This Week’s Box Set and Reissue Deals

The Beatles / The White Album super deluxe

The Beatles / The White Album super deluxe

UK: The Beatles / The White Album 6CD+blu-ray super deluxe £58 £74

The BEST of the three Beatles super deluxe editions released to date. Great value!

The Beatles / Abbey Road 50th anniversary edition 3CD+Blu-ray box set

UK: The Beatles / Abbey Road 3CD+blu-ray super deluxe £51

UK: Paul McCartney / Tug of War 3CD+DVD super deluxe £63

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Dibyaroop Ghosh

I placed the order for White Album on 23rd December….but the status till now is “preparing for dispatch” Its addressed to Oslo. Today being 2nd December, can you please guide if i should be worrying about the delivery? When I speak to amazon they tell me they still don’t have a date of dispatch as they are procuring the item.


McCartney RED vinyl is available again on UK official store. No mention of numbered edition this time in the blurb. Repress? Or found some in back of cupboard?

Peter Reeves

Cheers Paul. What a steal. Arrived Tuesday. Happy new year

Michael Malone

Click to order deal at £56:00 and it is £84:00 not a deal then

Mike M

Snooze you lose….


A few quid of this Bob Marley Amazon exclusive.
It’s good and official.


Manic Street Preachers – Gold Against The Soul reissue 32 euros on Amazon.nl. The LP is only a tenner!


It doesn’t ship to the UK unfortunately. Nice deal for those that can get it.

Stevie B

Did I read somewhere here that there would be no ‘tariffs’ for record buyers (U.K. based)? There will be additional costs, like buying from Japan, U.K. buyers will be subject to U.K. duty on EVERYTHING they buy online be it from Amazon.de, Amazon.it, or any other online retailer.

Tax and duty will be collected at the point of sale. I presume sellers will be required to list the value of the items on a customs form and any tax not paid will incur the usual Royal Mail fees. Read the full article here…


David Ware

Just ordered Sgt Peppers SdE on amazon.de for 80€ including p&p to France, great value.

Phil Tate

Abbey Road super deluxe is £45 on Rarewaves. Reduce that to just over £40 with a 10% off voucher for new customers (browse the site for a moment and a pop-up should appear).


thanks for that Phil , ordered for £40.52..

Mike M

Great deal Phil, cheers pal

David Harold

Brilliant price. I finally pulled the trigger on this one.


Not really a deal just a reminder:
From 1st January, 2021 German VAT will go up again from 16% to 19%, so expect prices in Germany to rise again.


For the trifecta, Sgt Pepper super deluxe is €69.99 (£73 delivered to the UK) from Amazon Germany https://amzn.to/37Q5MyA

Harcourt Fenton Mudd

yuletide greetings fellow music purchasers!

The ever-yo-yo’ing sgt pepper deluxe boxset is once again down to 70 euros on amazon.de

This is almost half the price of the same item on spanish, french, italian and UK amazon sites. It will most likely wing its way to me from bonnie scotland to lockdown london toute de suite!

I have finally bit the bullet and bought it….. seeing as i bought the prince 1999 cd set for £75, i dont see why is shouldnt buy this for similar price!

happy beatle- ing ! looking forward now to GET BACK and hopefully an accompanying LET IT BE super de super toppermost of the poppermost deluxe release!

David Ware

Wishing you and all your loved ones Paul , a very Merry Christmas, thanks for all your sterling work this year .


Is the U.K. still an interesting buying option for Europeans after New Year ?


Thank you Paul!


I agree with others on here, about a sde of revolver, the greatest album the beatles ever released imho!
Merry xmas everyone and a happy new tier!!!

Ian Smith

Ordered a copy. If you can’t treat yourself this week of all weeks, what’s the point? Merry Christmas everybody.


Merry Christmas to SDE readers from down under. If people are worried about delivery times from France to the UK, I’m still waiting for a parcel with magazines that sent from the UK on 4 November…….

p britten

Like other posters here, I’d love to see (and listen to!!) a Rubber Soul SDE one day, but I doubt there’s much unreleased material beyond what appeared on Anthology 2, as the band was still touring in 1965 and could not spend as much time in the studio as they did later for Sgt. Peppers, the White album and Abbey Road. But you never know…
Happy Christmas everybody.


Revolver 55 SE, anyone?

Sascha H.

Yeah, would be great if we get a special edition of Revolver AND Rubber Soul. Both albums and The White Album are my favourites from the Beatles. Sgt. Peppers is okay I never could understand why this is so high in the Rolling Stone list. Even Hard Days Night and Help are better albums I think.

