German 5-for-3 DEAL on music

LAST DAY OF THE DEAL. Manics, Kylie & more added…

Superb deal today as Amazon Germany match local competitor Saturn, with a 5-for-3 deal on physical music (and blu-rays/DVD).

The trick is finding the great titles, and so you can browse through the entire list, or take a look below at some SDE recommendations (a mix of CD and vinyl) which included Fleetwood Mac, Kate Bush, The Beatles, Wire, The Velvet Underground, David Bowie and more. Or here’s an A to Z of artists that have products in the deal!!

The selection isn’t as extensive as we’ve seen before but this deal will allow you to save the equivalent of 40 percent if you buy five items (or any multiple of five). Items must be for sale via Amazon.de (not marketplace)

Wire/ Pink Flag deluxe 2CD reissue€29.99

3CD Chairs Missing and 154 also in the deal

Manic Street Preachers / Resistance is Futile vinyl LP – €19.99

Kylie / Golden deluxe CD – €12. 99

Pink Floyd / Pulse 4LP vinyl box – €119.99

Eurythmics/ Touch vinyl reissue€18.99

This is the new remastered reissue. Also in the deal are  In The Garden and Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This). All three include hi-res downloads.

Pet Shop Boys / Please 2CD further listening 2018 remaster  €16.99

Actually 2CD and Introspective 2CD also in the deal.

Roger Waters / Is This The Life We Really Want 2LP vinyl – €20.99

The Rolling Stones / Hot Rocks 2LP vinyl – €21.99

Fleetwood Mac/ Director’s Cut 3CD deluxe edition – €49.99

3CD+DVD+LP. Features 5.1 mix, demos, live and remaster.

Pink Floyd / The Piper At The Gates of Dawn vinyl  €21.99

Also, Atom Heart Mother, A Saucerful of Secrets and More.

Oasis / Definitely Maybe 2LP remaster – €27.24

(What’s The Story) Morning Glory ? double vinyl also in the deal

Boney M / Diamonds 3CD deluxe – €12.99

53 tracks in the triple disc 40th anniversary set.

Porcupine Tree / Arriving Somewhere 2CD+blu-ray deluxe – €16.99

Vinyl of DeadwingIn Absentia and Fear of a Blank Planet also in the deal

Enigma/ MCMXC A.D. – €19.99

I have this pressing and it’s fantastic! Five other coloured vinyl Enigma releases are in the deal.

Singles soundtrack 2LP+CD deluxe – €21.99

25th anniversary remastered deluxe 2LP with rare tracks and demos on the CD.

Neil Young / Roxy Tonight’s The Night Live vinyl LP – €29.99

Paradox CD also in the deal

The Clash / Hits Back 3LP vinyl box – €31.99

Paul McCartney / RAM vinyl LP – €12.99

The Capitol vinyl reissues. Also in the deal McCartney, McCartney II, Tug Of War, Chaos and Creation in the Backyard and Pipes of Peace.

Bob Dylan / Another Self Portrait (1969-1971)  2CD set – €14.99

Frank Sinatra / Standing Room Only  3CD box set – €27.99

Kate Bush / Director’s Cut 3CD deluxe edition – €21.99

Features album with The Sensual World and unique 2011 remaster of The Red Shoes

Paul Simon / Graceland 25th anniversary single CD – €6.99

Remastered with four bonus tracks, including the excellent ‘Story of Graceland’

The Beatles / Sgt. Pepper 2017 single vinyl  €21.99

50th anniversary vinyl reissue features Giles Martin’s new stereo remix. Revolver stereo vinyl, 1962-1966 vinyl and A Hard Days Night vinyl also in the deal


U2 / The Joshua Tree 2LP vinyl 2017 remaster – €22.99

All That You Can’t Leave Behind, Pop, and Songs of Innocence (double white vinyl) also in the deal.

ABBA / The Album vinyl  €12.99

This is the old ‘Back to Black’ edition, not the recent 40th anniversary version.

Barry White / The Complete 20th Century Singles  3CD deluxe – €18.99

Recent remastered from the original tapes. 43 tracks across three discs.

