SDE on best Black Friday deals

All deals up-to-date!  Last updated: Sun 26th November – 23.30

Queen / News Of The World: 40th anniversary 5-disc super deluxe edition

GERMANY: Queen  / News of the World super deluxe – £86 or €96


The Rolling Stones / Sticky Fingers super deluxe – £38.95 or $43

Back in stock!

Led Zeppelin / Led Zeppelin III 2LP deluxe vinyl – £15.99

GERMANY Pink Floyd / Early Years 1969 Dramatis/Ation – £21.50 / €23.99

Similarly cheap:
1965-1967 Cambridge St/Ation £25 or €27.99
1968 Germin/Ation £21.50 or €23.99
1970 Dev/Ation – £25 or €27.99
1971 Rever/Ation – £24 or €26.99
1972 Obfusc/Ation£25 or €27.99

ITALY: Tom Petty / Studio Albums Vol 1: 1976-1991 9LP vinyl box £132 or €148

This continues to be a great deal…

ITALY: Def Leppard / Hysteria 7-disc box – £61 or €69

This box is deleted and close to being out-of-print!

GERMANY: Nirvana / Nevermind vinyl LP – £11.50 or €13

GERMANY Roger Waters / Is This the Life… 2LP vinyl – £20 / €22

R.E.M. Automatic For The People 25th anniversary reissue - 4-disc super deluxe edition

ITALY: R.E.M. / Automatic for the People super deluxe – £65 or €73


ITALY: Stone Temple Pilots / Core super deluxe – £48 or €53

Suede / Coming Up 4CD+DVD with 10″ vinyl – £39.99 £56.99

Dead Or Alive / Sophisticated Boom Box clear vinyl box – £105.99 £132.88

Paul Weller / A Kind Revolution CD – £5.50 £7.99

Bjork / Homogenic vinyl LP – £13.99 £23.25

U2 / The Joshua Tree / 30th anniversary 4CD super deluxe edition box set

ITALY: U2 / The Joshua Tree 4CD super deluxe – £62 or €69

USA: St. Vincent / Masseduction CD edition – $6.99

Bon Jovi  / The Albums 24LP box – £163.94

Less than £7 for each vinyl record.

ITALY: Sparks / The Island Years vinyl box – £61 or €68

USA Deal: David Bowie / The Man Who Sold The World vinyl LP – $12.11

Sheryl Crow / Be Myself – CD edition – £6.75

One of my favourite new albums of 2017. Recommended.

Pretenders / Alone 2CD special edition – £8.49

Great price for the new deluxe edition with bonus live disc.

Cream / Fresh Cream super deluxe edition reissue

Cream / Fresh Cream super deluxe edition – £24.99

ITALY Deal: Humble Pie / The A&M Vinyl Box Set 9LP – £80 or €90 or $89

Simple Minds / Live at the SSE Hydro 2LP vinyl – £11.99

Man Who Fell To Earth / original soundtrack recording

The Man Who Fell To Earth 2LP+2CD+book box set – £35.99

The Smiths / The Queen Is Dead 2CD – £9.25

Gary Numan / Savage (Songs From A Broken World) deluxe CD – £9.50

David Bowie / Bowie at the Beeb vinyl box

David Bowie / at the Beeb 4LP vinyl box – £50.99

Space / Spiders vinyl picture disc – £8.99

The Sound of McAlmont & Butler vinyl LP – £13.59

Grateful Dead /  Long Strange Trip 2LP vinyl – £17.80

Liam Gallagher / As You Were CD – £7.80

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Martin Power

Well thanks SDE my Great Offers order arrived this morning and totally complete – thanks again


This Black Friday / Cyber Monday was a disappointment. I got a whole 10% off at PopMarket and other than that nothing of value. Oh well…


Uk amazon was a bit rubbish. Cant remember whether it was france or germany but the 3 for 2 vinyl is brilliant value. I’ve been able to get soul jazz and sun ra double/triple albums on great deals.


Bob Dylan Trouble No More – $102 amazon.com

Roberto R

Check vinyl offers today on Amazon france, there are some good deals

Ian Ellis

That’s normal behavior as far as I can see Chris Squires. I do the same. Stick stuff in the basket and get as far as checking out and then have second thoughts. Sometimes I actually place the order. Usually last thing at night (and no… there is no alcohol involved) and then cancel first thing before it’s been dispatched. I always feel more sensible in the morning. Having said that, I spent a couple of hundred on BF and feel not one whit of regret. It was entirely the right thing to do!


Looks like the Black Friday party is over. Full marks to Amazon Germany and Italy and of course our wonderful host Mr Paul Sinclair. Amazon UK as disappointing as ever.
As usual I have spent up and all the family will have to settle for Chocolate Selection Boxes this xmas.

Phil Wilson

I have purchased the 6 Pink Floyd boxes from Amazon.de, but do I Recall there being errors ons some discs (the blurays?), and can you get replacements? Anyone know how to do that?



