This Weeks Box Set and Reissue Deals

UK: Prince / Sign O’ The Times 8CD+DVD super deluxe – £99 £125

Black Friday Deal: Cheapest price to date by some margin!

UK: Prince / Sign O’ The Times 13LP+DVD super deluxe – £199 £225

Black Friday Deal: Also the cheapest price the vinyl set has been

UK: Tom Petty / Wildflowers & All The Rest 7LP super deluxe – £136 £161

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 3CD+Blu-ray box set

UK: The Beatles / Abbey Road 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe – £55 £75

50th anniversary package • 2019 stereo mix • Two discs of sessions • Dolby Atmos and 5.1 mixes • 100-page book

UK: Pink Floyd / The Later Years box set – £249.99 £275

UK: Alphaville / Forever Young 3CD+DVD+LP super deluxe – £36.99 £45

UK: Fleetwood Mac / 1969 – 1974 8CD box – £25 £35

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One Little Indian has a 30% discount: To claim your discount, enter the code:
OLI2020 upon checkout.

Kathryn Williams Anthology 20 cd box set (10 cds of rarities) works out at £40 with the discount applied. As value goes it sure beats paying £40 for 4 Macca cd’s of the same album with 4 demos.


I got the Prince box from Italy, just put them all in my MacBook, no problems with mine, no scratches or problems, been playing the No Trendy Réchaffé today, magnificent recording, dug out my old Brennan and will be loading all my old box sets over Christmas.


amazon.de: PIL – The Public Image Is Rotten (Career Box Ltd.Edt.) 6 LP 69 Euros


Pedantry alert re CJ Feeney earlier this evening – guessing he means Jethro Tull’s ‘This Was’ is 27 Euro on Amazon Germany as opposed to ‘Stand Up’ (in a similar ‘book style’ SD edition) edition which is an insane 385 euros…

CJ Feeney

Mea culpa!

Yes, I meant This Was. Grab it while you can.

CJ Feeney

Jethro Tull Stand Up 50th anniversary bookset €27



The UFO “Strangers in the Night (Deluxe Edition)” has dropped (already) to £38.89 currently.


Definitely nice that the price of Pink Floyd’s The Later Years-boxset is coming down, but please, look and see that the current price over at Italian Amazon is even lower as it’s priced at 229.90€ which I think is roughly £205.38 or so. I think that’s pretty good deal but careful with that packaging.

Larry Davis

First off, got my Prince SDE 8CD/DVD from Amazon Italy…with discounts it came to 106 Euros which came to like $120, happy, no discs were damaged or scuffed or scratched, and by mistake they sent me TWO boxsets!! Had trouble selling/trading the other copy, finding a buyer for the price I wanted (all wanted it for half or $75 max, nope)…finally was able to trade it to this record store called Mr Cheapo’s for $100 credit, so I got a few RSD pieces still there…mostly the 3 Austin Powers soundtracks…as for these deals, I don’t kill myself over them because they disappear like THAT and sometimes come back for even less…I may go for the Prince SOTT movie box in the German Amazon 3 for 2 deal, but I just bought the Elton 8 disc JewelBox, Berlin Love Life Rebellan (Pleasure Victim reissue is great), Jerry Jeff Walker box Cherry Red, Dirty Knobs & this girlband that passed me by that look totally me…the Catholic Girls…Rock & Roll School For Girls…


Larry, nice you got two box sets. Be careful with the Prince German SOTT movie box. Those discs cannot be played in the US unless you have a regionfree player. Hope all is well!


Finally got the Pink Floyd boxset at an amazing price, so glad . Thanks Mr. Sinclair


Nearly everyone I know who has bought the Sign O The Times Super Deluxe has scratched and scuffed discs. All the effort has gone into the coffee table book which once its read will hardly be looked at again. Shame the same effort wasn’t put into the part the matters, the fantastic music. I agree with other comments that the CD should have been like the 1999 SDE which was excellent with the CDs in their own mini-gatefolds. My advice is buy the vinyl version, or the 3CD Deluxe Edition instead (which is only £19) and the digital version.

tom m hans

Mine are fine – Sorry for the frustration.

