Superb DEALS for CD lovers

Sick of all this vinyl? Let’s hear it for the humble CD! So while ‘Prime Day’ was a little bit ‘meh’, Amazon in German now have a better-than-it-looks 3 items for €25 CD promotion, which, if you shop carefully, can reward you with some great multi-disc sets for a bargain price.

As usual, this is about digging around, ignoring the dross, and spotting the gems. But why not, sit back and let SDE do that work for you? Below is a list of fine albums, for all tastes, – and suggested bundles – that will help your €25 (£22 or $29) go quite a long way. The discount should work as long as you purchase in multiples of three. (By the way, you can change the language on Amazon Germany by hovering over the ‘globe’ symbol just below the magnifying glass icon on the right of the search bar!)

Of course, if you can access the full list of products in the offer right here, for your own ‘research’ purposes, but however you do it, here is a great opportunity to pick up some recent-ish releases (Sting, St Vincent, Steven Wilson etc.) or plug a few holes in your collections of the ‘big’ names (Beatles, Stones etc.). Enjoy…

The Beatles 6CD bundle

Sgt Pepper 2CD + Past Masters 2CD + White Album 2CD

The Rolling Stones 7CD bundle 

The London Years 3CD + Exile on Main Street 2CD + Sticky Fingers 2CD

Peter Gabriel 5CD bundle 

So 3CD + Car CD + Melt CD

Metallica / Master of Puppets  3CD deluxe

DJ Shadow / Reconstruced: Best Of 2CD deluxe

Endtroducing (2CD) also in the deal

The Velvet Underground / Ultimate Collection – 2CD

Gold compilation and White Light/White Heat + Velvet Underground & Nico 2-for-1 also in the deal.

a-ha / MTV Unplugged – 2CD

Analogue/Foot Of The Mountain 2-for-1 also in the deal

China Crisis / Flaunt The Imperfection – 2CD deluxe

Difficult Shapes and Passive Rhythms 2CD deluxe also in the deal.

Tori Amos / Native Invader hardcover deluxe with bonus tracks

Blondie / Singles Collection: 1977-1982 2CD

Brilliant set that features A-side, B-sides, 12-inch versions

Joan Armatrading / Love and Affection: Classics 1975-1983 2CD

St Vincent / Masseduction CD

Tracey Thorn / Record CD

U2/ Songs of Experience deluxe CD

Four bonus tracks, including Ordinary Love (Extraordinary Mix). The Joshua Tree 2CD deluxe also in the deal

Thin Lizzy / At The BBC 2CD

Bad Reputation (Expanded) and Life also in the deal.

Snow Patrol / Wildness deluxe CD with hardcover book

The Jam / Snap! 2CD edition

Simple Minds / 5 Album Set (5CD)

Contains Sons And Fascination, New Gold Dream, Sparkle In The Rain, Once Upon A Time and Street Fighting Years. Live in the City of Light 2CD also in the deal.

The Cardigans / Best Of 2CD deluxe edition with bonus disc!

Excellent bonus disc full of rarities.

The Magpie Salute CD

The Very Best Of Billy Idol CD+DVD deluxe

13 videos on the DVD (NTSC, region free)

Roxy Music / 5 Album Set (5CD)

Contains Siren, Viva Roxy Music, Manifesto, Flesh And Blood, Heart Still Beating

The Best Of Bryan Ferry CD+DVD deluxe

25-track DVD is NTSC region 0. Frantic, and Let’s Stick Together also in the deal

Sting & Shaggy / 44/876  deluxe CD

Features four bonus tracks

Sting  / Bring On The Night  2CD

Sting / The Last Ship  deluxe CD

Features five bonus tracks

The Who/ My Generation 2CD deluxe

 Live at Leeds(25th anniversary edition), Tommy and Who’s Next also in the deal

Steven Wilson / To The Bone CD

Grace Jones / Compass Point Sessions 2CD

Amazing 2CD compilation with all the best mixes including the ‘Blooded’ version of Slave To The The Rhythm!

Huey Lewis & the News / Sports 2CD deluxe

Wishbone Ash / Argus 2CD deluxe

Bachman Turner Overdrive 2CD deluxe

St Etienne / London Conversations: Best Of 2CD

Julian Cope / Saint Julian 2CD deluxe

World Shut Your Mouth (2CD) and Fried (2CD) also in the deal.