The faulty discs in the box were PFREY6BD and PREFY7BD1

You could obtain replacements by emailing customerserviceteam@warnermusic.com

I do think Paul is correct in that they were fixed by the time the individual issues came out, but if you do have an issue then email them.


There were rumours last week that Amazon Australia was going to launch Thursday morning (it has already existed for some years, but only selling books) in time for Black Friday. Then the rumour changed to Thursday afternoon…then changed again to a ‘soft’ launch with a ‘proper’ launch on Friday…then changed YET AGAIN to sometime over the weekend. I have been keeping an eye on it to see what happens, but at the time of writing (10:40 PM Australian time) it is still just books, books and more books! Print books, kindle books, audio books…nothing but bloody books! (I suppose audio books could count as a ‘music’ purchase, lol)

They are doing a ‘test’ item at the moment. I guess it’s to test their ordering and product procedures, handling, etc. It’s a fake product, but some people have been having a laugh and posting proper reviews for it…


Pull, it`s a Prize!

Yeah, but won`t all the print in their books be upside down?

OK, I`m off, quick.


:) :) :) :) :)

It doesn’t bother me because I suffer from ‘upside-down-face’ like that kid in Family Guy…

Chris Squires

What I have noticed myself doing a lot this year is putting something in my basket and absolutely agonizing over it. I have deleted and re-instated and re-deleted some things. Somethings are so beautiful, and the price seems stupidly cheap, so that even if I already have a copy it is agony to think “Do I need a spare….but at that price I’d be mad not to”
Late last night I got

Jam 1977 at 31.64 which is now 42.99
U2 Joshua 4CD at 58.88 which is now 72.99
OMD Punishment Luxury book edition 41.95 which is now 56.99
AHa Summer Solstice fanbox 29.94 which is now 39.99

I think I would be lucky to catch them cheaper in the near future.

It really is a bloomin’ lottery. Fortunately I work from home in front of 7 screens so can keep on checking, I can’t imagine how frustrating this is for people who have limited access due to other commitments.


Yes, I’ve been doing the ‘putting and agonizing’ dance a lot as well. I end up placing the orders, but I know full well they’ll eventually be cancelled because I never have the money for them. Amazon doesn’t cancel them straight away, but if I don’t come up with the money within 5-7 days they’re automatically cancelled. The items are still available to re-order, but they always seem to be dearer than when I first ordered them.

It’s very frustrating because my orders are mainly boxsets and limited editions so I worry that they’re going to be quite expensive when I finally can pay for them, or – worse still – I will miss out altogether.


“Do I need a spare….”

In case you lose the original down the back of the sofa?

Chris Squires

I’ve knackered discs, particularly if I get dropsy. I put a whopping scuff in Michael Jackson’s HIStory, can’t remember which slab it was but I was well miffed.
But it’s more about the internal monologue and addiction to this bloody place. I recall the half speed Arrival. I bought the first copy at £24 which I thought was quite good and last week when The Album was at a similar price I decided to check what Arrival was now and it was £14.99…. THAT’s when the dialogue goes do I need a spare…. but look at that price. It’s back up to £34.99 now. So, I don’t need a spare but something goes on in the head when you see a “stupidly cheap” bargain.


Just as info: nearly all offers on amazon.de are now back to normal price. If you spot sth, that is still with the reduced Price, I wouldn’t wait too long.


Phil Collins – Take A look At Me Now is down to £14 on Amazon UK


Wow, same thing with the Pompeii set. As soon as it hit midnight in Germany, everything turned into a pumpkin.
Fortunately, the Stones set is still open to Prime members.


Maximum As & Bs dropped about 24 hrs. ago, 9 PM Eastern. Received this alert on laptop about 10 AM. Deal was gone about 2 hr. ago.
Maybe tomorrow…


Thanks very much, just bought the six Pink Floyd early years boxes from amazon.de.

Steve Parrott

I also saw all of the Pink Floyd early years boxes … great bargain on Amazon.de


Shite, I only bought the Pink Floyd early years boxes at full price a few weeks ago..
Never mind, at least they are all excellent. Suggest you jump in if you haven’t got them.


I was tempted by the Suede box set, even though I’be already bought that album twice, but the comments from previous buyers about the packaging were enough to change my mind.


Amzon.de is cheaper for U2 – Joshua Tree box Cd … bought it just for almost 60 euro.


Darn. I would’ve gone for that deal. Unfortunately, the price is back at 73 euro at Amazon.de.
Oh well, waiting for a next time…

Cosmo Castanza

Just bought the 5 Pink Floyd sets I had so far refused to overpay for. Many thanks for highlighting this and other similar good deals.


Amazon.it zucchero wanted box 10 CD 66,50 euro


Hi Paul,

You lot are costing me a fortune! Got Suede last night & RATM today from UK and the Jam from .de. Not sure if still live but last night Texas 25 box which was £100 was £25 on Townsend Music


That’s a great price for the U2 Joshua Tree 30th Anniversary 4 CD SDE on amazon.de!


