot for €37 incl. postage.

Chris Squires

Dean, if you search for the box set of Nick Cave Lovely Creatures it takes you to a page where it is indeed £109.49 but if you search for the Super Deluxe Edition it will take you here where it is £45.56. Seeing as it was launched at £38 that isn’t too bad.

It is one of the better box sets from 2017.

Brian Scott

xymox970, you should be able to select cd and then sort on price, low to high. Worked nicely for me on vinyl


looking for some advice re: returning items to Amazon Germany.
i ordered the Kinks boxset last week and when i checked it today i noticed the book has damage on the top and the box containing the cd’s is also damaged along the top.

All was going well when completing the returns form but when i got near to the end it says they will refund me postage up to 8.40 euros. for a heavy box like this that will not cover the cost of postage so i was wondering what experience they have had when returning heavy items such as box sets to Amazon Germany – will they refund the actual cost? will they arrange to collect it (thereby saving me the postage?)

Roel Glas

@ Cliff. Whilst I haven’t returned anything to DE, I have to FR (I live in Aust). I had to return Rolling Stones Vinyl mono Box. Their refund policy was up to 16 euro & actual postage was 45 euro. Before using self service returns, I suggest you first find out how much the actual return postage is, then contact DE customer service to see if they will reimburse you full costs. That’s what I did with FR and they agreed (in writing) to reimburse full return costs. Only downside was that I had to pay the costs first, when they received the returned item, they then reimbursed me full costs. In other instances, Amazon may deem the return costs to be too great & let you keep the item & send you a replacement anyway. Good luck

Matthew Holbrook

Cliff. I’ve been through this myself. When I was sent incorrect items and an obviously used one on an Amazon.de deal last year. I got hold of a brilliant customer services person and she made sure I was more than fully compensated. It can take quite a while for returns to be processed but it should all work out in the end.


Cliff, google the phone number for Amazon.de customer service. Then call them and explain. Whenever I had an issue w any Amazon, they told me to keep the old damaged item and sent me a new one or gave me a discount credit. Either way, they are incredibly helpful and accommodating.

Lasse Bust Hansen

I have tried to return several items to Amazon.de. You will have to write to them, sometimes with a picture of the recipe for the postage, to get the full amount in return. But the always return the full amount then.


Cliff, it happened to me with another box set, I did chat with them explaining that 8.40€ woundln’t have covered the costs. I ended up getting full refund of shipping just sending them a picture of the receipt once sent back.


I am trying to match Alison Moyet – Raindancing (2CD) for 4.99E with some others in the same price category. It is really time-consuming to go through the whole list of items in this deal.

Any suggestions ?

Dave H

Put the list in order of low to high and you’ll be able to group all the same price items together.

Brian Scott

My excuse is it’s my birthday soon …

So couldn’t resist the chance to use this deal to finally nab a few classics on vinyl that I’d been thinking about for a while now, to replace some well worn original copies. Placed 3 orders, as follows, including a very reasonable marginal extra cost for delivery on Monday:

Genesis – Lamb Lies Down Broadway
Madonna – Music (coloured)
Led Zep – Physical Graffiti

Deep Purple – Machine Head (coloured)
Genesis – Selling England
Pink – I’m Not Dead (coloured)

Beatles – White Album
Kate III
Kate IV

All for a whopping £124 saving vs UK prices (34%)

Thanks again Paul, much appreciated


Got Kate Bush vinyl box sets 1,2 and 4 – ordered yesterday and arrived today! Well chuffed and £70 saved.


Kate Bush vinyl I, II and III received (in the UK) 18 hours from ordering.

Steven Roberts

Sad to think this might be the last 3-for-2 that offers real value for money for us UK residents – if Brexit actually happens…..

Juha E.

Thanks Paul! Got myself a very good set:

Confessin’ The Blues (Deluxe Box Set) (Vinyl LP) 55,22€
Bob Dylan: The Bootleg Series, Vols 1-3 (Vinyl LP) 55,22€
Steve Hackett: Broken Skies Outspread Wings (Ltd. Deluxe 6CD + 2DVD Artbook) 53,13€

Also noticed that the Aretha Franklin and Otis Redding vinyl box sets are in the deal, as well as Gary Moore: Blues and Beyond (4 LP). Hmmm…


The 3 recent double vinyl McCartneys ordered!

Teresa May

Everyone in the UK better make the most of this deal now because by the time Brexit happens, you’ll probably have to pay some extra taxes on the goods.

Oh well, it was good while it lasted being able to find bargains from Amazon Italy, France and Germany with reasonable delivery prices. Only time will tell if there’ll be bargains to have in the future.