Siouxsie and the Banshees / Peepshow expanded CD

The Rapture, The Scream (2CD), Superstition, and Through The Looking Glass also in the deal.

Elliot Smith / Either/Or  2CD deluxe

The Damned / Phantasmagoria 2CD deluxe

New album Evil Spirits, and Anything (2CD) also in the deal

Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott / What Have We Become deluxe CD

Wisdom, Laughter and Lines deluxe CD also in the deal

Christine and the Queens / Chaleur Humaine CD+DVD

The Allman Brothers / The Ultimate Collection 2CD

Gold compilation also in the deal.


Paul McCartney / RAM single CD remaster

Lenny Kravitz / Are You Gonna Go My Way 2CD deluxe

Mama Said 2CD deluxe also in the deal.

Gaz Coombe / World’s Strongest Man CD

Level 42 / True Colours expandedCD

Gary Moore / 5 Album Set (5CD)

Contains Run For Cover, After The War, Still Got The Blues, After Hours and Blues For Greeny. Blues for Jimi, The Best of the Blues and Live at Bush Hall 2007 also in the deal

The Cure / Greatest Hits 2CD

Show 2CD also in the deal.

Roy Orbison / One Of The Lonely Ones CD

It’s Immaterial / Life’s Hard And Then You Die 2CD deluxe

I’m biased because I put this set together, but it’s a fabulous album and a fine deluxe edition!

Wet Wet Wet / Picture This 2CD deluxe

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I bought 6, but only got the discount for 3 of them.
I wrote to complain and got this reply:
“The promotion can only be used once per order, regardless how many CDs you buy. If you order 6 CDs, the promotion still applies only for 3 CDs (3-for-25); the rest will be charged the normal price, even if the CDs are listed as items in promotion.”
It’s stupid. I should have placed two orders then.


You’re absolutely right, David. It’s stupid. But not of you but of them (Amazon).


Really silly if you for example find 6 of those 5 disc box set you would like to buy, you would have to make two orders – and be charged the same postage twice – and then its not really a bargain anymore……

I do think, though, that the same does not apply for that 3 for 15E offer thats still on……and there are still some great bargain to be had there……they keep adding little by little every once in a while…..


After ordering now myself i can confirm that you have to order in packs of 3 to receive the full discount. Interesting though for customers living in Germany is that you can order 3 for 25 and will not be charged for p&p although the sum of the order lies below the usual 29 EUR.
I guess that the system in this case takes the full amount that all 3 cds would normally cost and if this lies above 29 EUR, no p&p will be added. That’s not so helpful for all those of you living outside Germany but at least you’re allowed to order.

Mike Pendlebury

I work at Barnes & Noble and they have a 50% off all CD’s in stores this weekend for US customers. This includes some box sets like the following (prices in US dollars) –

Bruce Springsteen – Ties That Bind (Blu-Ray) – 64.99
Guns N Roses – Appetite For Destruction Super Deluxe – 89.99
U2 – Joshua Tree Super Dexluxe – 62.49
Roxy Music – First Album Super Deluxe – 44.99
Beatles – Sgt Pepper Super Deluxe – 74.99
George Michael – Listen Without Prejudice Super Deluxe – 29.99
Jam – 1977 – 34.99
INXS – Kick Super Deluxe 24.99
The Who – A Sides & B Sides – 39.99

Lots of others too. If you know anybody who is a member you can save an additional 10%. I don’t believe you can get these deals online but you can order them in store if your local Barnes & Noble does not have them. Some pre-orders are working on this deal too.


Hey Mike

Thanks for the heads up. If you can’t purchase these on line, how can I find a list of what is available and the pricing? Do I have to go into the store?

Mike Pendlebury

The sale applies to all cd’s that Barnes & Noble have either in store or their warehouses. You could look online for cd’s that you are interested in as a guide and see what the FULL price is they are charging online and then half it. For example Guns N Roses “Appetite For Destruction” is usually 179.99 but their online price is 161.99. If you walked into a Barnes & Noble store today and ordered it to be sent to your home you would get it for 90 dollars (81 dollars if you know anybody with a membership!).

