Grab a great box set deal, today!

Updated 7.45am Mon 2nd Oct. Check back for new deals!

Grab some superb recent box sets from the likes of Fleetwood Mac, Ramones, Crowded House, The Human League, Bob Dylan, The Eagles and more at superb prices. Amazon UK accept international orders of course, and for those outside the EU, these deals are even better, since 20 percent VAT is deducted!

U2 / The Joshua Tree / 30th anniversary 7LP super deluxe edition vinyl box set

U2 / The Joshua Tree  30th anniversary 7LP vinyl box – £96.15

The Band / vinyl LP – £6.64

The Doors / 50th anniversary super deluxe edition – £29.99

Various Artists / Singles 2CD deluxe edition – £7.99


R.E.M. / Out of Time 3LP deluxe vinyl – £18.95

Led Zeppelin / 3LP deluxe vinyl – £15.99


Cream / Fresh Cream super deluxe edition reissue

Cream / Fresh Cream super deluxe edition – £29.99

Prince / Dirty Mind vinyl LP – £8.99 (down from £16)

The Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group box set

Human League / A Very British Synthesizer Group 3LP – £39.99 (down from £80)

Queen / On Air 3LP vinyl – £29.99


Bob Dylan / The Real Royal Albert Hall 1966 Concert! 2LP vinyl – £12.99

The Eagles / Hotel California vinyl LP – £12.00

Bob Dylan / Trouble No More 1979-1982 Bootleg Vol 13 – 9-disc box – £126.98

Fleetwood Mac / Greatest Hits vinyl LP – £9.99

King Crimson / Sailors’ Tales 27-disc box set – £129.26


PJ Harvey / Let England Shake vinyl LP – £12.87

The Who / My Generation 3LP deluxe vinyl – £18.95

ABC / The Lexicon of Love II - follow-up to Lexicon of Love

ABC / Lexicon of Love II vinyl LP – £10.99

Manic Street Preachers / Send Away The Tigers anniversary 2CD+DVD – £12.99

Bob Marley and the Wailers / Exodus 40 3CD deluxe – £13.99

Man Who Fell To Earth / 2LP + 2CD deluxe box set

Man Who Fell To Earth 2LP+2CD box set – £43.95

T. Rex / Unchained: Home Recordings/Studio Outtakes ’72-77 8CD + 7″  £35.44

Kate Bush / Before The Dawn 4LP vinyl

Kate Bush / Before The Dawn 3CD edition – £7.99

Paul Weller / A Kind Revolution 3CD deluxe edition – £8.99

Crowded House / Temple of Low Men 2CD deluxe edition

Crowded House / Temple Of Low Men 2CD Deluxe – £6.99

SuperDeluxeEdition.com helps fans around the world discover physical music and discuss releases. To keep the site free, SDE participates in various affiliate programs, including Amazon and earns from qualifying purchases.


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Mark R

Just bought the triple LP of Led Zeppelin III for £15.99. Bargain for one of their best.

eric slangen

As always thanks Paul.
I want to grab the latest Bowie on vinyl but can’t find about equal priced other sets (I have the Floyd one and I’m not a Bon Jovi fan).
Some suggestions.

Mike R

HMV.com has some Rush albums on vinyl for a good price.

Power Windows £8.99
Grace Under Pressure £9.99
Hold Your Fire £9.99
Hemispheres £ 11.99
Exit..Stage Left Double LP £13.99

Also Rainbow On Stage Double LP £13.99


Just noticed Nick Drake’s Pink Moon is currently £7.64 on vinyl (great price – almost disappointed I already have it!)

David M

Thanks! Found the 3rd one along with The Band and Dusty in Memphis to finally place an order.

David Smith

Just back from my local HMV and they still had a few of these still on offer, plus other discounted vinyl. They had the Bob Dylan Royal Albert hall, the Tango in the Night boxset, most of the Prince plus a few others. Also had the earlier Elton releases: Capt Fantastic, Songs for the West Coast, Madman at a more reasonable 17.99

Solid Rick


Solid Rick

One more request for if this sort of post is to stay… instead of saying “Updated constantly”, can it say “Last updated: Monday 09:34” or whatever? Some sad people are checking “constantly” out of wishful thinking, but not seeing any updates. :)

eric slangen

Thanks Paul for the links.
I ordered a lot from Amazon.de and will be getting some great vinyls and boxes.