Geoff Tilley

No comment about the SDE, but want to wish you Paul, on behalf of your readers, a very happy Christmas, and a good Boxing Day Sale New Year!

George glazener

Yes, many thanks and cheers Paul for all you do for us. I’ve found much renewed enjoyment in music these past few years thanks to your efforts in alerting me to these wonderful SDE releases. This is my number one “go-to” website for music news and for engaging informative conversation of same. Happy Christmas to you..!

Peter Hall

Paul McCartney Tug of War super deluxe at £63.70 on Amazon at the moment. Seems a good price to me! https://amzn.to/38vMTQr

Pete Stanton

Just looked and found I bought this early 2019 for £80 BUT HAVEN’T OPENED IT.

I don’t know how/why that happened as I do actually listen to the boxes I buy. Stupid or what!


It’s not uncommon to find these Beatles sets with very low prices in Europe. On the other hand, their prices in the United States almost never go below $100. I wonder why is that.

george glazener

@Carlos – because we’re greedy over here..LOL


Hi paul i have the 3 disc version of the white album and i don’t have a blue ray player so is the box set worth buying for the other 3 discs?

Mike M

I agree with Paul mate, I have both boxsets. This is well worth it for the extra sessions and the hardback book, go for it treat yourself. It’s Christmas

Val Kaludov

How come there’s no SDE ‘unboxing’ video for this Beatles sde?


Also John Lennon, Gimme Some Truth deluxe vinyl is £71. It was unavailable last time I looked around Black Friday time.


Abbey Road Super Deluxe is currently £51 on Amazon UK. I think that’s a good price, right?

Paul Kent

Over the last month I’ve managed to pick up all 3 of the sets at a cost to myself of just over £55… plus the Ultimate Imagine set at that insane WHSmith price of £26.99. Patience can defintely be a virtuous endeavour. Happy Christmas to Paul, his family and to all the extended SDE family. Keep staying safe x


I bought this during the Black Friday sale this year. The BR-A skipped, so I returned it. Will not bother to buy another one and stick with my 3-CD set.


The same box still only 60 euros at Aamzon France

Graeme Ewan

I would be wary of delivery schedules from France for anything to the UK just now.


I ordered Shaky box set from Amazon Italy for £67 yesterday. Delivered this morning. They are fulfilling orders from the UK looking at the delivery labels

Philip Wilson

Although often they send it straight from the UK warehouse (in the same way some orders from the UK site are sent from Germany, Italy or France (eg the Ronnie Lane Box Set))

Chris Thomas

Agreed Graeme! Still waiting on my copy of The White Album SuperDeluxe from FNAC ordered 5 weeks ago. Thanks to Google translate I have established that the first package has been lost and a second is on the way, to arrive some time in 2021.


Thanks Paul. I ordered when your alert came through this morning and I’ve received an email from Amazon advising it will be delivered TONIGHT before 10pm. That’s some speed.

I’ve given up on the order from FNAC that was allegedly posted mid November. FNAC have given no explanation or tracking, but have sent me an email that I think says they have had to cancel the order and will refund me.

Iain B

Already have the 4 LP version but this was too good to miss, especially as I had an Amazon voucher to use. Thank you Santa Paul!

Simon Taylor

Ordered a month or so back at £60 but it’s going to be a gift from the family to me on Christmas Day. Can’t wait to open.


As with many recent Blu-ray/4K UHD releases/pre-orders, unavailable to purchase if you’re in the US, sadly.

The Golden Age Of The Phonograph

It`s the same for us in the EU (for the next 8 days), Amazon US will not ship to the UK/EU.

Plus over in the US you have many retailers that provide music bargains ONLY for those in the USA.

Alan m

Are there plans to have Rubber Soul remastered does anyone know? Great album.

Talking of rubber souls, the one on the right foot of my walking boots came away today. Too late to request as a Christmas gift I suppose.


This is the one I’m really waiting for, though I don’t know if we’ll ever get it. Rubber Soul is my favorite Beatles album. I’d LOVE an expanded edition.

Val Kaludov

We’ll have a Let It Be deluxe edition next year to coincide with the Get Back movie so maybe the Rubber Soul deluxe will be delayed until the 55th anniversary, who knows…

Jarmo Keranen

Rubber Soul 55th anniversary was 2020. Maybe we’ll have to wait it’s 60th anniversary in 2025!

Mike M

Superb price for a brilliant boxset, already have it do I need a second copy?


Great deal and great price and agree it is an excellent set