German 3-for-€25 is back

One of our favourite deals returns with Amazon Germany and their 3 CDs for €25 promotion. It includes triple-CD, SACDs, 5CD albums collections with loads of great artists. Here is the main list or check out the SDE curated selection below. There is also a handy full A to Z list of artists in the deal. As long as you add multiples of three to your basket the offer should work automatically. This deal started yesterday.

Rush / 2112 2CD+DVD

Crowded House / Together Alone 2CD deluxe

Crowded House 2CD, Afterglow 2CD and Intriguer 2CD also in the deal

Guns N’ Roses / Appetite For Destruction 2CD deluxe

Paul McCartney / Pure McCartney 2CD

The Moody Blues / Days of Future Passed 2CD+DVD

Includes 5.1 Mix

Tori Amos / Native Invader deluxe CD

Hardcover packaging, two bonus tracks.

David Bowie  2CD deluxe

Paul McCartney & Wings / Venus and Mars 2CD deluxe

Lots more Macca in the deal

Rush / A Farewell to Kings 3CD deluxe

ABBA / The Visitors Deluxe Edition / Coming in April

ABBA / The Visitors deluxe edition

a-ha / Analogue + Foot of the Mountain 2-for-1

REM / Out Of Time 2CD deluxe

The Who / Live at the Fillmore East 1968 2CD

Smashing Pumpkins / Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness 2CD deluxe

Eric Clapton / 461 Ocean Boulevard 2CD deluxe

Billy Idol / Very Best Of CD+DVD deluxe

Supertramp/ Crime of the Century 2CD deluxe

Peter Gabriel / So Super Deluxe Edition

Peter Gabriel / So 3CD deluxe

Vangelis / Blade Runner 3CD 25th anniversary

Kim Wilde / Close 2CD deluxe

Gary Moore / 5 Album Set 5CD set

Eddie and The Hot Rods / The Island Years 6CD set

Genesis / R-Kive 3CD set

INXS / The Very Best 2CD+DVD

Paul McCartney / Good Evening New York City 2CD+DVD

a-ha / MTV Unplugged: Summer Solstice - 2CD+Blu-ray

a-ha / MTV Unplugged: Summer Solstice 2CD+DVD

Roxy Music / 5 Album Set 5CD

Features Siren, Viva Roxy Music, Manifesto, Flesh And Blood, Heart Still Beating.

George Harrison / All Things Must Pass 2CD 

This is the 2001 reissue, with some bonus tracks, not the more recent one.

Placebo / MTV Unplugged CD+DVD+blu-ray

Dire Straits / Brothers in Arms SACD

Dire Straits / Brothers in Arms SACD

U2 / The Joshua Tree 30th anniversary 2CD deluxe

Black Sabbath / The End: Live in Birmingham 2CD

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Placed a second order just yesterday and it’s arriving today! It’s clear these are coming from a UK warehouse fulfilling on behalf of Amazon Germany. With that in mind I wonder why they don’t extend free shipping to these orders?

If anyone needs another to make up the three, I would recommend the Deluxe of Big Country’s The Crossing. Sadly Steeltown Deluxe is not in the deal.


Can anybody buy the “a-ha / MTV Unplugged: Summer Solstice 2CD+DVD” as a part of thss offer?`
It looks like it is in this offer on the amazon.de-page – but there is no option for Amazon.de as a supplier?


Sold out from Amazon De but there are a couple of copies, used and new, for @ the same price on Amazon UK.


Just ordered :
– Massive Attack – mezzanine (2 cd)
– The Supremes – a’ go-go (expanded edition) (2 cd)
– Blue Note – blue break beats (3cd)

Thanx again, Paul !

(useful keywords : deluxe, limited, doppel-cd, remastered, anniversary, …)

yves vandezande

they didn’t accept the Weller@BBC for the 3 for 25. no matter, plenty of others. plus Eddie & the Hot Rods 6 cd for 14 Euro.


Lambchop – Nixon (Deluxe Edition)
Marvine Gaye – Let’s Get It On (Deluxe Edition)
The Beach Boy – 1967: Sunshine Tomorrow

£26.08 delivered, a €21 saving!

adam shaw

I picked 3 from the offer list but on checkout just before you click pay it shows full price ?
Help !


It’s probably because one of your 3 items is not sold by Amazon but a third party seller. Sometimes it defaults to a third party seller if Amazon is sold out.
Although I have to admit it’s a bit glitchy, I tried 2 different ways of collecting the 3 for 25 before it finally worked with the 3rd one. Even though it clearly said all 3 items were sold by Amazon Europe, it didn’t work. Make sure all 3 items are sold by Amazon Europe otherwise just play around and select some other titles you like. That’s what I did and eventually it worked.

adam shaw

Hi , thanks .
I’ve done that now .