It is an instore offer only and there is no list that I am aware of – just their entire inventory. Make sure that if you order anything that you have it shipped to your home to get the sale price if they do not have it in the store (there is literally many thousands of different titles!).

Good luck – would love to hear if you purchase anything! Offer is good until Sunday night!


Wow, Stereo Total’s Cactus Versus Brezel is also on the list which is usually more than 20 Euro for some reason! Vitalic, IAMX, wonderful! Ordered some Beatles and Peter Gabriel CDs too. Thanks Paul for the info!

Electric Sydney

Hey Paul, do you know when this promotion ends?


But if we order too much their terms say that they can stop it any time they like. IIRC they did it with one of the 3-for-2 offers before Christmas last year (which for me lead to increasing the amount of cds i ordered from Saturn).


Not bought these myself (but can vouch that some of the Doves is really good, especially their first album). 15 albums for €25…

Doves – 5 Album Set (Lost Souls / The Last Broadcast / Lost Sides / Some Cities / Kingdom Of Rust)

Gomez – 5 Album Set (Bring It On / Liquid Skin / In Our Gun / Split The Difference / Five Men In A Hut)

UB40 – 5 Album Set (Signing Off / Present Arms / UB44 / Labour Of Love / Geffery Morgan)


Thanks for the tip and for introducing me to two bands I had never heard of previously – Doves and Gomez. I ended up going for Doves, Gomez, Gary Moore and Cassandra Wilson, all of them are 5 album sets so 20 albums for less than 40 Euros (incl shipping to the USA)! Thank you guys!!


Incredible! Be sure to check out the Doves debut album Lost Souls. One of my favourite albums of the past 20 years and a world away from the post Brit Pop “indie” bands they’re usually lumped in with.


Yes, Doves were great indeed…….its really too bad they have somewhat fallen into oblivion……more or less nowadays…..


Seriously Paul, you’re a godamn legend! Cheers fella. :-)


Ok, completely lost it on this promo:
-DJ Shadow Best Of 2cd
-The Orb – History of the future 2cd
-Schiller -2 for 1 (great German electro) 2cd
-Boris Blank – Electrified 2cd (really good!!)
-Steve Earl – Copperhead Road 2cd
-Gary Moore – 5cd
-Status Quo -whatever You Want 2cd
-Status Quo – Rockin all over the world 2cd
-Level 42. – True Colours Expanded
-Phil Manzanera – Blue
-Westbam – Götterstraße 2cd
-Extreme – Pornographity 2cd
-The Damned – Phantasmagoria 2cd
-Huey Lewis – Sports 2cd
-Enigma – Thr Fall Of A Rebel 4cd (!)

Many thanks Paul!!!!


Kauwgompie, The Fall of a Rebel Angel was the 2cd version, correct??

-Some great selections, by the way! I’ll have to grab the Boris Blank as well!


I actually don’t know if the Enigma is a 2cd or 4cd. If you look at the track listing, it is spread out over 4 cd’s, then somewhere else in the listing it says it is a 2cd. So not sure. The bonus content is songs w spoken word and it is in English (CD2), French (CD3) and Spanish (CD4). Perhaps they were able to all print it on 1 bonus cd and therefore it is a 2cd. We’ll see.
Highly recommend the Boris Blank 2CD. Outstanding electro, better than Yello even. I saw a 3xcd version on Ebay but the songs from the third cd are also on CD1 and CD2 so not sure what that is. Maybe a continuous mix of a few selected songs?


@Victor: had the same thing. Phoned with Amazon Customer Service and was told the amount will be adjusted when the items ship and I’ll be charged €25 for each 3 CDs. Sit tight and check when you’re payment goes through.


Has anyone tried to order more than 3 items, the total does not seem to be correct if you order 6, 9 or other multiples of 3


When I looked at the site last night it only allowed for 3 items (not 6 / 9 / etc) : not sure if you can put in multiple orders ? The French site previously had an multi purchase offer on that was actually an automated code that could only be used once per account. Has anyone tried to make two separate orders (If you can only make one purchase then you need to choose your titles wisely).


@Donpablito has covered this …


With the 4 for 18 / 3 for 15 offer around New Years Day on Amazon.fr you were able to get around the limitation of 1 order per customer by changing the mail adress in your second order. I changed nothing else but that did the trick. Of course i have two accounts at Amazon.fr now but i’ve got no problem with that and who knows it might be useful again when they do another offer like that at some time.