Led Zeppelin / How The West Was Won 4LP vinyl €78.99

Marillion / Brave 5LP vinyl – €72.24

David Bowie / Scary Monsters 2017 remastered vinyl  €19.99

Legacy double vinyl and Reality black vinyl, also in the deal

Jethro Tull / Heavy Horses Steven Wilson Remix vinyl  €19.99

The Jimi Hendrix Experience / The Purple Box 8LP vinyl box set

The Jimi Hendrix Experience  8LP box – €99.99

The Velvet Underground:  White Light/WhiteHead vinyl €16.99

45th anniversary vinyl

A Concert For George 2CD+2DVD  2017 single vinyl  €27.99

New four-disc combo pack issued in February this year.

Beastie Boys / Ill Communication  vinyl  €20.99

Hello Nasty vinyl also in the deal.

Bruce Springsteen / 18 Tracks  CD edition €6.99

Portishead / Dummy vinyl  LP €12.99

Portishead, Third and Roseland NYC Live

Holger Czukay/ Cinema 5CD+DVD retrospective  – €33.99

Falco / Falco 60  2CD+DVD deluxe – €21.99

Updated cover, new rarities and 2017 tribute concert on DVD.

The Police / Certifiable  3LP set – €31.99

Queen / Greatest Hits II double vinyl  €24.99

A Kind of Magic vinyl, Queen II vinyl and Made in Heaven vinyl all in the deal, too.

Depeche Mode / Spirit 2LP vinyl  €23.99

Loads of Depeche Mode in the deal!

Eagles /  The Studio Albums 1972-1979 6CD box €18.99

Glenn Frey / Above The Clouds 3CD+DVD – €27.99

Human League / Secrets 2CD deluxe €19.67

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Drop Shipper

Such dreadful dispatch times. Over a week for items in stock and still waiting. Germany always seems to take the longest and charge some of the highest international shipping fees too.

Matthew Holbrook

My Amazon order arrived this morning with what looked like a second hand Depeche Mode 101 vinyl and two other Mode albums missing and replaced by Elton John and some other group I’ve never heard of. All three are now on their way back.


Hi Paul is the amazon Germany 5 for 3 deal still in operation today ? thanks


Thanks Paul
Got 4 Pink Floyd 2016 remastered lps + the Hawklords colored lp
Saved 47 euros !
Will wait for the Pulse lp box set to be in a german deal with much more super deluxe lp box sets…



PSB – Actually 2 CD
PSB – Please 2 CD
Steven Wilson – Get All You Deserve 2 CD/Bluray
Porcupine Tree – Arriving Somewhere 2 CD/Bluray
King Crimson – Live In Vienna 3 CD

plus a sixth item out of the deal, PSB – Introspective 2 CD to have the set complete.

15 discs including postage for 65 euros total. I already have the PSB 2001 issues, but for this kind of money I’d like to have new sealed copies! :-D


The promotion on Amazon.de ends tomorrow (included) doesn’t it ?

Alan Blevin

In the last few hours Amazon have announced that Australians will now not be blocked from viewing the international sites (which they were going to be) just blocked from buying on them.
I think the ferocity of the backlash here in Australia has caught them by surprise but throwing crumbs like this won’t make it go away.

Chris Squires

Look at what you could have won! (c) Jim Bowen

Alan Blevin

Two clarifications re issues brought up above on the Australian Amazon geoblock.
They will ship anything ordered before July 1 regardless of when it is released or available.Also in the past 2 days I have contacted every overseas retailer of anything I buy and none of them are following Amazon’s lead-including the Amazon owned Book Depository.

Paul Spurgeon


the excellent Sparks island years 5lp box set is also included.


Amazon UK latest two deals (two CD for 10 / 15) expired just today, so hopefully there are new interesting deals coming up soon……

Chris Squires

Still reeling from the January 40% off just about everything on Vinyl deal….. It left holes where my money used to be.


5 x Enigma Vinyl

4 x the other Enigma Vinyl
1 x Saxon -Thunderbolt Vinyl


Thanks Karsten, I was a bit miffed the rest of the Enigma vinyl wasn’t in the Amazon deal. Not used Saturn before, but will now.


Oh! They don’t appear to ship to the UK




That’ll learn me to not keep up to date with my SDE studies & homework!