Thank you for the Deal Alert!
bought these 3:
Sakamoto,Ryuichi – Playing The Piano (Deluxe Edition Feat.’Out Of Noise’)
Eddie & the Hot Rods – The Island Years (6cd Box)
Massive Attack – Mezzanine (Remastered Deluxe)

also added the Oxygene Trilogy for 8.99
Unfortunately amazon.de only lists 306 items each time you click on the link for the ‘3 for 25’ deal. To discover more discs on offer you can play with the ‘sort’ buttons (most expensive first, best rated first, etc.) or enter ‘deluxe’ or ‘ltd’ into the search bar on that page…

Mad Earwig

Was pleased with this offer again.

Ordered Rush ‘A Farewell to Kings’ triple which was a lot cheaper than amazon UK, added Pearl Jam DVD/CD set ‘Lets Play Two’ and effectively got latest Bob Seger ” I Knew You When’ deluxe edition free.

Had been waiting for the Rush to go below the typical £20 mark so glad to go.



Amazon.de at the moment (just today) has ‘The Beatles Remastered Stereo Boxset 16 CD + DVD’ on offer for 105,97 EUR


Also on offer just for today in Amazon.de:

Bruce Springsteen / On Broadway (2-CD-pre-order) EUR 14
A-ha / MTV Unplugged – Summer Solstice (Fanbox)
includes 2-CD, DVD and BluRay plus a bigger book than the standard Edition EUR 24
Guns’n Roses /Appetite For Destruction – Locked’n Loaded Mega-Box EUR 765

Also available just for today are lots of box-sets with classical music.

For at least the rest of this week you can get the
Oxygene-Trilogy-box (3-CD-Edition) by Jean Michel Jarre for EUR 9.


Thanks Klaus. Due to your earlier post I realized that Massive Attack’s Mezzanine 2cd Deluxe was part of this deal so I got that with the Supertramp “Crime Of The Century” 2cd and the Placebo “Unplugged CD+DVD+Blu-Ray box”. 7 discs for only $25.

I love the a-Ha MTV Unplugged Fan Box but keep in mind the DVD/Blu-Ray are in stereo, not 5.1. I found that very disappointing. To avoid aggravation, I never play it. Just listen to the cd’s. I hope the Placebo Unplugged DVD/Blu-Ray are in 5.1.



As always, you’re welcome. It took me a while to figure out, but according to Austrian website dvd-forum.at at least the Blu-Ray in the Placebo-MTV-box seems to have a 5.1-audiotrack.


That is GREAT news Klaus, thank you!!

Graham Turner

Thanks Paul. Is there any indication as to how long this offer will last?


Hi Graham, the site currently states the offer is valid until Dec. 14th, but out of my experience, if there are things you REALLY want you shouldn’t wait too long with your order because it also is only valid until stock lasts for some items.


CDs “have very little or zero collector value in term of collectibility or price.”
Sure, look at the Sandy Denny Complete Box……….

tom m hans

Or the Tony Joe White Rhino Handmade Box Set. Swamp Music – The complete Monument Recordings.

Stuart S

Many thanks once again for the heads up Paul.
Rush – AFTK 3CD
Jellyfish – Bellybutton 2CD
Jellyfish – Spilt Milk 2CD.
All for just over £26 to the UK – nice!

Admittedly many of the Jellyfish bonus tracks are on the Fan Club box but still nice to have the reissues!


Thanks SDE! I snagged a Crowded House deluxe (‘Temple of Low Men’) and 2 of the Paul McCartney 2cd reissues (‘Ram’ and ‘Pipes of Peace’).

Alan B

Even though the CD has been the dominant format for 30 years the vast majority of them have very little or zero collector value in term of collectibility or price. Even long out print CDs that were never issued in any other format are worth less than the price you paid when they were released. Vinyl on the other hand is a much more collectible format. Even the most rare CDs are worth nowhere near a vinyl equivalent.


There’s still a market for some CDs. In the past year I’ve sold two CDs – a promo CD that was produced for The Complete Smiths for £50 and a Winchester Hospital Radio library compilation for £90. The bottom line is that music is for listening to. I’ve got some CDs that I’d struggle to even give away but to me they’re priceless.


Think you are wrong, Alan B.

In the last couple of weeks, I have sold 9cds for approximately £200 on eBay. Like vinyl, I just think it depends on the artist you are selling and how rare the item is.