Nigel Farage (aka Marc)

I am Swiss. Switzerland is not part of the EU and not part of the customs union. We pay less because our VAT is just 7.7% and not at least 15% like in the EU. So for a Swiss the prices on Amazon.de are always X minus 19% (VAT Germany) plus 7.7% (VAT Switzerland).

Boris Johnson

Yeah, German VAT will be removed when the UK leaves.


Hi Mr. Johnson, as far as i know EU-residents always pay the VAT-rate of their native country when ordering from foreign Amazon.eu-sites. At least that’s the way it works for me in Germany.
If there’ll be a “No-deal-Brexit” i suppose the UK-residents will either be charged the VAT-rate of the EU-country they’re buying from or no VAT at all but will be charged with either the British VAT-rate or customs fees.

Matt Charles

it’s free entertainment, at least >> KNOW a price well,, then notice Amazon have bumped it by 50 bucks for this ‘deal’ — SEE a price, like “loving the ALien”, at 100€ all day, jump to 128€ as people discover the sale — ..Amazon.CON

Chris Squires

Sadly Matt the facts don’t back up your rant.
You can’t just cherry pick a single item that backs up your ideology (Amazon = Bad).
Prices on amazon (all amazons) go up and down all the time and it’s a skill to bag an item at it’s nadir. Just yesterday Ultravox shot up £20 on UK, 50 words for snow shot up £9….. back to where it was after a slow crawl down to £20. Conversely Life in 12 Bars on vinyl dropped down to £41 from £60-odd, the 4 Kate Bush Vinyl boxes bounce between £90 and £58 almost every single day. The SDE of Nick Cave Lovely Creatures had been £95 to £100 for ages and is currently £45 where it has been for the last couple of weeks. It’s all wonderfully random. Like the stock market, it pays to watch and learn.
But to say it’s all a con is just a falsehood. The prices on AM.DE currently are just as variable as UK. None of the 15 items I just bought below are higher on AM.DE than on UK, so even if I bought them at full price from DE I would still make a small saving over buying from UK. So chuck in the 3for2 and I saved over £400. The Kinks for £63.70? How is that a con? Currently £116 on UK and only 99euro on DE before the 3for2. Even of the 9 items I chucked out of my basket (further down the post) only two (Joni Mitchell and Tom Petty) are higher on DE than UK and Donald Fagen is only 75Euro (approx £69) whereas its £100 on UK. Picking that up for approx £50 from DE is the kind of con I am in for.
Yes, amazon has it’s faults (tax issues, worker’s rights etc), but a badly researched rant about prices is very much wide of the mark. Attack it for the faults above (elsewhere please) if you want to go down that route, but just slagging it for it’s pricing policy is just nuts. Particularly if you look at it with an open mind and over a period of time, not just the moment and the product that suits your argument.


You are right, Matt.

Chris Squires

Buyer beware. Matt and Mathias say it’s all a con.
So if you see a bargain, a deal that means you can pick up a great boxset that is normally £100+ for about £60…don’t believe a word of it. Thank God we have you guys to help us….. I almost fell for it. The one bad example you posted proves the whole thing…. how did I miss that?

I honestly despair.


Chris you are correct. Ppl like us who live this stuff (as a hobby, supposedly) know this is complete nonsense. I buy 90% of my music collection from the various Amazons and pride myself on almost always finding the absolute best deal in the lifetime of that product. It’s like a game but Amazon makes it possible. I bought Red Rose Speedway for $83, the White album for €84, GnR’s Appetite For Destruction for £69, Eno’s Music For Installations for £26, Soft Cell’s Keychains for £45, etc. Thanks of course to Paul Deal Alerts. In this 3 for 2 deal, I got Kate Bush (remastered part 2), Howard Jones Humans Lib SDE and McCartney’s Wild Life including shipping for €210. That is €70 per item including shipping to NYC. Amazon deals are real.


Three words for you: SLOW MOVING and STOCK


2 Kate Bush cd remasters boxes and the Dylan more blood, more tracks …great deal

Jörgen Eriksson

I grabbed all of the six The Cardigans vinyls for €97.
Sorry Paul, your deal was ace, but this was slightly better. ;)


Just did the same. What a bargain.


Really wanted The Kinks mono box set but couldn’t find anything to go with it so showed just enough will power to opt out of the shelf busters.
I did have a look at some vinyl though and picked up :
Iron Maiden – Iron Maiden
Iron Maiden – Killers
Iron Maiden – The Number Of The Beast
Iron Maiden – Somewhere In Time
Iron Maiden – Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
Iron Maiden – Powerslave
All for £62.61
Not too shabby!