Re: Australians being blocked from non-Australian Amazons. The following quote is taken from the e-mail I received from Amazon this morning:

-“…from 1 July we will be redirecting Australian customers from our international Amazon sites to amazon.com.au where you can shop for products sold by Amazon US on the new Amazon Global Store, available today. We have taken this step to provide our customers with continued access to international selection…”-

So we’ll be ‘blocked’ from the actual sites, but it sounds like the items on them will be still available to us. But there could be import fees/duties and the postage will be quite high if you want the item quickly:
*Priority Delivery (4-8 Business Days): $39.99 per order + $11.49/kg or $11.49/unit for Book, Video Games, DVD, and Music items
*Standard Delivery (9-13 Business Days): $6.59 per order + $7.49/kg or $8.59/unit for Book, Video Games, DVD, and Music items

So hopefully we’ll still be able to buy the products, but our days of bargains and deal alerts may be over. :( And it sounds like it might only be products available from the US Amazon, rather than ALL the international Amazons.

O(+> Peter B

I’m Australian and have bought a lot of CDs from Amazon UK that are just not available in Australia, or are available but at a much higher price (including on the Australian Amazon site – the Australian Amazon site is shit, by the way). I’m really pissed off that I’ll be blocked from Amazon UK from 1 July. I’m just hoping other online options like eBay and foreign music stores don’t follow what Amazon is doing. Paul, thanks for all the deal alerts I’ve been able to take advantage of in the past. Here’s an article that explains it a bit more: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2018-05-31/amazon-to-block-us-site-in-australia/9820224


Yeah, not happy about this. My Amazon wishlist is full of CDs and DVDs that aren’t available in Australia. Some of them are from third-party sellers so come July 1 they’ll be gone for good. I’ll probably start using fishpond.com.au again, but I think some of their stuff is just sourced from Amazon so it’ll be interesting to see what happens with them. And fishpond listings are often light on details, so if I’m looking for a special/deluxe edition it’s hard to tell if I’m getting it or not.

We’re definitely going to get ripped off over this – they’re doing it because they don’t want to pay the extra tax (Amazon not wanting to pay tax? What a shock! lol) but we’ll have to pay a lot more to get what we want.


Thanks for the insightful article. I can understand the frustration but how did it work in the past? Did Australian customers of foreign Amazon-sites pay any tax at all?

I’m also really looking forward to what will happen next year when Brexit will be finalized to shopping goods transferred from the EU to the UK and vice versa…not!

Alan Blevin

I received the same email 2 days ago.By Amazon’s own figures Australians will only have access to about 10% of Amazon’s range on Amazon Global.If you look the prices aren’t like any other Amazon but like Australian retailers-I.e. very high.
Best advice.Find other retailers that will ship.
By the way Paul this has been front page headline news in Australia in the last 24 hours.There is a tide of rising anger against Amazon and its corporate reputation in Australia has been trashed for all time.


Amazon Australia has anout 60 million items. The International site adds approximately 4 million. The U.S. site alone has 500 million. We’re getting jibed. Everything costs more on the Aussie site.

Roel Glas

At least you’ve received an email. I’ve been shopping with Amazon for 12 years plus, admittedly more through the UK and European sites and have received nothing. As an Australian politician said on this morning’s news “Amazon have been collected VAT / Import Duties / and various State Taxes without any hiccups but apparently cannot (will not) develop a program to collect Australian GST. We are only a drop in the ocean & obviously not big enough to worry about.
Like another reader has stated, we all like a bargain or two but my main reason for buying products overseas was because they weren’t available in Australia. I would estimate 80%+ of my orders have been because of non availability of product in Australia. (The other 20% have been Paul’s deal alerts.
Hell, my daughter has lived in London for the past 5 years and it looks like I won’t be able to access Amazon UK to buy her a present.
Dark times ahead.

Chris Squires

As a Pom, reading between the lines, Amazon don’t do anything that isn’t in their interest or unless they are forced too. I have no particular axe to grind with them mind you. But to me it seems, that because am.au is a fairly new company they want to give it a boost by making Australians a captive audience. They collect tax in just about every other territory, I have started to by from the US specifically because they do this. I just don’t think they want to give Australians the same choice or benefit because they know it’ll slow the pace of growth of am.au
It’s a startlingly poor decision and, not giving them the benefit of the doubt I would say an extremely cynical one. Just do what you do almost everywhere else. You won’t have to re-invent the wheel to do this.