Richard S

I was worried about this after reading the reviews, but mine were perfect, not a scratch on them. Ripped ’em and put ’em in different sleeves just in case.


Mine are fine. The whole thing is beautiful. That said, I agree that the odds something untoward happening to them increases in packaging like that. There’s no reason for that money they couldn’t do slots with card sleeves, and plastic inner sleeves inside those, like the big Bowie boxes, but arranged like the Ultravox Vienna box.


Mine had no problems. But this kind of system is really lazy and terrible, And I’ve had multiple problems with other sets like this in the past. I suggest quality CD sleeves for these discs. Bowie’s Conversation piece was done much better, with the nice book and place for the discs which had their own custom Sleeves. Doing things right should always be baked into the price of a set like this. CD’s have been around for a long time, there should be no mystery on how to do this right.
The art for the vinyl is nicer, but I would have preferred a more compact CD version like 1999.


The price of the Prince SOTT SDE (CD Version) has been bouncing around like mad the past month. As well as waiting to see if the price would fall, I;ve also been waiting for auto-rip to come with it. Usually my only incentive to buy from Amazon compared to elsewhere. I think there’s only been 2 days where it came with auto-rip. One of them being last Friday when it was £120.99. The Auto-rip disappeared last Saturday and the price started rising up to £135 before coming down to £99.99 today. Still wish they released this as a mini version of the vinyl version like they did with the cd version of 1999 SDE.

Michael Kelly

I bought Prince yesterday for 69.99 with the take out mastercard and get £30 incentive. Credit will be getting cut up as soon as it arrives. Happy with that price.


If Amazon are saying the price of the Prince CD set at £99 saves you £24 why did they charge an extra £25 on release on top of what they say is now the price

Steven Roberts

I think what Alan means is if that Amazon are saying the currently £99 deal is saving you twenty-odd quid off the list price, then they were initially over-charging by offering the box at £149…


The 125 GBP is not shown as a list price, it only says “price”. Since the 99.99 GBP is a deal, the offer is the 25 GBP discount from the regular price.

And I figured out why I was not seeing the deal. My default delivery address was one from the USA (to be able to buy some Kindle books) but when I switched it to my real address the deal appeared. I don’t know why.

Richard S

“Why did they charge an extra £25 on release”? Umm, probably because they can sell it for whatever price they can get away with. I think it’s called running a business and making a profit.


The Prince GBP 99.99 deal does not appear available to me, I only see 3rd parties options, maybe it’s not available outside of UK, IDK.


Very tempted to get the Prince vinyl set but put off by so many reports that Amazon remove the outer Prince box. I know it’s only the outer box but it’s still part of the package that should be left intact.

Steven Lowe

Got mine from Amazon Italy and the outer box was not removed. Don’t know what others countries have done.


Unfortunately true. I’m on my 3rd order. Customer Service keep apologising – I keep hoping it’ll be rectified.


I had mine included from Amazon UK


Checked out Paul’s video for the German “Sign” 2 DVD and 2 BR movie set last week and picked it up to accompany the 8 CD + DVD box which I had already. Got the one with the movie poster front but exactly the same contents-wise.

Absolutely essential. The sheer volume of extras is astounding. A good way to use your savings on the above while it is still around.

Thanks, as always, Paul. Though your notice on the amazon.de earlier this week gave my bank account a hammering. Gabriel LPs, Kraftwerk coloured LPs and some other stuff.


… and this Sign “O” The Times 2BD/2DVD Deluxe set is also in the Amazon.de 3 for 2 deal.

Carles Martinez

Alphaville – Forever Young (Super Deluxe Edition) is 34,78€ today in Amazon.es (Spain)

andrew r

bought both princes when they came out ,after not buying the 1999
s/d while waiting for the price drop . You know the rest and at 99 and 199
ouch you really cant win . Like shares, value goes up and down . i always seem to back the wrong one though.


The Eagles live from the forum now £42 on Amazon.