The band.what a great album.Paul you did good with that.thank you


Ian Mac, end key not an option on phone, my main checking of Superdeluxe as mentioned in my post. Nor is it available on iPad. Hence my suggestion.

Solid Rick

Agree about the scrolling options. Also, could the “reply” element be clearer, with response posts more clearly allocated to the corresponding original post?

Don’t want to sound picky. This is an amazing site and I read it constantly! Thanks, Paul for all effort. You are doing great work here.

Also really like your unboxings. Will there be more of those to come in future? I feel they really bring the site to life, and add a lot of personality. Plus, your honest comments about packaging and value for money are spot-on, making SDE one of the most trustworthy sources of information as well as always entertaining.


Thanks Paul you have just totally destroyed my wallet. Just found of good vinyl at crazy prices. Just ordered 35 lps over 4 orders!!!!


George Harrison back at £199 Amazon


Paul, I’ve mentioned this before, any chance you could sort the comments so that newest is first? When you get a hot topic like this weeks deals it takes a lot of scrolling on the phone to get to the new comments.

Iain Mac

…or just use the “end” key, then scroll back up to where you last read to on the thread…

Solid Rick

Van has now gone up to £25.34.

Philip Cohen

Most of these deals are long gone, but perhaps you can find some new offers.

Kevin S

That sounds like a great idea Paul.
Thanks for continuing to do what you to do.


The last 3 Pet shop Boys Further Listening reissues have all dropped a few quid too……..


Hi William, But the 3 audio discs in this FM set are available as a download on Amazon at £17.99, seems a bit odd that! There are ways they could do it for you, not sure why they didn’t?


Take two (not sure why my previous post didn’t post). Anyway, thanks very much Paul for the heads up on these great deals. Feeling most chuffed that I scored two of the Fleetwood Mac deluxe editions I’ve been chasing for a while for a combined outlay of $110 AU. FYI gwynogue, the postage was only about three pounds from that third party seller, which is most unusual but certainly appreciated from my perspective. :-) Cheers!


You’re welcome! Yes, we were very lucky because some third party sellers don’t ship to Australia. And if they do, it can be expensive.

Solid Rick

Dylan Albert Hall now back up to £20.99.


Amazon.de: Buy 3 pay for 2 CDs and Vinyl
A lot of SDE…

Empty Wallet

Ouch that just dented the credit card! LOTS of stock. Thanks for the heads up.


Thanks Paul. My generation ordered (a bargain) and Out of time, too.

Solid Rick

Snapped up the Van bargain. Thank you, Paul. You have cost me an absolute fortune this week!! Please start offering some tips on justifying these purchases for other halves who may not quite share the excitement.


I did not read all the comments. Will there be an Amazon link to USA?


Click on the UK link, then in your browser change “.co.uk” in the domain to “.com”. This works a good proportion of the time.


For clarity, I meant click on the UK link for the deal you are interested in then edit the web address, not a snide comment about just going to .com!


Genesis – Abacab £9.99
INXS – INXS £9.99 – only 1 left…

James Lee

Warning SDE alerts can seriously damage your wallet!


Thanks Paul. The Exodus set is great.

Mar Wolfgang

Eagles’ Hotel California vinyl has actually been sold at 12 GBP for a long time, no discount from what is normal at this point in time.


Paul, thank you as always for posting these reduced price alerts on box sets that are offered on Amazon U.K. This is wonderful, but overseas shipping costs, shipping delays, or occasional poor postal handling sometimes makes me feel apprehensive about ordering an item from far away. Would you be able to also include deal alerts for SDE box sets and vinyl LPs offered by Amazon in the U.S. or Canada?

Chris Squires

Ironically (if that is the right word) it is a rarity that a deal alert is from Amazon UK. It’s usually one of the other European countries such as Italy or France, Germany or Spain. There have been a few from the US in the last year admittedly not as many as Europe but they do come up.

James Pigg

The Verve, A Storm In Heaven box now back to full price on Amazon but I just popped into my local HMV where it was still reduced to £17.99 so snagged one.