You have to do separate orders of 3. You cannot order 6, 9, 12 or so in one order and then get the discount.


That’s a really stupid move by them because it pisses the people off who are normally buying the most physical releases on their site, i.e. us.

Simon taylor

Chuffed to snag the 2cd DJShadow best of, Metallica 3cd and always a struggle to decide on a 3rd but went for Magpie Salute, nearly went for latest Damned cd but will grab that when it inevitably goes cheap. Didn’t even know there was a best of DJ Shadow, amazon uk only has single cd, want some of those extra tracks.

Thank you once again for the notification. Makes up for the naffness of uk prime day.

Martin Williams

Absolutely brilliant, over 45 euro worth of CDs for 25. The Metallica one was 21 euro on it’s own. Total order just over £26. Great work Paul.


Ah… I miss Elliott Smith.

Thomas Staudt

Sting – The Last Ship 2CD Deluxe costs 25,99 regularly and is part of the deal.

Martyn Alner

Brill, bought The Orb (History of the Future 2 disc), Simple Minds (Live in the City of Light) and Black (Wonderful Life 2 CD).


This is a funky 3 for €25 combination:

The J.B.’s – Funky Good Time: The Anthology (2CD)

James Brown – Foundations of Funk: A Brand New Bag 1964–1969 (2CD)

James Brown – In the Jungle Groove

Not my thing, but I also saw China Crisis – Flaunt The Imperfection (Deluxe Edition):


Good stuff. Thank you. My picks:
All three Pete Townshend Scoops.
Metallica MOP deluxe
Herbie Hancock 5CDs
The Nice Live at Fillmore East
Each would have been $15+ from Amazon US so this was a big savings.


The Christine & The Queens CD is cheaper on Amazon.u.k. – £11.09 / $14.50.

Carol Vorderman

Sorry to correct your maths Paul but
3 x 7 =21
3 x 8=24
Closer to 8 per CD.

John B

Check your invoice carefully. I ordered 6 CDs from the list and the discount applied was 2.42 Euro short of making it 6 for 50 (which is the logical progression of 3 for 25 when you buy 6 items from the list).

John Bommarito

Info received from my inquiry about why the amounts didn’t add up correctly.

We restrict the purchase quantity on certain items that have particularly attractive pricing or that have appeared in limited quantities, to ensure that all our customers have the opportunity to benefit from these offers. Quantities are restricted to a set amount that can be purchased within a 7 day period.

You received the promotion on the first three items you purchased, but the normal price was charged for the rest of the CD’s.

Therefore the amounts don’t seem to add up.

In future, to make full use of promotions like this, you could ask a friend with an Amazon.de account to purchase the additional items on your behalf.


Thanks John. That explains why i had the same problem when i ordered 12 for arithmetically 100 a while ago and their system came up time and again with a larger amount. I contacted customer service via chat at the time and they sorted it out for me so that i didn’t had to pay more than 100. NOW i guess that it was because i’m a REALLY good customer. Will try again during the current offer and am really curious what’s gonna happen this time.


In addition to what Paul and others have mentioned above, there are some amazing choices here from The Who, Pete Townshend, Graham Parker, & Eric Clapton. Too bad I already have most of the great stuff on sale!


Be careful people. I bought 9 items shipped to the USA, worked great. Went back to buy another 15 and the discount won’t apply. Perhaps limited to one transaction per customer?


Wow, great work Paul!!


Thanks a bunch, got the Gabriel/So 3CD, Sgt Pepper 2CD and the Roxy 5CD for a measly 25 EUR, and no shipping, brilliant!
You really keep the flame burning, and I appreciate it, your work is great for us collectors!
So happy the site exists, and all your frequent updates, keep up the good work, we love you!


Amazon.de has their regular “3cd’s for €15” promotion too at this moment.


Is there anything that depreciates in value faster than a CD these days? I thin Music Magpie is to blame.


It depends what you buy clearly, most things I buy only seem to appreciate!


That’s a cool sale, thanks. I found 9 items just by searching for the word ‘Deluxe’. Now I will go back and see what else I can find.


You can change the language to English on the site. It’s next to the sign in tab