Just in time

Thanks Paul !

Ordered :
HoJo – 2 x SDE
Bowie – Alien box set
At around £61 each including postage, using my currency fee-free credit card


Kate Bush Remastered Vinyl 3, Donald Fagen Vinyl box set and Beatles White Deluxe Vinyl €164. Very happy with that.

Derek Langsford

This is bad timing for me. Way to busy to go trawling though what’s included. Also, I have most of the things I’d want that Paul highlights and I have no interest in vinyl (thank goodness – would go bankrupt). Already have the Heaven 17 box on pre-order and want to keep money reserved for what might come out later this year (TFF TSoL please please, promised OMD 40th Box).


Got 2 Hojo super deluxe box and David Bowie’s Loving the alien cd box, shipped to US, all in for US$214.65. I’ve been holding out for this deal and I’m glad I’ve waited. Thanks Paul


snagged the two Howard Jones deluxes and the deluxe White album for approx £215 total. yey! hundred quid saving.


Won’t deliver to Ireland on any I selected. ??


Hi Eoghan

I’ve used Amazon DE before and they’re usually very good. I checked 3 boxes out of curiosity and no problem with delivery.
You can set the page to English to make it easier to navigate


Thanks for the head’s up…if you do some digging there are other boxes that qualify even if they don’t have the 3-for-1 designation.
I managed to snag
The Beatles white album 4lp vinyl €72.19
Jimi Hendrix Electric ladyland vinyl box €101.68
Jimi Hendrix Experience 8-LP vinyl box €101.68

For €197.85

Great deal. Thanks again

Chris Squires

All prices include postage to the UK and amazon’s euro conversion rate of 91.6%
All boxes are vinyl or mixed media sets.

Howard Jones – Dream into action £63.70
The Kinks – Village Green £63.70
Jimi Hendrix collection £63.70

ELO – The Singles £62.95
Howard Jones – Human’s Lib £62.95
Chic – Organization £62.95

Kate Bush – IV £51.12
Marillion – Clutching at Straws £51.12
Jean Michel Jarre – Planet Jarre £51.12

Depeche Mode – Construction Time Again £49.58
Depeche Mode – Some Great Reward £49.58
Yazoo – Four Pieces £49.58

Fleetwood Mac – Don’t Stop £41.21
Kate Bush – III £41.21
Depeche Mode – A Broken Frame £41.21

By breaking things up into 3 closely priced sets I think I got some real bargains. Having not really bought anythings since early December bar Paul Young I had been getting an itchy trigger finger. I know it was £805 but some good prices there and if anyone likes the blocks they are a good example of pricing in threes. KB III for £41.21 and the two HoJos for £63 each make me happiest.

That’s me done for quite a while I think……


As an UK Amazon Prime member, does anyone know if I can get free shipping from Amazon Germany?
I get shown shipping charges when I get to checkout. Thanks

Chris Squires

All of the above came in at £23.30, which for 15 multi disc (very heavy) sets from Germany to UK is not too bad. (£1.55 each)


Shipping is very good.
McCartney Pure (4cd)
Wild Life (2cd)
Red Rose Speedway (2cd)
All for £46 saving £20 compared to Amazon UK. Very pleased


I spend hours doing exactly the same thing Chris. Only difference is i talk myself out of it after putting the items in and out of my basket 5 or 6 times.
I used to be indecisive but i’m not so sure now….

Chris Squires

Believe it or not Carlos I took 9 things out to get it down to 15.
Removed were:
Joni Mitchell – Love has many Faces (already got but it worked out at £90)
Tom Petty – American treasure (£90)
Beatles (white album) CD version (£90) Already have 4LP Vinyl version
Breaking Bad (5×10) (already got – but down to £56)
Hamilton Soundtrack (£56)
Joe Strummer 001 SDE (£56)
Soft Cell Keychains – already got (£56) pretty certain it will contain the bad DVD
Donald Fagen Cheap Xmas (already got £56)
Lord of the Rings – Fellowship on Blu-ray (already got vinyl £56)

All of those are cheaper than I have seen any of them before, but by the time I came to my senses and removed the items I already had the others didn’t match up close enough and I can live without Joe Strummer and Hamilton. It’s hard to say no to something as brilliant as Cheap Xmas which is a 7LP set for £56, even though I already have one…the price is calling, but not loud enough, this time.