Alan B

I wish I was wrong. I have thousands of CDs which I treasure. Look on Discogs and the selling price difference of CDs versus equivalent vinyl is startling. Of course there are valuable CDs out there but there are heck of a lot more vinyl ones. I’d wager if you did a top 1000 most valuable records list there would be very few CDs (if any) on it. Vinyl would dominate.


And your point is what exactly? I have never seen music whether on CD, tape, 8-track or vinyl as ‘an investment’. I buy it to enjoy it not to put on a shelf like some bottle of wine hoping in 30 years time it will have gone up in price. I for one couldn’t give two hoots that my CD collection is worth less than when I bought the discs as I have no intention of selling it.


You can’t compare like that. Thé CD format started in 1984 and 10 years later, there was a CD player in every home, most people sold their vinyl collection in order to buy CDs. The format was cool : digital, modern, smaller, easier to produce, better sound (according to record companies marketing départements), replaceable slip cases, etc. In 1993, record companies started to produce only CDs for most artists (except for techno and electronic music) and for the rest, there was mass production for CDs but very limited quantities for LP vinyl. For exemple, if you bought Bridges to Babylon (Rolling Stones) in 1997 then tour vinyl copy’s worth £100+ but if you bought the CD version it’s worth almost nothing!. Conversely if you bought Brothers in arms or Born in the USA on vinyl in 1984 then your vinyl copy won’t carry much value, you can buy those for €2. There’s obviously the supply and demand factor but vinyl is truly a collectors item because it’s still art. On the other hand, CDs are products and cheap. Probably due to the fact it’s smaller, there’s a booklet inside and you can replace the slipcase. Since the mid-90s, vinyl has been a niche. Even though it started to become cool again 10 years ago, vinyl production will never reach CDs ceiling so it will remain a niche and vinyl LP will generally carry higher value. Some CDs have value if they’re rare but vinyl started to become rare 25 years ago and that’s why you can’t compare 2 albums and the value of the CD version vs vinyl LP version. I don’t know your age but if you started to buy CDs 20 years ago and only have CDs then I guess the value of your 1000+ collection won’t be very high. I understand the disappointment but you probably bought CDs that were produced by hundred of thousands or even millions and thus don’t carry a lot of value on the market.


I only buy CDs to listen to them and I don’t see them as an investment, so resale value is of no interest to me whatsoever.

Chris Squires

And your point is? So what! Would be my answer. I could name just as many vinyl albums that you would struggle to give away to a charity shop and hundreds of CDs that are worth a fortune.
It is one of the most pointless arguments you could possibly try to make. We are supposed to be supporting all physical formats here on SDE not trying to score points with a poorly argued point. What has CD being the dominant format got to do with anything. Vinyl has been around a lot longer…. again so what. I have many a CD in my collection worth a lot more than many of my records….
I would ask you what are you trying to say and what are you hoping to achieve by saying it here?

Alan B

I am speaking from the point of view as a collector. I have around 5000 vinyl and CDs. I love listening to music but I am also a collector. I accept the point of those who only buy CDs etc to listen to music and have no interest in their value or of selling them in future. That’s your choice and it is a valid one. But there are people like me who are collectors too. That’s why Record Collector magazine exists, there are Record Fairs and a thriving market on Discogs and Ebay etc.
For my favourite artists I try to collect as many variations as possible – promos, rare foreign pressings etc. For me listening to and collecting music is a pleasure AND a hobby. I just love tracking down that elusive promo I’ve been after for years.

From that perspective my observation is that in terms of collectability vinyl is much more collectable than CD. CD has been around for 30 years and that is enough time to determine a long term level in terms of value, and is therefore not a niche. I have been surprised at how un-collectable (from a collector’s point of view) CD is generally speaking. Of course there are valuable CDs out there but I’m talking generally. Look at the collectable artists over the last 30 years (during the CD era) – Madonna and U2 for example. Draw up a list of their most collectable (and therefore most valuable) releases and the vast majority will be vinyl. If you are not a collector this is irrelevant of course and I accept that but my point was taken from a collector’s point of view.


I think your comparison would change if you ruled out any vinyl produced before 1985 approximately when CDs were first issued. Allow some time for rarity to accumulate on items completely out of print and I thin things may change. There will always be completists out there. Even some recent CD editions don’t replicate earlier ones, for example the latest Beatles White CD package doesn’t have the mini set of portraits included with the 30th Anniversary edition. I only worry about price when it comes to affordability, I’ll let my kids worry about future values with their inheiritance


True. But I buy music not as an investment. I buy it just to enjoy. And who knows what the value of CDs will be in 10, 20 or 50 years?

