Prime Day Deals

Amazon Prime Day (actually two days now) is offering some great deals on physical music. The one fairly obvious proviso is that you need to be a Prime member in the country where you are buying the item(s). Peruse the list below – which will be regularly updated – for great deals.

UK: David Bowie / The Mercury Demos vinyl box – £46 £55

Once £90, the Mercury Demos box is down to £46. It’s still only one record though!

UK: George Michael / Listen Without Prejudice 3CD+DVD box – £21 £28

UK: John Lennon / Gimme Some Truth CD – £5 £10

UK: Prince / Sign O’ The Times 8CD+DVD super deluxe – £125 £150

UK: Alan Parsons Project / Tales of Mystery & Imagination box – £70 £93

UK: New Order / Movement 2CD+DVD+LP super deluxe – £70 £100


UK: The Cranberries / Everybody Else Is Doing It… 4CD box set – £26 £36

UK: Doctor Who / The Evil of the Daleks 4LP exclusive coloured vinyl box – £50 £80

Travis / new album '10 Songs'

UK: Travis / 10 Songs CD album – £6.99 £10.99

GERMANY: ABBA / Studio Albums 8LP coloured vinyl – €110 €140

GERMANY: Motown Hitsville USA 11CD super deluxe – €52 €70

The Allman Brothers Band / Trouble No More 5CD box set

GERMANY: The Allman Brothers Band / Trouble No More 5CD set – €35 €45

GERMANY: Bruce Springsteen / Album Collection Vol 1 8CD set – €33 €43

ITALY: Prince / 1999 4LP box – €45 €63

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Got really disappointed by Amazon.it, I’ve ordered DM Black Celebration 12″ at 52 Euro while on Prime, article shipped the following day and then mysteriously lost (apparently in Spain, I live in Italy). Call them today (never done before) kind lady told me I can forget about it, only option left is to cancel and re-order.
Pity that without Prime, now this item is 120 EURO…
But I will live with it, I resisted so far buying any of these boxsets (I have most of the original 12″) but I was tempted by the price cut (still 10EURO per vinyl).
Maybe one day it will be reissued at reasonable prices…

Mike M

Thought Prime day was a bit of a non event tbh, very disappointing.


I would agree, barely noticed any reductions bar the ones Paul notified.

Paul Taylor

Got the red vinyl Amazon exclusive of the upcoming AC/DC album for £21.99.
Bizarrely it’s the first album of theirs I’ve bought on vinyl since For Those About To Rock in 1981.

Jonathan Riley

decided to order the clash soundsystem set. $111 shipped to the USA from the UK isn’t bad, and then I had an 11 gbp credit on amazon which brought it down to $90 something shipped to the USA

Everywhere else is around 130 to 160 for the same set

Ollie Carlisle

Tempted by the Lennon set. Apparently the box set version mentions there’s a Plastic Ono Band super deluxe on the way with 6 cds, 2 Blurays and book, along the lines of the Imagine one. Anyone heard any more?


Bit of a non event this year and not even a sniff of a France/Germany 3 for 2

Overall a washout for me here’s to Black Friday week…..


The a-ha “MTV Unplugged” 2CD+DVD boxset is currently priced 5.60 EUR at Amazon DE.

Andrew M

Got excited when I saw 1999 as I’m STILL looking for the CD set…….unfortunately can no longer play viny.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

Andrew M, if you are in the Uk, you gotta trawl all the HMV’s and Fopps in your area until you find a 1999 prince deluxe cd set, as they are still out there. If not on the shelf, then ask as the counter.

I got one in Uxbridge hmv a few months ago, and they had several in fopp near Covent Garden a few weeks ago,…£75 each.

Andrew M

Thanks (and great username by the way) – ready for season three???? :)

Unfortunately I’m in Kuwait. I have a UK shipping address so if anyone reading this does see a copy in the UK and is willing, I can do a bank transfer plus a bit for your trouble……

Prince Fan

I’ve seen it in a few HMVs for £75.

Steven Roberts

I’ve had some great Prime Day deals in the past, but this year has been a complete bust (for me at any rate) :(

Dougie Robb

Anyone know of a good bundle deal for Kraftwerk’s German language albums?


Chris Squires

Thanks to Richard Anderson’s mastercard tip (see “Out This Week”) and a random £10 voucher because I bought some wires off a secondary seller I picked up Ultravox Vienna for £25. Not strictly a Prime Day deal but a nice enough discount for no real reason to make it a steal.

