Prime Day Deals on Music Box Sets

Prime Day and all deals are now over.

It’s ‘Prime Day’ on various Amazon sites around the globe and therefore an opportunity to pick up a bargain on physical music (as well as many other products of course).

To take advantage of these deals you just need to have a Prime membership in the relevant territory. You can take out a free trial as well.

This post will be updated for the next day or two as deals come and go (many are time-limited). So some US deals are coming, for example. If you have spotted any great deals not listed, do leave a comment and let us know!

UK: Some fanstastic DEALS today. Browse all deals here, or see highlights below…

UK: Pink Floyd / The Early Years 1965-1972 megabox- £237 £339

David Bowie / Who Can I Be Now? 1974-1976

UK: David Bowie / Who Can I Be Now? 12CD box- £69.50 £104

UK: Paul McCartney / Red Rose Speedway super deluxe £104 £185

UK: The Beatles / Sgt Pepper super deluxe £66 £95

UK: Elvis Presley / RCA Albums 60CD box- £99 £165

UK: Def Leppard /The Vinyl Collection Vol One 9LP box- £68 £98

UK: Miles Davis / The Original Mono Recordings 9CD box- £12.50! £30

Official Sony box set with 9CDs of classic albusm, remastered and housed in a mini-LP replica jackets. Includes 40-page booklet.

UK: Springsteen On Broadway 4LP vinyl – £29 £57

UK: The Beatles / White Album 4LP deluxe £47 £68

UK: The Beatles / White Album 6CD+blu-ray super deluxe – £69 £100

UK: REM / Live at the BBC 8CD+DVD box – £41 £60

Lindsey Buckingham / Solo Anthology: The Best of Lindsey Buckingham

UK: Lindsey Buckingham / Solo Anthology 6LP vinyl £49.50 £72

Bob Dylan 1965-1966 / The Cutting Edge: The Bootleg Series Vol 12 / 6CD Deluxe

UK: Bob Dylan / The Cutting Edge 1965-1966 6CD deluxe- £46 £70

UK: The Rolling Stones / Studio Collection£238 £341

UK: Madonna / Madame X box£41 £60


GERMANY: Guns N’ Roses / Appetite For Destruction “Locked N’ Loaded’ box set  2CD+blu-ray – €399 €665

GERMANY: Rolling Stones / Studio Collection 1971-2016 20LP box €249 €369

Jimi Hendrix / Electric Ladyland 50th anniversary super deluxe edition

GERMANY: Jimi Hendrix / Electric Ladyland 3CD+blu-ray deluxe €39.97  €50

Hi-res 5.1 surround mix on the blu-ray element.

GERMANY: Rolling Stones / Beggars Banquet vinyl deluxe €24.97  €43

GERMANY: Steven Wilson / Home Invasion 2CD+blu-ray – €13.97 €22.99

GERMANY: Soft Cell / Keychains and Snowstorms super deluxe – €59 €79

9CD+DVD hardcover book anthology

R.E.M. Automatic For The People 25th anniversary reissue - vinyl LP

GERMANY: R.E.M. / Automatic For The People vinyl reissue – €12 €20


ITALY: The Rolling Stones / Studio Collection€269 €385

Also available from Amazon France at a slightly higher price (but still discounted).

The Eagles / Hotel California 40th anniversary super deluxe edition box set

ITALY: Eagles / Hotel California super deluxe €44 €83

ITALY: Depeche Mode / Speak & Spell: The 12″ Singles – €27 €48


USA: Led Zeppelin super deluxe box – $67 $96

USA: Led Zeppelin II super deluxe box – $86 $123

USA: Led Zeppelin IV super deluxe box – $67 $96

USA: Led Zeppelin / In Through The Out Door super deluxe box – $74 $116

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Wayne C

Would have been great if all these offers were available to all Amazon regions, there are a few I wanted and price variations for some of them were surprising (especially that massive G & R’s Box.

Steven Roberts

OMG, I just splurged the best part of £450 on Prime Day this year….

Creedence Clearwater Revival Studio Albums box £113
Leonard Bernstein DG and Decca box £133


Bach 333 £200 (223 discs!!!)

The Bernstein one (120-odd CDs plus umpty-thrumpty DVDs) is a bit of a punt, if I’m honest – but the other two hit the sweet spot for me price wise (especially that Bach….) so I pulled the trigger.

If the wife ever finds her way to this website I’m a dead man!

Ian Ellis

That Bach box is going to be tricky to explain away Steven Roberts! It’s not the sort of package that will blend into the background unnoticed. But £200! The wife has got to be understanding. You could NOT have clicked on the buy button. Nice work.

Jarmo Keranen

I would like to see the day when you buy a cd-box and one disc price is about 1£, what it is in Bach 333 box!

