German Deal: 3 for €25 for deluxe music

Another great deal that will prove hard to resist. Amazon Germany have a 3 CDs for €25 promotion that is better than it sounds since it includes triple-CD, SACDs, 5CD albums collections and more. Loads of great artists featured, including Paul McCartney, Crowded House, ABBA, David Bowie, Mike Oldfield, REM, The Human League and many more! Here is the main list or check out the SDE curated selection below. There is also a handy full A to Z list of artists in the deal. As long as you add multiples of three to your basket the deal should work. This deal is apparently still on!

Rush / A Farewell to Kings 3CD deluxe

Vangelis / Blade Runner sountrack  3CD 25th anniversary deluxe

Mike Oldfield / Tubular Bells  2CD+DVD deluxe

5.1 mix on the DVD. Three-disc Ommadawn, three-disc Discovery and QE2 deluxe also in the deal!

The Moody Blues / Days of Future Passed 2CD+DVD deluxe

Includes 5.1 surround sound mix on the DVD!

Guns N’ Roses / Appetite For Destruction 2CD deluxe

Paul McCartney / Flowers in the Dirt 2CD Edition

Paul McCartney / Flowers in the Dirt 2CD deluxe

Tug of War 2CD, and loads of other McCartney in the deal

The Who / Sell Out 2CD deluxe

Paul & Linda McCartney / RAM 2CD deluxe

Big Country / The Crossing 2CD deluxe

At The BBC 2CD also in the deal

China Crisis / Flaunt The Imperfection 2CD deluxe edition

China Crisis / Flaunt The Imperfection 2CD deluxe

Difficult Shapes and Passive Rhythms 2CD deluxe also in the deal

Paul McCartney / Good Evening New York City 2CD+DVD

ABBA / The Visitors Deluxe Edition / Coming in April

ABBA / The Visitors CD+DVD deluxe

Arrival CD+DVD deluxe also in the deal

Simple Minds / Wonderful  5CD set

Tori Amos / Native Invader

Tori Amos / Native Invader hardcover deluxe CD

Features 2 bonus tracks

The Cardigans / Best Of 2CD deluxe

Christine and the Queens / Chaleur Humaine CD+DVD deluxe

It’s Immaterial / Life’s Hard And Then You Die 2CD deluxe

I put this one together for Caroline International, so I would say it’s brilliant :)

Jellyfish / Bellybutton 2CD deluxe

Norah Jones / Day Breaks 2CD and 2LP deluxe edition

Norah Jones / Day Breaks 2CD deluxe

The version with the live album bonus disc.

Marc Almond & Soft Cell / Hits and Pieces  2CD

Kim Wilde / Close reissue being prepped by Universal

Kim Wilde / Close  2CD deluxe

David Bowie  2CD deluxe

Nik Kershaw / "The Riddle" 2CD deluxe edition review

Nik Kershaw / The Riddle  2CD deluxe

The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group box set

Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group  2CD deluxe

Frank Sinatra / Duets 2CD 25th anniversary edition

Level 42 / Standing in the Light 2CD deluxe

Black Sabbath / The End: Live in Birmingham 2CD deluxe

The Who / Live at Fillmore East 1968 2CD

Tommy Live at the Royal Albert Hall 2CD also in the deal

Snow Patrol / Wildness deluxe hardcover book CD

Paul Weller / at the BBC 2CD

R.E.M. Automatic For The People 25th anniversary reissue - 2CD deluxe

REM / Automatic For The People 2CD deluxe

Out of Time 2CD also in the deal

The Love Unlimited Orchestra / The 20th Century Records Singles 2CD

Tracey Thorn / Record CD

Dire Straits / Brothers in Arms  SACD

Features 5.1 mix on the SACD layer


Paul Simon / new album Stranger to Stranger

Paul Simon / Stranger to Stranger  deluxe CD

Four bonus tracks

Soundgarden / Badmotorfinger 2CD deluxe

Soundgarden / Badmotorfinger  2CD

Mark Knopfler / Shangri-la  SACD

Includes 5.1 surround mix

Peter Gabriel / So Super Deluxe Edition

Peter Gabriel / So  25th anniversay 3CD deluxe

Supertramp / Crime of the Century  2CD deluxe

Transvision Vamp / Pop Art  2CD deluxe

Billy Idol / Very Best Of  CD+DVD

Del Amitri / Change Everything  2CD deluxe

The Killers / Wonderful  deluxe CD

Crowded House / Together Alone 2CD deluxe edition

Crowded House / Together Alone 2CD deluxe

Deal also includes Afterglow deluxe and many other Crowded House deluxe editions


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*push* This offer has returned!