Alan m

Damn. Already. Usually the Prince stuff goes up in value. Didn’t expect the LPs to drop so opted for the inferior, though more convenient, cheaper cd boxset. Thought the LP boxes were limited. Would have bought them at £200 as well.

Blue Note are having a week of sales by the way. Each day something different. Worth checking out if you want to broaden your musical mind. They have some of those 5 cd boxset things too. Great value and a great way to get to greatly know the various greats. Which is great.


Inferior….. I’ll call it superior.
Box set of the year for me.


Purchased the Prince vinyl box set from a US seller on Discogs and received it yesterday. Initially I couldn’t believe : it was 165 euro + 15 euro shipping from US to Belgium. I thought it was a fraud but it wasn’t. A brand new sealed box set. Maybe the guy got it for free and wanted to get rid of it.

Richard S

Bah! Wish I’d hung on a bit longer for the Prince one. But at least got the Beatles White and Abbey Road boxes for pretty good prices in the last week or so.


Amazon UK – Prince Sign of The Times – CD Box £99, Vinyl Box £199


I couldn’t help noticing that when I typed “The Beatles Super Deluxe Edition” into Ebay looking for the Abbey Road deal that someone is also selling a mint copy of

Paul McCartney super deluxe edition “10 YEARS SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION MAGAZINE!”

by some guy called Paul Sinclair ??? for a Buy It Now price of £101 !


You should have another print run Paul, better in your pocket than the flippers!


Paul music magpie offering another£11 off this price using code purchase20

John Felton

Just picked this up on ebay for about £44 …thanks to a 20% off code only valid today until 11:59pm UK local time on 19th November! Bargain!

Tim Brooks

Thanks for ebay tip…£44 delivered, stonking bargain :)

Richard Fisher

Nice spot. Thanks.

Bruce Nicholson

The Clannad In A Lifetime deluxe is a decent £69.74 on Amazon UK at the moment. I’m sure its not been this low before.

Peter Stanton

Finally went foe it.

Thanks Paul

Chris B

Couldn’t resist, thanks for heads up. First of the Beatles SDEs when I have been in right place at right time!


Currently £42 ish on Ebay – £52.15 normal price – then use voucher PURCHASE20 to reduce. Selling fast though…


This has been stubbornly high since its release so I went for the German Amazon deal a fortnight ago following the SDE alert and paid £60.50.
It’s only just over a fiver’s difference, but to the part of my brain that kicks in over a bargain £55 feels like a much better price. Funny how the mind works!
I remember really enjoying the Abbey Road talk by Mark Lewisohn when I caught him at Durham.

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

I want to tell you that you are quite right! £55 is better than £60 any time at all!

I got this a few days ago from amazon.fr for 60 euros….along with the white album (also 60 euros) ….. and both arrived from Edinburgh!

I’ve got a feeling that £55 is a bargain indeed! Honey don’t pass me by! Dig it! I will !

Now all i’ve got to do is continue to look here, there and everywhere across the universe in the hope that in my life I will find sgt pepper’s lonely hearts club band super deluxe at a comparably bargainicious price somewhere. That would be something.

Thank you girl.


@Harcourt Fenton Mudd:

Sgt. Pepper-SDE is currently available for 70 EUR from both jpc.de and Amazon.de, though only jpc has it in stock at time of writing. I don’t know how much postage to the UK they take but it’s worth a try.

Live long and prosper.

Keith Lambert

Are you intentionally trying to empty my bank account this week Paul? First The White Album SD and now this!!! Seriously, many thanks for the alert.


Just bought from flac at 60 euro minus the 10 euro credit (50 euro) they gave me when I bought the white album last week for 60 euro


Absolutely marvellous, thank you Paul , has anyone got the Bowie, No Trendy Réchauffe , the artwork has the colourway of a Twix, who sponsored the show, fabulous


@Tony. I wondered about the curious colour scheme for that release. That explains it, thanks.


Many thanks Paul, been hoping this would drop to something almost reasonable!

Ronn van Etten

Ai. This hurts a little ;-)