German Deal: 3 for €25 for deluxe CDs

Amazon in Germany are back with a fine 3-for-€25 deal on CD sets including triple CDs, 2CD+DVDs, SACDs and ‘album collection’ 5CD sets. Some great titles here including recent R.E.M. deluxe editions, classic rock titles from the likes of Eric Clapton, The Allman Brothers Band, Paul McCartney, The Moody Blues, Roxy Music and Mike Oldfield, as well as some great pop from Crowded House, Jellyfish, Nik Kershaw.

Here is the main list for physical music, but of course SDE wants to make your life easy and so you can check out our ‘curated’ selection of great titles below!

Note: The offer will automatically be applied at checkout for each three qualifying items (items need to be sold/fulfilled by Amazon DE). Of course you can multiples of three items in your basket and this should work fine.

INXS / Kick 30 3CD+Blu-ray audio

INXS / Kick 30 3CD+Blu-ray

Crowded House / Woodface 2CD deluxe edition

Crowded House / Woodface 2CD deluxe

Temple of Low Men (2CD deluxe), Together Alone (2CD deluxe) and Intriguer (2CD deluxe) also in the deal.

Vangelis / Blade Runner 3CD 25th anniversary


Mike Oldfield / Tubular Bells 2CD+DVD deluxe edition

Features Olfield’s stereo remix, the original version and a 5.1 surround mix on the DVD.

The Orb’s Adventures Beyond The Ultraword 3CD set

U2 / Achtung Baby 20th anniversary2CD set

Features bonus disc of 14 B-sides and remixes. Songs of Innocence (2CD deluxe) also in the deal!

David Bowie 2CD deluxe

a-ha / MTV Unplugged: Summer Solstice - 2CD+Blu-ray

a-ha / MTV Unplugged: Summer Solstice 2CD+DVD

Roxy Music 2CD deluxe

Roxy Music 5CD album set

Features the albums Siren, Viva Roxy Music, Manifesto, Flesh And Blood and Heart Still Beating.

Paul McCartney / McCartney II 2CD deluxe

Pipes of Peace 2CD deluxe and Chaos and Creation in the Backyard CD also in the deal!

Genesis / Platinum Collection 3CD set


Peter Gabriel / So 3CD 25th anniversary box

Features the remastered album and two CDs of Live in Athens.

The Moody Blues / Days of Future Passed 2CD+DVD

Features a 5.1 surround mix on the DVD

Def Leppard / Hysteria 3CD deluxe edition

Adrenalize (2CD deluxe) and Pyromania (2CD deluxe) also in the deal.

Rush / A Farewell to Kings 3CD deluxe edition

Neil Finn / Out of Silence CD

R.E.M. / Live at the Olympia 2CD+DVD deluxe edition

R.E.M. / Live at the BBC 2CD deluxe

Out of Time (2CD) and Automatic For The People (2CD) also in the deal

Status Quo / Never Too Late 3CD deluxe edition

Accept No Substitute – Definitive Hits (3CD), Live at the BBC (2CD), 1982 (2CD deluxe), In The Army Now (2CD deluxe) and Ain’t Complaining (3CD deluxe) also in the deal!

The Verve / Urban Hymns 2CD deluxe edition

Pulp / Different Class 2CD deluxe edition

The Cure / All Mixed Up 3CD set

Kiss Me, Kiss Me, Kiss Me (2CD deluxe), The Top (2CD deluxe), Seventeen Seconds (2CD deluxe), Three Imaginary Boys and the 2CD Greatest Hits are also in the deal.

J.J. Cale / 3 Original albums  3CD set

Features the albums Troubadour, 5 and Shades.

Jellyfish / Bellybutton  2CD deluxe

The Allman Bros Band / at Fillmore East  2CD deluxe

Eric Clapton / 461 Ocean Boulevard 2CD deluxe

John Martyn / Solid Air 2CD deluxe

The Band / Live at the Academy of Music 2CD set

Music from Big Pink (expanded CD) also in the deal

Blink-182 7CD box set

Kim Wilde / Close  2CD deluxe

Nik Kershaw / The Riddle expanded 2CD reissue

Nik Kershaw / The Riddle  2CD deluxe

Huey Lewis & The News / Sports 2CD deluxe

Wet Wet Wet  / Picture This  2CD deluxe

The Rolling Stones / More Hot Rocks (Big Hits & Fazed Cookies) 2CD set

Through The Past Darkly (Big Hits Vol 2) also in the deal.