Stan Butler

What relevance this has to the Amazon Germany sale is hard to know. Maybe some of us buy CDs because it’s our preferred format to listen to music on.

Mad Earwig

I tend to buy my Cd’s because I love the music (or to be a bit completist)

Do not really care about ‘collectable value’ as it is a hobby and a lifelong enjoyable journey.

I have rare Tangerine Dream albums I wouldn’t get rid of unless I was destitute (and not before copying them) and I have Neil Young albums probably fetching £2 at a boot fair….still want to keep them.

If you are buying CD’s as part of an investment and way to make money at a later date, I’d suggest you need a new Hi-Fi.


For those interested in new releases: I did (amongst several others of course) an order including Van Morrison’s new album “The Prophet Speaks” (to be released on Dec. 7th), the 2CD-DE of Massive Attack’s “Mezzanine” (to be released in Jan. 2019) and the just released St Vincent-companion album “Masseducation”. Btw, “Masseduction” is not part of any special offer on Amazon.de but on its own available for EUR 8.
Also interesting for fans of German 70s/80s-band Grobschnitt is that you can get the complete audio-content of their 2016-box “79:10” (now deleted and rather expensive) via the current deals “3-for-€25” (the three double-cds from the box) and “3-for-€15″ (the eleven stand-alone cds) adding up to a mere €85 for the lot. Okay, you miss out on the 12”-sized box and special booklet and some other goodies (posters etc.) but this way its only about half the original RRP for the box and about 200€ cheaper than current third party-sellers offers for it.


Thanks Paul! I’ve made 3 purchases (you can’t just add 6 items included in the offer and have the deal applied twice). There are some really good deals, like Let’s Play Two (Pearl jam), Meliora + Popestar (Ghost), Wings over America, Tug of war & Pipes of peace (Paul McCartney), R40 (Rush), Rebel heart Tour (Madonna), Super Trouper Deluxe Edition (ABBA), etc. etc.

Phil Wilson

I did the same, ordered 6, but had to split it over 2 orders. if you email customer service they credit you the extra shipping you paid.


It’s just a pity there is no PSB this time as i would have picked up the last three reissues for this price. Amazon Germany is just as bad as the UK regarding the search function with things being hidden. I know you provided an a-z list there Paul but when you click on an artist half the releases are missing. Just as well you provided direct links.

Wayne Olsen

I am trying to stay true to my pledge of nothing until 2019. Still have 15 things on their way. Darn!


Tried out the 3 for 25 and it does not appear to work. Is it a European thing only as I’m in Canada?



I think it’s open to everyone, but you can’t add up multiples of three anymore. You have to order packages of three to get the full discount. As that might come costly for p&p you can try to contact Amazon.de and ask if they can put all your orders in one parcel and give you discount in p&p as well. Looking at the comments of non-German SDE-readers on earlier deals like this it should work out that way.

Peter Piazza

No it’s not – we can’t get this deal in Australia!

Marcel Rijs

I can really recommend the Black ‘Wonderful Life’ 2cd in this deal. A classic album with superb bonus material added.

Alan Mitchell

“This item does not ship to the UK mainland”

That’s what it says on my screen :(

Chris Squires

My guess there is that somehow one of the items in your basket is from a third party seller. I have had that before where you think it is a bargain only to find out the German seller does not ship to UK. Everything Amazon.DE sells is available to the UK if it is amazon supplied. It’ll more than likely come from a UK warehouse anyway, maybe not these small CDs but many big boxes do.


Does anyone know if the EU version of the INXS 2CD + DVD release has a PAL or NTSC DVD?


The Dvd in the Inxs 2cd/dvd says nothing- i took a look at my copy.
It works at my pionner bluray-player, so it works with PAL, for I’m from Germany.


PAL or NTSC has nothing to do with whether or not it will work in your DVD or Blu-ray player that’s region coding.


They had a 15€ for 3 CDs sale about two weeks ago, I’ve collected Dire Straits studio albums. (I’m not sure, that 2CD releases and other else were on sale then.)

Cosmo Castanza

Many thanks Paul …… 5 Roxy Albums , triple Bladerunner soundtrack and All Things Must Pass purchased……

Rare Glam

Be aware that the Eddy & Hotrods set has a fault on Disc 2 track 16 two thirds in where a lot of interfering white noise occurs for 15 seconds or so. Label Caroline International are aware and say they are expecting replacement sets mid December.

Marky D

This is hopefully good news for those of us who have already purchased the Eddie and the Hot Rods set. Please let us know if you hear any more about how to obtain replacement.