I have a Ruark 5 coming in the next couple of weeks and can’t wait to try it out against the Naim main CD player. Something like Vienna should start it off nicely.


Hope your Ruark is more reliable than mine. It’s currently a shiny ornament as it’s stopped working yet again. Only the remote control this time, but as that does everything except turn the unit on and off it has been rendered completely useless. Unless I want to listen to Radio 5 Live at an uncomfortably loud volume that is because that’s what it is stuck on. Can’t even eject the CD that is in there!

I’m sure they’re much more reliable now. ;-)

Andy P

Picked up the Super Deluxe of Street Fighting Years for £27 inc postage from Amazon Germany

Cédric B

Thanks for the tip. Ordered :)

Larry Davis

Well, I saw no Prime Amazon US alerts…and I’m a US Prime member…so I went over to Amazon just now to look…absolutely NOTHING…on an unrelated note, just got that re-reissued Pointer Sisters “Break Out” & listening…two things, first, music brilliant & track selection complete, and two, the booklet is an utter mess…not sure if I’m the only one but it was crappily assembled!! The pics are great, spot varnishing nice, note from Richard Perry nice, but the middle page stapled was upside down and the main essay started in the middle and there must be a page missing of text cuz in the middle of a quote, it gets cut off…I don’t know who to turn to about getting a fixed booklet…anyone?? Shame cuz the music content is tops…

Graham Turner

I had the same issue with the middle page being upside down! I haven’t read it yet, so didn’t notice any missing text.

I didn’t bother trying to return it just for this but possibly a good job since it appears to be more widespread than simply a ‘one off’. I’ve already botched mine trying to fix it so it would be great to get a corrected version.

I’ve messaged @cherryredgroup on Twitter – I don’t know if that will do any good?


Larry, there are a few Prime deals but nothing interesting, at least for me. The only thing that looked sort of interesting were the Def Leppard boxes, Part One and then later Part Two. But already have all of those albums with bonus discs etc so no point. For the rest it was a non-event.

Lee Taylor

Picked up the Kate Bush Other Sides box here in the US for under $25.


The single CD version of the new John Lennon compilation (Gimme Some Truth) is currently under £5 on Amazon UK.


The Who album ‘WHO’ is only a tenner on vinyl at the moment on amazon uk.

Paul Taylor

They’re price matching Tesco. I was in two in Inverness at the weekend and they’ve discounted a few releases. The Bohemian Rhapsody OST is £16 in Tesco and, surprise surprise, Amazon have matched it!


Who bought an Echo Dot ?
Hah hahaa
you know who you are :)

Steven Adamson

Whitesnake’s Slide It In 6CD/DVD box set for just under £32 right now on Amazon UK!

Nabbed one myself.


Richard John

Also found the David Bowie book Ricochet is on for £22 instead of £40 as a PrimeDay promotion! Pretty good price.


Prince Fan

The Motown box has been sub £50 direct from Amazon UK (i.e. not from a marketplace seller) for a few months now.

Richard S

I was wondering if the Prince one would come down. With that reduction and the extra £10 for changing my default payment to Mastercard bonus, it was a snip at £115 :|
Now just got to wait and see how defective the discs will be…


You might be interested to know that you can seemingly sign-up for the free trial of a Prime account in Germany if you’re in the UK. I managed to bag the VU bargain by doing just that. It stated the Prime benefits are only available for people living in Germany, but the transaction went through at the reduced amount (so I’m guessing the warning meant free shipping / Prime Video etc).
Just need to remember to cancel once my goods arrive!


Not a Prime Day Deal but low price for Tangerine Dream “Hades” Box. Only 65€
at amazon.de

martin farnworth

good spot. thanks!


Deal for Velvet Underground looks to have expired… unless I am missing something.

Chris B

Hi, What was the Velvet Underground and Nico SDE going for out of interest?



Hi Paul, some great bargains you listed. I know it is not for everyone, but your regulars are quite the international bunch. Amazon.nl has Tangerine Dream In search of Hades on sale for EUR67.79

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

Distant memories……DREAM THEATER

Amazon has the latest dream studio album on black vinyl+cd for £21 at the moment… distance over time…..