I feel for the Aussies here, this is rough.

Roel Glas

Thanks for the support Chris.
On a positive note, my credit card will be happy and you can’t wipe the smile of my wife’s face. She’s been jumping up and down with joy for the past 2 days. lol


I (and others I’m sure) have a few pre-ordered items that don’t get released until AFTER July 1. I’ll be mightily pissed off if they get cancelled. I could probably find them somewhere else, but – as much as we slag Amazon off – their prices (especially postage to Australia) are hard to match.

My main gripe is going to be with box-sets. Regular CDs won’t be too hard/expensive to find locally, but big super-dooper-deluxe editions rarely get manufactured (or even released) in Australia so finding them at a reasonable price is going to be a pain in the arse.


This is like a kick in the guts. Feels completely discriminatory. Don’t have many indulgences at all and checking this wonderful site daily for the odd fantastic box set/deluxe deal that I can currently manage to afford from Amazon’s international stores is one.

Very much resent being used as pawns in the games if these suits. Are they having a laugh? Granted, there are far worse injustices popping up all over our world on a regular basis, but this is a joke and feels insulting. We would gladly frequent the local site if it were in any way on par or equipped to meet our needs, but that is not the case.

On one hand it is good for other local music retailers, but I always buy single/double vinyls and CDs from them already – box sets and the like are simply unaffordable in Australia, aside from through Amazon. Many of the larger local retailers will be rubbing their hands together with glee over this, as it will once again allow them to fleece the demographically-captive population of Australia for all we are worth once again.

What a shame. Send an message to them in protest if you object to their actions. As a goodwill gesture to their customers, this decision needs to be reversed.


PS Paul if you are so inclined or can find the time, would love to see an upcoming entry on this – would love to have your take on it.


Like others already said, the Amazon deal is absolutely underwhelming this time – very limited selection and too much vinyl.

I went with Saturn, too: the three latest PSB 2-CD-Further Listening albums Please, Actually and Introspective plus the 2-CD-deluxe of the latest Manic Street Preachers album plus Belle And Sebastian’s latest CD for less than 53 Euro, including shipping – THAT’s how you do a 5 for 3 deal, Amazon!


It tends to six and two threes example as it is either too much vinyl or not enough or poor selections the vinyl box sets were a little meh and not for me but 3 x PSB and a couple of vinyl for £57 is a decent deal


Well the choice from amazon was not very large so I pulled the trigger on Saturn.
I bought for 113 euros:
The Def Leppard Box set vol. 1
Foreigner complete Studio albums collection
Madonna complete Studio albums collection
Whitesnake little Box of snakes
Runrig stepping down the glory years

I know, not the best reduction I could get but still very cheap I think!

John Orr

Aye, like some others have said, just can’t afford this deal just now. It’s not bad, could easily have spent loads, but just purchased three Paul McCartney Archive Collections from Discogs this week, all brand new and sealed, and for a superb price!! If you wait long enough, something always comes along, when buying vinyl or CD. I’m sure there’ll be other deals in the future. Congrats once more to those who got something.

Paul Mac

I’m weak and picked up the following vinyl releases:

Saxon : Wheels & Strong Arm re-issues
AC/DC: Back In Black, strangely I have four or five different copies already but none on vinyl
Roger Waters: Is This The Life We Really Want?
Pink Floyd: Relics

All for just under €70 (~£61.35) including delivery and Irish VAT). Not bad considering four of these are new or at least fairly recent (Waters) releases!


So much stuff, so little money ,so little time , so little space

Alan Blevin

Get in while you can Australia.Amazon have now confirmed that not only will be not be able to buy from any of their international sites after July 1 we will also be blocked from even looking at them.
On the other hand JPC.de have confirmed they will still ship to Australia after that date.


3x all Wire Boxes
1x Clash, get back 3 Lp
1x oasis, what the story
91€ all
thanks Paul


Bought a fairly eclectic bundle:

Einsturzende Neubauten “Halbe Mensch” LP & “Silence Is Sexy” 2LP

The Clash “Hits Back” 3LP

Death Cab For Cutie “Plans” 2LP & “Transatlanticism” 2LP

For 80€

…and added Killing Joke “Pylon” 2LP which is on 9.99€(!) for good measure.