Larry Davis

I am checking out this deal…going thru everything with a fine toothed comb, making sure I don’t buy anything there is a better SDE of, that are hard-to-get titles anywhere else, etc…so far, I found this recent 2CD/1DVD collection of SANDRA (“The Very Best”) I had no idea was out…it has a handful of rarities and a more complete videos DVD than the one I currently have…so that one is a must for me…I also have my eye on the Love Unlimited & Love Unlimited Orchestra 2CD titles…we’ll see how much more I find…but thanks Paul, Cheers!!


Great deal !
Just bought :

Life is hard Than you die
It’s Immaterial

Trio (Deluxe Edition)

Close – 25th Anniversary (Expanded Edition)

Foxbase Alpha (Deluxe Edition)
Saint Etienne

Velveteen (Re-Presents)
Transvision Vamp

Pop Art (Re-Presents)
Transvision Vamp

Paid a little extra shipping to France around 4 euros for each pack of 3 (the deal works 3 by 3 and not 6 in one shot…)

Thanks Paul


If you email customer service, tell them the deal would only let you order 3 in one order, they will refund the extra shipping. Have just done it for me.


4 BLURAYS FOR 30 EUROS (34 euros including shipping to France)

Just bought :
The Who-Live at the Isle of Wight Festival 2004 [Blu-ray]
The Who – Live At Shea Stadium 1982 [Blu-ray]
With The Wild Crowd! Live In Athens,Ga (Bluray) [Blu-ray]-The B-52s
The End (Live in Birmingham) [Blu-ray]-Black Sabbath


Lynyrd Skynyrd – One More For The Road (Deluxe)
U2 – Achtung Baby (Deluxe)
INXS – Very Best Of (Deluxe)


Mike Shawyer

Tom Tom Club
David Bowie
Christine and the Queens

Big Country – The Crossing
Ryuichi Sakamoto – Playing the Piano.
The Moody Blues – Days of Future Passed


Couldn’t resist to get the other Mike Oldfield material in the deal as well: Discovery, QE2 and Platinum.

Steven Mclaren

And on Amazon uk as we speak ……nothing


What I did to get the A-Z list by Heraldo is as follows:

go to http://www.amazon.de
Left top screen choose “Alle Kategorien”
then scroll and choose “Filme, Serien, Musik & Games”
Choose “Musik-CDs & Vinyl”
Scroll down till you see “Musik-Aktionen”
There you’ll find “3 CDs für 25 EUR” – select this by clicking on it
Scroll a bit till you’ll see at left side screen “Filtern Nach”
Under the section “Interpret” you’ll see “Weitere”
Click on “Weitere” and you get the list of artists from 257ers to Zucchero

You can use the box “Suchen” (=search) to type the artist you’re looking for so you don’t have to scroll all 17 pages :)


Important tip to Paul and everyone: you can change the language on amazon.de to English (or Dutch and a few other languages). Click on the little globe with “DE” in the middle of the top row.

It will change your personal settings so it will remain in English when you visit the site again.

Paul Mac

Deal is still going, just grabbed two Crowded House deluxe editions and the Rush Farewell To Kings triple for a total saving of about €36!


Thanks Paul! Got the Mark Knopfler SACD, Del Amitri 2cd and Tindersticks 2cd.
Supertramp Crime of Century Deluxe is no longer available, nor is Platinum Deluxe by Mike Oldfield. Great promo.



Just wanted to tell you that both Crime Of The Century and Platinum Deluxe are available as part of the offer again.
One interesting title i found that was not yet spotted it seems: Pete Townsend’s mid-80s live performance in Cannes (France) shown on TV at the time in various countries, here available as a CD/DVD-combo: Face The Face.


pity it doesn‘t include the new pet shop boys deluxe remasters. hope a french offer like last year will help me get the remaining four…!


Had bought 3 Abba deluxe editions (Super Trouper is also there) the other night but had missed the It’s Immaterial set so I might go again. BTW both Jellyfish special editions are in the sale – great band.


Mike Oldfield – Ommadawn (CD/DVD)
Rush – 2112 (CD/DVD)
Rush – A Farewell To Kings (3CD)

Mike Oldfield – Tubular Bells deluxe (CD/DVD)
ABBA – Gracias Por La Musica (CD/DVD)
McCartney – Good Evening New York City (2CD/DVD)

I should unsubscribe from the SDE mailinglist.