You only get the MP3 for the Vinyl (ie Disc 1) of Tango In The Night, but if you contact Amazon Customer Services they will send you the MP3 rip of Discs 2 and 3 as well. Obs no MP3 for Disc 4 as it is the DVD. Another great bargain Alert from SDE! Cheers. So many on this thread, are they getting rid of stock to make room for new releases, not complaining like!


Have just spent 30 minutes on the phone with customer services and they couldn’t help with uploading discs 2 and 3 with autorip. Apparently they are only licensed to offer disc 1. Dammit.


Hi William, But the 3 audio discs in this FM set are available as a download on Amazon at £17.99, seems a bit odd that! There are ways they could do it for you, not sure why they didn’t?


Bought the German Katalog boxset from Kling Klang last month. Arrived in a few days. Highly recommended. I can’t stand English Kraftwerk :D


My copy of Oxygene 3 has just arrived & its on clear vinyl. Result! Thanks Paul


Edit: ‘Mirage’ is third-party seller. I should have checked before posting.

Kevin S

Oooh and The Waterboys – Modern Blues just over a tenner.

Kevin S

Some Prince vinyl cheapish on amazon at the moment

For You and Prince – £9.99
Dirty Mind – £8.99


Yeah, a bit pricey but this is the cheapest you’ll find anywhere. Standard price has always been approx. 90-100 EUR

John Lloyd

At last, Tango in the Night at something like a reasonable price. Thanks!


Blink 182 box set is £79.99.


Thanks so much for the tip on the Fleetwood Mac box set. I’ve been eyeing it for a while, and this was the price point that got me to go for it. Cheers Paul!

Peter Anderson

Brilliant – thanks Paul. Been waiting for ages for a price drop on the Tango In The Night box. Not so familiar with it as earlier stuff but happy to take the plunge at £35. Only problem where to put all the great stuff am tempted into buying by SDE. Keep up the despicable work (wife speak!)


‘Hey, this free thing you do – can you make it how I want it?’

The ruddy nerve….


Fleetwood Mac – Tango deluxe £34.99 on Amazon U.K. At present

Also With reference to comments about Kling Klang store, I can only speak from personal experience but my orders from them have always been perfect.


It’d be really useful if you broke out the Vinyl deals, and the digital deals. Same for emails, I don’t ever want to know about Vinyl deals.

Stan Butler

It’s a bit much to ask Paul to tailor his emails to each of our individual needs. I’m more than happy to get them all and then decide if I’m interested or not.

David M


Dibyaroop Ghosh

Ordered Cornell’77…..thanks paul….the deal alerts have got me Beatles 1+, Aqualung & Songs from the wood anniversary editions, Stones Totally Stripped and now Cornell

Paul E.

Thanks for your dillagence Paul…call me crazy but I see an exaggerated amount of vinyl sets in the recent alerts and wonder if the “trend” is starting to slow down? These sets must be a bit of a liability to warehouse (tempature, humidity, etc.) Also wanted to comment on Mode’s “SDE Alert” in the “SDE Store” yesterday …how cool was/is that!


Was talking to a pal last night who distributes vinyl and it a definite ‘no’ on the slowdown. If anything it’s increasing. It’s just Amazon buy at a 20% discount on dealer, always buy too much and then have to shift some off sharpish before Xmas stock comes in.

They no doubt bought loads of the REM triple OOT thinking people would pay 60 quid.


Cheers Paul. Picked up REM and Elliot Smith. “Payday vinyl” I call it!

Tony Orwell
Robert Morgenstern

KRAFTWERK “DER KATALOG 3D” 8 CD Box Set in german language is out of stock by most sellers and it’s price is over 100€ on most resellers. You can still purchase this incl. T-Shirt and the fixed disc (Radioaktivität was in english on the faulty Disc) on top, so 9 CDs for 69€ + shipping on kling klang Webshop.



Don’t buy from the Kling Klang webshop. I ordered several items from them months ago and never received anything. They never replied to my mails and don’t have a tel nbr, just a fax. Eventually I complained to my bank about it, they blocked the payment and thankfully I got a refund. I have read similar cases and complaints on the web.

Robert Morgenstern

Really, i ordered my german box about two weeks ago and it came 4 days later. I wrote them a mail and thanked for the fast shipping and on the same day i’ve got a mail back from them. So different experiences.