A very big thank you SDE. RATM – to be delivered Wednesday 29th.
My only Black Friday weekend buy. I’m over the moon at £25.99

Tom M

Pink Floyd Germin/ation also EUR 17,51. All other sets now EUR 20,43.

Juha E.

Pink Floyd: Cambridge St/Ation 20.43€
Pink Floyd: Germin/Ation 17.51€
Pink Floyd: Dramatis/Ation 17.51€
Pink Floyd: Devi/Ation 20.43€
Pink Floyd: Reverb/Ation 20.43€
Pink Floyd: Obfusc/Ation 20.43€


All of the other individual Pink Floyd Early Years boxes seem to have come down overnight on amazon.de, and are either €17.51 or €2o.43 each. I had to resist getting the lot , and to only go with the two I could see myself coming back to (one version of Atom Heart Mother is quite enough for me!)


Songs of Experience (Extra-Deluxe Box) [2 LP + CD Deluxe] €59.50 at the moment on Amazon.it

Leo Lotti

We want more deals!!!!!!!!


More great Prices on Amazon.de:
Temple of the Dog (Ltd.Edt.Super Deluxe Box) – 64 Euros
The Joshua Tree (30th Anniversary)(ltd 4CD Set) – 58 Euros
Core (Super Deluxe Edition: 4 CDs, 1 DVD, 1 LP Box-Set) (25th Anniversary) – 51 Euros



Thanks Andreas! Picked up Joshua Tree box for ~$77 shipped to USA. Best deal on that I am aware of.


Thanks Dennis! I just picked up The Jam box set. Taking the VAT out didn’t drop the price as much as I had expected, but even with shipping to the US, the total price still only winds up being ~$6.50 per CD.

I just recently picked up The Smiths’ TQID and R.E.M. AFTP sets for roughly the same prices as amazon.de is offering them. Had been waiting for the prices to drop, but my patience was running thin, so I pulled the trigger and picked them up on amazon.co.uk and eBay, respectively.


Thank you for the Pink Floyd – Dramatis/Ation link, just purchased it for GBP 20.07!!!


Currently on amazon.de :
Phil Collins – Take a look at me now [Complete Studio Collection] 8xCD 17,51 EUR
Depeche Mode – Video Singles Collection 3xDVD 16,92 EUR
The Jam – Direction, reaction, creation [earBook Edition] 5xCD 19,95 EUR
The Smiths – The queen is dead (Deluxe) 3xCD+DVD 23,35


Catherine Ribeiro – Integrale (9CD box set) only EUR 29.99 on amazon.fr now, so much reduced from the usual price – cult 60’s/70’s French psychedelic if that’s your kinda thing. It is mine!



Never heard of her but thanks for the heads up always looking for something new and psychy .sold !


I’m tempted by this but they released a CD box set of their first four albums back in 2012 that I bought at the time. But yes, the music of Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes is a heady avant-psych-prog-folk-jazz odyssey and not for the faint-hearted!


Eagles – Hotel California SDE only EUR 72,99 right now on amazon.de!


Pearl Jam’s new reissues like Ten, Riot Act, Binaural and Avocado now at amazon.de around €14 each.


Hello, Paul and SDE readers! Now, if only the Queen big box – the 15 studio album collection on vinyl, that is – were allowed a Black Friday discount! Here’s hoping…..


Picked up the U2 ‘The Blackout’ 12″ on Third Man Records for Record Store Day in Seattle. $10.99. RSD exclusive. Several copies still available at the Bellevue Silver Platters.

A: The Blackout
B: The Blackout – Jacknife Lee Remix

Paul E.

That remix is track 18 on U2’s “Songs of Experience” Japanese CD pressing. I’ve got that on pre-order via CDJapan and am looking forward to the release.


A lot of reduced priced CD box sets at the moment in Amazon Deutchland.
Whitesname 1987 box set at 38 euros, elton john diamonds at 31 euros, Maximum As & Bs (5CD Box) (Limited Edition) Box-Set at 37,22
and a lot of reduced prices in several other CDs too.


Thanks Paul – snagged The Who As and Bs for great price from Amazon.de

David Bourgoin
Emilio Lafarga Giribets

REM AFTP 62€ on Amazon German website

Joel Rabinowitz

back up to 130 euros!!! missed it–drag


Really appreciate your hard work Paul. It brings joy to everyday life. Things would be dull without you and superdeluxeedition – and of course: all its readers, and the discussions here. Going for the U2 Joshua Tree Box this year. Thanks!


Not as impressed by this years offers . Last year I bagged 2nd Bowie box KC box plus one or two others. This year was a little flat .Was hoping for the new KC set at discount somewhere but nothing . Thanks anyway Paul for your sterling work with the site . What a valuable resource it has become . Seriously what would happen if Paul just shut the door . Like most free things they become taken for granted. Give that man an OBE in the New Years honours I say!


Nabbed REM, thank you Paul.

Roberto R

Just wanted to say thanks Paul for the service you provide, picked up a couple of bargains.