However, more interestingly, perhaps, is that I have seen that DT is releasing a plethora of live in London cd/dvd/Blu-ray/book packages, which, on their own website says:

“Distant Memories – Live In London . . . new live release will be available in various configurations including
digital only,
a 3-CD and 2 DVD multibox,
a 3-CD and 2 Blu-Ray digipak with slipcase,
a limited deluxe 3-CD + 2 Blu-Ray + 2 DVD Artbook
and a limited 4-LP and 3-CD box set.
The video components will also feature a Behind The Scenes look at the band as they get ready for the shows.”

However, tracking down what store sells which variants seems a bit tricky ……. there also appears to be a coloured vinyl version too which they do not mention on their own site.

amazon has a 3cd/2 dvd for £23 but not much else……

Lots more other variants here …incl the coloured lip version . . .https://www.emp.co.uk/search?q=Distant+memories

I will be ordering one or two of these once I have perused them a wee bit more.

Clemens Gerlach

Hi there,

just tried and failed. Only UK Prime members can order in the UK. I am a Prime member in Germany but was not able to order the New Order Movement box in the UK.

Happy collecting nevertheless!


Well you could subscribe to Amazon Prime in the UK (even if you live outside the UK) but free shipping (which is one of the main features of Amazon Prime) wouldn’t apply as shipping is calculated against the adress provided when you order something from Amazon.
For example, even if you are a Prime customer in Germany, if you order something on Amazon Germany and want it delivered to a foreign adress (in the UK, France or whatever, as a gift for example) then you will be charged shipping costs for that order. Only domestic shipping is free.

So even if you can subscribe to Amazon Prime in a different country, it’s pretty much useless and not worth it.


This is not always the case. I live in Belgium, have Prime on Amazon France and Amazon Germany and I NEVER pay shipping fees :-)


Just for anyone in the UK, the Motown box has been around £48 on Amazon.co.uk for a few weeks now. cheers.


Although tempted by the Prince set, Amazon is full of reviews criticising the packaging for scratched/damaged discs so I won’t be purchasing. You might think that after nearly 40 years of CD existence, record companies might have learned how to properly manufacture the things. Yet I still find a small percentage of the disc covers I buy being ruined when an unwanted sticker is removed because it takes the varnish away with it. This also applies to some record shops unfortunately…the otherwise excellent Beatdown Records in Newcastle using price stickers that can’t be removed from a jewel case without leaving an unsightly residue. Quite how all this is meant to promote the buying of physical product is beyond me and I sometimes find my patience being tested on wishing to continue to do so. Good on the Amazon customers who returned their faulty Prince sets. Shame of those record companies who it appears really couldn’t organise a piss up in a brewery.

Danny Tickner

Hi Andy. I brought the Prince set and know a lot of people that did too. No problems at all and the set is amazing so I highly recommend it


My CD Box was fine – came double boxed with the peace box.

Prince Fan

My box set of SOTT arrived double boxed and in perfect shape. It’s the discs that are the problem. All of mine are scuffed or scratched. Loads of complaints on Discogs, Amazon reviews and on this site too.


Lighter fluid works very well on cd cases, the liquid type not gas! It also takes marks off upvc, washing machines and other plastics!


Abbey Road 3 LP box set discounted to 42euros on Amazon.fr and 51 euros on Amazon.it

Philip Wilson

There are signed versions of the forthcoming Gary Barlow album, and a prime day exclusive signed version of the new Jamie Cullum album. Search SIGNED in CDs and you should spot ’em (UK)


Hi Phil it’s the other way around. Gary Barlow is the prime day exclusive. Jamie Cullum sorts out a couple of Christmas presents – a signed Christmas cd for £10 is ideal.

Natalie Merchant’s box set is £30.

Emilio Lafarga Giribets

It seems now you cannot become a Prime member if you are not living in the country.

Richard Anderson

Hi Paul. The Travis picture you have posted above says signed cd. Unfortunately the one on sale isn’t the signed version. Just in case anyone buys it thinking it will be signed. Thanks

Glen Leat

Just ordered the Alan Parsons Boxset. Have the Eye in the Sky set and it’s brilliant so won’t be disappointed with this at £70

andrew davis

Possibly daft question but do we know if the hardback booklet on the Velvet Underground/Nico set is in German or not? Very good price for a set that has been difficult to source at any price.


Absolut nicht !