Public Enemy / It Takes A Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back  2CD+DVD

George Harrison / Let It Roll  CD

Keane / Cause and Effect deluxe CD

New album with five bonus tracks

Madonna / Rebel Heart deluxe CD

This is the 19-track deluxe edition

Queen / The Miracle 2CD deluxe

The Works 2CD, Innuendo 2CD also in the deal. In fact most of Queen’s catalogue is available as part of this promotion.

Eddie and The Hot Rods / Island Years 6CD box

Peter Gabriel / Live Blood 2CD

You Scratch My Back / And I’ll Scratch Yours (2CD) and New Blood (2CD) also in the deal

It’s Immaterial / Life’s Hard And Then You Die 2CD deluxe

The SDE curated deluxe edition. Fabulous album and this expanded edition contains all the non-album remixes and extra tracks!

Elton John / Diamonds 2CD

The double-disc edition of the 2017 greatest hits.

John Lennon / Double Fantasy Stripped Down 2CD

The features the original version remastered and the newly mixed ‘stripped down’ version. Walls and Bridges CD, Lennon Legend, also in the deal!

Dire Straits / Brothers in Arms Hybrid SACD

Mark Knopfler / Shangri-La Hybrid SACD

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Ian Robb

Thanks for the heads up Paul, the cure set is well worth the price alone, picked up Mike oldfield and the genesis triple set as well, great deals


Thank you so much for the heads up on The Cure Mixed Up Deluxe. About $9.60 shipped to the US is fantastic.


A descount code of 5 € in amazon Germany: “GESCHENK5E”.


Thanks for the German deal tip Paul, I’ve ordered Murray Perahia playing Bach French Suites, the Chailly Leipzig Beethoven symphony cycle (this will be my 7th or 8th set – you can’t have too many!) and Sinimatic by Robbie Robertson, always been a RR fan.

David Tomlinson

I’ve had some success in the past with those German Amazon deals, getting some decent box sets. This one, after much looking, I found 4 cd sets I’d buy and at a decent price. But, when I placed the order, it showed a delivery date of the end of January 2020. WTF, 60 days? So I canceled the order.


I don’t know where else to go with this one, but is anyone else out there having trouble ordering online from HMV.com ? Yesterday I tried to purchase four Blu Rays as part of a £15 for two deal but after placing a first choice in the basket could not add any more. The basket simply would not increase the amount. When I clicked on the basket a new page came up telling me ‘your basket is empty’. And so it was meaning I had to start all over again. After trying about three times I then signed in two my account first to see if that would improve things. No. This afternoon I tried again this time on my phone just in case the problem lay with my computer. Again the same thing happened as before.
I have emailed HMV about this but they take about three working days to reply so it will probably be around the middle of the week before I hear anything. Love to hear from any other SDE-ers who having similar problems.


If you are having trouble with the browser listing search stopping after a number of pages as previous comments have stated, try choosing the “CD/Vinyl” category on the left before browsing …


Thanks! That did help!


Also some 3 for 2 vinyl available on Amazon Germany, including Black Sabbath, Gary Moore, Bryan Ferry and Slade Box Sets. Single LP’s from Keith Richards, Paul Simon, ELP etc. Not a big selection, but worth a look.


Thanks Paul. Bought 20 albums for a total of 59 discs. I also got the new OMD box, Abbey Road box, Stone Temple Pilot “Purple” box and the Live Throwing Copper 4 disc SDE, all on sale on various Amazons and Udiscover. I absolutely terrorized my wallet. Oh well. My Christmas presents to myself are taken care of.

Jarmo Keranen

Don’t mind the wallet. But where you take time to listen all of those discs?

Derek Langsford

I nabbed 9 albums (16 CD 1 DVD) for 79 Euros delivered to the US. Am holding out for a better deal on Abbey Road. The OMD is nice, though which they had compiled their b-sides and non-album tracks in addition to the studio outtakes which I have been playing frequently. Instead there are two live CDs which are interesting for a couple of listens.

Charles K.

Incredible, got the INXS for 17.14 US shipping included, price was reduced to 11.74 Euro at checkout, thank you Paul!


For some reason Crowded Houses’s Time on Earth is never in this deal. That’s the missing piece in my jigsaw

Ivo Peeters

It’s the 2cd edition from DJ Shadow / Endtroducing that is part of this deal, not the later 3cd edition.