£78 all in for 12 pieces of vinyl. V happy.

Just a shame I’d already bought the 3 Wire deluxe CDs, the Holger Czukay box and NIN “Downward Spiral” 2LP otherwise I’d’ve bagged that at v good savings too!


Not on that artist list above but the new Gas/Wolfgang Voigt CD, Rausch is also included:


I was struggling to find a fifth and that did the trick.

Martin Power

Cheers Paul
Grabbed the three PSB Further Listening, Beasties Hello Nasty and a guilty please of Saxon Wheels of Steel for a tad under £57 delivered

Just a query can you only use once?


Picked up some vinyl I didn’t have
AC/DC – Back in Black
Nine Inch Nails – the Downward Spiral 2lp
Faith No More – Angel Dust
The Beastie Boys – Ill Communication 2lp
Bad Religion – Stranger Than Fiction
€80 Euro postage incl – nice!

Roland K.

Strange, I ried to order the three Wire cd box sets, that cd compilation box set of Barry White and Paul Simon’s 25th Ann box set of Graceland and I only got offered… a free shipping…

Is the offer over?


Only the single CD version of Graceland (that Paul has linked to) is in the 5 for 3 offer.


I just followed it right through to the.end and there was no discount. I’m now going to cancel the order.


Not working for me, either. I have gone through list again to make sure my five items are part of the deal, but no discount showing up when I’m about to pay…

David Carter

Fantastic Deal Paul , managed to pick up 3 Depeche Mode and 2 U2 Vinyl Albums for around £15 each


That deal just don’t work. Tried it around 10 times. All the other deals in the past (3 for 2) worked fine. Don’t know what is wrong now…


Just worked for me… totalled £129.95 then when I selected my preferred delivery option and added that to the total it took away the discount and came to £95.06


To check, you can click on the “See more products in this Promotion” link in the 5 für 3 Promotion Message pop up on any included item. On this page it tells you how many items from the promotion you currently have in your basket. https://www.amazon.de/gp/promotion/ADJ885KH95XDV

Hans Jörg

@Marc: R U sure u picked all items in your basket that are sold directly by amazon and not a 3rd party? Also did u check that they fall under the 5 for 3 rooster? Amazon has only a small selection of items in the offer.


Thanks, but yes. All items are sold directly by Amazon and are part of the 5/3-deal. It is not the first time I make such a deal. In the past (3 for 2) it alsways worked fine. First time I have problems.

Chris Squires

It won’t solve your annoying issue Marc but I have found, on occasion that using Chrome with translate switched on can disable the “add to cart” button after translation, so you have to be quick before translation is complete.

Or is it just me………

I might pick up a few bits ‘n bobs finishing off the missing Floyd re-issues but it isn’t as comprehensive an offer as the two that am.de had just before and around Christmas last year. But 5 for 3 is better than 3 for 2.

What was brilliant about that 3 for 2 offer last year was they automatically picked the 6th and 3rd cheapest items if you ordered 6 things rather than just the 5th and 6th cheapest. Rather a fair way to do it I thought.

Paul Spurgeon

this deal runs all week too until the 4th June


Top deals –
The PULSE listing has a small error. (3CD+DVD+LP. Features 5.1 mix, demos, live and remaster) – perhaps Fred was looking for this link?
Cheers for the heads up


I do have to mention, however, that there are some real gems to be found there…..if you look hard enough……

Fields Of The Nephilim – 5 disc Box Set (Beggars Banquet) 18.99 – AMAZING VALUE

The problem is, however, finding similarly priced and, more importantly, similar genre releases to combine with this one….


For those rejoicing about the possibility of buying Depeche Mode vinyls with such a nice discount, I think it should only be fair to take a closer look at the quality of these 2016 remasters. Here is what I have found about it:


I was also very excited about it, until I read that thread……

David Carter

I do have Violator and it sounds incredible much better than the numerous digital versions I have owned


I dont know about the majority of SDE followers, but this deal doesnt do anything for me. It just covers “the usual suspects” – Pink Floyd, Beatles, Hendrix, Eagles etc. and other BIG names, mostly from the 70s / 80s, but largely confined to the mainstream pop / rock genres.
NO real choice for synth-pop, new wave, post-punk etc. whatsoever……so I do believe that many are disappointed and were hoping for much more to be offered…….