Check out was a bit concerning as the discount didn’t initially appear but, having selected 3 deluxe edition cd’s in the offer, the discount was applied on the very last check out stage. The charge was just over £26 in total and the same 3 editions would have cost £106.00 from Amazon UK – The Jam Setting Sons Deluxe £50 – Status Quo Never Too Late Deluxe £31 – Eric Clapton 461 Ocean Boulevard Deluxe £25.00

Neil McL


Have you a link for setting sons?


The deluxe version of Setting Sons is £11.99 on Amazon UK. Were you looking at the Japanese version; currently £46?


I maybe was. Still a good deal though.


The John Lennon box is 60 euros, but the Beatles White Album is 140 euros for just 1 more disc… doesn’t seem quite right to me!! (hoping that it’ll come down closer to it’s release date).


Also available: Velvet Underground , Siouxsie’s The Scream, Pulp, It’s Immaterial deluxe editions plus 5 original jaz albums

Jenna Appleseed

Deal Alert email subject claimed it was a French Promotion.

Robert HPM Laversuch

Hi, sweet – thank you for heads up. Apparently you can only put in three articles into basket and then check out. Then start again. Got me Status Quo Never too late, Amy Macdonald Live and China Crisis first time round, then Rush Kings, Tubular Bells and Sir Paul`s Flowers on second run. Saved me about 50 Euros so cannot argue with that. Good selection by Paul – had most of those alreaady which is either sad or telling or both. Recommendation would be Nik Kershaw, China Crisis and Big Country – as debuts go The Crossing is sublime and with two discs with 75 mins each has difinitive written all over it.


The full A-Z list of artists in the deal:


phil kindermann

It would be really useful to know how to bring up such an alphabetical list on future special offers-is there a general way to select such a list please?


HI – i can´t do multiple of 3s to work. Is it only me?


RE: Barry White. These three recent releases can be picked up for £22.98 on Amazon UK, sent direct from Amazon:

The Complete 20th Century Records Singles (1973-1979) (3CD)
The Love Unlimited Orchestra – The 20th Century Records Singles (1973-1979) (2CD)
Love Unlimited – The UNI, MCA and 20th Century Records Singles


Alan Costa

..and the Barry White 9 cd original album set due out next month is now under £15 on Amazon.com working out £5 cheaper than the UK including postage and taxes at around £24.


Some great deals! Good Evening New York City by McCartney is 21 euros alone-and you get to pick another 2 for the 25! Nice savings. Thanks once again.

Bassel Hassouna

Not sure if anybody else tried it, but for me it is only working if I put only 3 Cds, not multiple of 3s.


You can do multiple orders of 3 CDs though. Great deals, cheers SDE.


@ Bassel Hassouna
Same here. Discount only for 3 cd’s.
But free shipping, maybe a second order will do.


Same with me. I guess they don’t want us to save on te postage as well.
Did you actually manage to do more than one purchase? (or does it only allow one purchase of 3 per client)? Thanks

Phil Wilson

I did this last time, could only order 3 on each order, but they shipped them together. Contacted Amazon and got the excess shipping refunded


Hi Phil, sorry to bother but.. how do you contact amazon for this shipping refund?


sorry for another msg but, if others are in doubt about this, I asked amazon to phone me back, which they did immediately, and a very nice assistant combined the postage of my 3 orders (so that I paid postage only once)

Bassel hassouna

Hey. So you can do multiple orders. I did two. Both worked


Ohh, thanks for this update. I had an Amazon order to do today anyway so I got free shipping as well. I grabbed me:
David Bowie (Deluxe Edition).
Mike Oldfield – Platinum (Deluxe Edition).
Trio – Trio (Deluxe Edition).

And ordered via smile.amazon so I’ve supported Elterninitiative Kinderkrebsklinik e.V with 0,5% as well.


Thanks paul. I get two deals of Eric Clapton, 461 Ocean Boulevard (Deluxe Edition) and Eric Clapton (Deluxe Edition) and finally The Musical Mojo of Dr.John (2cd Deluxe).

Near of 30 € in descounts. Thats a CHOLLO!

Matt Charles

Seems to be,
3 for EUR 25,00
From 24 Sep. 2018 to 18 Oct. 2018


Interesting to see that Paul McCartney is classed as jazz when you filter by music type