It was definitely the 3CD edition, have already received it (ordered 2 days ago.)


Hi Kauwgompie,

did you finally unwrap all those things that you got from the 3-for-2 in Amazon.de in the last two years?
Out of curiosity: Where did you find the “Throwing Copper”-SDE and how much was it?


@Ivo Peeters:

I got it two or three months ago when they did this 3-for-2-offer last time before now and it quickly was taken out of the offer then too.
So just watch out on Amazon.de (or on this good site ;-) ), they do this offers several times a year and when they do it next time the triple-CD of “Endtroducing” might be included again.
It also helps not to wait until Paul finds the time to write a proper post about it because the current 3-for-25-offer was mentioned in readers comments here several days ago.

Peter Stanton

Thanks for the research/work Paul.
Excellent range of Jazz available, ‘5 Original Albums’ Art Blakey, Horace Silver, Chick Corea etc etc.
Easy to spend a fortune, basket is over 200 euros, but will have to cut down.

hendry doran

For those interested in Beatles vinyl the Abbey Road deluxe set is just under £50 including postage to the UK


I also put these into my basket, if anyone needs further inspirations:
John Morales Presents Club Motown(2CD)
Metallica – …And Justice For All (Remastered) – 3CD Expanded Edition
Justice – Woman Worldwide (2cd Digi)


Thanks Paul for taking the time and effort you put into this , managed to get the 3 Crowed house deluxe! All the best Sé

Stan Butler

Rolling Stones Honk 3CD set for €5.99.


Thanks for this, Paul. I will be taking advantage of three of the Crowded House ones for sure. It’s worth noting that several of the Cure deluxes are also part of this deal. I believe I saw Kiss Me, Pornography and Seventeen Seconds.


I’ve just ordered 15 cd’s in this 3-for-25 euro deal. You can’t browse all the titles in this offer. It is just as plasket says in the comment above. You have to search for some of the cds by each title and then add them to the basket. So thank you Paul – your list of titles has been very helpful. As a bonus I got The Rolling Stones: Honk, 3 cd Box Set, Ltd. DeLuxe Edition for 6 euro, also on Amazon.de.


A bit of a weird promotion, some of the CDs included are 7.99 if bought individually (for example Best of R.E.M. at the BBC, Automatic For the People 2CD), which means that if you get them as part of the ‘special deal’ you actually end up paying more for them (25/3=8.33). Watch out…


A lot of work gone into this post by Paul. Thanks for keeping us informed of all the bargains.


Are the listings broken for anyone else?

I can browse normally for five pages, but then page 6 will only have six results on it. Then, no matter what sorting mode I picked, I’ll always get pages, starting with “Ich Find Schlager Toll,” a VA comp with a purple coer, then continuing alphabetically from V to Z, then back to A and B, before cutting off at Maria Bill, then returning a “no results found” error.

This is making it very hard to browse.



At times the disc thumbnails will take some time to load. If you proceed before the page have finished loading then the current page will reload. When this happened to me I went back one page and then forward again. Tedious work, but in the end I managed to get thru all pages.


Try to browse from the last page to the first; this worked fine on my tablet.

Phil WIlson

Fair play Paul, for putting that list of possible purchases together, much appreciated

mark johnson

“Does anyone know the actual reason why Amazon state you can’t receive the auto-rip
if you live outside Germany?”


You only get auto rip if you are in the country you order from on Amazon.

Inner Space

Julian Cope – World Shut Your Mouth / St.Julian / Fried 2CD sets also part of the deal.


Thanks, Paul! I didn’t want to participate in Black Friday, but now I’ll finally own INXS 30, with a-ha and Bowie thrown in for good measure :)

Inner Space

Sure wish they would include some of those So80s Blank & Jones compilations in these deals. That would really be a treat for some of us who still dont have any volume.
And those early volumes are already very hard to find at normal prices and I guess the rest is heading that way as well….


I thought the reissue of R.E.M. Live at the Olympia was identical to the original release – 2CD + DVD ?


No probs, I thought I had something missing from the collection for a minute!

Mark G

On the Roxy music cd. No biggie, link is correct.

Ian Hardie

Paul, the link under Roxy Music Roxy is the one for Vangelis duplicated.

Mark G

That’s not “Blade Runner” dude

Mister Stick

You’ve got Vangelis Blade Runner under the first Roxy album, he means.

The “dude” part I can’t really reconcile.