Frank R

U.S Amazon has The Pogues 30 year CD box for 22.40 USD including shipping. 2 left.


Pink Floyd The Early Years box set for £237.50.

The Crunge

It seems as though the Zeppelin deluxe sets are well priced, but then they want to add $30 shipping.


Thank you Paul! Beatles Pepper’s & White album ordered!

You are the best ;)

Chris Squires

I’m such a lying wuss. Even though I said I was not going to get anything I couldn’t resist playing the SDE Hokey Cokey with the Def Leppard vinyl box part one for £68…. now that’s what I call a bargain.

Paul Gray

Joined Amazon Prime Free (must remember to cancel within 30 days!), ordered Dylan Cutting Edge for £46! Already had the two disc version…. Do I need the Deluxe Version? Probably not! Am I happy to secure such a good deal? Oh yes! Thanks Paul!


Paul, If you cancel straight away you should still get your free Prime allowance up to the date that it runs out, this has worked for me in the past and means that I don’t forget and then get charged for joining : )

Ian Whiteford

thanks Paul, just picked up Sgt Peppers …nice one.

Steve Holt

Dylan -Another Self Portrait @£44.50…. Half price!


I’ve been holding off all day, since nothing was up that was too compelling, or I didn’t already have. That was until I saw the Miles Davis. So there you go, that’s my Prime Sale item for this year. Mind you, they say they won’t ship it for a few weeks. No matter, £12.50 is less than half price, and I’ll enjoy that in the long cold winter evenings, I think.


Bon Jovi box for £132.50 picked up. Very good value!

Rare Glam

Love – Forever Changes 50th anniversary SDL is £33 (down from £48 it says but yesterday it was only £42 anyway full price) on Amazon UK


miss my comment from last night?
Anyway just bought the G&R big box voor under the 390 euro.
Now I have to avoid this site for a few weeks, haha.

Carl Blezard

Hope this is allowed – Apparently 20 Euros off 100 Euro spend on Amazon DE/PL/FR/IT (code supposedly works in each ) B2B2OFF

Simon Doyle

Delighted to pick up the White Album on Amazon prime for £69.50. Cheapest I’ve seen by far. Doubt you’ll ever get it cheaper.

Jan Marien

Hi; I also live in Belgium.
Tried to join the membership of Prime in the U.K.
(was already a member of Prime in Germany).
It all worked and got even a reduction for a 1-year membership (£59 in stead of £79). Wow!
But when I ordered the Wings -Red Rose Speedway-box, it all of a sudden changed from £ 104 to £ 150 without any reason. So bye bye Prime U.K.! :-( Cancelled immediately.
Jan from Belgium


cant seem to get the Steven Wilson deal to deliver to uk for that price….damn

Wayne C

Well I’ve just skint myself and bought the Stones box, thanks for the information Paul. Hopefully download card will be within the contents (says so in Information).

Simon Broch

Ive just noticed that The Beatles super deluxe white album has just been reduced to £69.00 on Amazon UK… That works for me!

John Cronnolley

The download card is in the box

Richard Fisher

By the way, thanks Paul for flagging up these fab deals!

Richard Fisher

Worth also noting that I saw both variants of the double vinyl of Red Rose Speedway at my local HMV for £23.99. Pretty good I thought.

David Glennon

Led Zep Coda super deluxe is £69.50 on Amazon UK


FYI Paul, the vinyl version of Lindsey Buckingham’s Solo Anthology Compilation is Down to £49 on Prime


That ludicrous G’n’R wooden box is now up @ Amazon UK in the Prime deals should anyone want to squander that amount of money on it!

Dave Glennon

Pink Floyd Early Years is £237…..


@Allan from Belgium:

I accidentally just discovered that it is possible now to become a Prime-member for other countries than Germany and Austria via Amazon.de.

If you open the “Mehr erfahren”-page beneath the “Prime-Mitglied werden” picture the opening page will show you the line “Mitgliedschaft wählen, inkl. weiterer Länder”.

After clicking this just open the bar right beside:
“Sie sehen Mitgliedschaften für:”

and you’re able to choose between memberships for
Germany & Austria – 8€ per month, 69€ per years
Belgium, Luxemburg or the Netherlands
6€ per month and country, 49€ per year and country

I haven’t checked other Amazon-sites yet, but possibly this might apply for other countries too via other Amazon-sites.

Hope that helps.


Thanks will give it a try !


@Klaus/Allan & everyone: Once again, on amazon.de you can select to see the website in other languages than German (English, Dutch and others) using the little globe in the middle of one of the top rows. Saving it to your preferences.


I finally took the bait for the uber box of G&R at amazon,de
Now I have to avoid this site for a couple of weeks.