I think we named it in December 2017 – The 3for2 Hokey Cokey

mark adams

Hi Chris
i cant seem to get and want bad
Yazoo vinyl box
Heaven 17 box
simple minds 7 disc box
Must the two HoJo boxes
think you just got these
you got loads


So Chris, you held out on buying the third Kate Bush box for not so long? It really only was a matter of time and the right deal – well done. That’s one less item to contemplate the ‘will I or won’t I’ conundrum, knowing full well it was always going to happen.

Good luck getting around to playing it all. I’ve so much stuff that hasn’t yet left the cellophane wrapper that really needs to get played; still it is great to own music that sounds brilliant and may not one day be available on streaming services, or isn’t on it now.


Chris Squires

You are right Quante, you remembered me saying just that from the KB thread. But at under £42 delivered it was irresistible.
I agree with you, we have time. I don’t “listen” to music on Spotify so if decent physical box sets get harder to come by over the next decade, and I think they will, people who are here now will have some lovely things to open, to feel, to read and ultimately to listen to in high quality over the next few years.


For any Metallica fans, all 4 of the massive album boxes are in this deal at reasonable prices compared to elsewhere. I’m just missing AJFA but can’t really justify buying anything else at the moment (packing up to move house and have just got told off for the amount of boxsets appearing out of every cupboard to be packed up).


The Depeche Mode Some Great Reward box set is also in the deal, but for some reason doesn’t show up in the search results.

The Golden Age Of Macca Rip Offs

I`ve just spent over 300 English Quids on a bloody suitcase!!!

So might as well sink a bit further!




I want the Roxy Music set and Kate Bush III but the only other deluxified stuff I’ve been waiting to drop in the last year (Suede 25 and Tame Impala Currents Deluxe) are not in this offer. And Roxy is still at a high price in this offer, will have to bide my time some more…


Re Quadrophenia, the single blu ray audio disc is no longer available?


Shame, glad I grabbed it when I did, one if my most played discs, truly great.

Neil Kelly

Do i take a punt on the HoJo releases? Trouble is nothing else worth my while in the deal for me. So it would be get an extra copy of i guess the first set and look to sell it on in the future.

Scrub that just went to see price whilst i left this up and low and behold you’re not allowed to order two. That’s the end of that i guess!

Ronn van Etten

Too bad I just received Red Rose Speedway. Otherwise I would be very tempted for RRS WWL an ES….
But … still going to have a look… ;-)


Ronn, in a moment of temporary insanity I bought the Howard Jones Box Sets for $90 and $100 each (even though I swore I wouldn’t buy them because they lack a 5.1 mix). I decided to order them again now with the 3 for 2 so that when I get them, I will sell them on Ebay for regular price (around $90 or $100) so that way I will pocket the difference and still “get” the discount. May be an idea for your dilemma?


I do love your website paul but my wife told me before xmas if i did’nt stop buying music she would leave me!!! I do miss her but find the extra storage space for my cds great☺

Neil Kelly

Made me lol well done. Love it!

Chris Squires

The great Les Dawson would have wholeheartedly approved…..

The Golden Age Of Matrimonial Relationships.

Hur, hur, hur, `ave an up Daz.


Comment of the year. This made me LOL as well!!


Kate Bush remastered in vinyl III is in the deal but it’s listed as “III” rather than Remastered III. Thanks for the heads up, just bought Kate Bush I, II and III.

Martin Power

Thanks Paul – Been waiting to see if this one would drop. As always thanks for the heads up

Jimi Hendrix Vinyl
Kinks Vinyl
Beatles SDE
All for £218.29 delivered


Bank teller: “Can I help you?”
You: “Yes, I need a short term loan.”
Bank teller: “What for, may I ask?”
You: “Oh Amazon in Germany is having a 3 for the price of 2 box set sale.”
Bank teller: “Yes? Do tell.”


The Kate Bush vinyl box sets are all in the deal, including number three which is at a standard low price of € 63 !!! Nevermind, I have all of them already.
Bought the 2 Howard Jones box sets plus the Breaking Bad vinyl box set (5X10″). Also bought 6 other LP’s including the red vinyl of ‘At Budokan’ by Cheap Trick and a triple live album from Paolo Conte I didn’t even know about.

Dave H

Thanks for the alert Paul.

I know sometimes the German prices can be higher or certain items but the two Howard Jones box sets are at a lower price at Amazon Germany so it’s a no brainer to buy these two.
Added the Elvis 68′ box set, fortunately I never bought the previous deluxe edition so I can’t have any complaints about it.

eric slangen

Only works one time for me.

hendry doran

3 McCartney deluxe box sets worked out cheaper at Amazon.com, charges included.
Amazon.de have substantially increased their normal selling prices on several vinyl and cd products. However I’m sure there are bargains to be found amongst a huge selection of artists