I won’t buy the graceland remaster. It is missing all the remixes!!! ;)


They will be added on the 40th anniversary SDE.


You should also note that if one physical version of an album is included in the offer that doesn’t mean that another version of the same album is too, e.g. Brave by Marillion. Vinyl box is included, CD-box, although displayed on the same site, isn’t.


Cheers Paul,

5 LPs (Manics, Talk Talk, Eels x 2 and Tindersticks) for just over £60! :-)

Alan Blevin

By the way starting July 1 Amazon has announced Australians will no longer be allowed to shop on overseas Amazon sites.This is due to changes in Australian GST laws.No more deal alerts for us!
This is terrible news and is a result of Amazon not being willing to collect the 10% GST on behalf of the government.Worried that this may be the response of most if not all overseas retailers.Given that very few box sets are released in Australia(eg none of the Tull anniversary boxes have been) our access to music outside mainstream new releases may be coming to an end.

Grant Pearse

Even with a VPN, if this is true I’ll die.

Phil Burner

and the Wire multi disc sets…


No deal. Doesn’t discount anything


Some of the vinyl in the deal list isn’t actually in the deal (eg. Goldfrapp – Felt Mountain white vinyl). I doubled checked and the little ‘5 fur 3’ indicator wasn’t in the LP listing. So I found something else and all was good!

Neil McL

Got –
U2 Joshua Tree 2 LP
Nine Inch Nails The Downward Spiral 2 LP
Queen Greatest Hits II 2 LP
Iron Maiden En Vivo 3 LP
Marilyn Manson Trail Of Blood Coloured Vinyl & Numbered 1111 Only

£75 inc delivery to U.K.

Thanks again Paul

Mathew Lauren

A to Z listing is not loading @ Amazon.de

Mathew Lauren

I’m clicking on the artists’ A to Z from the post and comments and I’m getting nothing. No page pops up. Help?


erm….looked like great buys of the Boney M vinyls at 12.99. But then found the 9 album (!) box set I’ve been waiting for ages to be reduced and got it for 54 quid inc postage. (Don’t know whether to be happy or sad!)


I got the recent cd albums by stephen malkmus, Courtney barnett, ry cooder and arctische monkeys, and Neil young at the Roxy


It does seem that the full A-Z list is a little idiosyncratic

I always access this list (see my earlier post or the link Paul has added to the info above) by selecting “see more” under the artists list on the left hand side when you go to the promotion pages. It seems that it appears if you are viewing on a PC (or decent sized tablet) but it doesn’t appear if you access the “mobile” version of the site.

You can also select the preferred format first THEN the “see more” under artists for a format-filtered view.

I had noticed the Holger Czukay set wasn’t included in the list from the link I’d originally sent so it definitely has some holes, but it’s still a good way to cover a lot of ground quickly and then do a normal search for anything else you favour that didn’t already appear.

Guido Litjens

Fleetwood Mac 5 cd boxset and lp the 1975 one
George Harrison tribute 2 cd and 2 dvd
RPWL cd and dvd Man and the journey nice take on OLD PINK FLOYD. great stuf
King crimson Vienna 3 cd
Porcupine tree arriving 3cd

Together for 97 euro great deal !!!!

Guido Litjens

TXXXX PAUL for the site 5=3

Paul Spurgeon

A few I found…

The Clash Hits Back 3LP
The Beatles #1 – Deluxe CD set
Eurythmics New Remastered Albums
PSB – First 3 Albums Further Listening

Guido Litjens

This deal is not working for me

Is it maybe over now ?

Guido Litjens

Neil young live at the Roxy does not want go in the box….. so strange !


Choose Amazon as a seller, not the third party seller the site reverts to automatically


White Light/WhiteHead, I love that album! :P


included Pet Shop Boys – Further Listening 2CD: Actually (16.99€), Please (16.99€), Introspective (13.99€)