Jonathan Riley

so you can order the GNR box set for 38.79 after code on the GNR site but amazon is charging $70 something for it and it’s selling like hot cakes


Sold out. :(

Mark H.

Looking at AmUS, the best they offer is 20% off on a few items.


Now, if only the Wings – Wildlife Deluxe would show up on ANY Amazon for about, oh, say … $50, well … hey, one can dream!


Now, if only the Wings – Wildlife box would show up on ANY of the worldwide Amazon sites for around oh, say … $50… hey, one can dream!


E.L.O. The clasic albums collection at 21,97 in amazon.de

The Classic Albums Collection https://www.amazon.de/dp/B005LTDPJI/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_cImlDb1EAJHCA

Charlie Waffles

The Def Leppard box set is now up on price and temporarily out of stock. Thanks for nothing, Bezos!


I tried German site, for the Queen box and the Metallica and justice for all box set.
I even joined up,for prime Amazon Germany.
But what should of been around 400 euros came in at over 550 euros with postage.
Which some what defeats the object of prime day.

Geoff Wint

The Beatles 4 LP White Album box set was £50 in HMV last week , anyone wanting to buy that might want to check their local store first

Bill Hammell

Wow! Love the deal on the Leppard! Thanks for the tip Paul!


GERMANY: The Beatles / White Album Super Deluxe CDs 79,99 €


On Amazon USA there is link for upcoming deals. Of course the Appetite For Destruction Box is in there. That seems to be on sale everywhere. If you didn’t scoop that up from the GnR’s website for $40, it will be coming up on Amazon.com but not sure for what price. Here is the page for all upcoming CD/Vinyl deals in the USA:



Not amazon prime deal, but worth pointing out….
Tim Buckley The Album Collection 1966-1972 Vinyl Box Set is £78.81 on amazon uk
Surprised it wasn’t mentioned on this site, as it came out last Friday.
It’ll probably end up being £30 or something in 6 months time, but it’s still a good price even now for 7 albums

Alan Robinson

I’ve tried ordering the Stones set on Amazon Italy, but it won’t let me; keeps asking me to subscribe to Prime, but I already am! Bah!

Stan Morgan

Has Amazon changed the way you can become a Prime Member in a foreign country?

Previously, I could become a Prime member for Amazon France and get Prime deals delivered to the UK.

This year a message appears that I will only get Prime deals if I become a member and live in France. Is this correct?


I am a Prime member in Germany and can’t get the deals from Amazon Germany as I don’t live in Germany, I live in Belgium…but Belgium doesn’t have an Amazon. So for the past decade or so I have been ordering from Amazon Germany and have gotten free delivery to me in Belgium…until today. So yes they have changed “something”.


Not sure what happened, I live in Belgium too, took prime for only this month and just ordered the Soft Cell box

Andrew Barnett

Unable to get the Soft Cell box set in Germany, it doesn’t give you the option to add to basket unless you are a prime member which I am in the UK but it does’t think I am despite me signing in!!


I don’t believe that the 25th Anniversary vinyl of Automatic For The People is a 2 LP set…


I’d kind of wished it was but I guess it didn’t really need to be….

Lando Cakes

The 9-disc boxset of Max Richter’s Sleep is a bargain £20.36 – less than half price – on the UK site. Very happy to have snapped that up.


You did well there, Lando. I’d of bought the Sleep box in a heartbeat had I been on time. Well done!

Mark F

Max Richter must have been a mis- price or sold out quickly – £45 now.


Did some testing and no matter what article I put in my basket that falls under the prime day promotion reverts to full price when I want it sent to me in Belgium.
I made a fictional address in Germany…and voila now they were giving me the Prime Day discount, so it looks like some countries have been blacklisted.


I ordered it today from Belgium, paid less than 59 Euro incl shipping


For some reason, I can’t order the Depeche Mode box. I live in the US

Phil Cohen

It’s a frequent malfunction of amazon’s UK site. Did you try adding it to the basket, and attempting checkout?


How very weird, I’m a prime member, bought the Metallica boxes at the sub €100 price, clearly indicated “as you are a Prime member you can bla bla bla…) and then I get a message that this item can’t be ordered using the one-click ordering system, once I pick my address (in Belgium) the price in the basket raises to the original prices :(


For USA residents, on Amazon.com the really nice, new John Coltrane ’58 Prestige Recordings box set is down to $45 now, plus you get $5 towards Amazon Prime deals if you choose the non-urgent (free of course) shipping. I jumped.


It is in fact a Prime deal.


The recent Coltrane ‘58 5-disc set is currently available for $45US at Amazon US. Not sure if it has anything to do with Prime, but give it a shot!

Tom m hans

I don’t expect anything in the US but Amazon branded household items…